Escape into Fun: Discover 9 Best Escape Rooms Near Vancouver

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Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide for adventure enthusiasts and puzzle solvers in Vancouver! If you're seeking an adrenaline-pumping experience that challenges your wits and teamwork skills, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we will unravel the mysteries of Vancouver's best escape rooms, providing you with an insider's perspective on the city's most thrilling and immersive attractions. Prepare to be captivated by the ingenious puzzles, intricate storylines, and immersive environments that these escape rooms offer.

We'll take you on a journey through the city, showcasing a curated selection of escape rooms that cater to various themes, difficulty levels, and group sizes. From mind-bending challenges to heart-racing adventures, our guide will help you navigate the diverse world of escape rooms, ensuring you find the perfect experience tailored to your preferences. So, buckle up, sharpen your senses, and get ready to dive into the exhilarating world of Vancouver's best escape rooms

1. Exit Canada

Exit_Canada_ _1

Have you ever fancied stepping right into the heart of a nail-biting adventure? Well, Vancouverites and visitors alike, let me lead you into the exhilarating world of Exit Canada, a trailblazer in the realm of escape rooms that's been spicing up the gaming scene for a decade.

With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of mystery, Exit Canada has crafted over 30 diverse themed rooms, promising a buffet of brain-teasers and pulse-racing escapades.

Exit_Canada_ _2
Exit_Canada_ _3

Imagine this: The winds howl outside as you're cozied up in a cabin, but wait—it's not just any blustery night. An 'Avalanche' is on the brink, and it's a race against time to unravel the enigma that stands between you and your path to safety.

Each clue you decode brings you closer to the fresh air outside the snow-laden traps. The sense of accomplishment when you beat the clock? Unparalleled.

Exit_Canada_ _4
Exit_Canada_ _5

Or perhaps you're more into the high-energy buzz of pixelated challenges. 'Arcade Frenzy' isn't your average joystick jubilee—it's a virtual reality escapade where you're the main character, and the stakes are all too real. Trapped in an arcade game, you'll need to outsmart the game master by connecting the dots and cracking codes that would stump even the most seasoned of gamers.

Each room at Exit Canada is a story waiting to be unfolded, with players as the protagonists navigating through 45 minutes of twists and turns. It’s not just a game; it's a full-on experience that morphs into a talking point for days. The themes are as dynamic as they come, with a regular refresh to keep even the most ardent escape room aficionados coming back for more. And for those looking to celebrate a special occasion with a twist, their full facility rentals offer a quirky, memorable way to mark those milestones.

Location: Exit Canada - Google Maps

2. Time Escape Richmond

Time_Escape_Richmond_ _1

In the heart of Richmond, a stone's throw from Vancouver, Time Escape offers a riveting twist on traditional gaming that's bound to captivate your senses and test your sleuthing skills.

This is not your garden-variety game night; it's an immersive journey that engages the mind and promotes teamwork with a dash of Hollywood adventure.

Time_Escape_Richmond_ _2
Time_Escape_Richmond_ _3

Stepping into Time Escape is like walking onto the set of a thrilling quest movie. You won't find yourself merely 'locked' in a room—this is an intricate dance of puzzles and clues that challenge your collective wit and encourage communication at every turn.

The games here are designed to sharpen not just your eye-hand coordination, but also your ability to think creatively under pressure. Imagine the electrifying rush of uncovering hidden treasures or deciphering ancient prophecies with your very own team of intrepid explorers.

Time_Escape_Richmond_ _4

And the best part? You're encouraged to bring your friends, your family, or your coworkers to join in. There's nothing quite like the collective triumph of escaping a room through shared brainpower and bursts of eureka moments.

Time Escape is not just a test of individual skill but a celebration of collaborative genius.

Location: Time Escape Richmond - Google Maps

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3. Trapped Coquitlam

Trapped_Coquitlam_ _1
Trapped_Coquitlam_ _2

If you're chasing a thrilling departure from the humdrum of everyday life, Trapped Coquitlam is your ticket to an adventure that's as gripping as it is mind-bending.

Nestled within the vibrant Coquitlam area, a hop away from Vancouver, this escape room venue has rapidly become the talk of the town, setting pulses racing with its ingenious blend of challenges tailored to various skill levels.

Trapped_Coquitlam_ _3

From the moment you step through the doors of Trapped, you’re whisked away into a different reality—one where your cunning is key, and every solved puzzle is a triumphant step closer to liberation.

Whether you're a rookie to the world of escape games or a savvy escape artist, the diversity of rooms ensures that there's something to stretch the mental muscles of every player.

Trapped_Coquitlam_ _4

Each room is a unique storyline waiting to be navigated, where success hinges not just on intellect but also on the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.

