Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: The 10 Best Cheesecakes in Vancouver

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Apr 8, 2023

Cheesecake lovers, rejoice! If you're on the hunt for the best cheesecake in Vancouver, you've come to the right place. Vancouver is a city that loves its desserts, and there's no shortage of bakeries, cafes, and patisseries serving up deliciously creamy, decadent cheesecakes.

Whether you're a fan of classic New York-style cheesecake or looking to indulge in more exotic flavors like matcha or blueberry white chocolate, there's a cheesecake out there for everyone. In this article, we'll guide you through 10 of the best cheesecakes in Vancouver, from cozy cafes to artisanal bakeries and beyond.

1. Small Victory Bakery

Small Victory Bakery 1
Small Victory Bakery 2

Small Victory Bakery is high-end coffee shop is known for its bright, contemporary digs and an impressive array of artisanal pastries, breads, and sandwiches. With a keen focus on quality and a passion for delicious creations.

Small Victory Bakery 3
Small Victory Bakery 4

As you step into this super trendy and aesthetically pleasing cafe, you'll be greeted by the delightful aroma of fresh-baked bread and fantastic coffee. The welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for an enjoyable cheesecake journey.

Among the many treats available at Small Victory Bakery, their cheesecake offerings stand out as some of the best in Vancouver. The perfect accompaniment to a cup of their expertly brewed coffee, these cheesecakes are both delicious and visually stunning.

2. Trees Organic Coffee & Cheesecake

Trees cheesecake 1
Trees cheesecake 2

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Vancouver, Trees Organic Coffee & Cheesecake is a local chain outpost that has earned a reputation for its commitment to roasting fair-trade beans and serving scrumptious cheesecakes.

Over the years, Trees has evolved into a popular destination for cheesecake lovers, thanks to its special recipe that takes inspiration from the traditional New York cheesecake. Customers can't get enough of the creamy texture and the enticing variety of flavours available each day.

Trees cheesecake 3
Trees cheesecake 4

But that's not all Trees has to offer. Alongside their top cheesecake selection, the café serves up delicious light bites that have garnered rave reviews from customers. The mouthwatering burritos, for example, come highly recommended and are a perfect accompaniment to your cheesecake indulgence.

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3. Cheesecake, Etc

Cheesecake Etc 1
Cheesecake Etc 2

Craving a late-night cheesecake fix? Cheesecake Etc has got you covered. This popular dessert spot offers patrons the unique opportunity to customize their cheesecake experience by choosing their cake, sauce, and toppings.

You'll be greeted by a dimly lit, intimate atmosphere that sets the stage for a truly memorable dessert experience. This specialty coffee and dessert destination is unlike any other in Vancouver.

Cheesecake Etc 3
Cheesecake Etc 4

One of the must-try cheesecakes at Cheesecake Etc is the original cheesecake with strawberries and mocha sauce. This rich, decadent treat is not only delicious but also generously portioned, making it perfect for sharing with friends.

Location: Cheesecake Etc - Google Maps

4. Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu cheesecake 1
Uncle Tetsu cheesecake 2

Uncle Tetsu, a famous Japanese cheesecake brand. This popular spot offers a unique take on cheesecake, showcasing the soft and fluffy Japanese Cheesecake that has taken the world by storm.

Uncle Tetsu cheesecake 3
Uncle Tetsu cheesecake 4

At the restaurant, you'll discover a new world of cheesecake possibilities, as they present an exquisite blend of Japanese techniques and flavors. Their Japanese-style cheesecake is unlike any you've tasted before – incredibly fluffy, light, and airy, yet still rich in flavor.

The charming atmosphere and friendly service at the restaurant only add to the overall experience, making it an irresistible destination

Location: Uncle Tetsu - Google Maps

5. Bake49

Bake49 cheesecake 1
Bake49 cheesecake 2

Bake49 is a fantastic little hole-in-the-wall bakery that has captured the hearts of cheesecake and pastry lovers in Vancouver. Also known for their delicious cheese tarts and welcoming atmosphere.

Bake49 cheesecake 3
Bake49 cheesecake 4

As you enter, you'll be greeted by friendly and attentive staff, who are dedicated to making your experience a memorable one. One of the highlights at Bake49 is their exquisite cheesecakes, which boast a delightful melt-in-your-mouth texture.

