Crispy, Juicy, Delicious: Top 10 Fried Chicken Spots in Vancouver

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Apr 9, 2023

If you're a fried chicken fanatic in Vancouver, you're in luck! This city is home to some of the most delicious, crispy, and juicy fried chicken spots around.

Whether you prefer classic southern-style chicken or crave a spicy, Asian-inspired twist, Vancouver's fried chicken scene has something for everyone. In this article, we've compiled a list of the top 10 fried chicken spots in Vancouver that you simply must try. 

1. Le Coq Frit

Le Coq Frit 1
Le Coq Frit 2

Le Coq Frit, a start-up restaurant that has been making waves in the city's food scene since its grand opening in the summer of 2021. Combining years of culinary expertise with an unyielding passion for crafting the perfect fried chicken.

Le Coq Frit 3
Le Coq Frit 4

As you step inside, you'll be greeted by a modern, inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements the culinary delights that await. The restaurant prides itself on taking classic fried chicken recipes and infusing them with a fresh West Coast flair, elevating the dish to a whole new level.

With the tantalizing aroma that fills the air to the crispy, golden brown exterior of each perfectly cooked piece, it's clear that Le Coq Frit is serious about delivering the best fried chicken experience in Vancouver.

Location: Le Coq Frit - Google Maps

2. Downlow Chicken Shack

Downlow Chicken 1
Downlow Chicken 2

Downlow Chicken Shack - This unassuming counter-serve eatery has captured the hearts and stomachs of fried chicken aficionados with its mouthwatering Nashville hot chicken and creative sandwiches.

Downlow Chicken 3
Downlow Chicken 4

With an array of escalating spice levels to choose from, the restaurant caters to a wide range of palates. For those who dare, try the fiery Nashville hot chicken, available by the piece or served up in one of their deliciously inventive sandwiches.

If you're feeling adventurous, don't miss the chance to indulge in their secret menu offering: "Fries On The DL," where crispy, seasoned fries come topped with tasty, juicy chicken.

Location: Downlow Chicken Shack - Google Maps

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3. Their There

Their There chicken 1
Their There chicken 2

Their There, a cozy coffee bar beloved by locals, offers far more than just expertly crafted caffeinated beverages and freshly baked doughnuts. They also serve up a mean fried chicken sandwich that'll have you reevaluating your list of go-to spots in the city.

Their There chicken 3
Their There chicken 4

At first glance, you may not suspect that a coffee shop could hold the secret to one of Vancouver's best fried chicken sandwiches. But once you've taken your first bite of Their There's classic buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, you'll understand why this unassuming spot has garnered rave reviews from visitors.

The restaurant has built a reputation not only for its scrumptious food but also for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is known for their friendly demeanor and exceptional service, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of stellar.

Location: Their There - Google Maps

4. NeNe Chicken

NeNe Chicken 1
NeNe Chicken 2

NeNe Chicken is an absolute must-visit. As the first North American location of the renowned South Korean chain, this eatery at 1070 Kingsway brings an exciting array of authentic Korean fried chicken dishes to the city's vibrant food scene.

NeNe Chicken 3
Their There chicken 4_4pmXLvn

You'll be greeted by a tantalizing menu that boasts seven distinct varieties of fried chicken. Whether you prefer the classic Original, the delightful fusion of sweet and spicy in the Swicy, or the daring heat of the Freaking Hot, there's a flavor profile to suit every palate.

Each dish at the restaurant is expertly crafted to showcase the rich and bold flavors of Korean cuisine The restaurant's commitment to quality and authenticity has earned it a loyal following among fried chicken enthusiasts.

Location: NeNe Chicken - Google Maps

5. Chicken World

Chicken World 1
Chicken World 2

When it comes to fried chicken, Chicken World proves that sometimes, simplicity is key. This low-key eatery, known for its hearty burgers and delectable fried chicken, offers a no-frills dining experience that keeps the focus squarely on the food.

Chicken World 3
Chicken World 4

As you step inside, you'll find an inviting and relaxed environment that's perfect for indulging in some of the best fried chicken Vancouver has to offer. Each piece of chicken is expertly prepared to ensure a crisp, golden crust and tender, juicy interior that will have you coming back for more.

