18 Best Kids' Birthday Party Ideas in Edmonton | Fun Celebrations

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Mar 11, 2024

Are you on the hunt for the perfect place to throw an unforgettable birthday bash for your kiddo or simply looking for a fun day out with the family?

Well, you're in luck! Edmonton is packed with amazing spots that cater to all sorts of interests, making it a fantastic playground to celebrate a birthday for both the young and the young at heart.

From thrilling adventures that reach new heights to creative and educational experiences that spark the imagination, there's no shortage of venues to make those special days even more memorable. Celebrate your child's birthday in Edmonton with these exciting activities tailored to make their special day unforgettable.

So, buckle up as we dive into a list of some of the best places in Edmonton to celebrate your birthday, play, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Let's get this party started!

1. Foam Fighters

foam 1_kqfqPHD
foam 2_vEPwb78

Foam Fighters in Edmonton offers a dynamic setting for kids' birthday parties, featuring the adrenaline-pumping excitement of NERF blaster battles.

This premier indoor location is the perfect arena for action-packed fun, where birthday celebrants and their friends can engage in exhilarating games.

The facility is designed to ensure an unforgettable adventure with obstacle courses and battle zones that encourage teamwork, strategy, and, most importantly, a whole lot of laughs.

foam 3_wJMlD2H

Beyond the heat of the NERF battles, Foam Fighters enhances the birthday experience with a wide selection of video games.

This mix of physical and digital play spaces caters to all interests, ensuring every guest finds something they love.

It's a seamless blend of energy-burning physical activity and engaging electronic entertainment, making it one of the best birthday party spots for kids in Edmonton.

foam 4_h8XIH3d

As the excitement winds down, the party doesn't have to. Foam Fighters also offers a great range of tasty food options to help refuel the young warriors and gamers.

This thoughtful addition means parents can relax, knowing that everything from action-packed entertainment to satisfying snacks is covered under one roof.

Location: Foam Fighters - Google Maps

2. Laser City - Mini Paintball

paintball 1

Dive into the world of Mini Paintball at Laser City, Edmonton's exclusive destination for an action-packed birthday bash that's just right for kids aged 8 to 12.

This innovative take on traditional paintball uses low-powered guns and smaller paintballs, ensuring a thrilling yet safe experience.

Here, young adventurers can enjoy the intensity of a paintball match without the worry, making it an ideal choice for a memorable kid's birthday party.

paintball 2

The adventure doesn't stop at just gearing up and running into battle. Laser City provides a fully indoor paintball field where parties are private, ensuring your group has the full attention of a dedicated staff member.

This expert guide will lead the birthday crew through a series of organized games, keeping the excitement high and the action non-stop.

With all necessary equipment provided, including camo coveralls, face masks, and paintball guns, parents can relax knowing their children are in for a fun and hassle-free day.

paintball 3

After the adrenaline-fueled games, the celebration continues at Laser City's reserved Party Tables, where the birthday group can enjoy cake, pizza, and open gifts.

Location: Laser City - Google Maps

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3. Planet Lazer - Lazer Tag

planetlazer 1

Planet Lazer stands out as Edmonton's premier destination for laser tag, offering an unforgettable birthday bash experience for kids and tweens alike.

With its sprawling 16,000 square foot arena, this venue takes the classic game of hide and seek and amplifies it with cutting-edge technology and thrilling gameplay.

The multi-level landscape, designed to challenge and engage players, accommodates up to 50 participants at a time, ensuring a birthday celebration that's both massive in scale and excitement.

planetlazer 2

This award-winning facility is not just about the size but also the immersive experience it provides. Players, armed with high-tech laser tag equipment, navigate through the intricate maze, strategizing and dodging beams in a heart-pounding quest for victory.

The atmosphere is electric, with lights, sounds, and visual effects combining to create a futuristic battleground that's both safe and exhilarating for young adventurers.

planetlazer 3

After the action, the party continues at Planet Lazer’s specially reserved party tables, where birthday guests can enjoy refreshments, cake, and the camaraderie of friends. It’s the perfect cooldown to a high-energy day, allowing for moments of celebration and gift opening.

Location: Planet Lazer - Google Maps

4. Glow in the Dark Mini Golf - Monster Mini Golf

monstergolf 1_NANSquI

Monster Mini Golf in Edmonton elevates the classic game of mini-golf into an extraordinary adventure with its glow-in-the-dark courses that promise a fantastical birthday experience for kids.

