A Taste of Summer - Edmonton's Best 16 Outdoor Patios for 2024

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Apr 14, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide to soaking up the summer in Edmonton! If you're on the hunt for the perfect spot to enjoy those warm breezy days, you're in luck.

We've rounded up the best outdoor patios in Edmonton that promise not just great food and drinks, but an atmosphere that screams summer.

From cozy garden nooks to trendy rooftop terraces, get ready to meet your new favorite spots to chill, dine, and bask in the long-awaited summer sun. Let's dive into Edmonton's summer patio scene and discover where you'll spend your sunny afternoons and balmy evenings in 2024.

1. LOCAL Public Eatery Jasper Ave

local 1

Stepping into LOCAL Public Eatery on Jasper Ave is like finding an oasis in the bustling streets of Edmonton.

This laid-back spot is a hit with locals and visitors, thanks to its inviting brick-clad ambiance, warm wood-fired aromas, and a menu that tempts you with moreish bites.

Think juicy burgers, crisp salads, and, of course, those wood-fired pies that could easily become the topic of your food dreams.


But let's talk about what sets LOCAL apart: its patio. A sunny haven where the vibes of Edmonton summer come to play, this patio is all about soaking up the good times under the open sky.

Whether you're here to kickstart your patio season or looking for that perfect summer dining experience, LOCAL's outdoor seating area promises memorable moments, complemented by happy hour specials that are too good to pass up.


The reviews speak volumes, with patrons raving about their first-night discoveries and the urge to return before even leaving. It's not just the food that wins hearts but the friendly service that makes you feel right at home. 

Location: LOCAL Public Eatery Jasper Ave - Google Maps

2. CRAFT Beer Market Edmonton

craft 2

CRAFT Beer Market in Edmonton is a paradise for those who appreciate the finer things in life, like a cold microbrew on a warm summer day.

With an impressive selection of over 100 microbrews, this urbane gastropub has become a cornerstone for Edmonton patio dining, especially for those who cherish a good brew and seasonal pub fare that's as local as it gets.

RH Bocce Shuffle_1IHL9G3

The airy, stylish interior is a nod to modern comfort, but the real magic happens outside on the patio, where the buzz of the city fades into the background, replaced by the clink of glasses and the laughter of friends.

It's the perfect excuse to unwind after work or kick off a weekend of Edmonton summer spots exploration. Patrons can't help but praise the delicious offerings and the exceptional service that makes every visit feel special. 

SLP_0170 HDR

Location: CRAFT Beer Market Edmonton - Google Maps

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3. The Black Dog Freehouse


The Black Dog Freehouse stands out as a beacon of cozy vibes and mellow times in Edmonton's bustling scene. This energetic tavern, with its unfussy approach to good times, offers an array of bar bites that hit the spot, drink specials that keep the evening interesting, and a music scene energized by DJs.

What really elevates the experience, however, is its rooftop patio - a rare gem in the city that offers a retreat above the streets, where the urban panorama adds a backdrop to every gathering.


This patio is the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy the summer in Edmonton with a side of altitude. It's suited for smaller groups seeking an intimate ambiance under the open sky, where the hustle of the city below blends into a distant hum.

The vibe here is distinctly more laid-back, with the interior's dark, cozy corners contrasting the open, airy freedom of the rooftop space.

blackdog 1

Highly recommended for its prime location, The Black Dog Freehouse's rooftop patio provides a unique setting for outdoor dining in Edmonton.

Location: The Black Dog Freehouse - Google Maps

4. Baijiu


Baijiu, an energetic and hip outlet nestled in Edmonton, offers a refreshing twist on patio dining with its Asian-inspired menu and a dazzling array of unique cocktails.

This spot shines with its inventive approach to cuisine, blending flavors in a way that's bold and memorable.

The dimly-lit interior creates an intimate atmosphere, but when you step onto the patio, the experience transforms under the open sky.


This patio is a vibrant extension of Baijiu’s charm, providing a casual yet sophisticated space for friends to gather, share plates, and indulge in conversation.

The shrimp and peaches baos come highly recommended, striking the perfect balance between sweet and savory, and are a testament to the kitchen's creativity.

