The Best Indoor Activities to do in Vancouver on a Rainy Day

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Apr 24, 2022

From sports activities to virtual reality experiences, there's something for everyone. Keep reading for our top picks of the best indoor activities to do in Vancouver on a rainy day!

Vancouver is a beautiful city, but it can be quite rainy during the winter months. And while there are plenty of things to do indoors, sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for things that are interesting and unique.

Don't worry! We've put together a list of some of the best indoor activities in Vancouver that will keep you entertained all day long. So put on your rain boots and head out to explore everything your city has to offer!

Free yourself from an Escape Room

escape room vancouver

An escape room is a game where players are locked in a themed room and must solve puzzles in order to escape. Each room is different and requires teamwork and critical thinking to solve the clues. Escape rooms are great for groups of friends or families and are perfect for a fun day out.

These are a great way to put your problem-solving skills to the test. They can be a lot of fun and are perfect for team-building exercises.

We suggest going with a group of friends (between 4-6 people) because the puzzles are more difficult to solve when you're working alone. You'll have a set time limit in which to escape, so be sure to work together quickly!

Visit the Bloedel Conservatory

bloedel conservatory vancouver

If you want to get away from the typical Vancouver climate - Bloedel Conservatory is the perfect tropical little paradise.

And it's just a few minutes away from downtown Vancouver!

Here you will experience many tropical scents - the warm and damp air very different from what we have in Vancouver. Thousands of blossoming flowers and over 100 birds of various species live within the dome and fly freely above your head.

bloedel conservatory vancouver 2
bloedel vancouver parrot

It will take around 10-15 minutes to go around the tropical gardens under the domed structure, but you are welcome to wander around and enjoy the moment a bit longer. There are a few benches where you can sit and enjoy nature. 

You even can try to chat with parrots. Don’t be surprised if they answer when you say hello.

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Try Indoor Climbing

bouldering vancouver

Indoor rock climbing is a great activity to build strength, learn new skills, and just have fun. Usually, there are 2 types of rock climbing offered in indoor rock climbing gyms: 

1. Rope climbing - requires a harness and a rope. You can climb tall walls knowing that if you lose your grip you'll be secured by the rope.

2. Bouldering - no rope or harness needed. The walls you climb will be shorter and if you fall, you'll fall on the protective mat below you.

Available classes, pricing, height and complexity of climbing walls, vary between gyms.

climbing hive vancouver
the aviary vancouver
hive heights 3

Virtual Reality Arcade

While we can't control the weather, we certainly can transform our reality! VR arcades provide the perfect opportunity to experience virtual reality headsets for the first time. Upon visiting the arcade, you'll be equipped with a cutting-edge headset and versatile controllers.

These controllers come in various forms, such as remotes, gun-shaped devices, or even steering wheels. You may also find full-body and half-body suits, gloves, and immersive chairs tailored to enhance your gaming experience.

With these tools at your disposal, you'll be able to effortlessly navigate and interact within the virtual environment, fully immersing yourself in the game of your choice.

beat saber

In your VR gaming experience, you’ll likely forget where you are in the real world. Each game is going to immerse you in a new and exciting way.

You’ll be able to walk through unbelievable magical surroundings, become a shooter, and interact with your virtual environment in many different ways. 

You can choose to play as a single player or if you want you can play with your friends and family together.

vr hologate
vr driving

Visit Vancouver Aquarium

If you're looking for an aquarium that is both fun and educational, the Vancouver Aquarium is a great choice.

It is one of Vancouver's most popular tourist destinations. There you can learn about marine animals and their habitats. 

The staff at the aquarium are dedicated to rescuing marine animals and educating the public about them. They offer a variety of exhibitions that allow you to get up close and personal with the animals. 

vancouver aquarium

The people who work at the aquarium are super passionate about rescuing marine animals and teaching all about them. They've put together some fantastic exhibits that let you see these incredible animals up close and personal. Its definetly an experience you won't want to miss!

donnelly and dory1
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Attend a Boxing Class

Don't let the blues get you down when you can pack a punch and boost your spirits in a Boxing class. This invigorating activity is enjoyable, energetic, and beneficial for your health! You don't need to be a fitness pro to join in, as Boxing classes are customized to suit the needs of participants at all levels.

boxing activity

In Vancouver, there are tons of Boxing studios that provide top-notch classes for anyone who's keen on giving it a try. No matter your fitness level or experience, you'll find a welcoming environment to help you release stress, improve your stamina, and develop your strength. So why not lace up your gloves and step into the ring? You'll have a blast while working up a sweat, and you might even make some new friends along the way!

rumble boxing

Play in a Game Bar

Looking for a fun way to hang out with your friends? Are you a fan of games and shared laughter? If that's the case, game bars are the perfect spot for you!

Game bars offer a fantastic atmosphere to chill with your pals and indulge in friendly competition. You can try your hand at a variety of games like billiards, ping pong, classic arcade games, darts, and so much more!

game bar

Feeling peckish or thirsty during your gaming spree? Don't worry, game bars have got you covered. They typically boast a full menu of delicious food and a wide range of drinks to keep you fueled throughout the evening.

So, why wait any longer? Round up your friends and make your way to a game bar for a night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and good old-fashioned fun!

Glitch Vancouver 1024x1024
video game bar

To Sum It All Up

Vancouver has a lot to offer even on a rainy day, with plenty of indoor activities to keep you entertained. From escape rooms to indoor climbing, virtual reality arcades, boxing classes, and game bars, there's something for everyone. You can also visit the Bloedel Conservatory or Vancouver Aquarium to experience tropical gardens or learn about marine animals and their habitats.

These activities not only offer a fun way to spend your day but also provide opportunities for team-building, skill-building, and personal growth. So, next time it's raining outside, grab your rain boots and head out to explore these exciting indoor activities in Vancouver!

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