It’s this collaborative spirit that turns a visit to Trapped Coquitlam into more than just a game—it becomes a shared journey, a collective adventure that binds groups together in pursuit of a common goal: the sweet taste of triumph as you crack the code and escape reality, even if just for an hour.

Location: Trapped Coquitlam - Google Maps

4. i-Exit Vancouver

i Exit_Vancouver_ _1

Venturing into the heart of Vancouver, i-Exit presents a world of puzzle-solving delight that stretches the imagination and tests the intellect.

It's a creation born from the adventurous minds of Thomas Strem and his sister Susanna, who, after journeying through escape rooms far and wide, decided to plant their very own flag in Vancouver's entertainment landscape in 2013.

i Exit_Vancouver_ _2
i Exit_Vancouver_ _3

i-Exit isn’t just another escape room; it's a European-inspired adventure that stands out in the sea of escape games. Steering clear of the frights and shrieks of horror-themed escapades, it offers a refreshing twist with its language-neutral and intellectually stimulating experiences. Here, the stories unravel through high-quality, custom-made props and the clever use of advanced technology, ensuring an enthralling experience that feels more like a jaunt through a thrilling novel than a mere game.

With four distinct themes, i-Exit propels teams of 2-6 players through multiple intricately connected rooms, each a chapter in an unfolding mystery. The 'Lost Ship' beckons with its nautical knots of puzzles as you dart from the captain's quarters to the depths of the cargo hold. In contrast, 'The Haunted Study' casts you in a tale of spectral secrets that ripple through the dust of an old mansion's library.

i Exit_Vancouver_ _4
i Exit_Vancouver_ _5

As the clock winds down from 60 minutes, every clue deciphered feels like a victory, and every puzzle solved is a testament to teamwork and tenacity.

Whether it’s a duo or a group dynamic, choosing your team becomes part of the strategy, as a blend of diverse thinking styles turns out to be the most effective key to unlock the path to freedom.

Location: I-Exit Vancouver - Google Maps

5. Find and Seek

Find_and_Seek_ _1

As you wander through the bustling streets of downtown Vancouver and into the heart of Tinseltown Mall, you may stumble upon an adventure that's woven into the very fabric of the city: Find and Seek.

This escape room experience has quickly become a beloved treasure among Vancouverites, celebrated for its innovation and enthralling gameplay that transforms participants into central figures of an interactive thriller.

Find_and_Seek_ _2
Find_and_Seek_ _3

Upon entering Find and Seek, you're not just starting a game; you're stepping into a narrative that's been meticulously crafted with your experience in mind. It's this thoughtful design that amplifies the realism and immersion, captivating your senses and transporting you straight into the storyline.

Imagine yourself under the dim glow of stage lights in “The Mystery at the Majestic Theatre”, surrounded by the velvet-draped allure of an old theatre. Your mission: to unravel the enigma of a concealed relic. Or, if you're in the mood for a different slice of mystery, “The Curse of Madam Zita’s Curiosities” offers a time-bending trip to the vibrant 80s. Here, you’ll delve into the depths of an ordinary bazaar that harbors an extraordinary secret.

Find_and_Seek_ _4

What sets Find and Seek apart is its ability to blur the lines between game and theatre, creating a living puzzle where every participant plays a pivotal role.

It's a place where the clues are cleverly camouflaged in the narrative, challenging you to think critically and creatively as the story unfolds around you.

Location: Find And Seek - Google Maps

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6. Vancouver Mysteries Outdoor Escape Games, Portable Murder Mysteries & Virtual Games


Vancouver Mysteries takes the escape room concept and literally turns it outside in, inviting participants to turn the bustling streets of Vancouver into a colossal, open-air game board.

This experience ups the ante on traditional escape room adventures by trading confined spaces for the expanse of the city itself. If you're accustomed to the routine of indoor escape challenges, here's where the game changes.


Once you've booked your game online, the city becomes your playground. The instructions lead you across approximately 2 kilometers of urban terrain, where landmarks morph into clue stations and historical sites double as puzzle pieces.

It’s an engaging way to explore Vancouver, testing your detective skills against the backdrop of the city’s natural and architectural beauty.


But what if you're looking to bring the intrigue to your own locale? Vancouver Mysteries has you covered with their pop-up mystery game, a portable experience that transforms any setting into a scene for sleuthing. Like a tabletop escape room, it's a flexible format, yet it maintains the distinctive Vancouver Mysteries touch, complete with Game Operators to steer the narrative and certificates to celebrate your detective prowess upon completion.

And for those who relish the thrill of the game but prefer the digital realm, Vancouver Mysteries' virtual games beckon. These aren't your average online meetings; they're interactive brain-teasers set in virtual rooms where collaboration and wit meet in a Zoom room to crack codes and solve riddles.

