Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: The Best Donut Shops in Vancouver

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Feb 15, 2023

Donuts have been a staple of the dessert scene for years and Vancouver is no exception to this sweet trend.

From classic glazed donuts to more creative flavors and toppings, the city is home to some of the best donut shops around. Whether you're a die-hard donut fan or simply looking to treat yourself, these top shops have everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the best donut shops in Vancouver and what makes them stand out from the rest. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to discover the sweetest treats in town!

1. Lucky’s Donhuts

Lucky's Doughnuts is a must-visit for anyone in search of the best donuts in Vancouver. This well-known brand from 49th Parallel is renowned for its handmade, artisanal donuts that are made from scratch daily. The shop offers a variety of modern classics, including old-fashioned and yeast-based donuts, as well as more inventive flavors that are sure to impress.

lucky doughnuts 1
lucky doughnuts 2

One of the standout options at Lucky's Doughnuts is their PB&J donut. Made with perfection, this donut is a classic choice that will never disappoint. Another must-try flavor is their sourdough donut, which is made with a unique sourdough recipe that sets it apart from other donut shops.

In addition to their delicious donuts, Lucky's Doughnuts also offers a variety of hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, to pair with your treats.

2. Mello

Mello is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for handcrafted, delicious donuts. Located on 223 E Pender Street in Chinatown, this bright and cheerful shop offers a range of traditional and brioche donuts in a variety of creative flavors. From Dark Chocolate Pudding to Lemon Curd, Cereal Milk Cream, and Nutella, there's something for every sweet tooth at Mello.

mello doughnuts 1
mello doughnuts 2

Their brioche donuts are especially popular, known for their rich, fluffy texture and creamy goodness. Flavors like Lemon Curd, Tiramisu, Strawberry and Cream, and Matcha are especially recommended, offering a delicious blend of sweet and creamy flavors.

Visiting Mello is an experience in and of itself, with its yellow decor and cheerful atmosphere providing an instant mood boost. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat or simply want to brighten your day, Mello is the perfect place to go.

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3. Nukid

For those looking for a unique and creative take on donuts, Nukid on Robson Street is a must-visit destination. This new concept bakery specializes in Korean-inspired baked goods, led by professional chefs and patissiers who graduated from culinary schools and have experience in famous Korean bakeries.

nukid doughnuts 1
nukid doughnuts 2

Visitors will be impressed by the diverse and delicious offerings at Nukid, with a menu that's designed to bring globally-inspired flavors and fresh perspectives to the dessert world. The cute cafe is sure to delight, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere and an amazing assortment of choices for dessert.

One of the standout features of Nukid's donuts is their light and airy texture. They offer a satisfying sweetness that won't overdo it, allowing you to indulge in your dessert without overloading your system with sweetness. Additionally, their coffee machine uses top-grade coffee beans and organic medium roasting, so you know you're getting a delicious cup of coffee.

4. Lee’s Donuts

Operating in the Granville Island Public Market, Lee’s Donuts has become one of the most well-known establishments in the Vancouver donut scene. Since 1979 they been serving classic donuts like Honey Dip, Apple filled, Lemon custard and even specialities like their Dutch Chocolate donuts.

Lee's has become a must-visit spot for tourists, locals, and even celebrities, with its recent collaborative efforts with nearby and local businesses further solidifying its status as a Vancouver icon.

lees_doughnuts 1
lees_doughnuts 2

Filled with perfection, you'll love the Chocolate Bavarian, Raspberry Jelly, Blueberry, and Lemon Filled donuts. For a dusting of sweetness, try their Powdered or Cinnamon dusted donuts, or go for a classic glazed variety. In addition to their classic offerings, Lee's also offers rotating seasonal flavors for those looking for something new.

Prices for their donuts are very affordable, with a single donut priced at $2.50, 6 donuts for $13.75, and 12 donuts for $25.50. Gift cards are also available for purchase in-store, making Lee's the perfect choice for a sweet treat or a thoughtful gift.

5. Their There

Situated on 4th Ave in KitsilanoTheir There is a stylish and fun coffee and pastry shop that draws a crowd with its unique offerings.

their there doughnuts 1_94lTNOp
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One of the main attractions at Their There are the mochi donuts, made from a special mochi-based and cruller-based dough. These soft, fluffy and irresistible treats come in a range of flavours, including Raspberry Cheesecake Mochi, Chocolate Mousse Donut, Crème Brulee, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

Their There is not just about sweet treats though. They also offer a menu of savory breakfast and lunch options, along with an array of specialty drinks to enjoy. If you're feeling adventurous, try one of their sought-after cruller-style donuts like the Blueberry Pancake or the London Fog.

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6. Honey Doughnuts

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the picturesque Deep Cove area in North Vancouver. This bakery is well-known for its delicious treats, including muffins, fruit scones, pastries, cookies, their popular donuts. The bakery offers an irresistible array of sweet and savory treats that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

honey doughnuts 1
honey doughnuts 2

The Cinnamon donut is a classic and a must-try for anyone visiting Honey Doughnuts. If you're in the mood for something a little more adventurous, you can't go wrong with the Coconut Cinnamon or the Chocoreo. If you prefer a traditional flavor, the Maple glaze and Classic Honey donut are sure to hit the spot.

Located at Gallant Ave, Honey Doughnuts is the perfect place to grab a sweet snack after a hike or while enjoying the stunning scenery of Deep Cove. 

7. Harmony Donut Shop

Harmony Donut Shop, located on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, is a hidden gem that every donut lover must try. Despite its small size, this donut shop has quickly become a go-to destination for those looking to indulge in some of the most delicious cake donuts in North Vancouver.

harmony doughnuts 1
harmony doughnuts 2

The ideal way to enjoy their donuts is by getting them freshly baked, and come in a variety of flavors with neon-colored icing and colorfull sprinkles. The donuts have a crunchy exterior with a soft with a cakey texture on the inside and are not a too sweet or greasy like some of the other donut shops around Vancouver.

With a plethora of flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone, and the donuts' vibrant colors and fun designs make them almost too pretty to eat. Stop by Harmony Donut Shop after a hike in the North Shore or on your way to grab a cup of coffee from the Starbucks next door.

8. Cartems Donuts

Cartems Donuterie is a beloved donut shop with two locations in Vancouver, one on West Pender and another on Main Street. Renowned for their friendly service and delectable treats, Cartems has made a name for itself as one of the city's top bakeries, featured on lists such as Best Birthday Cakes and Best Bakeries in the city.

cartems doughnuts 1
cartems doughnuts 2

Cartems offers a wide range of donut options, catering to dietary restrictions such as gluten-free as well as vegan, and featuring both yeast and cake donuts.  You can also try out their speciality flavors, such as the Earl Grey donut made with loose leaf tea and topped with rose petals.

To avoid disappointment, it's recommended that you order ahead, as Cartems' donuts tend to sell out quickly. Whether you have a sweet tooth or dietary restrictions, Cartems Donuterie is definitely worth checking out for their variety of delicious and creative flavors.

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