Skiing Near Vancouver: Top 12 Ski Resorts to Conquer in 2024/25

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Oct 1, 2023

Welcome to Vancouver's winter wonderland, where the mountains are calling, and the slopes are waiting for your ski adventures in 2024! We're about to take you on an epic journey to explore the absolute best ski resorts near this stunning city.

Vancouver is a unique hub for winter sports enthusiasts. It sits cozily between the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Coast Mountains, which means there's no shortage of skiing fun just a short or a bit longer drive from the city.

Prepare to be captivated by awe-inspiring mountain panoramas, embark on exhilarating adventures, and unwind in cozy apres-ski hangouts. Our handpicked list of the top ski resorts near Vancouver ensures you're well-equipped for your winter escape!

1. Grouse Mountain

Grouse_Mountain_ _1

Picture this: you've spent your morning exploring downtown Vancouver, sipping on artisanal coffee, and now you're itching to hit the slopes. Believe it or not, Grouse Mountain is just a hop, skip, and a 15-minute drive away. That's right, you don't have to venture far to find some prime skiing near Vancouver.

Grouse_Mountain_ _2
Grouse_Mountain_ _3

Grouse Mountain proudly boasts 33 thrilling runs. What’s more enticing? When the sun sets, you don’t have to pack up and leave. Over half of these runs stay lit, allowing for night skiing adventures until a late 10pm.

And if you’re worried about waiting in long lines, fret not. The two express lifts, tailored for intermediate and advanced skiers, ensure that you can make the most of your time on the slopes, even during those busier holiday periods.

Grouse_Mountain_ _4

But here's the thing: Grouse isn’t just for those looking to ski or snowboard. Ever fancied a Snowshoe Fondue Tour?

Or perhaps you’re the adrenaline-seeking kind and fancy some Zip-Lining? Grouse has got you covered.

Grouse_Mountain_ _5
Grouse_Mountain_ _6

Location: Grouse Mountain - Google Maps

2. Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort

Whistler_Blackcomb_Ski_Resort_ _1
Whistler_Blackcomb_Ski_Resort_ _2

Imagine waking up with a craving for some top-tier skiing. Now, imagine that within a short 1.5-hour drive from the heart of Vancouver, you find yourself standing between two majestic mountains, both offering world-class skiing experiences. That's Whistler Blackcomb for you!

Whistler_Blackcomb_Ski_Resort_ _3_GSLGYPo

Draped across these two colossal mountains, Whistler’s vast terrain is a playground for both beginners and expert adrenaline junkies.

The iconic PEAK 2 PEAK gondola gracefully connects these peaks, offering breathtaking panoramic views while ensuring that skiers can effortlessly jump from one mountain adventure to the next.

Also, they offer FREE Ski & Snowboard Tours daily, so you can learn everything about the resort and plan your winter adventure.

Whistler_Blackcomb_Ski_Resort_ _4_JdKyZwN
Whistler_Blackcomb_Ski_Resort_ _5

And if you're new to skiing or just looking to sharpen those skills, here's a hot tip: Whistler offers an outstanding ski school program. It's not just about learning the basics.

With seasoned local instructors guiding the way, you'll discover the resort's best-kept secrets, hidden slopes, and unmatched skiing spots.

Location: Whistler Blackcomb - Google Maps

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3. Cypress Mountain Ski Area

Cypress_Mountain_Ski_Area_ _1

Ever dreamt of gliding down pristine slopes without venturing too far from the city's heartbeat? Enter Cypress Mountain Ski Area. Located a mere 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, Cypress proudly holds the title of being the city's largest ski resort.

Cypress_Mountain_Ski_Area_ _2
Cypress_Mountain_Ski_Area_ 3

One of the standout features of Cypress is its inclusive appeal to all skiers, from seasoned pros to families with budding young enthusiasts. The resort is dotted with children-specific lifts and the enchanting magic carpet, ensuring that the little ones get their fair share of winter fun.

Plus, with a top-notch ski school at your fingertips, everyone, young or old, can brush up on their skiing techniques or start their skiing journey on the right foot.

Cypress_Mountain_Ski_Area_ 4
Cypress_Mountain_Ski_Area_ 5

But hey, what if skiing isn't on your agenda? No worries! Cypress ensures that everyone gets a slice of winter magic.

