Dating in Surrey: 12 Romantic & Creative Date Ideas

Elise Fournier
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If you're searching for a memorable date, you've come to the right place. Today we bring you the best romantic and creative date ideas in Surrey. No matter the season—spring blossoms, summer sunshine, autumn leaves, or winter magic—this charming city offers endless possibilities for fun and romance.

We'll cover a mix of exciting activities like climbing and fitness challenges, the serene 1001 Steps Park, and the nostalgic thrill of visiting a bowling alley. Looking for something quirky? Try your hand at axe throwing or explore the mysterious world of an escape room.

1. Try Indoor Rock Climbing

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If you're looking to spice up your dating life in Surrey, why not try something a bit out of the ordinary? The Hive is the perfect place for an adventurous date, offering a unique and engaging indoor rock climbing experience.

Indoor rock climbing, especially bouldering, is a fun and exciting way to shake up your usual date night. Bouldering is all about tackling shorter, challenging climbs without needing ropes or harnesses, which makes it more interactive.

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You and your date can work together to figure out the best way to climb, cheering each other on through the tough spots and celebrating every little victory. The friendly and supportive vibe at climbing gyms really helps you connect and communicate, making it a great spot for a memorable date.

The Hive offers everything from introductory bouldering courses to advanced climbing techniques. If you're both new to the sport, you can take an introductory course together. It's a fun and collaborative way to learn something new!

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What really sets The Hive apart is its strong sense of community. They regularly host events and workshops, providing plenty of opportunities to meet new people and deepen your climbing knowledge.

Plus, the integration of the KAYA app lets you track your climbs and participate in challenges, adding a fun, competitive element if you're both up for it.

2. Visit 1001 Steps Park

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If you and your date are nature lovers or simply looking for a peaceful escape, a visit to 1001 Steps Park in South Surrey is a must. This park beautifully blends exercise, nature, and lovely views into one unforgettable visit.

And guess what? Although its name might suggest a daunting climb, it doesn’t really have 1001 steps – but there's still enough to get your heart pumping!

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Start your journey at the top of the steps on the westernmost point of 15A Avenue, just off 126A Street. As you descend about 40 meters, you’ll be treated to some breathtaking views of the ocean. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a few harbour seals frolicking along the shoreline. Isn’t that just the perfect backdrop for a romantic day out?

The park’s 0.6-kilometer out-and-back trail is an easy and enjoyable route. It’s quite popular for birdwatching, running, and casual walks. Even with its popularity, there are plenty of quieter times when you and your date can savor some peaceful moments together. 

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One of the highlights of the walk includes an underpass that leads directly to the beach, allowing you to relax by the ocean’s edge.

This scenic spot in Surrey, has become a cherished destination for couples to symbolize their love. Over the years, countless couples have marked their visits by attaching locks to the railings, each lock representing a unique story of love and commitment.

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3. Go Bowling with Your Date

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If you're looking to amp up your date night fun, why not head to Sandcastle Bowl Bar & Grill for a night of bowling? Located in South Surrey and beloved by locals since 1997, this lively spot is perfect for anyone wanting to create great memories with that special someone.

 With its 20 well-maintained lanes and a welcoming atmosphere, you're sure to find something to enjoy together.

To keep things exciting, they offer fun weekly specials like Toonie Tuesdays, Striking Sundays, and the popular Late Nite Nitro Bowl. Scoring strikes together and earning those bragging rights is all part of the fun!

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Speaking of excitement, don't miss the cosmic bowling nights, held every Friday and Saturday. Under neon lights with upbeat music playing, the lanes glow and your attire comes to life.

Cosmic bowling adds a whole new layer of fun to your date. Just think of how cool it’ll be to bowl in an illuminated, almost otherworldly setting!

And after knocking down all those pins, you're bound to work up an appetite. Luckily, Sandcastle Bowl Bar & Grill has a menu that features homemade food and an excellent choice of craft brews. 

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Finally, want to keep the fun going? Sign up for the Open Lane app to earn rewards every time you bowl, redeemable for future fun nights out. Plus, if you're looking for a cool gift, consider picking up a Sandcastle Lanes gift card or some trendy merchandise, like hoodies or hats, to remember your special date.

4. Have Fun at a Mini-Golf Course

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One of the most delightful spots for a date in Surrey has got to be the mini-golf course at Art Knapp Surrey. Located within the expansive locale, this quirky and beautiful adventure offers a unique mix of charm and challenge, ready to welcome visitors of all ages.

As you're putting through perennials or navigating between trees and herb patches, the green Garden Spot creates a beautiful and serene backdrop, perfect for some friendly competition.

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Engaging in a spirited game of mini-golf here typically takes about an hour, giving you and your partner plenty of time to chat, laugh, and have fun together.

The beautiful course and relaxed pace are perfect for couples looking to spend quality time without the rush. This makes it an ideal choice for a brief visit or as part of a more extended, leisurely afternoon.

