Summer Family Fun Around Edmonton - 10 Must-Do Activities

Alvaro Bataller Torre
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Welcome to Edmonton and nearby areas, a fantastic place for families to enjoy unforgettable summer fun! This article is all about making the most of the sunny days with 10 amazing activities that the whole family can enjoy.

At ActiviFinder, our goal is to help you discover some of the best things to do in the city so that you and your family can have a blast without any stress.

From zooming around on a Seadoo, exploring trails on pony rides, challenging yourself at the Aerial Park Tower, or even cracking the bow and arrow at an archery class!

1. Ride Waves with Seadoo Rentals

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Ready for some heart-pumping adventure on the water? Check out Sylvan Lake's very own Sun Sport Recreation Seadoo Rentals. Since 1998, they’ve been the go-to spot for thrill-seekers and nature lovers in Central Alberta. You will find yourself flying across the clear, blue waters on one of their sleek Seadoos, feeling the wind rush past and splashing water all around. It's a blast!

Their fleet of Sea-Doo GTI models is built for fun and excitement. These powerful watercrafts are designed to give you an unforgettable day on the lake. Each Seadoo holds up to two riders, making it perfect for family adventures or a fun outing with friends. And with rental hours stretching from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, there's plenty of time for sunshine-filled fun.

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Sun Sport Recreation offers more than just Seadoos. They also have a fantastic array of other watercraft, including speed boats, premium speed boats, and pontoon boats.

You can also rent paddle boats, kayaks, paddle boards, and even pedal boats.

2. Pick Fresh Fruits at a U-Pick Farm

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Picture spending a sunny afternoon strolling through fields of juicy strawberries or plump raspberries, picking your own fresh produce straight from the source!

That’s exactly what you can look forward to at The Jungle Farm U-Pick Fruit and Berry Farm. Each season brings something different, so there's always a new fruit or vegetable ready for you to discover and enjoy.

Summer kicks off with one of the farm’s most beloved activities: Strawberry Picking.

Typically available from mid-June to early July, the fields burst into a carpet of red as strawberries reach their peak. Families absolutely love this activity because it’s fun and delicious—just think of the tasty treats you can make with those freshly picked strawberries, or enjoy them straight from the plant!

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After strawberries hold the spotlight, Raspberry Picking Season begins in mid-July and often extends through August. Wandering through the raspberry bushes, you might find yourself dreaming of making yummy jams, mouth-watering desserts, or simply popping those sweet berries into your mouth after you pick them.

The U-Pick experience is not solely about picking fun. It’s also a hands-on learning opportunity. Visitors can learn about farming, the growing process, and how to select each type of produce. This enjoyable education enhances your connection to the food you eat and the local farms you support.

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3. Pony Rides for Kids

pony rides and adventures for kids heritage ranch red deer tkhz7uo fQoXwRNB

For a delightfully enchanting experience, check out the Pony Rides for Kids at Heritage Ranch, beginning in mid-May. The season starts with a wave of joy, ready to deliver smiles, laughter, and endless pony-filled adventures for your little ones.

You will find your child beaming with excitement as they get on a magical pony ride adventure. The ponies are gentle, the surroundings are impressive, and it's all wrapped in a beautiful memory-making package. Each ride consists of two laps around the pen, giving kids the chance to enjoy the serene beauty of the ranch and feel the gentle sway of the pony beneath them. It’s a perfect way for young riders to gain confidence while creating lasting memories in a safe and nurturing environment.

One of the best parts? No reservations are needed! Just drop by and let the adventure begin. With trained staff on hand and well-schooled ponies, safety is always the top priority. The experience is designed for children under the age of 7, making sure that it's crafted to be both delightful and secure for young adventurers.

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pony rides and adventures for kids heritage ranch red deer ftko9d1 oLhDA4ys

Besides the pony rides, Heritage Ranch offers more activities to amplify the fun. Enjoy the Cowboy Summer Day Camp for a peek into the "Cowboy Way," where youngsters get to learn the essential skills and traditions of cowboy life.

And for those looking for a deeper connection with equines, the Summer Riding Camps of 2024 provide immersive experiences. With options ranging from a 3-day Horse Fun Camp to 5-day Day Camps, these programs blend on-the-ground horse time with in-saddle learning. Activities like barrel racing, trail rides, and even float trips down the river diversify the fun.

4. Climb the Aerial Park Tower

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In Edmonton, there's a place that will make you feel like a true adventurer—the Aerial Park Tower at Snow Valley Aerial Park. With over 100 exciting elements packed into one towering structure, it takes you as high as 15 meters off the ground!

Each element offers a new way to challenge yourself. From crawling through tunnels, climbing up walls, swinging from ropes, or stepping across wobbly bridges, there’s no shortage of fun and thrills. Some folks love the unique rainbow wall while others get a kick out of the swinging picnic table!

