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Located at UBC Aviary, The Aviary is a premier Climbing Gym offering a thrilling experience for climbers of all levels. Standing tall at three storeys, the climbing wall boasts a diverse range of routes designed to cater to beginners and seasoned climbers alike. With options for top rope and lead climbing, as well as various training tools, visitors are in for an exciting adventure.

Lessons are available for those new to climbing or looking to refresh their skills. Top rope and lead belay lessons are offered free of charge, providing an opportunity to learn the ropes or enhance existing skills. These lessons are essential for ensuring safety and proficiency while climbing at The Aviary.

Your Guide to Climbing at The Aviary

Covering everything from equipment rentals and age restrictions to belaying techniques and gym capacity, here is all you need to know:

  • Rental Equipment Available: Don't have your own climbing gear? No problem! The Aviary offers free rental equipment, including climbing shoes, harnesses, and belay devices. So you can get started without worrying about investing in expensive gear right away.
  • Proper Climbing Attire: While athletic shoes like Nike's might seem suitable for climbing, they are not allowed on the wall at The Aviary. This rule helps to preserve the quality of their climbing holds and ensures a safer climbing experience for everyone. Be sure to wear proper climbing shoes for maximum fun and safety.
  • Age Restrictions: Climbers under 16 years old are welcome at The Aviary, but they must have a guardian sign their waiver and be accompanied by a belayer over the age of 16. However, climbers under 19 years old are permitted to climb with a guardian-signed waiver.
  • Bouldering Guidelines: While bouldering is allowed at The Aviary, it's essential to check with the monitor on duty first. The gym's capacity and supervision requirements may impact bouldering availability, so always ask before assuming it's okay to boulder.

Volunteering: Join the Aviary Team

Become part of The Aviary community by volunteering with their dedicated team. Volunteers play a vital role in supporting climbers and ensuring a welcoming environment for all. To join the team, individuals must meet specific criteria, including a minimum membership tenure and lead certification. If you're passionate about climbing and eager to give back to the community, volunteering at The Aviary is a rewarding opportunity to share your love for the sport while gaining valuable experience. Plus, all lesson attendees receive hands-on training and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable climbing experience.

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UBC Aviary
UBC Aviary
2206-6133 University Blvd
Vancouver, V6T 1Z1
UBC Aviary
UBC Aviary
2206-6133 University Blvd
Vancouver, V6T 1Z1
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