U-Pick Berry Trip: Top 14 Berry Picking Farms near Vancouver

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Aug 24, 2023

Hey there, berry lovers! Are you ready to embark on a delightful adventure in the Vancouver region? We are excited to share with you all the juicy details about the best U-Pick berry picking farms near Vancouver. Trust me, these farms are a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered!

Picture this: you're surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, soaking up the fresh air and sunshine, as you stroll through rows of vibrant berry bushes.

These farms offer an experience unlike any other. You get to roll up your sleeves, grab a basket, and pick your own juicy berries straight from the vine. It's a hands-on adventure that both kids and adults will absolutely love.

1. Krause Berry Farms | LANGLEY

Krause Berry Fams Langley 1

Unleashing the magic of U-pick berry farms in Vancouver, Krause Berry Farms sits at the top of our list, turning a berry picking day trip into a deliciously enthralling adventure.

This gem, located in Langley, a short scenic drive from the heart of Vancouver, invites families and fruit enthusiasts to a day of laughter, sunshine, and baskets brimming with nature's candy.

Krause Berry Fams Langley 2
Krause Berry Fams Langley 3

An outing to Krause Berry Farms extends far beyond the traditional berry picking experience. Imagine stepping foot into a slice of Schitt's Creek!

As you tread through the berry fields, you will soon discover a tantalizing world of fruit-based wines. And it's not just about the broad variety. What really brings the experience to life is their unique tasting room, transporting you into an exciting realm of flavors, distinct from your everyday wine experience.

Krause Berry Fams Langley 4
Krause Berry Fams Langley 5

Are you a fan of Lambrusco or intrigued by Pet-Nat? Well, Krause doesn't shy away from breaking the conventional wine rules.

Their one-of-a-kind fruit wines offer a curious blend of tradition and innovation, catering to wine lovers who yearn for something refreshingly different. Even if you're just dabbling in the world of fruit wines, their irresistible selection is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised.

Location: Krause Berry Farms - Google Maps

2. Driediger Farms | LANGLEY

Driediger Farms Langley 1

This seasoned veteran of the U-pick berry scene offers an experience that is as rich in tradition as it is in flavor.

What sets them apart is its impressive selection of summer berries. Here, you'll find the classic quartet of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries – a medley of colors and tastes that are sure to make your berry picking outing feel like a festive summer carnival.

Driediger Farms Langley 3
Driediger Farms Langley 4

But the surprises don't stop there. For those with a penchant for the more exotic, Driediger Farms also has red currants up for picking.

These tart, tangy berries are a delight for those who enjoy European delicacies, adding a unique twist to your U-pick experience.

Driediger Farms Langley 2

As one of the oldest berry farms in the Vancouver area, Driediger Farms brings more than just berries to the table.

It offers an opportunity to connect with the history of local farming, providing a deeper appreciation for the effort that goes into growing these tiny fruits.

Location: Driediger Farms - Google Maps

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3. Mann Farms | ABBOTSFORD

Maan Farms Abbotsford 1

Proudly standing in Abbotsford, the heart of Fraser Valley. Over the decades, they've honed their craft to offer a delightful U-pick berry experience like no other.

The farm is particularly revered for its rich harvests of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Maan Farms Abbotsford 4
Maan Farms Abbotsford 5

There's something genuinely captivating about wandering through the leafy rows, handpicking these radiant jewels right from the source. Each berry type, with its distinct flavor and beauty, is ripe and ready for picking at various stages throughout the summer.

This means that a different fruity treasure awaits your discovery each time you visit Mann Farms. To ensure the most fruitful experience, we recommend a quick check with the farm before your trip to know which berries are in season.

Maan Farms Abbotsford 2
Maan Farms Abbotsford 3

The charm extends beyond their sumptuous berries. As you wander amidst the lush fields, you'll get to soak in the rustic charm of the countryside, a true treat for city dwellers looking for a serene escape. 