What makes this place even cooler? It's like a real-life video game where you get to choose your own adventure. Just like the slopes of a ski hill, obstacles are marked as green, blue, or black, depending on how tough they are. Each adventure is capped at a dynamic 2 hours ensuring you get quality time on the tower while keeping the excitement at peak levels.

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aerial park tower snow valley park edmonton zyes9h8r wILOBM7b

To make sure your day goes smoothly, it’s a great idea to pre-book your spot online. Only those with reserved spots can join in the fun since the capacity is limited to keep everyone safe. And pay attention to what you wear: closed-toe athletic shoes and comfy, athletic clothes are a must. Don't forget your water bottle to stay hydrated!

A quick tip: there are some rules about height and weight.

  • You need to be at least 125 cm tall to join the fun.
  • If you're between 125 cm and 140 cm tall, you can play on the Ground Level alone or enjoy the full tower with a friend who's over 140 cm.
  • There’s also a weight limit of 285 lbs and the harness fits waists up to 150 cm.

5. Try an Archery Class

archery jim bows archery edmonton 6wbmca3w NqHaQiYr

Ever wanted to feel like Robin Hood but didn't know where to start? Jim-Bows Archery is the perfect place for to immerse yourself in the world of archery. 

If you want to hone your skills and become a master archer, their classes are the way to go. Led by experienced, expert instructors, these classes offer a full hour of personalized instruction. Whether you're just starting and need to learn the basics or you're experienced and looking to perfect your technique, you'll get the support and guidance to unlock your full potential.

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archery jim bows archery edmonton xgww1doj yENhy9cE

It doesn't stop at individual learning. You will be a part of an enthusiastic archery community where you can share your passion and excitement for the sport. You can join various groups and leagues to connect with other enthusiasts. Enjoy fun-filled competitions, make new friends, and improve your skills in a supportive and friendly environment.

It's a whole experience designed for family fun and learning. So, if you're in Edmonton this summer, grabbing a bow and arrow might be the most thrilling thing you do. Give it a shot—you might just find your new favorite hobby!

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6. Splash Around at the Aquatic Playground

the ultimate aquatic playground sylvan lake aqua splash sy zrsgvcj XvhMABre

Get ready for a splashing good time at Sylvan Lake’s Ultimate Aquatic Playground! Known as Alberta's first open-water park, this watery wonderland is brimming with fun and exciting challenges. It’s truly a spot where days can be filled with endless aquatic adventures!

The playground offers a fantastic array of attractions. The thrill of climbing a 15-Foot Tower or navigating an overhanging climbing wall awaits. Ever tried bouncing high on an oversized trampoline or monkeying around on swing bars? You'll find all that and more here! Kids and grown-ups alike will love the wiggle bridge, slides & cliffs, and the trapeze swing.

Need a quick rest? The floating rest areas are the perfect place to catch your breath and recharge before jumping back into the fun. Safety is a top priority, with certified lifeguards ensuring that everyone has a secure and enjoyable experience.

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To fit everyone’s adventure style, the park has several pass options. For those looking for a breather post-lunch, the Half Day Pass is great, giving access from 3 pm to 8 pm. If you're ready for a full-day extravaganza, the Full Day Pass provides excitement from 11 am to 8 pm. There's also a One-Hour Pass for accompanying adults or first-timers who just want a taste!

Before you dash out the door, make sure everyone meets the height requirement of 3 feet 6 inches. Unfortunately, this means kids under 5 won’t be able to join in on the fun this time. The park operates daily from 11 am to 7 pm, with the last splash allowed in at 6 pm, of course, weather permitting. It’s always a good idea to check their Facebook page for updates or give them a call.

7. Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Fun

golw in the dark mini golf monster mini golf edmonton cc5wjqak sgT3RJ0Y

Walk into a unique world of glow-in-the-dark magic at Monster Mini Golf. This extravagant indoor activity features an 18-hole course with a monster-inspired theme that will fascinate miniature golf enthusiasts of all ages. You will play mini golf surrounded by glowing monsters, intricate 3D murals, and pop-up characters that instantly remind you of childhood memories.

Thanks to the glow-in-the-dark technology and interactive characters sprinkled throughout the course, each visit feels like an adventure. It’s a trip to a fantastical world that sparks the imagination. Families can bond over a game filled with amusing obstacles and laugh-out-loud moments, making it an ideal spot for all kinds of get-togethers, including birthday celebrations and neighborhood gatherings.

For those looking to celebrate a special day in a unique way, Monster Mini Golf hosts monster-themed birthday parties. Kids will be thrilled with cool decorations, party rooms, and various packages that make each birthday one to remember. Envision the joy on their faces when they step into their personalized party, complete with all monsters and glow-in-the-dark fun!

golw in the dark mini golf monster mini golf edmonton el6xzgpy CkjtXpqo
golw in the dark mini golf monster mini golf edmonton 993qgn5t fLbNEtaS

The fun isn’t limited to kids! Monster Mini Golf is also a fantastic venue for team-building activities or date nights. Packed with interactive surprises and entertaining special effects, this unique attraction guarantees an unforgettable day.

