Unique and Fun: 8 Adult Birthday Ideas in North Vancouver

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Are you looking for unique and fun ways to celebrate another trip around the sun in North Vancouver? Well, you’re in luck! This article is packed with 8 amazing ideas that will make your special day unforgettable. From the thrill of Laserdome Plus to the tranquility of a spa day at Tality Wellness, we have a variety of options. 

Why did we pick these activities? Simple! We wanted to make sure there’s a little bit of everything to suit all kinds of birthday vibes. Plus, trying out new stuff is always a great way to make memories.

Let’s explore these awesome birthday ideas and find the perfect way to celebrate in North Vancouver

1. King Pins Bowling Fun

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Ever thought about mixing strikes and snacks for a birthday bash? Well, at King Pins Bowling, they’ve hit the mark with a perfect blend of fun and food.

Think about this: You and your friends are competing on their state-of-the-art 10-pin lanes, with the pins crashing down in a symphony of excitement. 

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But wait, there’s more! King Pins Bowling is more than just about the game. They’ve got mouth-watering party packs that make organizing a celebration a breeze.

For adults, the party pack is a dream come true.

Lane bookings, assorted pizzas, mixed dishes, and a selection of drinks ranging from sodas to cocktails. It’s perfect for groups of up to 10, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile. 

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Feeling peckish after all that bowling? King Pins has you well prepared with their exceptional dining experience. Just a few steps from the lanes, you’ll find a high-end restaurant area with comfy booths and tables. 

2. Laser Tag at Laserdome Plus

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Stepping into a world where your inner action hero can truly shine! That's exactly what you'll find at Laserdome Plus in North Vancouver.

This place is perfect for anyone looking to celebrate their birthday with a unique twist of excitement and adventure. First off, let's talk about the massive laser tag arena.

This isn't just any laser tag spot—it's one of North America's largest, covering a whopping 7500 square feet spread over four levels.

You’ll be dodging laser beams and strategizing your next move in a space illuminated by colorful LED lights and smoke effects. 

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The arena's dynamic atmosphere, complete with fluorescent paint murals, feels like a futuristic battleground. Equipped with battle vests and phasers, players of all ages can immerse themselves in the action, enjoying a non-contact, yet thrilling game.

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Laserdome Plus also provides some great special deals and event packages. From student discounts to weekly specials, there's always a way to enjoy more for less.

Their birthday packages are especially popular, bundling together laser tag, rock climbing, and access to the Space Jungle. It's a comprehensive, action-packed birthday celebration that everyone will remember. 

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3. Take a Beer Bike Tour

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Looking for a birthday celebration that's both unique and fun? Why not try the North Vancouver Beer Bike Tour! It's a one-of-a-kind experience that promises a blend of excitement, education, and, of course, delicious craft beer. 

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You get to visit three of the most popular craft breweries in the area. Typically, the tour includes stops at House Of Funk, North Point, and Beere Brewing.

Each of these breweries has its own unique vibe and special brews, making the journey extra exciting.

Your tour starts at Lonsdale Quay and can accommodate 8-14 guests, making it perfect for a group event. 

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But there's more than just beer. The tour includes VIP access with entrance fees covered, a Vancouver Brewery Tours Beer Tasting Journal, and even behind-the-scenes tours led by passionate and knowledgeable guides.

You'll get a full introduction to the brewing process, aptly named 'From Grain to Glass', ensuring that you walk away with a newfound appreciation for craft beer.

Vancouver Brewery Tours, the brains behind this tour, have been offering award-winning brewery tours since 2013

4. Kayak with Friends

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Looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate your birthday? Glide through the peaceful waters of Deep Cove with your closest friends, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Kayaking with friends offers a unique and adventurous way to mark your special day, making it an experience you'll cherish forever. 

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What makes this activity stand out is its flexibility. Deep Cove Kayak offers private tours that can be customized to fit various occasions and group sizes.

Celebrating a birthday? Planning a family trip with kids? Organizing a stag or stagette party? Or just looking for a fun day out with friends or colleagues? You can easily book online for groups of up to six participants, with convenient three-hour time slots.

For larger groups, private tours can be arranged outside the regular schedule, accommodating up to ten people depending on availability.

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Here are some important tips for you before your trip:

  • Clothing: Dress for the weather and choose clothes that allow for easy movement. Avoid jeans; instead, opt for leggings, non-restrictive shorts, or sport pants. Consider an insulating long-sleeved non-cotton top and bottoms to stay warm even if they get wet.
  • Footwear: Secure wet footwear like booties or water shoes are ideal. You can also wear shoes you don't mind getting wet, like running shoes. 
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen and sunglasses with a strap are a must to protect yourself from the sun’s glare while paddling. 
  • Hydration: Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, especially on sunny, warm days. Kayaking in Deep Cove is not just an activity; it's a way to connect with nature and create memorable moments with friends. It's a perfect birthday idea for those who love the outdoors and seek a blend of adventure and tranquility. So, grab your paddles and get ready for an epic birthday celebration on the water!

