Fire Away: Unveiling 10 Best Shooting Ranges Around Vancouver

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Nov 18, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide for shooting enthusiasts in Vancouver! Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a curious beginner, our comprehensive exploration of the finest shooting ranges in this stunning region is your ticket to an unparalleled shooting experience.

Vancouver boasts a vibrant shooting community, and in this article, we will unlock the doors to some of the most exceptional ranges, offering everything from basic firearm safety training to advanced marksmanship classes. From the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Northwest to the adrenaline-pumping thrill of hitting the bullseye, we will take you on a journey through the heart of Vancouver's shooting scene.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of precision and camaraderie as we delve into the unique features of each range, catering to diverse skill levels and interests. Whether you're interested in pistol shooting, rifle accuracy, or shotgun sports, our guide will help you find the perfect spot to hone your skills and embrace your passion for shooting.

Along the way, we'll share insider tips, safety guidelines, and fascinating insights into the art of marksmanship. So, grab your gear, load your enthusiasm, and join us as we aim for excellence in great shooting ranges around Vancouver, BC. Let the adventure begin!

1. DVC Indoor Shooting Centre

DVC_Indoor_Shooting_Centre_ _1

Ever since DVC Indoor Shooting Centre opened its doors back in 2007, it's been a bullseye hit for both newbies and seasoned pros looking for Vancouver shooting ranges. One of the standout features here is accessibility; you don't even need a firearms license to start shooting!

That's right, just walk in, and you're good to go. Plus, they offer the widest selection of rental firearms in all of Canada, letting you experiment with different makes and models until you find your perfect match.

DVC_Indoor_Shooting_Centre_ _2
DVC_Indoor_Shooting_Centre_ _3

But wait, there's more. DVC isn't just a playground for enthusiasts. The centre is also a professional hub for Vancouver firearm training.

They offer a variety of specialized courses and serve as a practice arena for military personnel, armoured car services, and various law enforcement agencies. You'll find programs ranging from the PAL Course, for those looking to get their firearms license, to advanced tactical training.

DVC_Indoor_Shooting_Centre_ _4
DVC_Indoor_Shooting_Centre_ _5

And for the cinephiles among us, DVC dons another hat as a go-to spot for movie training and prop rentals, capitalizing on Vancouver's "Hollywood North" reputation.

Whether you're an aspiring John Wick or just looking to sharpen your skills, DVC has a multifaceted approach that caters to all. The bottom line? DVC Indoor Shooting Centre offers an unmatched, comprehensive shooting experience, setting it apart as one of the best shooting ranges in Vancouver.

Location: DVC Indoor Shooting Centre - Google Maps

2. The Range Langley

The_Range_Langley_ _1

For starters, let's talk size. The Range Langley boasts the title of Canada’s Largest Indoor Shooting Range.

Yeah, you read that right. That means more lanes, more targets, and a whole lot more room for fun. If you're someone who appreciates space and variety, this is your ultimate playground.

The_Range_Langley_ _2
The_Range_Langley_ _3

One of the things that truly sets The Range Langley apart is its exceptional staff. These folks aren't just clocking in for a paycheck; they live and breathe this stuff.

Reviews from visitors highlight the staff's extensive knowledge and genuine kindness. So whether you're a seasoned shooter or picking up a firearm for the first time (shout out to our friends from Europe!), you can count on guidance from people who really know their stuff.

The_Range_Langley_ _4
The_Range_Langley_ _5

Now let's talk about the experience itself. Visitors rave about how well-organized everything is, from the booking process to the actual shooting.

And the cherry on top? A fantastic array of weapons to choose from, making sure your time at the range never feels stale. Whether you're into handguns, rifles, or something in between, The Range Langley has got you covered.

Location: The Range Langley - Google Maps

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3. Whistler’s Shooting Range

Whistlers_Shooting_Range_ _1

Switching scenes, let's chat about a range that takes your shooting experience to the next level while offering an entirely different vibe—Whistler’s Shooting Range. Nestled in the stunning outdoors, this is more than just a place to shoot; it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Whistlers_Shooting_Range_ _2
Whistlers_Shooting_Range_ _3

First thing's first: the drive. Whether you're a local or visiting, the route to Whistler's Shooting Range is nothing short of breathtaking.

Imagine winding through scenic roads with views that are postcard-perfect. And once you arrive, get ready for some stellar customer service and top-notch instruction, especially if you're a newbie. They don’t just permit first-timers; they welcome them with open arms, ensuring a smooth journey from "greenhorn" to "sharpshooter".

Whistlers_Shooting_Range_ _4

Now, if you've got an event to celebrate, hear me out. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill shooting range; it's a bonafide party starter. Whether you're organizing corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays, or staff gatherings, Whistler's Shooting Range knows how to bring the heat.

And, let's be real, there’s something uniquely bonding about learning to shoot together, making it a fantastic choice for groups.