As players embark on the 18-hole journey, they're immersed in a dazzling 3D world, where vibrant colors and whimsical monster-themed decor light up the path.

This unique setting transforms each putt into a thrilling part of an unforgettable quest, making it a standout choice for kid birthday destinations.

monstergolf 2_l95ECJ2

The interactive characters scattered throughout the course bring a delightful twist to the game. These friendly monsters, inspired by tales of fantasy, engage with the players, adding an extra layer of fun and surprise to the golfing experience. 

monstergolf 3_nSt2ZZb

Adding to the allure are the special effects that accentuate each hole. From unexpected twists to enchanting visual surprises, these effects ensure that every stroke is met with anticipation and wonder.

Monster Mini Golf provides a seamless blend of physical activity, imaginative play, and technology, making it one of the best birthday party for kids looking for a memorable celebration. 

Location: Monster Mini Golf - Google Maps

5. LaunchPad - Trampoline Park

trampoline 1_vsostBy

LaunchPad Trampoline Park turns up the excitement in Edmonton with a venue that's all about defying gravity and embracing the joy of bouncing.

This indoor trampoline park creates the perfect setting for an energetic and unforgettable kid's birthday celebration, offering a climate-controlled environment where the fun never stops, regardless of the weather outside.

trampoline park launch pad edmonton GVO63eVK.full
trampoline park launch pad edmonton zXXbo9jE.full

At the heart of LaunchPad is the Large Open Jump Court, a vast area dedicated to jumping, flipping, and soaring.

it's a platform for freedom, where kids and adults alike can explore the limits of gravity, test their acrobatics, or simply revel in the weightlessness of a perfect bounce.

This space encapsulates the essence of carefree fun, making it an ideal spot for kids birthday celebrations that aim to leave guests with lasting memories.

trampoline 3_vflqHG2

Beyond the open jump court, LaunchPad offers a variety of activities designed to make the most of the trampoline experience. Each feature is crafted to ensure safety while maximizing the thrill, catering to jumpers of all ages and skill levels.

Location: Trampoline Park - Google Maps

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6. West Edmonton Mall | Galaxyland

edmonton mall 4_4EgzVom

West Edmonton Mall is an epicenter of entertainment that offers a plethora of birthday celebration options for kids and families.

With over 800 stores and restaurants, the variety is unmatched, ensuring that every guest finds something to love. But what sets this mall apart as one of the best kid birthday spots in Edmonton are its world-class attractions that cater to every imaginable interest and thrill level.

galaxyland west edmonton mall edmonton IATEB24E.full
galaxyland west edmonton mall edmonton TeFZ56XZ.full

From the adrenaline-pumping rides at Galaxyland to the splash-tastic adventures at the World Waterpark, the mall transforms a birthday party into a full-blown extravaganza.

Whether your child dreams of surfing, enjoys exploring sea life at the aquarium, or loves the thrill of a high-speed roller coaster, West Edmonton Mall delivers with experiences that go beyond the traditional birthday cake and party hats.

galaxyland west edmonton mall edmonton t23M7koj.main

Adding to the convenience, the mall houses two hotels, making it easy for guests to turn a birthday celebration into a memorable weekend getaway.

This feature is perfect for families traveling from out of town or those who simply wish to extend the fun.

Location: West Edmonton Mall - Google Maps

7. Dragon's Tale Mini-Golf & Mirror Maze

dragon 1

Dragon's Tale Mini-Golf & Mirror Maze offers an enchanting birthday destination in Edmonton, where kids embark on a magical quest to save dragons through the glow of blacklight mini-golf.

This 18-hole course is not your ordinary mini-golf experience; it's a journey through a brilliantly illuminated, dragon-themed fantasy land that captivates and delights.

Each putt becomes a step closer to heroism, as players navigate through this radiant, mystical world, adding an adventurous twist to birthday celebrations.

dragon 2

Beyond the mini-golf, the Crystal Mirror Maze presents a labyrinth of reflections and challenges. It's a place where kids and their friends can laugh, get lost, and find their way together, testing their problem-solving skills and teamwork.

The maze experience is a fantastic addition to the birthday adventure, offering a fun, interactive, and slightly bewildering adventure that's memorable for all participants.

dragon 3

Dragon's Tale provides a unique blend of physical activity, imaginative play, and visual wonder, making it a standout choice for parents looking for kids birthday celebrations in Edmonton that are both active and imaginative.