Strap on some snowshoes and embark on a trail that promises unforgettable views, making you feel on top of the world. Or, if you're in for some unbridled fun, head straight to the Snow-Tubing Arena and slide away!

Cypress_Mountain_Ski_Area_ 6

Location: Cypress Mountain - Google Maps

4. Mt Seymour Resort

Mt_Seymour_Resort_ 1

Imagine a place where snow-covered slopes carry the warmth of family values and passion. Welcome to Mt Seymour Resort, the only ski destination around Vancouver that's lovingly family-owned and operated.

Just a 40-minute scenic drive from Vancouver's vibrant city lights, Mt Seymour is a cozy winter haven that promises both fun and relaxation.

Mt_Seymour_Resort_ 2
Mt_Seymour_Resort_ 3

Now, while it might not boast expansive terrains like some of its more massive counterparts, this ski area's charm lies in its intimate setup, making it an ideal spot for a day trip.

Picture this: you embark on a brief journey from the city, spend a joyous day skiing, and head back home with memories of a day well spent.

Mt_Seymour_Resort_ _4

However, if skiing isn't your jam, Mt Seymour has got other delightful tricks up its sleeve. Ever experienced the simple thrill of tobogganing?

Or perhaps you fancy some exciting snow tubing? At Mt Seymour, these age-old winter activities take center stage, ensuring everyone, regardless of age or skill, goes home with a smile.

Mt_Seymour_Resort_ _5

Location: Mt Seymour Resort - Google Maps

5. Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mt._Baker_Ski_Area_ 1

So, you’ve heard about Mt. Baker, right? Yeah, it isn't technically a part of the Vancouver ski scene. But don’t let international borders fool you.

Situated just south of Vancouver in Washington State, Mt. Baker is a not-so-secret spot that has the hearts of many Vancouverites.

Mt._Baker_Ski_Area_ 2
Mt._Baker_Ski_Area_ 3

This place isn’t about glitzy resorts or fancy dining. No, Mt. Baker is all about that genuine rustic charm, reminiscent of a cozy cabin-in-the-woods setting.

However, let that not undermine the skiing experience on offer. With eight chairlifts, two handle tows, and a terrain geared towards the adventurous souls who love challenging blues and daredevil black runs, this place is pure skiing nirvana.

Mt._Baker_Ski_Area_ 4
Mt._Baker_Ski_Area_ 5

Talking snow? Oh boy, Mt. Baker is where snow feels at home! Whether other ski spots are feeling a tad dry or not, Mt. Baker remains cloaked in a snowy embrace.

We’re talking about 60 feet of snow on an average season. And did I mention that back in 1998/99, this place set the world snowfall record with a whopping 95 feet? That's right!

Location: Mt. Baker Ski Area - Google Maps

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6. Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Mount_Washington_Alpine_Resort_ 1

Picture this: you're on a boat, gently cruising across the mesmerizing Strait of Georgia. Your destination? Not a sunny beach, but the snow-filled wonders of Vancouver Island.

You’re heading to Mount Washington Alpine Resort. And no, despite its name, it's nowhere near the state of Washington!

Mount_Washington_Alpine_Resort_ 2

Sure, Vancouver Island offers myriad attractions – the regal charm of Victoria, the wild beauty of Tofino. But if you're a snow enthusiast, Mount Washington is your sparkling diamond. What sets it apart? Well, the answer lies in the snowflakes. Loads and loads of them!

Mount_Washington_Alpine_Resort_ _3
Mount_Washington_Alpine_Resort_ _4

Here’s a jaw-dropper: Mount Washington boasts an astonishing average annual snowfall of 36 feet! That's right, thirty-six! Planning to carve your way down the mountain? Better gear up for some deep powder adventures.

With a vast expanse of 1,700 acres, this underrated gem offers not only snow in epic proportions but also a diverse terrain to thrill every skiing and snowboarding aficionado.

Location: Mount Washington Skiing Alpine Resort - Google Maps

7. Sun Peaks Resort

Sun_Peaks_Resort_ _1

There's a certain thrill to the words "road trip", especially when you're gearing up for a snow adventure. And if you’ve set your sights on Sun Peaks Resort, you're in for an unparalleled winter escapade.