While some dishes may dance on the edge of being too salty, the overall culinary journey here is one of discovery and delight.


The atmosphere on Baijiu’s patio manages to capture the essence of a laid-back summer hangout spot, perfect for those evenings when the weather is as inviting as the company.

Location: Baijiu - Google Maps

5. Confederation Lounge & Patio

confed 1
confed 2

Confederation Lounge & Patio, a name synonymous with iconic evenings and exquisite cocktails, is a beacon of culinary excellence and intimate gatherings in Edmonton. Established in 1915, this venue has perfected the art of delivering extraordinary experiences.

The patio, a secluded haven, offers unparalleled views and an atmosphere that whispers tales of a bygone era, all while serving up modern luxury on a silver platter.

confed 3

At Confederation Lounge, the culinary journey is a celebration of diversity, blending international flavors with local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients.

The approachable cuisine, executed with finesse, elevates familiar dishes into something truly memorable. The Brussels sprouts and truffle fries, in particular, receive rave reviews for their delicious flavors, showcasing the kitchen's commitment to both quality and creativity.

confed 4

As you sip on carefully crafted cocktails, each sip promises a story of its own, inviting you to be part of a tradition that has been cherished for over a century.

Location: Confederation Lounge & Patio - Google Maps

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6. Earls Kitchen + Bar

earls 1
2022 09 08

Earls Kitchen + Bar in Edmonton strikes the perfect balance between casual dining and upscale ambiance, making it a favorite spot for those looking to enjoy gourmet burgers, global comfort food, and an impressive selection of cocktails, wines, and beers.

The patio at Earls adds a special touch to the dining experience, offering an inviting outdoor setting where the delights of summer dining are fully embraced.


The food at Earls is a highlight, with patrons often raving about the delicious steak and sushi that tantalize the taste buds with every bite.

The atmosphere on the patio is welcoming, creating an ideal backdrop for both relaxed afternoons and lively evenings under the sky.

This space captures the essence of Edmonton's dining scene, blending sophistication with a laid-back vibe that appeals to a wide range of visitors.

earls 4

While the service may sometimes lag, the quality of the meals and the charm of the patio setting ensure a pleasant overall experience.

It’s a place where the slight wait for your order fades into the background as you soak up the ambiance and enjoy the company. 

Location: Earls Kitchen + Bar - Google Maps

7. Sugarbowl

sugarbowl 1
sugarbowl 2

The Sugarbowl, with its laid-back eatery and bar vibe, holds a special place in the hearts of Edmonton's dining scene, not least for its dog-friendly patio that welcomes both two and four-legged patrons alike.

Known for its craft beers and a menu that spans from breakfast to dinner, including a much-loved weekend brunch, this spot exemplifies casual dining at its best.

2018 08 02

A standout dish, the Eggs Benny, perfectly encapsulates what the Sugarbowl is all about. Served on a unique base of cornbread, it adds an unexpected twist to a classic, enhancing the flavor and creating the perfect landing spot for a runny egg yolk.

The attention to detail is evident in the perfectly cooked eggs, house-made hollandaise sauce, and even the ketchup that accompanies the distinctly non-deep-fried hash browns.

sugarbowl 3

Returning patrons can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the quality of food and service remains as exceptional as ever. 

Location: Sugarbowl - Google Maps

8. The Next Act

2016 08 14_sXkhiQo
2021 03 19

The Next Act, a beloved casual pub in Edmonton, has mastered the art of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfectly complemented by its outdoor seating area.

Known for its juicy burgers, varied beer selection (including non-alcoholic options), and the much-anticipated weekend brunch, this spot has become a go-to for locals looking to unwind and indulge.

nextact 1

What sets The Next Act apart is not just its consistently awesome food but the overall experience it offers. Patrons frequently praise the fantastic service and fair prices, highlighting the chill and welcoming vibes that make every visit feel like a treat.

nextact 2

The patio at The Next Act invites diners to enjoy their favorite dishes under the open sky, adding a layer of casual elegance to the dining experience.

It’s the perfect setting for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of good food, good company, and the great outdoors.