In addition to its mouthwatering fried chicken, the restaurant also boasts a selection of scrumptious burgers and delectable desserts to round out your meal. Each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail, reflecting the restaurant's passion for creating satisfying comfort food that appeals to all.

Location: Chicken World - Google Maps

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6. L.A. Chicken

la chicken vancouver 1
la chicken vancouver 2

This modest fast-food joint has earned a well-deserved reputation among Vancouverites as one of the best fried chicken places in the area.

In L.A. Chicken, you'll find a cozy, unpretentious atmosphere that's perfect for indulging in the restaurant's irresistible fried chicken creations. The spicy fried chicken, in particular, has garnered rave reviews for its perfect balance of heat and flavor.

la chicken vancouver 3
la chicken vancouver 4

In addition to their famous fried chicken, the restaurant also serves up a variety of delicious sides that perfectly complement the main event. Choose from classics like creamy mashed potatoes and refreshing coleslaw to create a well-rounded meal that will satisfy even the most discerning of fried chicken enthusiasts.

Location: L.A. Chicken - Google Maps

7. Frying Pan on Denman

thefryingpan 1
thefryingpan 2

Frying Pan on Denman, a hotspot in Vancouver renowned for its unique fusion of Nashville and Korean-style hot chicken sandwiches.

thefryingpan 3
thefryingpan 4

They offer patrons a deliciously inventive menu that brings together the best of both worlds. Each dish is expertly crafted to showcase the rich, bold flavors of Korean cuisine alongside the heat and intensity of Nashville-style hot chicken.

So when you're in the mood for a fried chicken experience that defies convention, make your way to Frying Pan on Denman.

Location: Frying Pan on Denman - Google Maps

8. Chewie's Chicken & Biscuits

Chewies Chicken 3
Chewies Chicken 4

This fantastic family-owned restaurant, located in downtown Vancouver, offers patrons a warm and welcoming atmosphere, complete with a quirky Star Wars theme that's sure to charm fans and newcomers.

Chewies Chicken 1
Chewies Chicken 2

As you step inside Chewie's, you'll be greeted by the friendly staff, eager to guide you through their mouthwatering menu of comfort food classics. The star of the show, of course, is their fried chicken – tender, crispy, and cooked to perfection.

But the delights don't end with the chicken. Chewie's is also renowned for its heavenly biscuits, which make the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Location: Chewie's Chicken & Biscuits - Google Maps

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9. Juke Fried Chicken

Juke Fried Chicken 1
Juke Fried Chicken 2

Juke Fried Chicken is a hip kitchen and bar that serves up delectable fried chicken platters and sandwiches in a contemporary, loft-like space that exudes urban cool.

Juke Fried Chicken 3
Juke Fried Chicken 4

Juke's signature gluten-free fried chicken is the star of the show, and with good reason. Expertly prepared, crispy, and full of flavor, it's a crowd-pleaser that's sure to impress even the most discerning fried chicken connoisseurs.

In addition to their outstanding food, they offer a comfortable, inviting atmosphere that's perfect for unwinding with friends or family.

Location: Juke Fried Chicken - Google Maps

10. Church’s Texas Chicken

Churchs Texas chicken 1
Churchs Texas chicken 2

This beloved eatery is known for delivering authentic and consistent food that you can trust. Church's isn't just about fried chicken; it's about celebrating the rugged territory, the crisp satisfaction of a well-deserved meal, and the sense of community that comes from shared moments and simple pleasures.

Churchs Texas chicken 3
Churchs Texas chicken 4

You'll find more than just mouthwatering fried chicken – you'll discover an entire culinary experience. Each dish is crafted with care, honoring time-honored recipes and techniques to bring you the most delicious, authentic tastes possible.

Location: Church’s Fried Chicken - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

There you have it, folks – our comprehensive guide to the top 10 fried chicken spots in Vancouver. From crispy, juicy, and delicious bites at Le Coq Frit to the mouthwatering gluten-free offerings at Juke Fried Chicken, Vancouver has a wealth of fried chicken restaurants that cater to every taste and preference.

Whether you're in the mood for a fiery Nashville-style sandwich, a taste of authentic Southern cooking, or a unique Korean-inspired twist, this city has you covered.

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