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Welcome our monthly guide for exploring beautiful Vancouver this June 2024! This month we have a diverse lineup of amazing activities, from zipping through the city on an e-scooter, gliding down glaciers in Whistler, stretching with goats in yoga class, or mastering the art of wing surfing. We're here to help you make the most of your June days filled with sunshine, cool breezes, and outdoor fun.

Our picks are packed with engaging and diverse activities that showcase the lively spirit and thrilling adrenaline opportunities of Vancouver. Haven't tried ziplining yet? Now's your chance! Ever heard of a helicopter picnic followed by paddling? Jump right in!

If you're looking for even more fun activities after checking our list, be sure to browse our selection of hundreds of activities in Vancouver!

1. Rent an E-Scooter or E-Bike

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Hey there, ready to see Vancouver in a fun and eco-friendly way? Why not hop on an Electric Scooter from VanEcoRide! 

Perfect for Viewing Stanley Park: One of the absolute best ways to experience the beauty of Vancouver is by riding through Stanley Park. With its stunning views, Stanley Park offers the perfect backdrop for your e-scooter. Glide along the park's pathways.

To start your journey all you have to do is make a quick visit to their friendly shop, and boom – you're all set for a hassle-free cruise around Vancouver! They make it super easy, too. All you need is a government-issued photo ID, credit card (for security, of course), and a huge smile.

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Perks of renting? Oh, they’ve thought of everything with a cool bundle: an e-scooter, lock, bag, helmet, phone holder, and for those keeping the ride overnight, a charger too! 

If scooters aren't really your jam, check this – they have Electric Bikes too! E-Bikes might be the perfect choice for you if you want to cover more miles or try a different style of riding. 

Want to know where you can ride? Basically, your playground is any 50 km/h zone including bicycle lanes, shared pathways, and local streets.

Now, what about returning these fun machines? Here’s the breakdown:

  • All-day rentals: Pick up from 10 AM and drop off before closing.
  • Overnight rentals: Pick up from 4 PM and return by 11 AM the next day.
  • 24-hour rentals: Pick up anytime during opening hours and return the same time the next day.

2. Experience Whistler Glacier Glissading

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We are sure that this is the first time you have heard about the thrilling world of Whistler Glacier Glissading with Mountain Skills Academy! In this activity you slide down an ancient glacier, feeling the rush of cool air as you glide over 14,000-year-old ice. It's a trully magical experience that combines the beauty of nature with the excitement of a fast-paced slide.

This epic journey takes about three hours and is packed with astonishing alpine views. Kids as young as eight can join, making it a fantastic activity for friends and family to enjoy together.

You can find mild, gentle slopes as well as more adventurous slides. Mountain Skills Academy have a big emphasis on safety, especially for young participants. They ensures that you’ll have fun while staying secure. And don’t worry about missing a second of the action—there are GoPro mounts available for your helmets, so you can capture every moment and watch it all again when you get home!

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If you’re concerned about the unpredictable alpine weather, it’s a good idea to come prepared. Bring waterproof clothing and plenty of warm layers to stay comfortable during your adventure. Trust us, a little preparation goes a long way in making sure you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

They offer exclusive packages for different group sizes, so you can make your adventure just the way you want it. So prepare your sense of adventure, camera, and warm clothes and get ready to slide into an unforgettable experience. 

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3. Enjoy Goat Yoga in the Park

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Goat Yoga Hatha Flow is one of those must-try things that you just can't miss, especially if you love quirky and fun activities. Doing yoga with a bunch of playful baby goats? Yes, that's right—while you stretch and breathe, these adorable little goats might nibble on your hair, climb on your back, or just prance around. It's like a yoga class sprinkled with joy and laughter!

At the Goat Yoga spot, you'll find yourself surrounded by the incredible glacial views of the Tantalus Range in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. The calm environment combined with the gentle nature of the baby goats makes for an incredibly relaxing experience. Who knew connecting with nature could be so much fun?

Your yoga session is led by a professional instructor who guides you through a series of relaxing movements and breathing exercises. Don’t worry if you’re not a yoga pro; the class is welcoming to both newbies and seasoned yogis. 

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This 45-minute session is all about exploring your body, mind, and spirit in a fun way. Following that, you get 15 minutes just to hang out and socialize with the goats. These little guys love to cuddle, play, and explore. They're full of curiosity and energy, making every class uniquely delightful.

Want to make it even more special? You can book a private Goat Yoga class, which comes with a tour of Glacier Valley Farm. While there, you can meet other animals, visit the BEE BNB and butterfly corridor, and even sit down for a relaxing cup of chai in the picnic area. How charming is that?

There's also a super cute option for parents and kids called the "My Buddy and Me" class. A bit more relaxed, this class is aimed at creating a memorable bonding experience for parents and children up to 12 years old. It's a fun way to introduce your little ones to yoga and the wonderful world of goats.

4. Learn Wing Surfing & Foiling

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Gliding over the water with the wind at your back, the waves dancing beneath you, and a sense of uncontrolled freedom in your heart. Sounds fantastic, right? Well, that’s exactly what you get when you try the Wing Surfing & Foiling Lessons at Windsure Adventure Watersports!

You can start with Discover Wing Surfing, which acts like an introduction to this fun sport. In just 3.5 hours, you'll grasp the basics: history, equipment know-how, the ins and outs of wing/wind theory, steering, tacking, and safety practices. The lesson is part land, part water, wrapping up with some real-time surf action.

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If you're hooked, and trust me, you will be, the next step is Discover Wing Foiling. This 3-hour lesson covers even more, detailing how to handle your gear, manage your board's pitch and roll, and master the art of self-rescue. By the end, you'll be confident in safely approaching foiling—basically flying above the waves!