Location: The Next Act - Google Maps

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9. Pals Sandwiches


Pals Sandwiches in Edmonton is the kind of hidden gem that sandwich lovers dream about. This quaint spot might not be on every tourist’s radar, but locals know it as the go-to place for a sandwich that promises not just a meal but an experience.

The star of the menu is the focaccia chicken club sandwich—a marvel of culinary balance and flavor.

2023 07 29
2023 12 17

What makes this sandwich a standout is the impeccable combination of ingredients. The chicken is always tender, the bacon perfectly crispy, the lettuce crisp and fresh, and the tomatoes juicy.

All these are layered between slices of flawlessly baked focaccia bread, which is soft yet sturdy enough to hold everything together.

Each bite is a symphony of textures and tastes, hitting all the right notes for a truly satisfying meal.

Location: Pal's Sandwiches - Google Maps

10. Pip

2019 09 03

Pip, nestled in Edmonton, just near Pals Sandwiches offers a breath of fresh air with its airy, dog-friendly patio, making it a delightful spot for both brunch and dinner hangouts.

This cozy restaurant is not only celebrated for its great food and friendly service but also for its commitment to inclusivity, offering a range of vegan options alongside its more traditional dishes.

The atmosphere is inviting, perfect for those sunny days when dining al fresco with your furry friend by your side becomes one of life's simple pleasures.

pip 2

A standout favorite among regulars is the olives, a simple yet delicious start to any meal. However, it's the cajun chicken that often steals the show, described as outstanding for its flavorful and juicy characteristics, capturing the essence of Pip's culinary spirit.

The carefully curated menu ensures that every dish, from the starters to the main courses, is crafted to perfection, appealing to a wide array of tastes and dietary preferences.

pip 3
2020 09 19

Pip's patio serves as an ideal backdrop for those seeking a blend of comfort and sophistication in their dining experience.

Location: Pip - Google Maps

11. The Glass Monkey


The Glass Monkey, with its chill modern vibe and inviting patio, stands as a beacon for those in Edmonton seeking upmarket pub fare paired with an impressive selection of local draft beer and wine.

This spot is cherished not just for its culinary offerings but for the atmosphere it cultivates, combining the beauty of a pretty restaurant with the laid-back charm of patio dining.



The menu kicks off with starters like the mushroom soup and chicken wings that set a high bar. The soup garners praise for its rich flavor, a comforting beginning that promises more delights to follow.

The wings, described as juicy with a nice crisp, come with fresh, crisp carrots—a simple touch that speaks volumes about the quality and care put into each dish.

glassmonkey 4

Moving on to the mains, the halibut stands out for its freshness and perfect seasoning, accompanied by flawlessly cooked veggies and light, fluffy rice.

While the dish impresses with its quality, it leaves some longing for a bit more of that "wow" factor, especially considering the price point.

Location: The Glass Monkey - Google Maps

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12. Biera

biera 2

Biera stands as a testament to culinary creativity in Edmonton, pairing its reputation for the best pizza with an array of creative small plates, desserts, and a selection of cheese that perfectly complements its house-brewed beer or wine.

 Biera invites diners to experience the joy of communal dining, underscored by the warmth of its welcoming patio.


Blind Enthusiasm's dedication to quality is evident in every dish that comes off the charcoal grill, offering flavors that are both unique and deeply satisfying.

The pizza, a crowd favorite, showcases a mastery of dough and toppings, creating a memorable dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Alongside, the small plates encourage exploration and variety, allowing guests to taste a wide range of what Biera has to offer.

biera 4

The pairing of food with Biera’s own beer elevates the experience, with each sip designed to complement the complex flavors of the meal.

The patio, an inviting space for leisurely dining, adds an extra layer of enjoyment, making Biera a standout destination for those seeking an exceptional outdoor dining experience in Edmonton.

Location: Biera - Google Maps

13. Café Bicyclette


Café Bicyclette, nestled in Edmonton, is a bright and cozy haven that offers more than just a caffeine fix. This charming counter-serve spot has made a name for itself with its delicious coffee, pastries, and a menu rich in classic French and Québécois dishes.

Its patio adds a delightful outdoor dining experience, inviting patrons to savor their meals under the open sky in a setting that feels both intimate and welcoming.