Located a tad away from Vancouver, you can drive up to Sun Peaks or opt for a swift flight to Kamloops. Whichever way you choose, one thing's guaranteed - an experience akin to the famed ski resorts of North America, minus the jostling crowds.

Sun_Peaks_Resort_ _2

Here’s a snapshot of what awaits you: A sprawling 4,270-acre ski terrain accessed by 13 chairlifts, 138 well-crafted runs, and the kind of snow you see in postcards - light, fluffy, and dreamy.

Best of all? Days after a snowstorm, Sun Peaks continues to surprise you with untouched pockets of powder. So, you can sip that warm latte, gaze out at the snow-kissed landscapes, and start your skiing day without the morning rush.

Sun_Peaks_Resort_ _3

A unique facet of Sun Peaks is its trio of mountain domains: Tod, Sundance, and Morrisey. While Sundance serves as a playground for beginners, Morrisey's blue runs beckon intermediate enthusiasts.

Mount Tod, with its towering elevation, welcomes all, offering varied runs that cater to everyone from novices to pros. To truly immerse in the Sun Peaks spirit, a couple of days is a must.

Location: Sun Peaks - Google Maps

8. Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Sasquatch_Mountain_Resort_ _1

When it comes to skiing around Vancouver, there's a secret spot not everyone knows about, but those in the know just can't get enough of: Sasquatch Mountain Resort.

Just a quick drive inland from the bustling city, this place brings a fresh meaning to winter fun, especially for families.

Sasquatch_Mountain_Resort_ _2
Sasquatch_Mountain_Resort_ _3

First off, let’s talk value. Sasquatch, affectionately abbreviated as SMR, stands out as a bang-for-your-buck option.

Your wallet will thank you, and your heart will be thrilled with the adventures that lie in store.

Sasquatch_Mountain_Resort_ _4

Wondering about snow? Oh, you're in for a treat! SMR proudly flaunts nearly 33 feet of powdery bliss every season.

That means no unexpected run-ins with hidden obstacles, just pure, uninterrupted skiing on any of their 36 runs. Fancy showing off some stunts? Head straight to Whistle Park, the dedicated terrain arena.

Sasquatch_Mountain_Resort_ _5
Sasquatch_Mountain_Resort_ _6

But wait, there's more! The little ones (and the young at heart) can switch gears and dive into tube-filled fun at SMR's special tubing hill.

For those craving tranquillity and scenic beauty, the snowshoeing trails – Base Loop and Mount Klaudt Loop – promise a peaceful rendezvous with nature.

Location: Sasquatch Mountain Resort - Google Maps

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9. Big White Ski Resort

Big_White_Ski_Resort_ _1

Have you ever had that dream where you’re gliding down a snowy mountain, the world silenced by a blanket of powder, and every turn feels like floating on air? If not, a visit to Big White Ski Resort will turn that vision into reality.

It's a gem nestled not too far from Vancouver that remains surprisingly serene. Sure, the journey might throw in some dramatic hailstorms and rumbles of thunder, but it all adds to the adventure, making the sight of the resort even more enchanting.

Big_White_Ski_Resort_ _2
Big_White_Ski_Resort_ _3

Now, let’s delve into what makes Big White special. Labeled by many seasoned ski enthusiasts (including yours truly with 35 years under the belt) as possibly the best family resort, it effortlessly lives up to the title.

Imagine a village nestled snugly in the heart of the ski hill, ensuring every thrill is merely a stroll or slide away. Speaking of snow, the term "champagne powder" isn't just a fancy descriptor here. With the village perched at a lofty 5700 feet and blessed with an average snowfall of 750 cm, it's skiing nirvana.

Big_White_Ski_Resort_ _4

But the magic doesn’t stop once you step off the slopes. From delightful eateries that exude a relaxed charm, to activities like tubing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, the fun never ends.

If you're already imagining the summer, picture mountain biking trails evolving each season.

Location: Big White Ski Resort - Google Maps

10. Manning Park Ski Resort

Manning_Park_Ski_Resort_ _1
Manning_Park_Ski_Resort_ _2

Every so often, you stumble upon a place that offers a tantalizing blend of activities to tickle the fancy of every kind of traveler.

Enter Manning Park Ski Resort, a short hop away from Vancouver, and a realm that brims with year-round splendor.