The combination of mini-golf and mirror maze adventures ensures that the birthday child and their guests enjoy a day filled with excitement, challenge, and a touch of magic, creating memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Location: Dragon’s Tale - Google Maps

8. World Waterpark

world waterpark 1_xuWorYh
world waterpark 2_7symE1J

World Waterpark stands out as an exhilarating birthday venue in Edmonton, offering an aquatic adventure unlike any other.

Imagine celebrating your special day riding the waves in the world's largest indoor wave pool, where the fun never stops and the weather is always perfect.

This iconic waterpark is home to 17 unique waterslides, ranging from adrenaline-pumping drops for thrill-seekers to gentle slides for the little ones, ensuring that family members of all ages have the time of their lives.

wolrd waterpark west edmonton mall edmonton gGVNKHn6.full
wolrd waterpark west edmonton mall edmonton vzuhbtss.full

The park's diverse array of attractions means there's something for everyone. Beyond the slides and wave pool, interactive play features dot the landscape, inviting kids to explore and splash around in a safe and engaging environment.

The thoughtful design of the waterpark allows for moments of excitement as well as relaxation, catering to those who wish to lounge by the water's edge just as much as those who want to dive into the action.

wolrd waterpark west edmonton mall edmonton dbUdEVT9.full

Celebrating a birthday at World Waterpark in Edmonton means creating memories filled with laughter, joy, and the thrill of aquatic adventures.

It's a venue that promises a day of non-stop fun, where every moment is soaked in happiness.

Location: World Waterpark  - Google Maps

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9. Fitset Ninja Edmonton

fitset 2

Fitset Ninja introduces a thrilling twist to birthday parties in Edmonton, breaking away from the ordinary with full-sized Ninja Obstacle Courses that promise an unforgettable day of adventure.

This venue is a dream come true for kids and teens alike, offering over 30 diverse obstacles designed by professional ninjas.

The challenges range from engaging parkour elements to high-flying acrobatics, ensuring that every participant finds their own way to shine and push their limits.

fitset 1

Every birthday bash at Fitset Ninja is spearheaded by a dedicated Ninja Coach, guaranteeing not just a blast of fun but also the utmost safety for all attendees.

This personalized guidance allows kids as young as five to teenagers to navigate through the courses with confidence, matching each participant's skill level to the obstacles ahead. The result? A day filled with exhilarating accomplishments and newfound confidence.

9 1000w_vl2o3PD

The ethos of Fitset Ninja centers on fostering teamwork and camaraderie. As kids conquer obstacles together, they learn the value of collaboration, cheering each other on through every leap and climb.

5 1000w_fIZ2Csm
4 1000w_Mb5GGPj

Location: Fitset Ninja - Google Maps

10. Edmonton Valley Zoo

zoo 2

Celebrate your child's birthday amidst the wonders of nature at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, a place where over 250 animals from various corners of the globe come together.

it's a vibrant educational journey that emphasizes conservation and the natural world, making it one of the most enriching kid birthday destinations in Edmonton.


A birthday bash at the zoo is a unique opportunity for children to learn about wildlife and their habitats, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the animal kingdom.

The zoo's commitment to conservation is woven into its interactive exhibits and educational programs, providing a backdrop that's both fun and informative.

It's a chance for birthday guests to embark on a global adventure, encountering everything from majestic lions to playful penguins, all within the heart of Edmonton.

zoo 3

Moreover, the Edmonton Valley Zoo offers tailored birthday packages that include fun activities and guided tours, ensuring a hassle-free experience for parents and an unforgettable day for the birthday child. 

Location: Valley Zoo - Google Maps

11. Clip' n Climb Edmonton During Summer

clipclimb 1_dqdH8PV

Clip 'n Climb Edmonton transforms the indoor climbing scene into an exhilarating summer adventure that kids and adults alike will love. Nestled within Epic Indoor Climbing, this facility takes climbing to the next level with 29 unique walls, each presenting a vibrant array of challenges and designs.

