Vegetarian Gems: Top 9 Plant-Based Restaurants in Calgary

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Welcome to our guide on the best vegetarian restaurants in Calgary, your ultimate resource for the tastiest plant-based dining experiences in this lively city.

Calgary has wholeheartedly embraced the plant-based eating trend, offering a wide range of eateries perfect for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone who loves wholesome, delicious meals. In this article, we'll take you through some of the top vegetarian spots in the city, highlighting their creative menus, innovative cooking techniques, and dedication to sustainability and ethical dining.

Whether you're a local foodie or a traveler looking for a memorable meal, join us as we explore Calgary's vegetarian places and discover some truly mouth-watering options.

1. The Coup

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The Coup is a must-visit in Calgary for anyone looking to explore vegetarian cuisine. This trendy spot offers a laid-back vibe, perfect for a casual meal with friends or a relaxed date night.

The Coup is known for its innovative and delicious plant-based dishes, making it a standout among Calgary's vegetarian eateries.

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One of the highlights on their menu is the tempeh shawarma. This dish takes the beloved Middle Eastern classic and gives it a vegetarian twist that's both satisfying and flavorful.

The tempeh is marinated to perfection, paired with fresh veggies, and wrapped in soft, warm flatbread. It's a meal that even non-vegetarians rave about.

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But the culinary delights don't stop there. The Coup also boasts an impressive selection of cocktails.

Whether you’re in the mood for something refreshing like their lavender lemonade or a bold drink like the chili mango margarita, there's a drink for every palate.

Location: The Coup - Google Maps

2. Mondays Plant Café

mondays plant cafe UFEjDEpC
mondays plant cafe VzNXbDev

Mondays Plant Café is a gem in Calgary’s vegetarian dining scene, perfect for those who crave healthy and delicious plant-based meals.

This cozy eatery offers a bright, cheerful atmosphere that's ideal for a casual lunch or a quick bite on the go.

mondays plant cafe OscYCdrY
mondays plant cafe LI9dLUuR

One of the café’s standout items is their vibrant salads. Fresh, crisp ingredients combine to create flavorful and nutritious bowls that are as satisfying as they are healthy.

For something heartier, try their tacos. These aren't your typical tacos—they're packed with fresh veggies, bold spices, and creative fillings that elevate the standard taco experience.

mondays plant cafe eOlHLz3R
mondays plant cafe GJY8DMeV

Smoothie lovers will find plenty to enjoy at Mondays Plant Café, too. Their smoothies are not just refreshing but also packed with nutrients, perfect for a post-workout treat or a midday pick-me-up.

Each smoothie is crafted with a blend of fruits, greens, and superfoods to keep you energized and satisfied.

Location: Mondays Plant Café - Google Maps

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3. Hearts Choices

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hearts choices 7w0xorSp

Hearts Choices is a favorite among Calgary’s vegetarian and vegan crowd, known for its fresh ingredients and mouthwatering dishes.

This welcoming spot offers a variety of plant-based meals that are both satisfying and flavorful, making it a top choice for those exploring vegetarian cuisine in Calgary.

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hearts choices RbgwFFNG

One of the standout dishes at Hearts Choices is the Ginger Chick’un Wrap. Packed with a delightful mix of savory plant-based chicken, fresh vegetables, and a zesty ginger sauce, this wrap is a burst of flavor in every bite.

Pair it with their Caesar Salad, which offers a creamy, tangy twist on the classic, and you’ve got a meal that’s both hearty and healthy.

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hearts choices gPnjyIht

For those with a sweet tooth, the chocolate chip cookies at Hearts Choices are a must-try. They strike the perfect balance between chewy and crispy, making for a delightful end to your meal.

In addition to their dine-in options, Hearts Choices also offers a selection of frozen foods, perfect for enjoying their delicious offerings at home. The frozen Shepard’s Pie is a hit, easy to prepare and just as tasty as if it were made fresh.

Location: Hearts Choices - Google Maps

4. Wise and Wright

wise and wright KcP52K8u

Wise and Wright is a vibrant café in Calgary that brings a fresh approach to healthy eating. This contemporary spot features an open kitchen, allowing you to watch as your meal is expertly prepared with high-quality ingredients.

It’s a fantastic place for anyone looking to enjoy nutritious and delicious vegetarian options in a stylish setting.

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wise and wright fz2HTs3c

One of the café’s highlights is its variety of vegan options, catering to both seasoned vegans and those new to plant-based eating. The menu includes an array of dishes that are as visually appealing as they are tasty.

For instance, their grain bowls are packed with wholesome ingredients like quinoa, roasted vegetables, and flavorful dressings that make each bite a delight.

wise and wright rJQrod9A
wise and wright 9tlNqiHs

If you're a tea enthusiast, Wise and Wright offers an impressive selection of organic teas. These teas are perfect for pairing with your meal or enjoying on their own for a relaxing break.

Whether you prefer a calming chamomile or a robust matcha, there’s a tea to suit every taste.

Location: Wise and Wright - Google Maps

5. saVeg Cafe

saveg cafe cMWW9POW
saveg cafe j1VTOKfU

saVeg Cafe brings a unique twist to Calgary's vegetarian dining scene with its delightful Korean-inspired vegan dishes.

Located within an athletic club, this hip daytime café offers a refreshing spot to enjoy a nutritious meal after a workout or simply to catch up with friends over some tasty food.

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saveg cafe az4ZopJp

One of the standout features of saVeg Cafe is its seasonal menu, which ensures that every dish is made with the freshest ingredients. This approach keeps the offerings vibrant and packed with flavor.