Location: Vancouver Mysteries - Google Maps

7. Bamboozled Escape Games

Bamboozled_Escape_Games_ _1

Just a short drive from the heart of Vancouver, Bamboozled Escape Games in Burnaby opens up a world where puzzles meet playfulness, and adventure is literally part of the furniture.

This family-run gem has mastered the art of fusing classic escape room brain-teasers with the thrill of video game quests, creating a multidimensional experience that captivates both novices and seasoned escapists.

Bamboozled_Escape_Games_ _2
Bamboozled_Escape_Games_ _3

Step into the world of “Pirate Plunder” and you're no longer land-bound; you’re a swashbuckling pirate navigating the perilous seas. Here, teamwork isn't just recommended, it's required to outwit the stormy challenges and find the hidden treasures.

You'll feel the rush of adventure as you piece together maps and dodge virtual tempests, all in the name of that glorious plunder.

Bamboozled_Escape_Games_ _4
Bamboozled_Escape_Games_ _5

Then there’s the “Rainforest Ruins”, a room that doesn’t just challenge your puzzle-solving prowess—it transports you to another era.

Within these walls, you're in the shoes of explorers unearthing the temple of King Apuchay, with the clock ticking to prevent a volcanic disaster. Every corner holds a clue, every artifact is a piece of the puzzle, and every moment is critical.

Location: Bamboozled Escape - Google Maps

8. Pandora's Locks

Pandoras_Locks_ _1

In the heart of Greater Vancouver, Pandora's Locks has etched its name as a premier destination for escape room aficionados seeking a narrative as compelling as the puzzles themselves.

Stepping into Pandora's Locks, you're not just entering an escape room; you're stepping into a carefully crafted tale that's waiting to be unraveled, piece by piece, clue by clue.

Pandoras_Locks_ _2
Pandoras_Locks_ _3

With an array of high-tech marvels at their disposal, the creators of Pandora's Locks have blurred the lines between story and game.

Each room is an intricately woven narrative, offering not just a challenge for the mind but an experience that engrosses all the senses. The attention to detail in the storytelling is matched only by the ingenuity of the puzzles.

Pandoras_Locks_ _4

Take, for instance, the room known as 'Murder at Sea'—a challenging venture that beckons the brave. It's not merely about finding clues; it's about becoming a detective in a high-stakes drama on the turbulent tides. The level of difficulty adds to the thrill, making every discovery a rewarding leap towards solving a maritime mystery.

But what truly sets Pandora's Locks apart is the staff, whose passion and enthusiasm are the secret ingredients to an unforgettable experience. Their guidance is the compass that helps adventurers navigate through the storm of puzzles.

Location: Pandora Locks - Google Maps

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9. MrJ Escape Room

Venturing into the heart of Vancouver's escape room scene, MrJ Escape Room stands out as a beacon of creativity and surprise for those in pursuit of a remarkable puzzle-solving quest.

As you walk through their doors, the real world fades away, replaced by a realm where each clue is a stepping stone to victory.

MrJ_Escape_Room_ _1
MrJ_Escape_Room_ _2

The Vampire Hunter room is a testament to MrJ's dedication to originality and smart design. The narrative takes you on a gripping journey as a hunter in a shadowy world, with the mission to outwit a cunning vampire.

Every element of the room weaves into the story, ensuring you're not just solving puzzles; you're unraveling a dark, immersive tale.

MrJ_Escape_Room_ _3
MrJ_Escape_Room_ _4

With puzzles that strike the perfect balance between challenge and logic, the excitement builds with each solved riddle, leading to those eureka moments that escape room enthusiasts live for.

The creators at MrJ have hit the sweet spot of making you think without leaving you stumped, ensuring a steady flow of adrenaline and achievement.

Location: MrJ Escape Room - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, fellow adventurers and puzzle lovers! We've taken a whirlwind tour through Vancouver's escape room scene. From the spellbinding stories to the cleverly crafted challenges, there's a trove of brain-teasing treasure waiting for you in this city.

Each room we've visited offers a unique slice of the escape room pie, whether you're craving the adrenaline rush of a timed escape, the thrill of uncovering a mystery, or just a good old-fashioned bout of fun with your pals.

Vancouver's escape rooms are not just games—they're stories waiting to be lived, puzzles itching to be solved, and challenges daring to be met.

Remember, whether you're a seasoned escape artist or new to the game, there's something magical about the immersive worlds these rooms conjure. So gather your most clever friends, pick a room, and prepare to leave the ordinary behind. Dive into a narrative that needs your wits to unravel, and create stories you'll be chuckling over for years to come.

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