Climbers are invited to scale up to 28 feet, navigating routes that balance fun with physical challenge, making it an ideal spot for a birthday celebration or a day out with friends.

epic indoor climbing challenges clip n climb edmonton WGtNUNEW.full
epic indoor climbing challenges clip n climb edmonton hZDrumfx.full

The atmosphere here buzzes with energy, inspiring climbers to test their limits and conquer new heights. Whether you're a novice or an experienced climber, Clip 'n Climb offers an array of difficulties that cater to every skill level.

The walls not only serve as a physical challenge but also as a visual feast, with bold colors and imaginative designs that enhance the climbing experience.

clipclimb 3_CUcw60S

For thrill-seekers looking to add an extra adrenaline rush to their adventure, the Vertical Drop Slide is a must-try attraction.

Clad in a skydiving suit and helmet, participants experience a brief, heart-stopping free fall before gliding down the slide, adding a memorable twist to the climbing journey.

Location: Clip n' Clip Edmonton - Google Maps

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12. Laser City Laser Tag

lazer tag laser city edmonton rVQ1sozA.main

When it comes to celebrating a birthday in Edmonton with a dash of futuristic fun, Laser City Laser Tag stands out as a premier destination.

As the city's newest and best laser tag facility, Laser City offers a thrilling adventure that's perfect for partygoers seeking an active and exciting way to mark their special day.

lasertag 2_NIWpLY0
lasertag 3_14uYBn8

At Laser City, it's not just about laser tag – though that's certainly a highlight. The facility brings an innovative twist to traditional birthday activities by also offering Mini Paintball as mentioned earlier.

This unique laser tag experience will certainly make an appeal to your kid's birthday, making it amusing and for sure, memorable.

lasertag 4_hziDQSp

The laser tag arena itself is a marvel, with state-of-the-art equipment and a creatively designed space that transports players to another world.

Teams navigate through a maze of obstacles and challenges, working together to outsmart and outplay their opponents.

It's an exhilarating game that combines strategy, speed, and teamwork, ensuring a memorable and fun-filled birthday bash.

Location: Laser City - Google Maps

Summer birthday celebrations for kids near Edmonton

Celebrations truly come alive in the summer, with the warm weather setting the perfect stage for memorable outdoor festivities.

It's the ideal season to embrace the joy of gatherings, under the sun's radiant glow, making every moment feel more vibrant and full of life. 

Check out these activities best in the summery vibes & weather:

13. Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash

sylva 1_cA7jV4Y

Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash is turning every birthday into an unforgettable splash bash in Alberta! This water wonderland transforms Sylvan Lake into a magical kingdom of aquatic fun, perfect for party-goers from tiny tots to the young at heart.

sylva 2_UUl4yEl

Get ready to dive into a sea of attractions at Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash. Ever dreamed of conquering a 15-foot tower? Or maybe testing your skills on a challenging overhang climb? Well, now's your chance!

sylva 3_CjCNib7

Jump for joy on the giant trampoline, swing like a monkey on the bars, and climb your way to the top for a view that's worth every step. The wiggle bridge? It's a wobbly wonder that'll have you giggling from start to finish.

But wait, there's more! Zip down slides, leap from cliffs for that epic splash, swing on a trapeze like a circus star, and test your balance on the high roller. With bouncy domes and a rodeo splash, the excitement never ends.

Location: Sylvan Lake - Google Maps

14. K3 Corn Maze & Family Farm

k3corn 1

K3 Corn Maze & Family Farm, located near the picturesque prairies of Alberta, close to Edmonton, offers a charming escape for families and friends seeking to immerse themselves in nature and create unforgettable memories.

This family-owned gem provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of celebrations, from vibrant birthday parties to heartfelt family reunions.

k3 corn maze family farm k3 corn maze tofield alberta uMj8r9LG.full
k3 corn maze family farm k3 corn maze tofield alberta BTRWhaL5.full

Guests are invited to lose themselves (and eventually find their way out) of the expansive corn maze, an experience that combines adventure with the simple joys of the great outdoors.

This is a sanctuary where visitors can engage in a range of activities designed to foster connections with the natural world and with each other.

k3corn 2

Boasting ample space and a serene atmosphere, K3 Corn Maze & Family Farm prides itself on offering both entertainment and excellent value.

Location: K3 Corn Maze - Google Maps

Kids Indoor Playgrounds for birthday celebrations in Edmonton

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15. We Rock The Spectrum Edmonton

we rock the spectrum kids gym 1574141143199
we rock the spectrum kids gym 1574141146119

We Rock The Spectrum in Edmonton shines as a beacon of inclusivity, offering a sensory-safe gym that caters to children of all abilities, ensuring no one misses out on the fun of a special day.