Manning_Park_Ski_Resort_ _3

Got a thing for the great outdoors? Manning Park greets you with open arms, whether you're a sun-chaser or a snow-lover. The resort shines brightly in the camping sphere, delivering that quintessential Canadian al fresco experience.

Nestled amidst pristine nature, it's not just a place to pitch a tent. It's a rendezvous with the wild, allowing you to awaken to the chirping of birds in summers or witness the crystalline beauty of snowflakes in winter.

Manning_Park_Ski_Resort_ _4 1
Manning_Park_Ski_Resort_ _4

But let's not forget those post-adventure hunger pangs! If you're in the mood for a serene setting with palatable delicacies, the Pinewoods Dining Room is your go-to.

Picture this: delectable food with a side of nature's charm. However, if a lively backdrop coupled with foot-tapping tunes is more your speed, then the Bears Den Pub won't disappoint. Whether it's sipping on a drink or relishing a meal, the ambiance promises a delightful experience.

Location: Manning Park Ski Resort - Google Maps

11. Baldy Mountain Resort

If you've got mountain-loving bones and a desire to venture out without burning a hole in your wallet, then Vancouver's Baldy Mountain Resort is your next winter haven.

Tucked amidst BC's high alpine wonders, this gem not only boasts the distinction of being the 3rd highest elevation ski area in the province but also offers some of the most budget-friendly skiing and snowboarding options.

Baldy_Mountain_Resort_ _1
Baldy_Mountain_Resort_ _2

Imagine zipping through immaculately groomed runs, feeling the thrill as you weave between the naturally spaced glades.

And for those who are more about the "peace" in winter wonderland than the "pace", snowshoe walks offer a serene plunge into nature's embrace.

Baldy_Mountain_Resort_ _3
Baldy_Mountain_Resort_ _4

But the magic of Baldy isn't just restricted to its ski slopes. The mountain's unique positioning creates a mesmerizing blend of environments – a meeting point of the dry Nk’mip Desert and the lush rainforests of the West Kootenay’s.

This intersection promises varied experiences and a canvas of sights and sounds that's hard to find elsewhere.

Baldy_Mountain_Resort_ _5
Baldy_Mountain_Resort_ _6

Got a penchant for events? Well, the mountain's calendar is chock-full of them. Whether you're looking to partake in one of the resort's many organized events or considering hosting your own snowy celebration, Baldy is all ears and ever-ready.

Location: Baldy Mountain Resort - Google Maps

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12. Apex Mountain Resort

Apex_Mountain_Resort_ _1

Apex Mountain Resort, nestled in Vancouver's landscape, is more than just a ski destination – it's a winter wonderland that promises an unparalleled experience for powder aficionados.

And when we talk about snow here, we’re not just referring to any regular snow. We're talking about the dreamy, fluffy, and light champagne powder that the resort is celebrated for.

Apex_Mountain_Resort_ _2
Apex_Mountain_Resort_ _3

But what makes the snow at Apex so special? Mother Nature has a secret recipe. The area is blessed with the perfect concoction of ample precipitation and low humidity, resulting in the formation of these delightful snow crystals.

It's like the universe conspired just to gift Apex with the perfect snowflakes! And since the resort uniquely faces northeast, the sun’s touch is minimal, ensuring that the quality of this powder remains top-notch for days post a fresh snowfall.

Apex_Mountain_Resort_ _4
Apex_Mountain_Resort_ _5

Every season, an impressive average of 600 cm of this treasured snow blankets Apex, providing dreamy conditions that are just right – not too harsh, not too mild.

It's the kind of snow that skiers and snowboarders often daydream about: light, dry, and simply exhilarating.

Location: Apex Mountain Resort - Google Maps

13. Conclusion

Well, there you have it, fellow snow enthusiasts! From the hidden gems to the renowned giants, Vancouver's ski scene truly has something special for everyone. Whether you're chasing the thrill of pristine, untouched powder, seeking family-friendly slopes, or just wanting to cozy up with a hot cocoa in a mountain lodge, these resorts offer experiences that linger long after the snow melts.

Each resort we explored has its own unique charm and personality. Maybe it's the champagne powder at Apex that draws you in, or the family vibes of Sasquatch Mountain Resort that feel just right. Or perhaps it's the allure of mountain events at Baldy that has you marking your calendar.

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