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As a bonus, Art Knapp Surrey is also well-known for its impressive shopping opportunities. Their Garden Centre features a vast selection of plants, trees, and shrubs to meet every gardening need. Seasonal home décor, unique giftware, and specialized garden supplies are all part of the mix, providing inspiration for green thumbs and decorators too.

5. Taste Local Brews

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Looking for a date idea that's packed with flavor and fun? Head over to the Russell Brewing Tasting Room, where beer lovers and foodies can enjoy a memorable experience filled with craft beers and tasty tacos.

The moment you step into the tasting room, you’re greeted by an inviting space that feels like a cozy hangout. If you’re a beer newbie or an expert, this spot offers a welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for winding down after work or celebrating a special occasion.

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Russell Brewing takes it up a notch with engaging events that enhance any date night. Enjoy doubles or singles during a fun Crib Night or swirl your glass with newfound appreciation at their special beer tasting events.

And you can’t miss their Happy Hours, Monday through Friday, from 2-5 PM—who doesn’t love specials on delicious drinks and mouthwatering tacos?

Stellar as the events are, wait until you try their lineup of craft beers. Their 16 taps pour out a remarkable array of flavors to suit every palate. From the refreshingly crisp Craft Lager and subtly sweet Honey Lager, to the fragrant punch of their Hazy IPA 2.5 and rich depths of the Oatmeal Stout, the selection seems endless. 

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Your delicious adventure doesn’t stop with the beer. Their taco offerings are a feast for your senses. Try the Taco Duo with options like grilled chorizo and braised pork shoulder. Fancy some cheesy goodness? Their Quesadilla features Mexican chorizo and roasted peppers that kick up the flavor.

All of this makes the Russell Brewing Tasting Room not just a place to sip a drink but a true hub of social connection and culinary discovery

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6. Challenge Yourselves at an Escape Room

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If you and your special someone are looking to add a little adventure and brain power to your date night, then consider EXIT Surrey. This premier destination promises an exciting Escape Room experience unlike any other in Surrey.

Since its grand opening, it has been a go-to spot for those seeking to outsmart mind-bending puzzles in fantastically immersive settings. Step into EXIT Surrey, and you’ll find yourself transported into captivating universes filled with thrilling challenges waiting to be conquered.

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What really sets EXIT Surrey apart is its variety of escape rooms, each one offering a totally unique experience.

Whatever your mood, be it exploring an Antique Museum haunted by an Unsettled Spirit or fancying yourself as an "Agent 007 in Training," there's genuinely a mix of experiences to choose from.

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One of the coolest features of EXIT Surrey is their commitment to private room experiences.

This means that you and your partner can have your very own escape adventure without any other groups around to distract you. 

7. Paint Pottery Together in Surrey

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Looking for a fun and unique dating idea in Surrey? How about spending an afternoon at Create-It Emporium and unleashing your creativity together?

This charming studio offers a "Paint Your Own Pottery" experience that's perfect for couples who enjoy trying new things and expressing their artistic side.

The best part is that you don't need an appointment, just walk in during their regular hours and immerse yourself in a world of colors and creativity.

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The process is super simple and fully inclusive. You get to choose from a huge variety of bisque-ware items, anything from mugs to garden decor or even cute holiday decorations.

The price you pay covers everything you need: all the paints, glaze, and kiln finishing. Most creations take around two hours to complete, making it just the right amount of time for a quirky and fun date.

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8. Challenge Yourself at Gobo VR Arcade

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If you're looking to impress your date with a thrilling twist, you should challenge yourselves at Gobo VR Arcade & Escape Room

First off, there’s the option of VR Booths. You can battle dragons, solve mysteries, or even try out a futuristic sport, all within the same evening.

The best part is, you can have up to nine players at once, so it’s perfect if you’re thinking of a double (or triple) date. And with over 45 different games to choose from, you'll never run out of fun activities to try.

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If you're feeling particularly adventurous, head straight to the VR Arena. This unique area lets up to four players walk wire-free, holding high-tech VR guns. Choose from sessions that last 15, 30, or even 60 minutes, diving into story-based experiences with various difficulty levels. 

For those who love a good puzzle, the VR Escape Rooms are a must-try. Up to five players can work together to tackle six different escape room games.

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Adding to the fun, the place also has a stylish party room with a kitchen area—ideal for special celebrations or just unwinding after an action-packed session.

The party room offers you the flexibility to bring your own food and personalize the space however you like, making it perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.

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9. Pick Your Own Berries

couple picking strawberries NIszxXfA

Walking through fields of rich reds, blues, and red berries—the U-Pick Berry Fields at Surrey Farms offers this delightful experience.

Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, the U-Pick Berry Fields don’t charge an entrance fee. 

Instead, they section off areas based on berry availability, giving visitors the cream of the crop for their picking pleasure. Talk about getting the freshest berries directly from the source!

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Depending on the season and weather conditions, you might find strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries ripe for the picking. These fields rotate the areas for each berry type to maintain excellent picking conditions. It’s genius!

