Yoga in Vancouver: 11 Classes That Will Help You Find Your Zen

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Sep 8, 2023

Welcome to your guide to the best yoga classes and studios in Vancouver! If you're looking to find zen and take your yoga practice to the next level, you've come to the right place. Vancouver is home to a vibrant and diverse yoga community, with a wide range of classes and styles available to suit yogis of all levels and backgrounds.

From restorative yin classes to challenging power flow sessions, there's something for everyone here.

In this article, we've curated a list of the best yoga classes and studios in Vancouver, based on factors like teacher experience, class variety, and overall vibe. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner just starting out, we've got you covered. So grab your mat and get ready to dive into the best that Vancouver's yoga scene has to offer!

1. Just Add Water Yoga Studio

Just Add Water Yoga Studio 1

At Just Add Water Yoga Studio, members are guided on a transformative journey as they learn to navigate life's ever-changing currents.

By cultivating awareness and fostering resilience, the studio empowers individuals to ride the waves of change with grace and ease. Through a diverse range of classes, they provide members with the tools and techniques needed to maintain inner calm amidst the turbulence of daily life.

Just Add Water Yoga Studio 2

The skilled instructors are dedicated to supporting their students every step of the way. With their guidance, members can develop a deeper understanding of their own unique strengths and challenges, allowing them to create a personalized yoga practice that nurtures growth and self-discovery.

Just Add Water Yoga Studio 3
Just Add Water Yoga Studio 4

In addition to its breathtaking indoor/outdoor space, Just Add Water Yoga Studio offers an array of amenities designed to elevate the yoga experience.

From its state-of-the-art facilities to its tranquil ambiance, the studio creates a welcoming environment where members can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Location: Just Add Water Yoga Studio - Google Maps

2. The Yoga Bar

The Yoga Bar Yaletown 1
The Yoga Bar Yaletown 2

The Yoga Bar takes your practice to the next level with cutting-edge infrared heaters, which not only keep you warm but also stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. This unique feature is a game-changer in elevating the benefits of your yoga sessions.

The Yoga Bar Yaletown 3
The Yoga Bar Yaletown 4

With studios in Yaletown and White Rock - that are equipped with 25 aerial yoga hammocks and a wide range of yoga equipment, The Yoga Bar ensures that you have everything you need for an exceptional practice.

Indulge in complimentary bath towels, lockers, fruits, and organic teas that add a touch of luxury to your experience.

The Yoga Bar Yaletown 5
The Yoga Bar Yaletown 6

To make things even more convenient, they have developed an app that allows customers to plan, schedule, and register for classes. They have a wide variety of classes: Hot Classes, Warm Classes, Relaxation & Meditation, Stretch, Weight Training, Cardio and even Spin.

While their fees are on the higher end, the quality of service and facilities makes it worth the investment. Clients rave about the tranquil atmosphere, exceptional instructors, and overall experience.

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3. Uphoria Yoga

Uphoria Yoga 1
Uphoria Yoga 2

At Uphoria, expectant and new mothers can find support in prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, designed to enhance flexibility and strength.

These classes create a nurturing environment for mothers to bond with their babies in a comfortable and fun setting.

Uphoria Yoga 3
Uphoria Yoga 4

The studio's dedication to family extends to toddlers and children, with age-appropriate yoga programs and even the option to host themed yoga birthday parties. This unique offering allows parents to celebrate their child's special day while creating lasting memories through a shared yoga practice.

For even more family fun, they offer seasonal camps for children aged 3 to 12. These camps combine movement games, arts and crafts, and yoga poses for a well-rounded and engaging experience.

Uphoria Yoga 5

Although Uphoria Yoga opened its doors in 2019, the quality of their services is already impressive. Customers praise the knowledgeable instructors, spacious facilities, and calming atmosphere that make every visit a delight.