Location: Whistlers Shooting Range - Google Maps

4. Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club

If you're craving a more rustic, outdoor setting for your shooting escapade, then listen up: Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club might just be your hidden gem.

Situated in a tranquil environment, this isn't just another spot to pop off a few rounds; it’s a range where you can truly unplug and get in touch with nature.

Squamish_Valley_Rod__Gun_Club_ _1

One of the defining aspects of this place is its top-tier instruction. Reviews consistently point out the quality of the training, praising instructors like Don for their ability to communicate complicated matters simply and effectively.

Whether you're a beginner or aiming to enhance your skills, the courses here are designed to make you not just good, but great. Moreover, these aren’t cookie-cutter classes; they’re relevant, tailored, and geared to prepare you for real-world application or tests.

Squamish_Valley_Rod__Gun_Club_ _2
Squamish_Valley_Rod__Gun_Club_ _3

What sets Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club apart from other Vancouver shooting ranges is its wholehearted focus on both sport and conservation.

It's not just about firing bullets; it's about fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community. So, while you're enjoying your day out shooting, you’re also participating in something bigger.

Location: Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club - Google Maps

5. Chilliwack Fish and Game

Chilliwack_Fish_and_Game_ _1

Alright, time to venture into a place that offers more than just a shooting experience: Chilliwack Fish and Game.

At first glance, it might look like just another range, but don’t be fooled. This spot has layers—like a cake, but for firearms enthusiasts and community gatherers alike.

Chilliwack_Fish_and_Game_ _2
Chilliwack_Fish_and_Game_ _3

First of all, the setting is just gorgeous. You're not just shooting at targets; you're doing it against a backdrop of some truly amazing views. I mean, talk about taking your shooting adventure to new heights, literally!

And don’t even get me started on the community vibe. The folks here are nothing short of welcoming. As one visitor put it, they were "happy to find a new spot", and you probably will be too.

Chilliwack_Fish_and_Game_ _4
Chilliwack_Fish_and_Game_ _5

But what really makes Chilliwack Fish and Game stand out is its versatility. This place is not just for shooting; it's a hub for a wide range of activities. Ever thought about having a social event with a little bit of a bang?

Well, you're in luck. The range and clubhouse can be rented for various events—from RCMP training to, believe it or not, weddings and reunions. Yep, you read that right. I can’t think of many ranges that offer such diverse rental options, making it an ideal spot for, well, just about anything!

Location: Chilliwack Fish and Game - Google Maps

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6. Richmond Rod and Gun Club

Richmond_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _1

Steering the conversation towards another standout location, let's delve into the Richmond Rod and Gun Club—a range that puts the 'world-class' in your shooting escapade. Boasting over 4,000 members, this place is no small fry.

It's a hotspot for seasoned shooters and newcomers alike, and it's not just locals who are in on the action. The facility hosts regional and national events that draw competitors from all corners of the country. Talk about being a shooting range superstar!

Richmond_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _2
Richmond_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _3

But what makes this place truly shine is its specialized shooting experiences. For instance, the club offers a fascinating take on skeet shooting. If you haven't tried this before, picture yourself rotating through eight stations along a semicircular arch.

Targets are propelled into the air from both a high house to your left and a low house to your right. It's exhilarating, challenging, and quite frankly, a blast—literally and figuratively.

Richmond_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _4

Because of its reputation and the sheer scale of its operations, Richmond Rod and Gun Club holds a unique position among the best shooting ranges in Vancouver.

The facility offers programs that are touted as the largest on the West Coast, cementing its status as a go-to destination for anyone keen on firearm training or simply having a good time.

Location: Richmond Rod & Gun Club - Google Maps

7. Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club

Port_Coquitlam__District_Hunting__Fishing_Club_ _1

Let's shift gears and talk about a range that's been a cornerstone for local firearm enthusiasts for decades—the Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club.

Since 1956, this club has been more than just a place to shoot; it's been a gathering spot for a community of archers, hunters, law enforcement personnel, and, of course, target shooters. This isn't a newbie on the block; it's an establishment steeped in tradition and community spirit.

Port_Coquitlam__District_Hunting__Fishing_Club_ _2

Now, let's talk Range 7, shall we? This is a 200-yard rifle range that's as versatile as they come. And guess what? It's got a generous covered shelter, allowing you to shoot rain or shine. With 22 shooting positions available, you're not going to feel cramped or rushed here. You've got the space to set up and really concentrate on your shots.

The range even provides target stands at various distances—25, 50, 100, and 200 yards—so whether you're a marksman looking to dial in your aim or a beginner working on your fundamentals, Range 7 has got you covered. Literally.

Port_Coquitlam__District_Hunting__Fishing_Club_ _3

But what truly sets this place apart is its old-school vibe combined with modern amenities. You can almost sense the rich history while enjoying the benefits of a well-maintained, fully-equipped range.

It's the best of both worlds, a fusion of past and present that makes for an unparalleled shooting experience.

