13 Best Spots for Ice Cream in Edmonton You Just Can't Miss

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Apr 1, 2024

Hey, ice cream lovers and flavor adventurers! If you're anything like us, just the thought of a creamy, dreamy scoop of ice cream is enough to make your day a whole lot better. Whether it's a sunny afternoon treat or a sweet finish to a day well spent, ice cream has this magical way of bringing smiles and joy.

So, we took it upon ourselves to get on a deliciously sweet ice cream journey through Edmonton, scooping up all the must-try ice cream spots this vibrant city offers.

From the ultra-creamy, artisanal delights to the coolest science-infused creations that'll make your inner geek dance, we've churned up a list that promises to guide you to your next great ice cream experience

1. Pinocchio Ice cream

pinocchio 2

When in Edmonton and craving a scoop (or two) of some of the finest gelato, Pinocchio Ice Cream stands out as a must-visit spot.

This place takes pride in their all-natural approach to ice cream making, ensuring that every lick and bite is packed with pure, unadulterated flavor. What sets Pinocchio apart is their inventive flair for combining tastes. 

pinocchio 3

Imagine a place where the gelato isn't just made, but crafted, with a keen eye on innovation and quality. That's Pinocchio Ice Cream for you.

They source high-quality, natural ingredients to create their mouthwatering offerings. This commitment to quality means that whether you're after a classic gelato or eager to try something uniquely Edmontonian, Pinocchio delivers.

pinocchio 4

From the richness of their chocolate to the zesty punch of their fruit-flavored concoctions, Pinocchio Ice Cream is where Edmonton's ice cream lovers go for their fix.

Location: Pinocchio Ice cream  - Find ice cream

2. Yelo'd Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe

yelod 1_TCNFFDJ

Yelo'd Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe is a vibrant beacon for those with a sweet tooth in Edmonton, especially if you have a penchant for the delightfully unique.

This cozy, colorful spot specializes in soft-serve ice cream that takes your taste buds on a journey to the Philippines with its inspired flavors.

The magic of Yelo'd lies not just in its ability to offer ice cream but in its success at infusing traditional Filipino tastes into creamy, dreamy swirls of soft serve.

yelod 2
2023 03 21

Each visit to Yelo'd is an adventure, with flavors that tell stories of tropical islands and warm, sunny days.

And it's not just the ice cream that draws people in. Yelo'd also tempts with a selection of baked goods that perfectly complement their ice cream, making every visit a full-circle dessert experience.

yelod 4

Their dedication to quality and their flair for combining the familiar with the exotic make every scoop a memorable one.

Location: Yelo'd Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe - Google Maps

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run 1_c5I3OE3

This unique gathering combines the love for running with the universal delight of ice cream, making it one of the most anticipated and fun-filled events in Edmonton.

Participants of all ages come together to enjoy a day where calories are burned and earned in the sweetest way possible.

run 3

What sets the Edmonton Ice Cream Run apart is its laid-back, joyful atmosphere. It's less about who crosses the finish line first and more about savoring the moment (and the ice cream) with friends, family, and fellow community members.

After the run, the air buzzes with excitement as attendees indulge in some of the most delicious ice cream Edmonton has to offer, with a variety of flavors to ensure everyone finds their perfect scoop.

run 2_W7veK7Z

This event beautifully captures the spirit of Edmonton's vibrant community, bringing together ice cream lovers and fitness enthusiasts.


4. Drizzle Ice Cream

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2022 08 04

Drizzle Ice Cream is a standout place in Edmonton for those in pursuit of an indulgent treat. What makes Drizzle truly special is their commitment to crafting handmade, premium soft serve ice cream that's not just delicious but memorably so.

The secret behind their creamy, rich flavor? A luxurious 11% milk fat content and high-quality dairy sourced directly from Canadian farmers.

This dedication to quality ingredients means every swirl of soft serve not only tastes divine but also supports local agriculture.

drizzle 1_LzZDx2T

Walking into Drizzle, you're greeted by an array of imaginative creations that promise to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Each offering is a testament to their passion for ice cream making, blending traditional techniques with innovative flavors. The result is a soft serve that's velvety, rich, and utterly irresistible.

drizzle 2_tBVcDfO

Drizzle delivers an experience that's as delightful as it is satisfying. In a city known for its vibrant food scene, Drizzle Ice Cream shines as a beacon for those seeking a truly premium ice cream experience.

Location: Drizzle Ice Cream - Google Maps

5. Made By Marcus

marcus 1

Made By Marcus has quickly become a household name in Edmonton (and Calgary) for those who crave a truly exceptional ice cream experience. Here, it's all about the details - from the initial concept to the final scoop served.