Location: Uphoria Yoga - Google Maps

4. Hot Yoga 101 Inferno Hot Pilates

Hot Yoga 101 1
Hot Yoga 101 2

Hot Yoga 101 believes in harnessing yoga's potential to help each student reach their individual objectives.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, find balance, enhance flexibility, heal from an injury, or simply incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, their Bikram Series classes offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Hot Yoga 101 3
Hot Yoga 101 4

The studio's unique fusion of hot yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates adds an extra layer of challenge and intensity to your practice.

This powerful combination is designed to push your physical limits, increase stamina, and improve mental focus, all while enjoying the supportive and motivating atmosphere that Hot Yoga 101 is known for.

Hot Yoga 101 5
Hot Yoga 101 6

Throughout your journey, expect to see tangible progress in your overall health and well-being.

Many students report noticeable improvements in strength, flexibility, and mental clarity after incorporating the Bikram Series and Inferno Hot Pilates into their fitness routines.

Location: Hot Yoga 101 Inferno Hot Pilates - Google Maps



YYOGA's diverse range of class styles ensures that every member can find the perfect fit for their unique fitness journey.

The studio offers both heated and non-heated yoga classes, such as hot yoga and YSculpt, providing a comprehensive experience under one membership.


Welcoming both newcomers and seasoned practitioners, they are committed to fostering an inclusive community that nurtures growth and self-discovery.

Their expert instructors guide students through each class with patience and understanding, ensuring that everyone can reap the benefits of yoga regardless of their experience level.


The downtown Vancouver location makes them an ideal choice for busy professionals seeking a nearby escape from the daily grind.

The studio's convenient and central location allows you to seamlessly incorporate yoga into your routine, whether you prefer an invigorating morning class, a lunchtime session, or a calming evening practice.

Location: YYOGA - Google Maps

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6. Jaybird Studio — Yaletown

Jaybird Studio Yaletown 1

Experience the joy of living in the present moment at Jaybird Studio, a contemporary movement studio located in the heart of Yaletown, Vancouver.

Jaybird Studio encourages its members to shed the layers that hold them back, release outside perceptions, and let go of expectations in order to fully immerse themselves in their yoga practice.

Jaybird Studio Yaletown 2
Jaybird Studio Yaletown 3

At the core of their philosophy is the belief that yoga is about more than just physical poses. Instead, it's a holistic journey of self-discovery and personal growth, connecting the body, mind, and spirit.

This approach sets them apart from other yoga classes in Vancouver, making it a truly unique destination for seekers of a deeper yoga experience.

Jaybird Studio Yaletown 4
Jaybird Studio Yaletown 5

Jaybird Studio offers a variety of classes designed to help students find their own path to inner peace and harmony. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate instructors, you'll be guided through each practice with patience, empathy, and encouragement.

This supportive environment enables you to explore the depths of your practice and uncover the boundless potential within yourself.

Location: Jaybird Studio — Yaletown - Google Maps



At CMMN GRND, the focus is on creating a realistic and holistic approach to their members' fitness and well-being. The studio's diverse class offerings cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can find a practice that resonates with them.

Whether you're looking to break a sweat, indulge in some restorative relaxation, or try something new, CMMN GRND is an inclusive space that welcomes every body.


The studio's warm and friendly atmosphere creates the perfect environment for building connections and fostering a strong sense of community. By cultivating a support system that values respect for oneself and others, they encourage their members to grow both on and off the mat.


In addition to Yoga, they offer a variety of other Fitness Classes and Spin Classes, so you can mix and match your workout routine according to your preferences.

The studio's open and inviting approach ensures that there's always something new and exciting to try, making it a dynamic destination for all your fitness needs.

Location: CMMN GRND - Google Maps

8. Orijin Yoga

Orijin Yoga 1

At the heart of Orijin Yoga's philosophy is the belief that yoga is more than just a physical practice; it's a transformative experience that empowers individuals to cultivate strength, resilience, and inner peace.

With this holistic perspective, they offer a diverse range of classes designed to cater to the unique needs and goals of each member.

Orijin Yoga 2

From invigorating vinyasa flows to soothing restorative sessions, Orijin Yoga's extensive class offerings provide an opportunity for everyone to explore and deepen their practice.