In addition to their tasty cheesecakes, they are also celebrated for their amazing butter croissants. Flaky, fluffy, and buttery, these croissants are the epitome of perfection. The bakery's cream puffs are another must-try.

Location: Bake49 - Google Maps

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6. Castella Cheesecake

castella cheesecake 1
castella cheesecake 2

Castella Cheesecake, is a Japanese-style bakery that quickly gained a reputation for bringing the authentic taste of light Japanese desserts to Vancouver.

One of the standout offerings is their special Basque "Burnt" Cheesecake, which has garnered rave reviews from patrons. A unique contrast to the classic New York-style cheesecake, this burnt version is extra rich, featuring a distinct burnt exterior and a smooth, creamy interior.

castella cheesecake 3
castella cheesecake 4

A key factor in the restaurant's success is its commitment to using the same tools and methods found in home baking. As a result, every Castella Cheesecake is handcrafted by a team of expert pastry chefs.

  • Location: Castella Cheesecake | Robson St - Google Maps
  • Location: Castella Cheesecake | Denman St - Google Maps
  • Location: Castella Cheesecake | Kingsway - Google Maps

7. True Confections

true confessions 1
true confessions 2

True Confections is a must-visit destination for cheesecake enthusiasts in Vancouver, boasting a vast selection of made-in-house desserts, specialty coffees, and teas. Whether you're planning to dine in or take out, this delightful spot offers a wide range of delicious options that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

true confessions 3
true confessions 4

As you step into the restaurant, you'll be greeted by an array of scrumptious offerings that are both visually appealing and delectable. One of the standout options is the 5" Oreo cheesecake, which has garnered high reviews for its creamy, velvety texture and rich chocolate ganache topping.

While the restaurant has certainly established itself as a go-to destination for classic cheesecake flavors, some patrons have expressed a desire for more experimental options. As the bakery continues to hone its craft.

8. Charisma Cafe & Dessert House

Charisma cheesecake 1
Charisma cheesecake 2

If you're in search of gourmet cheesecake in Vancouver, look no further than Charisma Cafe & Dessert House. This casual, contemporary locale not only offers an incredible selection of cheesecakes but also serves bubble tea, espresso, and delicious lunch options.

Charisma cheesecake 3
Charisma cheesecake 4

Praised as having one of the best cheesecakes in the city, the owners' dedication to quality and creativity is evident in every bite, making each visit a delightful experience.

Beyond the exquisite cheesecakes, Charisma Cafe also surprises patrons with the quality of its lunch options. Fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented.

Location: Charisma Cafe - Google Maps

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9. Oh Sweet Day! Bake Shop

Oh Sweet cheesecake 1
Oh Sweet cheesecake 2

Oh Sweet Day! Bake Shop - popular bakery is known for its signature cheesecake, shortbread cookies, and modern buttercream cakes, all crafted with exceptional attention to detail and an emphasis on quality ingredients.

Oh Sweet cheesecake 3
Oh Sweet cheesecake 4

Also customers speak about the restaurant's shortbread cookies, which are decadent without being overly sweet. The oatmeal cookies with cream cheese icing and the chocolate chunk cookies with cranberries and pecans are particular favorites.

But the star of the show is, of course, the cheesecake. Lauded as one of the best cheesecakes ever, this indulgent dessert is sure to impress even the most discerning cheesecake aficionados.

Location: Oh Sweet Day! Bake Shop - Google Maps

10. Whole Foods

While Whole Foods may be best known for its eco-friendly grocery items and organic products, it's also a fantastic destination for cheesecake lovers in Vancouver. The store offers a wide selection of cheesecakes, with something to satisfy every palate.

cheesecake wholefoods

There, you can expect to find high-quality, natural, and organic ingredients in all their cheesecake offerings. This commitment to quality not only makes for a delicious cheesecake but also provides a more health-conscious option.

cheesecake wholefoods 2

One of the best things about Whole Foods' cheesecake selection is the variety. You'll find classic flavors, such as New York-style and chocolate swirl, as well as more unique and creative options like key lime or seasonal fruit-topped cheesecakes. This wide array of choices ensures that there's something for everyone.

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