Their philosophy centers around creating an environment where every child feels welcome and engaged, making it an exceptional venue for birthdays and celebrations.

we rock 1

The gym is equipped with a wide range of activities and equipment designed to accommodate children with diverse needs, promoting safe sensory experiences and fostering an atmosphere of learning and exploration.

Party packages at We Rock The Spectrum not only grant full access to the gym's amenities, including the party room and an arts & crafts area but also ensure the celebrations can go on regardless of weather conditions, thanks to the indoor setup.

we rock the spectrum kids gym 1574141147012

What sets this venue apart is the provision of staff assistance included in most packages, allowing parents to relax and join in the fun rather than managing the event.

This support, combined with the gym's commitment to a nurturing and fun environment, means every party is both enjoyable for the kids and stress-free for the adults.

we rock 3

Location: We Rock The Spectrum - Google Maps

16. Hide N Seek Indoor Playground & Cafe

00IMG_5638 copy

Hide N Seek Indoor Playground & Cafe in Edmonton offers a unique blend of fun and relaxation, making it a hit for children's birthday parties and family outings.

This venue understands the dynamics of family entertainment, providing a space where kids can unleash their energy through exploration and play in a safe, engaging environment, while parents enjoy a well-deserved break.

hideseek 4_x4berPr

The playground is a maze of fun, filled with slides, obstacles, and interactive games that encourage kids to climb, jump, and run to their heart's content.

It's designed to cater to children of various ages, ensuring that every child finds something thrilling to dive into.

Meanwhile, the café area offers parents a cozy retreat where they can unwind, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while keeping an eye on their little ones.


The thoughtful combination of an exciting play area for kids and a relaxing café for adults makes Hide N Seek Indoor Playground & Cafe a standout destination for family-friendly entertainment in Edmonton.

hideseek 2_6xeNMSQ

Location: Hide N Seek Indoor Playground & Cafe - Google Maps

17. Treehouse Indoor Playground-South Edmonton

treehouse 1_BcTxAkp

When it comes to celebrating birthdays in Edmonton, especially for the young and the young at heart, the Treehouse Indoor Playground in South Edmonton is a delightful destination.

Spanning an impressive 12,000 square feet, this indoor playground is tailor-made for children 13 and under, offering an enchanting world of fun and adventure.

treehouse 2_C0EzClZ
treehouse 3_kslkYS3

Imagine a place where laughter fills the air, and the sound of children playing echoes through a vibrantly colored space.

The Treehouse Indoor Playground is a realm where imaginations run wild. Climbing structures, slides, and interactive games are just the beginning.

treehouse 4_83NuN4b

Every corner of this vast playground is designed to spark joy and excitement, making it a must-try birthday place in Edmonton.

Location: Treehouse Indoor Playground - Google Maps

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18. Pom Pom Play Café

pompom 1_BDGwxFk

Nestled in the heart of Edmonton, the Pom Pom Play Café offers a unique and heartwarming experience for those looking to celebrate birthdays in a kid-friendly environment.

It's not just a café; it's a haven where families have felt safe and welcomed, especially since the days of the pandemic.

pompom 2_KxHsS8P
pompom 3_LjVe7OV

The indoor playground at Pom Pom Play Café is a wonderland for the little ones. Designed with safety and cleanliness as top priorities, it has been a favorite spot for parents since its inception.

The playground's immaculate condition and appealing design make it an ideal location for hosting birthday parties, as many have discovered, including parents who have been visiting since their children were babies

pompom 4_fVj0COd

Celebrating a child's birthday at Pom Pom Play Café is like stepping into a storybook of joy. The staff's approachability and exceptional customer service enhance the experience, making every guest feel special. 

Location: Pom Pom Play Cafe - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, a roundup of some of the best spots in Edmonton to make your child's birthday or any family outing truly special.

From high-flying adventures at trampoline parks to imaginative escapades at indoor playgrounds, Edmonton is brimming with fun-filled destinations that promise unforgettable birthday parties for kids and stress-free options for parents.

Whether your little one dreams of becoming a ninja warrior for a day, exploring the wonders of wildlife, or simply enjoying a classic game of hide and seek with a twist, there's something in this city for every interest and age group.

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