The studio's experienced and compassionate instructors guide students through each class with encouragement and support, creating a safe space where personal growth can flourish.

Orijin Yoga 3
Orijin Yoga 4

In addition to yoga, they also offer a variety of fitness classes that complement and enhance the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

By incorporating strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises, Orijin Yoga's well-rounded fitness program ensures that members can achieve their wellness goals in a balanced and sustainable way.

Location: Orijin Yoga - Google Maps

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9. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

Oxygen _ Yoga Fitness 1

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness prides itself on offering an innovative fusion of yoga and fitness modalities, which ensures a balanced and comprehensive approach to wellness.

By integrating the wisdom of Eastern practices with the benefits of regular physical exercise, the studio helps its members achieve optimal health and well-being in a sustainable way.

Oxygen _ Yoga Fitness 2
Oxygen _ Yoga Fitness 3

The diverse range of classes caters to a variety of needs and interests, allowing members to create a personalized wellness routine that aligns with their goals.

From invigorating power yoga sessions to calming meditation classes, the studio's dynamic offerings provide a rich and transformative experience for both body and mind.

Oxygen _ Yoga Fitness 4
Oxygen _ Yoga Fitness 5

The dedicated and passionate instructors at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness are committed to guiding their students through each class with support and encouragement.

By fostering a positive and empowering atmosphere, the studio cultivates an environment where members can thrive and reach their full potential.

Location: Oxygen Yoga & Fitness - Google Maps

10. Modo Yoga Vancouver

Modo Yoga Vancouver 1

Modo Yoga Vancouver, where your yoga practice reaches new heights. With a welcoming atmosphere and classes to suit all skill levels, Modo Yoga has quickly become a favorite spot for Vancouver's yoga enthusiasts.

Modo Yoga Vancouver 2
Modo Yoga Vancouver 3

You can immerse yourself in a variety of class styles, from the classic Modo to Modo Flow, Yin, Fusion, and Music classes. These diverse options cater to different preferences, ensuring that you'll find a class that resonates with your personal yoga journey.

One standout feature that sets them apart is their unique Karma Classes. These CAD 5 donation-based classes are open to everyone, and the proceeds go to a different charity each month. Not only do you get a fantastic yoga experience, but you also contribute to a great cause.

Modo Yoga Vancouver 4
Modo Yoga Vancouver 5

Comfort and convenience are prioritized at Modo Yoga, with dedicated changing rooms and shower facilities available for use after class.

However, be aware that they cap their classes at 30 students to maintain a balanced and enjoyable experience for all. As a result, it's essential to arrive 5-10 minutes early, as latecomers are not permitted.

Location: Modo Yoga Vancouver - Google Maps

11. Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver

Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver 1

Beginners at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver can take advantage of a CAD 60 online beginner course, which covers breathing and Mulabandha, detailed instruction in Surya Namaskara, five essential standing postures, and three closing postures. This comprehensive introduction provides a solid foundation for students to build upon as they progress in their practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver 2
Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver 3

The studio offers two types of classes: Mysore style and counted class. The Mysore-style class allows teachers to provide tailored instruction and assistance to each student, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

This focus on individual attention ensures that every student receives the guidance and support they need to grow in their practice

Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver 4

For more advanced students, the counted class is an excellent choice. In these sessions, instructors call out postures and counted movements, creating a more structured and challenging environment for experienced practitioners.

Location: Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver - Google Maps

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To Sum It All Up

There you have it, Vancouver, a yoga enthusiast's paradise! These studios deeply root their practices in building communities, fostering personal growth, and promoting holistic wellness.

So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect spot to roll out your mat, you're in luck! With so many incredible options, your biggest challenge might just be picking where to start.

And if you're looking to boost your health and perhaps even tone up those muscles, you should definitely consider checking out Top Gyms in Vancouver.

They're all about helping you feel stronger and sharper, both in body and mind.

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