15 Exciting Date Ideas in Vancouver to Impress Your Partner

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Jun 5, 2022

Everyone loves a romance or two. Suddenly, the air is in a different bliss and the night somehow feels clearer. Particularly if you are dating someone that matches your personality and makes living a little surprising. But before that even happens, planning for a date can be difficult – the type of clothes to wear, the fun things to do, and finding the right place.

In Vancouver, there are so many spectacular sceneries and romantic places that revolve around drinking cocktails, chilling out at English Bay, and wandering around a mountain covered in snow. So if you want to set up a unique dating experience, here are 15 Exciting Date Ideas in Vancouver to Impress your Partner!

Enjoy Kayaking and Paddleboarding at Deep Cove

kayaking deep cove

Tell your date to prepare extra clothes because you will go to the eastern edge of North Vancouver to enjoy a day at the Deep Cove.

It is a beautiful seaside village and it’s the best place to do water activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding - Kayak Explorer Tours. There are also canoe rentals available and it is highly recommended!

End the night with the famous Deep Cove Beer – the Lower Mainland’s top craft beer breweries in all of Canada.

Location: Deep Cove | Open in Google Maps

Share a meal at the Dark Table Restaurant

dark table date

There are so many dating ideas you can think of in Vancouver, but dining in a highly recognized restaurant is one of them. Dark Table Restaurant takes your familiar food and drinks to a whole new level.

Location: Dark Table | Open in Google Maps

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Have Fun in Playland at the PNE

pne park

Get ready for a 90’s type of date with this amusement park in Vancouver. PNE Playland offers a lot of fun rides, sky-scraping, and heart-stopping roller coasters! They also have mini-golf, haunted houses, wall climbing, and other fun entertaining activities you and your partner can do all day.

Don’t forget to indulge yourselves with tasty foods like mini donuts, slushies, candy floss, and everyone’s favorite: pizza!

Location: PNE Playland | Open in Google Maps

Listen to the live performances of Guilt & Co.

guilt co date

Date nights partnered with dancing and booze are perfect. Guilt & Co is Gastown’s premier live music venue in Vancouver. They have nightly performances from the brightest entertainers in town!

Location: Guilt & Co | Open in Google Maps

Visiting the Market on Granville Island

This public market is considered to be the jewel of the island. There are lots of colorful food, handcrafted products, produce, and even the most unique gifts you can ever give to someone!

Also, there are a lot of different water activities like the Jet Ski Ride that you can book for an exciting date!

granville island date

The market is complete with Dining, Food shops, Boutiques, and Public Facilities – making it a great dating place for those who are not just looking for romance, but for some mementos too. To top that all off, you can listen to local people who love singing and playing their guitars around the tourists!

Location: Granville Island | Open in Google Maps

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Enjoy a Day at the Races at Hastings Racecourse

hastings racecourse date view

If an amusement park is not fun or exciting enough, try going to Races at Hastings Racetrack and win your luck at their casinos. And since this is a racecourse, you can place your bet on your much-loved horse and help yourself with their scrumptious buffet.  

hastings racecourse date

Location: Hastings Racecourse | Open in Google Maps

Go Go-Karting

If you are fond of letting bigger thrills spice up the romance, try Go-Karting! Just guarantee that your partner is into this kind of experience and you are ready to GO.

go karting date

There are lots of great Go-Karts facilities in Vancouver. Like Fast Track, Station 49, TBC Indoor Racing, Speeders Indoor ProKarts – there are just many places to choose from! But one thing’s for sure, any facility is for both beginners and experienced drivers that enjoy going to speed.

Romantic dinner on top of a revolving restaurant

revolving restaurant date

How would you like to set your place in a restaurant at 533 feet? This Revolving Restaurant in Vancouver will surely impress your partner as it takes you to the sky with a highlighted eclectic menu. They also offer an express lunch and a brunch buffet, as well as a full-course dining experience!

Location: Top Of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant | Open in Google Maps

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Bike around Vancouver Sea Wall

tandem bike date

Vancouver, being the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path, has a Sea Wall that is perfect for long walks, jogging, and cycling. And it is considered to be the most admired recreational place in the city! The Sea Wall is also where you can get close to the water while riding tandem bikes that you can rent at any adventure center around the corner.

Relax at Scandinave Spa

scandinave summer date

If you want to rest from pure physical activities, you can take your date to Scandinave Spa which offers Scandinavian baths in a peaceful and natural environment. You and your partner may not be allowed to talk here, but you can just chill together and make the experience more unique.

You will be surrounded by woodland, rustic, and a nature-focused health spa that is dedicated to hydrotherapy practice. After a relaxing spa date, you can go to cafés and restaurants available in Whistler Village.

Location: Scandinave Spa Whistler | Open in Google Maps

Experience VIP Cinema

Watching a cinema with your date may sound usual, but not in Vancouver. In this city, you can experience VIP Cinema for a more sophisticated viewing experience! You can even order meals and drinks to your seat and get the service like you’re in a restaurant – all of these while watching a movie! A lot of cinema in Vancouver offers VIP Cinema so make sure to try them out.

vip cinema date
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Try Axe Throwing

urban axe throwing date

Axe Throwing is a perfect, interesting dating idea. Vancouver has multiple premium axe throwing venues. The thrill and the vibe of tradition will make your date a unique, full of adventure experience!

Try rock climbing at the gym

rock climbing gym date

This date idea is perfect for sporty people. So if you’re looking for a place to flirt, as well as give your body a full-body workout, rock climbing at the gym is the perfect place! Vancouver offers rock climbing in multiple locations in beginner-friendly ways.

Visit Vancouver Aquarium

aquarium date

Vancouver Aquarium is an exciting, wild, and immersive experience for those couples who want to appreciate the oceanic.

This aquarium is an initiative and a non-profit society that aims to preserve aquatic life. So if you want to enjoy, have fun, and help underwater creatures, go to Vancouver Aquarium with your partner!

Location: Vancouver Aquarium | Open in Google Maps

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Unleash Your Inner Artist During Paint Night

paint night

Painting can deter negative emotions, provides pleasure, and gives happiness to any person. So just imagine that you use this for a date to impress your partner – which will eventually feel safe to explore their own creativity around you. In Vancouver, there are so many Paint Night Events and art studios you can book. So go for a stress-free evening and plan a paint night with your date!

To Sum It All Up

The level of romance we need cannot be overstated. And with these 15 exciting date ideas, you will definitely get the impression of the love and desire a person is looking for.

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