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Trapped in Coquitlam invites you to Canada's rapidly growing escape room adventure, offering an unmatched experience in real-life puzzle solving.

With themes varying from ancient curses to futuristic challenges, these rooms are perfect for an array of occasions:

  • date nights
  • birthday celebrations
  • family outings
  • corporate team-building exercises


  • Cursed Expedition (PG): Join a thrilling journey into the jungles of Asia. Participants must retrace the steps of a renowned archaeology professor who unleashed a curse upon disturbing an ancient temple. The goal is to complete a ritual and lift the curse, all within the pressure of a ticking clock.
  • Room 057 (14A): Set in the year 2036, this theme plunges players into a narrative blending dreams and reality. Awaken with hazy memories of being trapped in an abandoned hospital on a remote island. It's a race against time to discern truth from lost memories, navigating through a labyrinth of mysterious clues.
  • Chaos Effect (14A): A step beyond traditional escape rooms, this 70-minute sci-fi adventure challenges teams to discover their true purpose upon entering the room. It's a multidimensional experience that requires collaboration, wit, and a keen sense of observation to navigate through an intricate storyline.
  • Medieval Prison (PG): Transported back to the 14th century, players find themselves as peasants wrongly convicted and facing imminent execution. The only hope lies in deciphering clues left by a former prisoner. This is a dramatic race for freedom against the backdrop of medieval dungeons.
  • Secret Inheritance (PG): In this narrative, players follow a cryptic clue to an artist's flat, left behind by Aunt Elisa. The task is to uncover the hidden inheritance in an environment rich with artistic mysteries and hidden messages, providing a more introspective and cerebral challenge.

Group Dynamics & Facilities

Trapped can effortlessly host groups ranging from 2 to over 100 participants, making it a versatile choice for various events. The facility is modern and accommodating, ensuring a comfortable and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Special Features

  • First-Time Friendly: All themes are designed to be accessible to newcomers, ensuring a fun and engaging experience without prior escape room experience.
  • Event Hosting: Trapped excels in organizing birthday parties and corporate events, with each location offering unique promotions and packages.
  • Large Group Accommodation: The facility is well-equipped to handle large groups, offering simultaneous engagement in different themes.
  • Membership Advantages: Regular visitors can avail themselves of exclusive, more challenging themes through the Trapped Membership Card.

Practical Information

  • Duration & Capacity: Each adventure lasts about 60 minutes, with some themes extending to 70 minutes, accommodating various group sizes.
  • Age Suitability: While most themes are suitable for all ages, some are rated 14A, with specific age guidelines for participants.
  • Customization: Trapped's escape rooms offer varied experiences, ensuring there's always a new challenge to tackle.

In summary, Trapped in Coquitlam provides a diverse range of escape room adventures, blending creative storytelling, teamwork, and problem-solving, suitable for all ages and group sizes, ensuring a memorable and exhilarating experience.

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#9-1300 Woolridge St
Coquitlam, V3K 6Y6
#9-1300 Woolridge St
Coquitlam, V3K 6Y6
Open Hours
2:45PM - 12:00AM
2:45PM - 12:00AM
2:45PM - 12:00AM
2:45PM - 12:00AM
2:45PM - 1:00AM
10:30AM - 1:00AM
10:30AM - 12:00AM

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