Rise and Dine: Where to Find the Best 11 Brunch in Edmonton

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May 2, 2024

Welcome to Edmonton, where the brunch scene is as diverse and inviting as the city itself. From cozy cafés to trendy eateries, Edmonton offers an array of delightful spots perfect for that late morning meal that can either jump-start a productive day or cap off a lazy weekend.

Join us as we tour the best brunch destinations in the city, where you can indulge in everything from classic eggs Benedict to adventurous culinary creations. Get ready to elevate your brunch game at Edmonton's must-visit brunch restaurants.

1. Pip

pip 4_AF6W01b

If you're on the hunt for a brunch spot in Edmonton that marries comfort with a touch of sophistication, Pip should be at the top of your list.

This cozy yet airy restaurant offers a delightful brunch menu that caters to a variety of tastes, including several vegan options, making it a perfect gathering spot for everyone.

2024 03 23

Imagine starting your weekend with their standout Cajun chicken, renowned for its juiciness and robust flavor, or indulging in their uniquely prepared olives that have become a favorite among regulars.

At Pip, the atmosphere is as inviting as the menu. The service is consistently friendly, enhancing the dining experience and making you feel right at home.

2024 04 14

Adding to the appeal, this spot’s charm is in its details, from the thoughtfully curated decor to the warm lighting, creating an environment that’s just right for a Sunday brunch or any day of the week when you crave a fulfilling start.

Location: Pip - Google Maps

2. Sugarbowl

sugar 3

Nestled near the top of the river valley, the Sugarbowl is a gem in Edmonton’s brunch scene, perfect for those who appreciate the blend of good food, craft beers, and a relaxed setting.

This chill eatery and bar is beloved for its patio vibe and the hearty, comforting dishes it serves from breakfast through dinner, with a special nod to its weekend brunch.


One must-try at the Sugarbowl is their Mac ‘N Cheese. This dish elevates a classic comfort food with real melted cheese and perfectly cooked spiral noodles, creating a creamy, indulgent experience that lingers deliciously with each bite.

It’s the kind of meal that makes you wish it wouldn’t end, complemented by a selection of craft beers that are perfect for sipping outdoors on a lazy Sunday morning.

sugar 5

The service here matches the quality of the food—expect attentive and genuinely friendly staff that enhance your dining experience. 

Location: Sugarbowl - Google Maps

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3. OEB Breakfast Co.

oeb 1

Walking into OEB Breakfast Co. in Edmonton is like stepping into a breakfast paradise. This funky and warm breakfast joint impresses with its vast array of high-quality, creatively assembled menu options that are a notch above your typical brunch fare.

Here, breakfast is turned into an art form, with offerings that include luxurious ingredients like duck, wild mushrooms, caviar, and truffles, ensuring every dish is a culinary delight.

2021 08 23

OEB Breakfast Co. hits all the right notes for food lovers looking for a meal that goes beyond the ordinary. The place is a definite recommendation for those who cherish a meal crafted with care and sophistication.

Each dish reflects a deep dedication to flavor and quality, making it clear why this spot has earned such high praise.

oeb 3

The atmosphere at OEB is as vibrant and inviting as the dishes themselves, making it an ideal spot for a morning get-together with friends or a special brunch date. 

Location: OEB Breakfast Co. - Google Maps

4. Cafe Bicylette


Cafe Bicyclette stands out as a charming oasis in Edmonton, offering a bright and cozy spot for brunch enthusiasts who crave a taste of French and Québécois cuisine.

This counter-serve café serves up a delightful array of coffee, pastries, and classic dishes that transport diners straight to the heart of a quaint Parisian street cafe.


The real joy of Cafe Bicyclette, however, comes with the option to dine on their patio, allowing guests to savor their meals under the open sky.

Visitors like you can enjoy not just the food but also the immersive experience, enveloped in the gentle bustle of the neighborhood. 


It’s easy to spend a morning here, relaxing and enjoying the combination of good company, excellent service, and a menu that’s both comforting and exquisite.

Location: Cafe Bicylette - Google Maps

5. Dogpatch

dogpatch 1_mi5QGUr

Dogpatch is a must-visit brunch spot in Edmonton for those in search of a laid-back vibe coupled with seriously good eats. Known for its exceptional service and an inviting atmosphere, Dogpatch delights its guests with a menu that promises to surprise and satisfy.

The standout dishes, like the Madam Lisette—a giant pancake that exceeds expectations with its deliciousness—and a meticulously prepared Eggs Benny, highlight the culinary creativity and quality that Dogpatch prides itself on.


During your visit, the experience is further enriched by the friendly staff and the tastefully casual decor that makes you feel right at home. Regulars and newcomers alike rave about their meals, and it's clear that once you've dined here, you'll be planning your next visit before you even leave.


And don't rush out the door too quickly—make sure to check out their selection of freshly baked goods. Picking up a pastry or a sweet treat on your way out is the perfect way to extend the pleasure of your brunch experience.

Location: Dogpatch - Google Maps

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6. Little Brick


Little Brick in Edmonton is a quaint and charming spot that perfectly encapsulates the essence of a cozy brunch venue. This counter-serve cafe not only offers a welcoming atmosphere but also serves up a delightful array of coffee, pastries, and sandwiches, each bursting with flavor and meticulously prepared.

It’s the kind of place that feels like a warm hug, especially on a cold winter day, making it an ideal retreat for those looking to enjoy a quiet, satisfying meal.