Location: Mann Farms - Google Maps

4. Blueberry Junction | ABBOTSFORD

Blueberry Junction Abbotsford 1

This charming farm offers an unrivaled blueberry picking experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on both your heart and your taste buds.

Blueberry Junction Abbotsford 2
Blueberry Junction Abbotsford 3

The drawcard of Blueberry Junction lies in its dedication to organic farming practices. The blueberries grown here are free from chemical sprays, ensuring that you're picking nothing but nature's best.

They might not be the cheapest on the market, but what you're getting is an investment in your health and taste satisfaction. After all, can you really put a price on pure, undiluted quality?

Blueberry Junction Abbotsford 4

These blueberries have earned the title of "best berries in the valley", and for good reason. Each one is big, juicy, and bursting with flavor, making them the perfect addition to your morning cereal, summer salad, or as a simple, refreshing snack.

The warm and efficient staff add to the appeal of Blueberry Junction. They are always on hand to assist you, making sure your berry picking adventure is as smooth as it is enjoyable.

Location: Blueberry Junction - Google Maps

5. Bumbleberry Farms | ABBOTSFORD

Bumbleberry Farms Abbotsford 1
Bumbleberry Farms Abbotsford 2

Known for its diverse array of summer berries, this farm invites you to a veritable feast of natural sweetness.

Bumbleberry Farms is unique in its offering of ripe, juicy blackberries – a rarity among U-pick berry farms.

Bumbleberry Farms Abbotsford 3
Bumbleberry Farms Abbotsford 4

The chance to fill your baskets with these tangy, plump berries adds an extra layer of excitement to your berry picking adventure.

Alongside blackberries, the farm is also abundant with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It's not just a farm visit, but a summer berry extravaganza!

Bumbleberry Farms Abbotsford 5
Bumbleberry Farms Abbotsford 6

Each visit to Bumbleberry Farms promises a day of fun and discovery. The charm lies in the variety.

With four types of berries ripe for the picking, every turn in the field unveils a new treasure. Each berry brings its own character and flavor to the table, ensuring your picnic baskets are brimming with color and diversity.

Location: Bumbleberry Farms - Google Maps

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6. Taves Family Farms | ABBOTSFORD

Taves Family Farms Abbotsford 0

Their berry fields follow a slightly later schedule than other farms, making it a perfect choice for those who may have missed the typical berry picking season.

But the real star of the show is their unique Goji berry U-pick, a rare find amongst local farms.

Taves Family Farms Abbotsford 1
Taves Family Farms Abbotsford 2

Goji berries, known for their superfood status, can be quite expensive at your typical grocery store.

But at Taves Family Farms, you have the chance to pick these nutrient-packed berries right from the source, all while saving a few bucks.

Taves Family Farms Abbotsford 3
Taves Family Farms Abbotsford 4

The farm's commitment to providing something different is testament to their dedication to ensuring visitors have an unforgettable berry picking experience.

They've taken the time to cultivate a more diverse range of berries, pushing the boundaries of what a traditional U-pick berry farm can offer.

Location: Taves Family Farms - Google Maps

7. Willems Berry Farm | ABBOTSFORD

Willems Berry Farm Abbotsford 1

Imagine strolling through sun-drenched fields, gently picking and taste-testing these juicy, tart berries.

Best of all, their raspberries are a great deal – you can leave with a hefty 5-pound bounty for as little as $18. What's not to love?

Willems Berry Farm Abbotsford 4
Willems Berry Farm Abbotsford 5

However, the allure of Willems Berry Farm extends beyond its raspberry fields. The friendly and laid-back staff add a welcoming touch to your berry picking experience.

They ensure that your family outing is not just fruitful, but also relaxing and enjoyable.

Willems Berry Farm Abbotsford 2
Willems Berry Farm Abbotsford 3

After you've filled your baskets, take a well-deserved break in their sprawling lawn area. Furnished with comfy seating, it's the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Just remember to bring a sun hat, as the summer sun can get quite intense!