5. Relax at Tality Wellness Spa

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Celebrating your birthday with a day of pure relaxation and tranquility at Tality Wellness' Shipyards Spa is an excellent idea! 

When you step into the Shipyards Spa, you'll immediately feel the soothing ambiance wash over you. The spa is designed to promote relaxation and wellness with a variety of rejuvenating amenities.

One of the standout features is the traditional electric sauna, which comfortably accommodates up to 25 people

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For those seeking a refreshing sensation, the invigorating cold plunge is a must-try. It provides a brisk wake-up for your senses, while the serene ambient plunge offers a more calming experience.

These contrasting elements create a balanced and refreshing spa visit. To keep you hydrated and revitalized, Shipyards Spa offers refreshing kombucha on tap and a selection of soothing teas.

Enjoy sipping on a cool, fizzy kombucha or a warm, aromatic tea while wrapped in a complimentary robe and flip-flops. 

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You can easily reach out to their reservations team to inquire about availability and pricing, which varies depending on the length, day, and time of your session. 

Choosing Tality Wellness' Shipyards Spa for your birthday celebration means treating yourself and your loved ones to a day of unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation.

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6. Secret Spa Experience at Tality Wellness

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Celebrating your birthday or special event in the serene charm of Tality Wellness' Secret Spa in North Vancouver is an exceptional experience.

Once a kombucha brewery, this industrial oasis has gracefully transformed into a tranquil sanctuary, offering a perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

Here, the entrance is cleverly tucked away, enhancing the sense of adventure and discovery. When you arrive, you’ll be treated to a host of rejuvenating amenities designed to melt your stress away.

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Guests at Secret Spa can indulge in a wood-burning sauna that comfortably fits 10 to 16 people. The warmth of the sauna is perfectly complemented by the invigorating cold plunge and the serene ambient plunge.

It’s an experience that tantalizes both body and soul. But that’s not all! The spa stays true to its roots by offering kombucha on tap, alongside a selection of soothing teas. 

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Whether it's a birthday bash or a luxurious retreat with friends, the spa offers private bookings that include almost two hours of pure bliss for up to ten guests.

And if you have pet friends, no worries! Pets are welcome, provided they're secured comfortably. Light, mess-free snacks are allowed too, just make sure to tidy up before the next session begins. 

7. Mountain Ropes Adventure

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Fancy celebrating your birthday up among the treetops? Then head to Grouse Mountain's Mountain Ropes Adventure!

You'll be harnessed up and receive essential safety briefings from expert guides before you set off. Your safety is their top priority, ensuring you can swing through the trees with total confidence.

They’ve got everything from plank bridges and rock climbing walls to intricate nets and thrilling ziplines. It’s a mix of challenges that’ll test your strength and agility while keeping you totally entertained.

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Worried about the weather? No need! The adventure runs rain or shine, though they do pause for high winds, thunder, and lightning. 

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Before you start, you'll have a safety briefing and orientation to get you geared up. Courses vary in difficulty, ensuring everyone finds their perfect challenge. 

Helmets are mandatory, and masks are optional if you prefer. For a smooth experience, arrive at the mountain base at least 60 minutes before your scheduled time.

8. Wakesurf and Waterski Adventure

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Ever dreamt of effortlessly gliding over the water, catching waves, and feeling the rush of wind on your face? Celebrate your birthday by taking on the thrilling challenge of wakesurfing and waterskiing!

At Cove Water Sports in North Vancouver, this dream can become reality. Cove Water Sports is a haven for people who love water lovers of all skill levels.

Their expert coaching and excellent facilities make it the perfect spot for anyone looking to start water sports.

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For those excited about wakesurfing, Cove Water Sports provides everything you need. Their dedicated team offers personalized instruction, allowing you to refine your skills and master the art of gliding across the water's surface. 

If wakeboarding is more your style, Cove Water Sports offers an ideal setting to practice and perfect your techniques. Under the guidance of certified coaches, you’ll be tackling waves like a pro in no time.

The thrill of wakeboarding here is unmatched, ensuring both a safe and enjoyable experience. For those with a penchant for slalom skiing, Cove Water Sports doesn’t disappoint

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And if you planning a birthday bash or a special event? Cove Water Sports also offers customizable packages for birthdays and corporate gatherings.

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To Sum It All Up

In North Vancouver, celebrating an adult birthday can be an absolute blast with the right activities. From striking out at King Pins Bowling to the high-energy excitement of Laserdome Plus, and even a refreshing Beer Bike Tour, there are plenty of options to choose from

These diverse activities were chosen to appeal to a wide range of interests, ensuring that everyone can find something they love. 

For even more exciting and unique ways to celebrate, be sure to check out ActiviFinder. Here's to making your next birthday the best one yet!

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