Don’t forget to check out their arcade, which offers a mix of classic and new video games. You can win tickets to snag prizes or try your hand at the Prize Cranes for even bigger rewards.

8. Pedal Boat Adventure

pedal boat adventure bower ponds recreation red deer albert mxhz8uv z8bN7x42

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you're out on the water with family and friends. If you’re in Red Deer - just a few hour ride from Edmonton, you can turn this into reality with the Pedal Boat Adventure at Bower Ponds Recreation!

Bower Ponds offers an memorable summer experience that’s hard to beat. It’s the ideal way to unwind, escape the noise of city life, and truly enjoy the joy of summer. Before you hop on a pedal boat, remember to bring photo ID for rentals. If there are kids under 18, a parent or responsible adult needs to sign a waiver. And yes, there are age restrictions on certain watercraft to keep everyone safe and sound. Once that’s all sorted, you’re ready to hit the water!

pedal boat adventure bower ponds recreation red deer alber lbfgxnt FwrgAabC
pedal boat adventure bower ponds recreation red deer alber chxmej0 KaD8Nh7x

Thinking of making this a group event? Bower Ponds provides special group rates, so whether it’s a birthday party, an office picnic, or just a fun day out with friends, you can enjoy pedal boating without breaking the bank. 

All that pedaling can work up quite an appetite. No worries—the park's café is there to save the day. From delightful soft serve ice cream to refreshing cold drinks and a variety of snacks, there's plenty to munch on. Enjoy a tasty treat on the café patio and take in the lovely views of the park.

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9. Explore Edmonton Valley Zoo

edmonton valley zoo city of edmonton pguxplkv rmKxuOKg

Strolling along the calm banks of the North Saskatchewan River, you find the delightful Edmonton Valley Zoo. This zoo offers intimate and captivating encounters with a wide range of animals where you can get up close and personal with different species, creating memories that last a lifetime!

The zoo itself has been receiving quite a bit of love from the City of Edmonton. With new habitats, chances for incredibly close animal encounters, and some pretty cutting-edge research and education facilities, they've made sure your visit will be nothing short of amazing.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is home to more than 350 animals, each representing various species from almost every climate and habitat you can think of. If you’re curious about the Arctic’s chilly residents or the diverse creatures of the rainforest, there's always something new and exciting to discover. It's a fabulous opportunity to learn about and appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom.

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edmonton valley zoo city of edmonton 9lzwaa2e Sj7bB47R

They also offer fun and educational adventures for students and groups. Stepping out of your classroom and entering a world of interactive animal encounters is an experience like no other. The educational programs are specially designed to cater to all ages, providing a hands-on way to explore fascinating topics like adaptations, endangered species, and different habitats.

What's really cool is their dedication to conservation initiatives. The Edmonton Valley Zoo works hand in hand with global organizations on some genuinely impactful projects. They’re all about ensuring the survival of different species and contributing to the well-being of animals worldwide.

10. Race Around at an Indoor Kart Track

indoor kart racing speeders edmonton z9oztvzk WoC5XaDK

How about adding some high-speed excitement to your to-do list this summer? Speeders in Edmonton is bringing the thrill of kart racing indoors with a twist — a multi-level track combined with awesome food and drinks.

At Speeders, they've got a track with over 1,250 feet of dynamic raceway, all lit up with cool LED lights. The best part? There's a special track just for kids, making it safe and fun for everyone in the family. No one gets left out of the racing action here!

indoor kart racing speeders edmonton lfo5oswt BwUEm3UE
indoor kart racing speeders edmonton njyzkuzq lEEpa4jj

For those interested in trying karting for the first time, listen up. Adult racers need to be at least 5'1" tall, and kids need to be 4'0" and above. If you're under 18, make sure to bring a parent along for the consent. And please, keep those flip-flops and high heels at home — closed-toed shoes are a must! Safety first, right?

A quick tip: It's best to book your activities online before heading to Speeders to avoid any wait time. While walk-ins are welcome, slots fill up fast, so snagging a spot in advance will make your day a whole lot smoother. And just a friendly reminder — no drinking before racing.

To Sum It All Up

With options like exploring the waters on a Seadoo, picking fresh berries at a U-Pick Farm, or enjoying pony rides with the kids, there's a variety of activities for all. Thrill-seekers might love climbing the Aerial Park Tower or sharpening their skills in an archery class. For a splash of fun, the Aquatic Playground is perfect, and Glow in the Dark Mini Golf adds an exciting twist to the evening. Pedal Boat adventures offer a serene escape, while the Edmonton Valley Zoo and Indoor Kart Racing guarantee non-stop entertainment.

So, why wait? Discovering Edmonton in the summer is all about creating memorable family moments. These activities not only offer excitement but also bring everyone closer.

Don't let the season slip away! Dive into these adventures and make this summer unforgettable. Remember, each day is an opportunity to try something new and have fun. For more awesome activities and events, visit ActiviFinder Edmonton

Alvaro Bataller Torre
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