Location: Willems Berry Farm - Google Maps

8. Emma Lea Farms | DELTA

Emma Lea Farms Delta 1

Going on a berry picking journey in Vancouver? A stop at Emma Lea Farms, located in the quaint town of Delta, is a must.

With a legacy dating back to 1885, this farm is a testament to enduring passion and agricultural excellence. More than a century of expertise has blessed this farm with bountiful berry harvests that delight each visitor.

Emma Lea Farms Delta 2
Emma Lea Farms Delta 3

Venturing into Emma Lea Farms is like stepping back in time, where tradition marries the joys of berry picking.

It's an immersive experience where you can connect with the land, feel the sun on your skin, and relish the thrill of finding the juiciest berries for your basket.

Emma Lea Farms Delta 4
Emma Lea Farms Delta 5

What sets them apart is their versatility. Along with their impressive berry fields, the farm has evolved into a flourishing cattle ranch on the island.

The result is a diverse farm market that offers an extensive range of farm-fresh produce. From just-picked berries to pasture-raised beef, their market is a foodie's paradise, creating a farm-to-table experience like no other.

Location: Emma Lea Farms - Google Maps

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9. Westham Island Herb Farm | DELTA

Westham Island Herb Farm Delta 1
Westham Island Herb Farm Delta 2

Westham Island Herb Farm in Delta offers a holistic, calming experience that engages all the senses.

From the vibrant hues of the berry fields to the expansive pumpkin patch, there's a sense of peacefulness that resonates throughout the property. The farm is also home to a delightful array of animals, adding a hint of countryside charm to your visit.

Westham Island Herb Farm Delta 3
Westham Island Herb Farm Delta 4

What makes them truly special, however, is the people. The farmers are not just friendly; they're genuinely passionate about what they do, infusing every interaction with an infectious enthusiasm for farming and nature.

Westham Island Herb Farm Delta 5

Furthermore, families will appreciate the wholesome fun the farm offers. Whether it's picking perfect berries or enjoying the simple pleasure of being in a beautiful field on a sunny day, there's always something enjoyable for people of all ages.

Location: Westham Island Herb Farm - Google Maps

10. Didar Berry Farm | DELTA

Didar Berry Farm Delta 0

You won't find any mechanized harvesters on this farm; instead, each and every blueberry is carefully handpicked to ensure the highest quality produce reaches your basket.

Didar Berry Farm Delta 2

Upon your visit, the striking big red barn will catch your eye. It's not just an attractive landmark but also the hub where you can purchase freshly picked, sorted, and packed blueberries on the spot.

Didar Berry Farm Delta 1

An aspect that sets Didar Berry Farm apart is its commitment to freshness – all the blueberries you find in the barn are picked on the same day, guaranteeing you the freshest taste possible.

The farm offers its berries in boxes of 5, 10, or 20 pounds, suitable for berry lovers of all appetites.

Location: Didar Berry Farm - Google Maps

11. Formosa Nursery | MAPLE RIDGE

Formosa Nursery Maple_Ridge 1
Formosa Nursery Maple_Ridge 2

Named after Taiwan, the beautiful home country of the farm's owners, Formosa Nursery isn't just a place to pick berries; it's an experience steeped in cultural richness and agricultural dedication.

It's a testament to the diligence of three generations committed to delivering quality, worry-free produce to their community.

Formosa Nursery Maple_Ridge 3
Formosa Nursery Maple_Ridge 4

Undoubtedly, their blueberry harvest is the star of the show during the summer season. Visitors can dive into the thriving rows of high-bush blueberries, learning about how Canada's largest and sweetest blueberry crops are nurtured.

With each plump, juicy berry you pick, you're sampling nature's finest – chemical-free and full of flavour.

Formosa Nursery Maple_Ridge 5
Formosa Nursery Maple_Ridge 6

But there's more to Formosa Nursery than just berry picking. It's a haven for family-friendly experiences, complete with a hammock forest offering a cool respite from the summer heat.