Location: Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club - Google Maps

8. Pitt Meadows Gun Club

Pitt_Meadows_Gun_Club_ _1

Ah, the Pitt Meadows Gun Club, a place that wraps you up in a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere the moment you walk in. Trust me, this isn't your run-of-the-mill shooting range.

From seasoned sharpshooters to complete novices, everyone is welcome here. The focus isn't just on shooting; it's about creating an environment where you can learn, get better, or—hey, why not—just have a blast!

Pitt_Meadows_Gun_Club_ _2
Pitt_Meadows_Gun_Club_ _3

And folks, let's talk amenities. Ever gone to a range only to discover the snacks cost an arm and a leg? Well, worry no more. Pitt Meadows Gun Club is a haven of affordability.

Whether you're picking up ammunition or grabbing a bite, your wallet won't suffer a blow. And here's a surprising gem: the washrooms are clean. Trust me, that's not something you can say about every range out there.

Pitt_Meadows_Gun_Club_ _4

But what really got my attention was the endorsement from the UBC club. If a university-affiliated group finds value in practicing at this range, then you know it's got some credibility behind it.

Whether you're part of a club or just rolling solo, the vibe here is welcoming and the facilities are accommodating.

Location: Pitt Meadows Gun Club - Google Maps

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9. Langley Rod & Gun Club

Langley_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _1

Let's jet over to the Langley Rod & Gun Club, a spot that makes you feel like you've stumbled into a gun enthusiast's utopia.

No kidding, this place has the magic formula: a welcoming environment, top-notch facilities, and a team of staff who know their stuff and can't wait to assist you.

Langley_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _2

The indoor range is something to write home about, but let's take a minute to focus on the outdoor setup, especially for you shotgun aficionados. Rumor has it, if shotgun shooting is your jam, Langley could easily be your mecca in the lower mainland. Oh, sure, Richmond Gun Club has its merits, but folks around here say the atmosphere at Langley is way more congenial.

Here's the kicker: they've got four trap machines, and on weekends, they set up one for doubles. It's like a shotgun lover's playground with room for everyone. Plus, if skeet shooting tickles your fancy, you're in for a treat. Langley has two skeet ranges that are every bit as well-maintained and functional as you'd hope. The staff here are so on point that the machines never run empty; they're always topped up and ready to roll.

Langley_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _3
Langley_Rod_and_Gun_Club_ _4

And don't even get me started on the diversity of the crowd. This is a cosmopolitan joint with shooters from all walks of life. Young, old, professional, amateur—you name it, they're here, and they're having a great time.

Location: Langley Rod & Gun Club - Google Maps

10. Vancouver Gun Club

van gun club 5

The Vancouver Gun Club, nestled in Richmond, BC, and just a short drive from Vancouver International Airport, boasts an expansive 40-acre facility. It's a premier destination for shotgun sports enthusiasts in the BC lower mainland.

Seasoned shooter or new to the sport, the club offers an array of activities, including American Trap, International Trap (Bunker), Skeet, International Skeet, Sporting Clays, and 5-Stand.

van gun club 3
van gun club 4

A standout feature of the club is its commitment to making shooting sports accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The "FUNdamentals of Shotgun Shooting" course exemplifies this ethos. Designed for men, women, and juniors aged 10 and up, this course provides an inclusive environment where beginners can learn the ropes of shotgun handling and shooting.

van gun club 2

In small squads of five, participants are guided by Level 1 instructors and skilled volunteers. This hands-on learning experience includes everything from the basics of safely handling a shotgun, loading and unloading, to aiming at and shooting moving targets. The course also teaches the proper way to carry a shotgun while navigating the club's facilities.

van gun club 1

Importantly, the Vancouver Gun Club emphasizes creating a non-intimidating, friendly atmosphere for newcomers. The goal is to demystify the shooting range experience and highlight the enjoyment that can be found in clay target shooting. This approach is especially welcoming for those who might find the idea of a shooting range daunting.

Location: Vancouver Gun Club - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

Alright, folks, there you have it! We've taken a scenic tour of some of the finest shooting ranges that Vancouver and its surrounding areas have to offer. Whether you're a newbie just looking to try out a fun and challenging activity, or you're a seasoned pro aiming to fine-tune those sharpshooting skills, there's a range on this list that's got your name written all over it. From indoor havens like DVC Indoor Shooting Centre to the outdoor allure of ranges like Chilliwack Fish and Game, you're spoilt for choice!

Maybe you're searching for affordable ammo and snacks like at the Pitt Meadows Gun Club, or perhaps you're after a top-of-the-line shotgun experience like the one at Langley Rod & Gun Club. Heck, you could even be planning a wild bachelor party or a corporate team-building event. Whatever your needs, these ranges aim to please—pun totally intended!

Don't forget to consider your level of experience, budget, and what kind of atmosphere you're looking for. Each range we've discussed has its unique charm and specialties. And hey, who says you have to pick just one? You can always make it a goal to visit all these amazing Vancouver shooting ranges. After all, variety is the spice of life—or in this case, the spice of sharpshooting!

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