A standout feature of Café Bicyclette is its accommodating approach to dietary needs, offering a range of gluten-friendly options that ensure everyone can enjoy their culinary offerings.

This thoughtful consideration, combined with the fantastic quality and fair pricing of the food, makes it a hit among those who appreciate great food without the worry of dietary restrictions.


Brunch at Café Bicyclette is particularly noteworthy, presenting a perfect opportunity to indulge in the flavors of France and Québec right in the heart of Edmonton.

The patio experience here is akin to a leisurely Parisian afternoon, where time slows down, and the focus shifts to the joy of good food and good company. 

Location: Café Bicyclette - Google Maps

14. Kelly's Pub

kelly 1

Kelly's Pub in Edmonton is a lively spot where the charm of exposed brick walls meets the delight of clever pub grub.

This venue stands out for its vibrant atmosphere, making it a go-to place for those looking to catch sports on TV while enjoying some of the best happy hour deals in town.

The real gem of Kelly's, however, might just be its patio—an inviting outdoor space where the buzz of the city adds to the lively vibe.

kelly 2
kelly 3

The menu at Kelly's Pub hits all the right notes, with patrons particularly raving about the pretzels and nachos.

Offering a satisfying crunch and flavor that elevate the casual dining experience. 

kelly 4

Kelly's Pub's commitment to quality food, great deals, and a welcoming atmosphere makes it a must-visit spot in Edmonton's patio dining scene. It's a place where the good times roll, and the food keeps you coming back for more.

Location: Kelly's Pub - Google Maps

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15. Dogpatch

2023 09 14

Dogpatch, a hidden gem in Edmonton's patio dining scene, offers a delightful blend of great food, impeccable service, and an overall vibe that's hard to beat.

This spot has quickly become a favorite among locals for its unique culinary creations and relaxed atmosphere.

The patio, an inviting space, allows guests to enjoy their dining experience amidst the gentle buzz of the city, making it an ideal spot for both sunny brunches and cozy dinners under the stars.

2022 08 20

The menu at Dogpatch is a testament to creativity and flavor, with dishes like the Madam Lisette standing out. This giant pancake, much more delicious than one could anticipate, surprises diners with its depth of flavor and satisfying texture.

Alongside, the Eggs Benny offers a classic breakfast favorite with a twist, perfectly executed to enhance your morning dining experience.


Dogpatch's commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience is evident in every dish served, making each visit a memorable one.

The patio setting adds to the allure, creating a perfect backdrop for indulging in fantastic meals and making it a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the best of Edmonton's outdoor dining options.

Location: Dogpatch - Google Maps

16. Fox Burger - Rooftop Patio

foxburger 1

Fox Burger, nestled in Edmonton, boasts a rooftop patio that's quickly becoming the talk of the town, especially among burger.

It's a unique vantage point from which to enjoy them. Elevated above the hustle and bustle, the rooftop setting offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for savoring every bite of their gourmet burgers and crunching on their standout garlic fries.

foxburger 3

The praise for Fox Burger's culinary creations is well-deserved, with many declaring their burgers among the best they've ever had.

What sets these burgers apart is not just the quality of ingredients but the mastery with which they're prepared, offering a taste experience that's both satisfying and memorable.

And then there are the fries – a crunchy, garlicky delight that even the most discerning fry enthusiasts can't help but adore.

foxburger 5

isitors often express an eagerness to return, particularly for happy hour, when the allure of great deals on food and drinks adds another layer of appeal to this rooftop haven.

Location: Fox Burger - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, folks – a little guide to some of the best patios Edmonton has to offer.

Whether you're in the mood for a giant pancake, craving a perfectly seasoned halibut, or just want to sink your teeth into a juicy burger, these spots have you covered. Each place brings something unique to the table, from cozy rooftop views to dog-friendly spaces where your furry friend can join in on the fun.

Remember, the best part about exploring patios in Edmonton isn't just the delicious food or the refreshing drinks; it's the memories you make with friends and family under the open sky. So next time you're wondering where to dine in Edmonton, consider taking it outside to one of these fantastic patios. Who knows? Your new favorite spot might just be a patio seat away.

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