Beyond its delightful menu, Little Brick also functions as a small shop offering simple grocery items, allowing guests to pick up a few essentials along with their coffee or meal. This dual purpose enhances the overall experience, providing convenience and a touch of old-world charm.


The ambiance adds to the dining experience, characterized by rustic touches that make you feel right at home. It's this combination of delicious food, multifunctional space, and inviting decor

Location: Little Brick - Google Maps

7. Brunch Glory

glory 1
glory 2

Brunch Glory in Edmonton truly lives up to its name, offering a brunch experience that is both immaculate and immensely satisfying.

Known for its "Hungry Man Special," which is as hearty as it sounds, and lighter but equally delightful options like avocado toast accompanied by fresh fruit and bacon, this spot caters to all appetites and taste preferences.

2024 03 15
2023 06 06

Every dish at Brunch Glory is made with fresh ingredients that enhance the flavors and satisfaction of your meal. The avocado toast, a popular choice among the health-conscious, is a perfect blend of creamy avocado on crisp, perfectly toasted bread, elevated by the smoky sweetness of bacon and the freshness of seasonal fruits on the side.

glory 4

The service here is as commendable as the food. Staff members are attentive and quick to ensure that every aspect of your brunch is enjoyable, adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Brunch Glory is celebrated for.

Location: Brunch Glory - Google Maps

8. Wilfred's

2024 04 20
DSC02368 01

Wilfred's in Edmonton is a standout destination for brunch lovers, offering a mix of delightful dishes in an atmosphere that's as visually appealing as the food is delicious.

Known for its cutesy cafe aesthetic, Wilfred's creates a welcoming and visually charming environment that complements the culinary experience.

This spot is perfect for those who value the ambiance just as much as the quality of their meal.

wilfred 3

The menu at Wilfred's features rich and flavorful options that are sure to impress. The pancakes are a crowd favorite, known for their fluffy texture and sweet, savory hints, making them a must-try for any pancake enthusiast.

Another highlight is the amazing breakkie bowl, complete with a side of dill hollandaise, an inventive take on the classic hollandaise sauce that adds an herbaceous twist to every bite.

wilfred 1
wilfred 2

Using only the best ingredients, each dish at Wilfred's is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every guest has a memorable dining experience.

Location: Wilfred's - Google Maps

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9. The Moth Cafe

moth 1
2023 12 15

The Moth Cafe in Edmonton offers a refreshing take on vegan cuisine that impresses vegans and non-vegans alike. Set in a bright and breezy space adorned with hanging plants and exposed wood beams, the atmosphere is as vibrant and inviting as the menu itself.

This cafe is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a meal in a lively, yet relaxed environment that feels both welcoming and distinctly modern.

2024 02 19
2019 01 28

What sets The Moth Cafe apart is its eclectic approach to vegan fare. Even those who typically don't follow a plant-based diet find themselves delighted by the flavors and creativity of the dishes offered.

The menu, which evolves periodically to offer new tastes and experiences, consistently delivers food that rivals traditional non-vegan options in both taste and satisfaction.

2024 02 19_1
2021 03 23

Patrons rave about the quality and variety of the food, making it a highly recommended spot for anyone exploring the city’s dining scene.

Location: The Moth Cafe - Google Maps

10. Cafe Mosaics

2023 01 17

Cafe Mosaics in Edmonton is a cozy haven for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan dining, serving up a variety of dishes crafted with local ingredients.

Known for its snug and inviting atmosphere, this cafe is a popular spot for both breakfast and lunch, offering everything from hearty burgers to refreshing juices.

2020 02 24
2019 08 29

A standout dish at Cafe Mosaics is their curry, which has won over even those who typically shy away from vegetarian options.

Described as sublime, the curry features melting potatoes that blend seamlessly with unique flavors like cinnamon apple, creating a surprisingly delightful combination that captures the essence of innovative plant-based cooking. This dish alone has transformed skeptics into enthusiastic fans, eager to return and explore more of the menu.

2018 09 23

The use of local ingredients not only supports the community but also ensures that every dish served is of the highest freshness and quality.

Location: Cafe Mosaics - Google Maps

11. New York Bagel Café

newyork 1
2024 01 10

New York Bagel Café in Edmonton brings a slice of the Big Apple to brunch with its signature bagels and notably delicious eggs Benedict.

This cozy café not only offers a welcoming space with its intimate and friendly ambiance but also excels in delivering a culinary experience that's both authentic and delightful.

2022 10 02_JhRiDeD

A must-try at this café is the eggs Benedict with prosciutto, a dish that has guests raving about its homemade sauce and bagel—a combination that elevates this classic breakfast to new heights.

Described as the best Benny ever by many, it's served with prosciutto perfectly crisped and draped over a freshly baked bagel, smothered in a rich, creamy sauce that's simply irresistible.

Accompanying the dish is a side of fantastically fresh fruit, adding a sweet, refreshing contrast to the savory meal.

2024 04 17

The service at New York Bagel Café matches the quality of the food, with waitstaff known for being informative and sweet, enhancing the dining experience with their attentiveness and warmth. 

Location: New York Bagel Café - Google Maps

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To Sum It All Up

That wraps up our tour of some of the best brunch spots Edmonton has to offer! From the innovative dishes at The Moth Cafe to the classic comfort of New York Bagel Café’s eggs Benedict, there’s a little something for everyone in this city’s vibrant brunch scene.

Each spot we’ve explored offers its unique charm and a menu that promises to delight and satisfy. Whether you're in the mood for a vegan feast, a cozy bagel breakfast, or a creative twist on classic brunch dishes, Edmonton has you covered.

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