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Harbour Cruises - 2024 Fireworks Dinner Cruise
Event Information
Saturday, Jul 20, 2024
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Harbour Cruises & Events
501 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC.


Set sail into Vancouver's English Bay for the spectacular annual Celebration of Lights Festival with the 2024 Fireworks Dinner Cruise. This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity to view the dazzling fireworks from the intimate waters of Vancouver Harbour, providing the best vantage points to witness the vibrant display.

Cruise Details

  • Dates Available:
    • Saturday, July 20th
    • Wednesday, July 24th
    • Saturday, July 27th
  • Sailing Time:
    • From 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Location:
    • Harbour Cruises & Events

What to Expect

  • Spectacular Views: Experience the fireworks like never before, with unobstructed views from the inlets of Vancouver Harbour. Whether you choose to capture the moment on camera or simply soak in the beauty, the cruise offers a memorable vantage point for the Celebration of Lights.
  • Delicious Buffet Dinner: Indulge in a sumptuous 3-entrée buffet dinner that caters to all tastes. The cruise combines the best of dining and entertainment, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.
  • Live Music: Enhancing the evening's ambiance, a live DJ will provide a vibrant soundtrack, adding to the festive atmosphere onboard.
  • Exclusive Experience: The 2024 Fireworks Dinner Cruise is available exclusively on three select dates, making it a sought-after event for those looking to enjoy the festival from the best seats in Vancouver.
  • Family-Friendly: The cruise is open to all ages, making it a perfect outing for families. Toddlers (2 & under) can join for free, ensuring a family-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.

To secure a spot on this exclusive cruise, visit Harbour Cruises & Events' website or contact them via email. Book now to add this unforgettable experience to your itinerary and ensure you have the best seats in Vancouver for the 2024 Celebration of Lights.



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