Kids will love the freedom of exploring a farm that's not only safe but also enlightening.

Location: Formosa Nursery - Google Maps

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12. Cherry Lane Farm | RICHMOND

Cherry Lane Farm Richmond 1

Cherry Lane Farm, run by an affable family, is dedicated to organic farming practices, ensuring their fruits and berries are as natural and delicious as possible.

They offer a fantastic blueberry picking experience, with the hosts happily assisting visitors to get set up and begin their berry hunting adventure. Their generous assistance and fair pricing add to the farm's charm and customer appeal.

Cherry Lane Farm Richmond 2
Cherry Lane Farm Richmond 3

The true magic of Cherry Lane Farm lies in its ability to connect you with nature, and more importantly, with the people behind your food.

The family takes great pride in their produce, often showing visitors the fruits and vegetables about to be harvested. Their passion is infectious, igniting an excitement in guests to return for more.

But picking berries isn't just about the final bounty—it's about the process. The farm invites you to slow down, bask in the sunshine, and savor the simple joy of picking your food.

Location: Cherry Lane Farm - Google Maps

13. Surrey Farms | SURREY

Surrey Farms Surrey 0

Located in the heart of Surrey, this farm is a haven that's ready to satisfy your cravings for these succulent little powerhouses of nutrition.

Surrey Farms is dedicated to blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and many more during the U-pick season.

Surrey Farms Surrey 1
Surrey Farms Surrey 2

The green fields filled with berries that stretch as far as the eye can see are a sight to behold. As you wander through the rows, the sun-ripened berries are practically begging to be picked.

This farm is a haven for U-Pick enthusiasts who can appreciate the fresh flavor that comes from a farm with a variety of options.

Surrey Farms Surrey 3
Surrey Farms Surrey 4

However, bear in mind that these beautiful berries are quite popular and may sell out quickly. Thus, it's a good idea to call ahead to check on the availability of U-pick opportunities. It would be a shame to miss out on these luscious gems due to a late start.

Location: Surrey Farms - Google Maps

14. Klaassen Farms | CHILLIWACK

Klaassen Farms Chilliwack 1

Spread over an expansive 80 acres, Klaassen Farms is not only a testament to quality but also to the depth and breadth of blueberry varieties.

They cultivate five different types of blueberries: Reka, Elliott, Bluecrop, Calypso, and Duke, with each variety bringing its unique blend of size, flavour, and harvest time.

Klaassen Farms Chilliwack 2
Klaassen Farms Chilliwack 3

Do you prefer a full-bodied berry or lean towards the sweet side? You'll find Reka and Elliott to be more robust, while Bluecrop, Calypso, and Duke are sweeter.

The range in colour, size, and even the bushes they grow on, adds to the unique experience of picking at Klaassen Farms.

Klaassen Farms Chilliwack 4
Klaassen Farms Chilliwack 5

Their signature Duke blueberries, revered for their plumpness and sweet taste, are most often frozen and made available to the public.

Freezing not only prolongs the enjoyment of these delightful berries but also enhances the accessibility of their antioxidants. Known for their vitamin C and magnesium content, regular consumption of blueberries can help with heart disease prevention, brain health improvement, and blood sugar moderation.

Location: Klaassen Farms - Google Maps

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To Sum It All Up

We've walked through verdant fields, traversed family-run farms, and indulged in the bounty of British Columbia's fertile lands. From Maan Farms' diverse selection of berries to the rare Goji berries at Taves Family Farms, and the handpicked delights of Didar Berry Farm, we've journeyed together through a multitude of U-pick berry experiences.

But remember, this is merely a taste of the myriad opportunities that await you. Each farm possesses its unique charm, history, and of course, an assortment of mouthwatering berries waiting to be plucked.

Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat, a family excursion, or a berry-filled adventure, these farms offer experiences that will make your summer truly unforgettable.

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