What sets Made By Marcus apart is their unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring that every lick and spoonful is, quite possibly, the best you've ever had.

marcus 2

Visiting their shop is a delight in itself. You're welcomed by friendly staff, eager to share their passion for ice cream with you. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement, a testament to the joy and care put into every batch. 

marcus 3
marcus 4

Their secret? Building each ice cream from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. This dedication to craftsmanship means that with each visit, you're indulging in a carefully curated flavor adventure.

The menu is a vibrant showcase of creativity and quality, offering everything from classic favorites to bold, innovative concoctions.

ice cream making class made by marcus BqeC1z8B.full_3oWmLTL
ice cream making class made by marcus g3D8ZiNj.full

When you're in Calgary, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable Ice Cream Making Class at their location.

Learn the art of crafting creamy, flavorful ice cream from scratch while enjoying a hands-on experience guided by expert instructors. Discover the secrets behind creating your favorite flavors and take home newfound skills to impress friends and family with your homemade treats. 

Location: Made By Marcus - Google Maps

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6.Kind Ice Cream

kind ice 1
kind ice 2

Kind Ice Cream in Edmonton is a quaint, welcoming shop that serves up more than just ice cream, it serves smiles and satisfaction with every scoop.

Known for its artisanal approach, Kind offers a delightful range of flavors, from the timeless classics to innovative seasonal creations that ensure there's always something new to try.

What truly sets Kind apart is its inclusive menu, featuring an impressive selection of vegan and dairy-free options, making it a haven for all ice cream lovers, regardless of dietary preferences.

kind ice 3

This commitment to variety and quality, coupled with their artisanal touch, means that every visit to Kind is a unique experience.

Their flavors are rich, crafted with care, and designed to please every palate. The shop itself exudes a warm, inviting vibe, making you feel right at home as you ponder over which flavor to indulge in next.

kind ice 4

For those in Edmonton looking for an ice cream spot that ticks all the boxes - delicious, artisanal, and inclusive - Kind Ice Cream is a standout choice.

Location: Kind Ice Cream - Google Maps

7. Twice Cream

2023 07 18

Twice Cream in Edmonton transcends the typical ice cream shop experience, turning simple moments into cherished memories.

It's a place where the artisanal flavors are as rich and deep as the memories they help create. With Twice Cream, it's about the moments that flavor enhances – be it celebrating a little league win, catching up with friends under the sun, or sharing a sweet, two-spoon dessert on a first date.

twice 2

This unique approach to ice cream goes beyond the cone. Twice Cream has mastered the art of blending exceptional, handcrafted ice cream with the intangible ingredient of nostalgia.

Each visit promises an opportunity to make new memories or fondly recall past ones, all while enjoying scoops that are lovingly made with the finest ingredients.

2022 08 14
2023 02 12

If you're in the mood for a solo treat or looking to share a double scoop of joy, Twice Cream welcomes you to a world where every bite is a blend of artisanal quality and a heartwarming experience.

Location: Twice Cream - Google Maps


science 1

ICE CREAM Science by TELUS World of Science in Edmonton turns the quest for the perfect scoop into an awe-inspiring journey, blending the thrill of science with the universal love for ice cream.

Here, the magic of making ice cream isn't hidden away in the back, it's brought to the forefront, showcasing the fascinating process of instant ice cream creation with liquid nitrogen.

This isn't your average ice cream shop—it's a spectacle, where each batch of ice cream is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a lesson in the cool science behind the rapid freezing process.

science 2

The experience at Syncrude Science Stage is as educational as it is delicious. Visitors of all ages, from curious kids to intrigued adults, are invited to witness first-hand how liquid nitrogen transforms simple ingredients into creamy ice cream in mere moments.


science 3

 It's a place where the excitement of a science experiment meets the sweet satisfaction of eating premium ice cream, creating an outing that's guaranteed to delight both your brain and your belly.


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9. White Rabbit Ice cream

white rabbit 1
white rabbit 2

White Rabbit Ice Cream in Edmonton invites you to leap into a world where ice cream dreams come true. Situated in a cozy corner of the city, this delightful shop specializes in small-batch, gourmet ice cream that's as unique as it is delicious.

What makes White Rabbit truly special is their commitment to quality and freshness, ensuring each scoop is a creamy, dreamy masterpiece.

2024 01 01
2023 07 08

As you step into their hoppy place, you're greeted with a kaleidoscope of flavors, each created with the finest ingredients.

White Rabbit's passion for innovation is evident in their diverse menu, offering everything from classic favorites to bold, new and unique flavors.



