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Surrey Farms offers a delightful U-Pick Berry Fields experience, inviting visitors to enjoy the freshest berries directly from the fields. This engaging activity is perfect for families, providing an opportunity to connect with their food and understand the full circle of the food chain process.

U-Pick Berry Fields 

The U-Pick Berry Fields at Surrey Farms offer a unique opportunity to harvest fresh berries directly from the source. Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, these fields are a fantastic way to enjoy nature while gathering delicious, farm-fresh fruit. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead to confirm availability, as the U-Pick fields are subject to field conditions and supply.

Surrey Farms distinguishes itself by not charging an entrance fee and not designating specific rows for picking. Instead, they section off areas based on berry availability, ensuring that visitors have access to the best picking spots.

Berry Picking Seasons

The U-Pick fields feature strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries during their respective seasons, which depend on weather conditions and supply. Multiple fields are available for each type of berry, and the U-pick areas are rotated to ensure optimal picking conditions.

Guidelines for a Great Experience

  • Hand Washing: Hand washing stations and/or hand sanitizing stations are provided. Visitors are asked to wash their hands before entering the U-pick field and after.
  • Social Distancing: Maintain a two-meter distance from staff and other customers at all times.
  • Preparation: Dress appropriately for the weather, as there is little shade in the fields. Remember to bring water, hats, and sunscreen.
  • Weighing Containers: Containers are weighed before you head out to the U-Pick field. After picking, the weight of the containers will be subtracted from your total.
  • Berry Purchasing: Berries should be purchased before eating. Once weighed, visitors are free to enjoy their freshly picked berries.
  • Berry Size: Keep in mind that berry size does not determine taste. Smaller berries can be just as delicious as larger ones.
  • Pets: In compliance with Canada GAP regulations and Food Safe regulations, no animals are permitted on the farm, with the exception of certified service dogs.

Picked Fresh Daily from Their Fields

Surrey Farms prides itself on offering farm-fresh local fruits and vegetables, along with seasonal Okanagan fruit. Hand-picked berries go straight from the field to the home, ensuring the freshest produce possible. Picking berries directly from the fields exposes children to the entire food chain, fostering a deeper connection with their food.

Washing and Freezing Tips for Berries

Only wash berries when ready to use them. Sort through to remove stems, unripe berries, or damaged ones. Process or freeze berries the same day they are picked for the best flavor and quality. Avoid soaking berries in water. Lightly rinse, drain in a colander, and let them dry on paper towels.

To freeze berries, spread them on a cookie sheet after cleaning and drying. Place the sheets in the freezer, then transfer the frozen berries to plastic freezer bags or rigid containers. Mark with the date and return to the freezer for later enjoyment.

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Surrey Farms
Surrey Farms
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Surrey Farms
Surrey Farms
5180 152 St
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