A must-try is their Korean Bibimbap, a colorful bowl filled with a variety of vegetables, seasoned tofu, and a flavorful sauce that ties everything together perfectly. It’s a satisfying meal that doesn’t skimp on taste or nutrition.

saveg cafe aqbNbK4I
saveg cafe ZORXhV6K

In addition to their hearty dishes, saVeg Cafe also serves up a range of refreshing smoothies. These are perfect for a post-exercise treat or a healthy snack.

The smoothies are made with fresh fruits and vegetables, providing a delicious way to boost your energy levels.

Location: saVeg Cafe - Google Maps

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6. Seed N Salt

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seed n salt je6OSVlF

Seed N Salt is a fantastic destination for anyone in Calgary seeking fresh, healthy vegetarian meals.

Known for its commitment to quality ingredients and delicious flavors, this eatery offers a menu packed with vibrant and satisfying options that cater to health-conscious diners.

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seed n salt q1K9NySW

One of the standout dishes at Seed N Salt is the Coconut Curry Bowl. This dish features a hearty base of brown rice mixed with a rich coconut curry sauce, creating a perfect balance of flavors without the typical curry broth.

It’s topped with a variety of fresh vegetables and other nutritious toppings, making it a filling and flavorful choice that’s perfect after a workout or as a hearty lunch.

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seed n salt LXSpPwrs

Seed N Salt also excels in offering a range of other bowls, salads, and wraps that are both delicious and packed with nutrients.

Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to provide a balanced meal that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Their commitment to fresh ingredients ensures that every bite is bursting with flavor.

Location: Seed N Salt - Google Maps

7. Vegan Street

vegan street kQz5k2Ce
vegan street pi0QuPGQ

Vegan Street is a lively spot in Calgary that brings a fresh take on plant-based pub fare. This informal eatery is perfect for those craving hearty, comfort food that’s entirely vegan.

With a menu that includes everything from burgers and tacos to fries and cocktails, Vegan Street offers a variety of satisfying dishes that don’t compromise on flavor.

vegan street cDw6acgd
vegan street RFV69buX

One of the most popular items is their vegan burger. It’s juicy, flavorful, and topped with fresh ingredients that come together in a delicious, satisfying bite. Pair it with a side of their crispy fries, and you’ve got a meal that hits all the right notes.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, their tacos are a fantastic choice. Filled with a mix of seasoned plant-based proteins and fresh veggies, these tacos are packed with bold flavors and textures.

vegan street hV6IDTwD
vegan street RPY0lG7r

To complement the food, Vegan Street offers a selection of creative cocktails. Whether you prefer something classic or a bit more adventurous, their drink menu has something for everyone.

The relaxed, casual atmosphere makes it a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy some top-notch vegan cuisine.

Location: Vegan Street - Google Maps

8. Odd Burger

odd burger sUSjSUyD
odd burger u9talYGz

Odd Burger is a top spot in Calgary for those craving vegan fast food with a twist. Known for its extensive menu and convenient ordering system, this place has quickly become a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

The self-serve screens make ordering a breeze, allowing you to customize your meal exactly how you want it.

odd burger EJGp19D5
odd burger AxqPw4yN

The menu at Odd Burger is packed with delicious options that cater to all your fast food cravings. From their savory burgers to crispy fries, every item is plant-based and packed with flavor.

A standout is their Famous Burger, which features a juicy plant-based patty topped with fresh veggies and a special house sauce that ties everything together perfectly.

odd burger aLJN9Qyl
odd burger 8F6OiXmq

If you’re looking for variety, Odd Burger doesn’t disappoint. Their menu includes not just burgers, but also wraps, salads, and even breakfast items, making it easy to find something for every taste.

The staff are always friendly and helpful, ensuring a pleasant dining experience from start to finish.

Location: Odd Burger - Google Maps

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9. Copper Branch

copper branch FdnbkyrE
copper branch xWOqZftw

Copper Branch is a fantastic choice for those seeking delicious and healthy vegetarian options in Calgary.

This eatery prides itself on offering a diverse menu that caters to everyone, including kids, making it a great spot for family meals.

copper branch 72EMWsqJ
copper branch OhT77EJH

One of their standout dishes is the Aztec Bowl. This hearty meal features a colorful array of ingredients like quinoa, black beans, corn, avocado, and a zesty dressing that brings everything together.

It’s both nutritious and filling, perfect for fueling up before a workout or enjoying a wholesome lunch.

copper branch mEBtEhJU
copper branch vv1BLL3a

Copper Branch’s menu goes beyond just bowls. They offer a variety of wraps, sandwiches, and smoothies, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared with high-quality, plant-based ingredients that make every bite a pleasure.

The kid-friendly options at Copper Branch are a bonus for families looking to enjoy a healthy meal out. From smaller portion sizes to dishes that appeal to younger taste buds, they’ve got everyone covered.

Location: Copper Branch - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

Exploring Calgary's vegetarian dining scene offers a feast for the senses, with each restaurant bringing its unique flair to plant-based cuisine.

From the inventive dishes at The Coup and the fresh, Korean-inspired meals at saVeg Cafe, to the hearty fast food at Odd Burger and the nutritious bowls at Copper Branch, there's something to satisfy every palate.

If you're a longtime vegetarian, vegan, or just curious about trying something new, these restaurants provide delicious and diverse options that make healthy eating exciting and enjoyable. With friendly atmospheres and welcoming staff, each spot ensures a delightful dining experience.

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