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berry SfzZ8hZV

Your containers are weighed pre- and post-picking to ensure fair pricing. So, don’t nibble before you pay! And heads up, pets aren’t allowed due to food safety regulations, but certified service dogs are welcomed with open arms.

Surrey Farms is proud of their fresh, local produce—which goes straight from the field to your kitchen. It’s a wonderful summer date idea!

10. Sharpen Your Skills with Axe Throwing

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Ready to unleash your inner warrior? Bad Axe Throwing in Surrey offers an unforgettable and incredibly fun date idea that's perfect for those looking to mix things up a bit!

One of the coolest things about this place is that it's open to everyone. No matter your age, you can give it a go! There are even coaches on hand to guide you, so there's no need to worry if it's your first time.

axe WcoJKq4r
axe Nl8stwRJ

Axe throwing isn’t the only game in town. You can also try your hand at knife throwing or go even bigger with "fireman axes" for an added thrill. As pioneers in the axe-throwing world, Bad Axe Throwing has made it a global sensation, making it a must-try experience.

For those who really get hooked, you can even join an 8-week axe throwing league! You don’t need any prior experience, and who knows? You could end up competing for the World Championship!

 But if you’re looking for something more casual, walk-in hours mean you can drop by anytime for a spontaneous date night.

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axe SkazaiC9

There are lots of special offers too. Walk in with your student ID or military card for a discount, or enjoy free entry on your birthday. They even have hassle-free pricing for those spur-of-the-moment plans.

Want to make it a bit more special? Book a 1.5-hour session with private lanes and a friendly coach to make sure you both have an incredible time. If you're organizing a larger multiple-date event, there are specially crafted team-building sessions with games and tournaments just for you.

11. Play Ninja Tag in Surrey

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Combining the excitement of American Ninja Warrior with the hilarity of Wipeout is what you get at Canada's only Ninja Tag Arena right here in Surrey! This 5500 square foot, multi-level arena is a true playground for those looking for a fun and unique date idea.

With its futuristic lighting and energetic music, it sets the stage for some intense and thrilling 10-minute games.

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ninja Cft81zAh

One of the coolest aspects of the Ninja Tag Arena is its versatility. Be it taking your special someone, planning a fun birthday party, or a team-building event, this place offers a wonderful blend of teamwork, competition, and pure joy. Trust us, after playing here, you'll leave with plenty of exciting stories to share!

The arena's high-tech software doesn't just record individual scores; it also features a team mode. This mode allows even uneven teams to compete fairly by calculating a weighted average of all members' scores. This means everyone can participate and have fun, regardless of skill level.

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ninja hbYGJm5R

Flexible pricing and packages are available, including single games, 3-game packs, and special event packages. These come inclusive of essentials like RFID wristbands and grip socks. You can even add food and access to private rooms if you're celebrating something special.

Safety here is top-notch, with the arena maintaining a 4ft (48 inches) minimum height requirement. This means every participant can safely enjoy the experience to the fullest, making it a perfect option for a worry-free date.

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12. Date Night at the Indoor Amusement Center

indoor ZcSMmlh9

Ready to turn up the fun factor on your date night? Head over to Central City Fun Park's Indoor Amusement Center for an evening packed with excitement and adventure!

First things first, let's talk about the arcade. Envision stepping into an animated world where classic meets modern. From traditional carnival-style games to the latest in gaming technology, there's no shortage of entertainment.

 You and your date can put your skills to the test, collect tickets and even trade them in for cool prizes later at the prize counter. It’s like stepping into a time machine but way more fun!

indoor 1YkkXxWb
indoor 9TiaYnBo

If skating's your thing, then lace up those skates and glide across their spacious roller skating rink. No matter what type of skates you prefer, the experience is bound to be a blast. Skating side by side, sharing laughs and maybe even a few spills—because hey, it’s all part of the fun!

Feeling competitive? Grab a putter and step into a mini-golf adventure. Their 9-hole course is packed with challenging obstacles and tricky terrain. 

But wait, it gets even better! Jump into the future—quite literally—with an immersive VR experience at Hologate VR. This isn’t just gaming; it’s like stepping into a new reality with high-tech virtual reality games.

indoor oiDIBMvS
indoor bMemQHw1

And once you've conquered all the attractions, don’t forget to head over to the prize counter. Those tickets you’ve collected? Time to trade them in for mementos that say, "we had a blast!"

Oh, and if you’re planning something extra special like a birthday or even a private gathering, Central City Fun Park has party tables and private rooms to make your celebration memorable. You can even opt to reserve the whole facility for a beautiful night with your partner.

To Sum It All Up

So in a nutshell, Surrey offers a range of romantic and creative date ideas that appeal to different tastes and interests. From feeling the thrill of climbing and fitness, to enjoying a walk in a park there are activities for all.

Testing your skills at a bowling alley or mini-golf course are casual and fun, while a beer tasting room or paint your own pottery session offers more relaxed yet engaging experiences.

So! For more ideas and events, be sure to visit ActiviFinder Surrey. There's always something new and exciting to discover in Surrey!

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