Once you’ve got the basics down, why stop there? You can rent wing surfing and foiling equipment anytime you want! Windsure has top-of-the-line gear ready for you—just make sure you get the nod from an instructor or pass a quick assessment.

5. Zip Through the Mountains

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Get strapped in for Zipline Adventures and it's six thrilling zip-lines! The moment you step off that platform, it's pure adrenaline. The wind rushes past your face, and the world blurs into a fantastic green mosaic below. But dont worry, as you glide through this ancient forest canopy, professional guides are right there, making sure you’re safe every step—or should I say, zip—of the way. They’re also a fountain of knowledge about this stunning habitat, sharing fascinating tidbits that make every moment magical.

Between each zip-line, you get a breather—a short hike through the lush undergrowth. So, switch gears by taking a leisurely stroll through nature, where every leaf and whispering tree tells a piece of the park's story. Your guides will sprinkle your trek with insights about the local flora and fauna, transforming the forest into a living, breathing book of wonders.

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Why is this a must-do pick this month? The combination of the adrenaline rush with the calm beauty is extremely unique and you wont find anything similar somewhere else. Not only do you get your dose of excitement, but the experience leaves you with a deeper appreciation for nature. 

Grab your map, scout your day out, and don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the Ha'uukmin Tribal Park.

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6. Go Horseback Riding

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Feeling a little adventurous? Ever tried Horseback Riding? 🐴

Well, you should definitely give it a go this month at Langley 204! This spot is pretty famous in BC's Lower Mainland and has been around for over 20 years. It's perfect for families and they make safety a top priority, so you're in good hands!

What can you do at Langley 204? You can take a scenic trail ride through beautiful nature trails, join informative lessons, or let the little ones enjoy a fun pony ride. The head instructor, Teresa Milaire, is super knowledgeable and loves to share her passion. She treats every horse like family!

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During these horseback riding lessons you’ll get to learn under expert guidance, exploring both English and Western styles. They also offer boarding and training services for those lucky enough to have their own horses. It’s like being part of a big, supportive community.

Langley 204’s trail rides take you across 1,400 acres of Campbell Valley Park. The horses are trained to cater to your skill level, making sure your ride is both fun and safe. Plus, there are guidelines to follow, ensuring everyone, including the horses, enjoys the journey. 

Important Policies:

  • There's a weight and age limit to keep everybody safe.
  • Helmets and proper riding boots are a must.
  • Maintain safe distances between riders and respect the trails.

7. Discover Kayak Explorer Tours

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If you are looking for a more aquatic adventure, check out the scenic waters of Deep Cove with the amazing Kayak Explorer Tours! These tours are a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, no matter if you're new to kayaking or an old pro. You can also learn fascinating tidbits about the area from their certified sea kayak guides!

Why Should You Try This? If you crave a combo of exercise, nature, and relaxation, this activity is for you. Its definetely a unique way to see the coastlines and if you are lucky you can even spot some local wildlife!

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Tours span three-hour slots, making it perfect for quick getaways or longer adventures. If you have a special occasion like a birthday or a family outing, you can book private tours tailored just for your group of up to ten people. Planning a unique party idea? This is it!

Getting ready for a Kayak Explorer Tour isn't tricky, but a bit of planning goes a long way. Here’s your cheat sheet:

  • Clothing: Dress in weather-appropriate, flexible clothing. Leave the jeans at home and opt for leggings, shorts, or sports pants. And don’t forget a non-cotton top and bottoms to keep warm if you get splashed.
  • Footwear: Water shoes or old sneakers work great. Just make sure your feet are comfy and secure!
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen is a must, plus sunglasses with a strap to avoid losing them in the water.
  • Hydration: Bring a water bottle. Paddling is thirsty work, especially in the sun!

8. Helicopter Ride with Picnic & Paddle

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The Helicopter Picnic & Paddle offered by AlpX Expeditions take you above Whistler's stunning mountains, all set for a day of pure adventure and relaxation.

Your the experience kicks off at the Whistler Heliport, where you'll board a helicopter for a beautiful flight that shows off the mountains and glaciers in all their glory. 

Your destination? A hidden backcountry lake that’s so calm it feels like time stops. Here, with amazing mountain views all around, you’ll enjoy a fancy picnic made by the chefs at Portobello Whistler.

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But don't fill up too much just yet, because after the picnic, it’s time to enjoy the water. The pristine alpine lake is perfect for a paddle-boarding excursion. Here you will slide across a glassy surface, with the mountains reflecting off the deep blue water. You'll be free to discover hidden coves or simply enjoy the peace around you. 

The team at AlpX Expeditions ensures your trip is safe and enjoyable, with experienced guides who know the lay of the land. Safety is a top priority—so be prepared with proper clothing and gear and don’t forget to respect the environment as you go, preserving this pristine wilderness for the next adventurers.

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To Sum It All Up

And there you have it! June 2024 in Vancouver is definetly going up to be awesome. From zooming around on an e-scooter, sliding down the Whistler Glacier, or finding peace at Goat Yoga Hatha Flow, we are sure you will find something that piques your interest. Looking for more excitement? Try wing surfing, ziplining, or a helicopter picnic with a paddle adventure. Want to relax instead? Horseback riding or a calm kayak tour might be perfect for you.

June is the perfect time to explore Vancouver's incredible mix of outdoor fun and unique activities. The weather is great, and the choices are vast. 

Ready for more adventures? Head over to ActiviFinder to find even more awesome things to do and make the most out of your time in the city. Happy exploring!

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