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1001 Steps Park
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Nature Walks
Scenic trails
Stair Workout
Many steps
Ocean Views
Breathtaking scenery
Wildlife Spotting
Harbour seals
Beach Access
Via underpass
Pet Friendly
Leash required


Enjoy the waterfront views and natural areas on the way down to the trails at 1001 Steps Park. Nestled in South Surrey, British Columbia, this park offers a perfect blend of exercise, nature, and scenic beauty.

Location and Access

Although the name suggests an overwhelming number of steps, there aren't quite 1001 — but there are certainly enough to give you a good workout. Begin your journey at the top of the steps on the westernmost point of 15A Avenue, just off 126A Street. The steps descend about 40 meters to a pathway that runs parallel to the Burlington North rail line.

 As you make your way down, be prepared for breathtaking ocean views. This descent offers ample opportunities to spot harbour seals and other wildlife along the shoreline. Approximately 200 meters along the trail, an underpass provides convenient access to the beach, where you can relax and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Trails and Activities

The park features a 0.6-kilometer out-and-back trail that is popular among locals and visitors alike. Considered an easy route, it's perfect for birdwatching, running, and leisurely walks. Despite its popularity, the trail allows for moments of tranquility, especially during quieter times of the day. Whether you're accompanied by a furry friend on a leash or exploring with children, the park welcomes all to enjoy its natural splendor year-round.

Natural Beauty and Amenities

 With its partially paved paths and sections winding through the forest, 1001 Steps Park offers a diverse landscape where visitors can admire wildflowers, observe local wildlife, and experience the serenity of the beachfront. Whether you're seeking a quick workout, a peaceful stroll, or a place to reconnect with nature, the park's accessibility and natural beauty make it a beloved destination in Surrey.

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City of Surrey
City of Surrey
12500, 15A Avenue
Surrey, V4A 1L5
City of Surrey
City of Surrey
12500, 15A Avenue
Surrey, V4A 1L5
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12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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