Whether you're in the mood for a comforting scoop of classic vanilla or feeling adventurous enough to try a surprising new blend of your choice, White Rabbit promises an ice cream experience that's both satisfying and enchanting. 

Location: White Rabbit Ice cream - Google Maps

10. Annie Rue Ice Cream

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Annie Rue Ice Cream is a charming spot in Edmonton, celebrated for its small-batch ice cream that's big on flavor and authenticity.

Located conveniently across from Ellingson Park, this quaint shop is a beacon for those who appreciate the finer things in life, especially when it comes to dessert.

What sets Annie Rue apart is their dedication to using real, wholesome ingredients in every scoop, ensuring that each bite is a fresh and flavorful experience.

2022 10 02
annie 3

As you wander into this delightful establishment, the array of fresh flavors immediately captures your senses.  From the creamy classics to inventive new favorites, every option is a testament to their passion for ice cream making.

Especially their Ice cream pies, knowingly the blueberry and lemon flavors are the go-to at this spot.


There are many flavors to choose from, vegan ice cream flavors as well and put at a very reasonable price. This spot will elevate your taste buds and it will ensure you come back asking for more cones, every time. 

Location: Annie Rue Ice Cream - Google Maps

11. Blasters Ice-Creams and Cakes

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2023 10 08

Blasters Ice-Creams and Cakes in Edmonton has established itself as the go-to destination for anyone looking to elevate their celebrations with a cake that's as delicious as it is visually stunning.

Known for their exceptional ice cream cakes, Blasters combines deep, rich flavors with breathtaking designs, making every cake not just a dessert but a centerpiece of any celebration.

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Celebrating a birthday or a special occasion? Blasters has you covered with their custom cake service. Customers rave about their ability to turn a simple cake idea into a reality, praising the team's creativity and attention to detail.

It's not just about the look; the taste of Blasters' cakes is where they truly shine. With each year, loyal patrons return, entrusting the Blasters team to deliver a cake that exceeds expectations in both flavor and design.

blasters 1

Blasters treat every request with the utmost importance, ensuring that your ice cream cake is nothing short of perfect.

For those who seeking an ice cream cake in Edmonton that will be the talk of the party, Blasters Ice-Creams and Cakes is the place to go.

Location: Blasters Ice-Creams and Cakes - Google Maps

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12. Ice Flame

iceflame 1

Ice Flame has quickly frozen its way into the hearts of Edmontonians as a premier destination for rolled ice cream enthusiasts.

This unique spot offers a delightful twist on traditional ice cream, serving up creamy, handcrafted rolls that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

What sets Ice Flame apart is their commitment to inclusivity, offering halal and pure vegetarian options without the use of gelatine, ensuring everyone can indulge in their delicious treats.

iceflame 2

Visitors to Ice Flame rave about the creamy delights and exceptional service. The process of watching your ice cream being made on a cold slab not only adds a touch of theatre to the experience but also results in a texture that's incredibly creamy and flavors that are vibrant and rich.

It's this combination of quality, taste, and visual appeal that elevates the rolled ice cream experience to a new level in Edmonton.

iceflame 3

The team at Ice Flame takes pride in their ability to create a welcoming atmosphere where every customer's satisfaction is a top priority.

Location: Ice Flame - Google Maps

13. Little Bear Gelato

littlebear 1
littlebear 2

Little Bear Gelato in Edmonton stands out in the city's bustling dessert scene with its heartwarming mission to deliver fresh, locally-made artisan gelato and sorbet.

With a keen focus on sourcing ingredients locally and ensuring the highest quality, Little Bear takes pride in offering treats free from unwanted preservatives, additives, or any artificial components.

Their dedication to keeping it tasty and ethical reflects in every scoop.

littlebear 3

It's crafted with love and a deep respect for traditional Italian techniques, blended seamlessly with a commitment to sustainability and community support.

This approach results in a range of flavors that are not only rich and creamy but also genuinely good for both the consumer and the local ecosystem.

littlebear 4

Whether you're in the mood for a decadent chocolate gelato or a refreshing fruit sorbet, Little Bear has something to satisfy every palate, all while upholding an ethical stance that makes each bite feel as good as it tastes.

Location: Little Bear Gelato - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, folks – a tour through Edmonton's finest ice cream spots that are sure to keep your sweet tooth happily satisfied!

From the artisanal delights of Little Bear Gelato to the innovative creations at Ice Flame, and the unforgettable experience of Ice Cream Science, we've covered a delectable array of options that Edmonton has to offer. Whether you're a fan of the rich and creamy, the ethically sourced, or the scientifically marvelous, there's a scoop with your name on it in this city.

Remember, these places are about creating memories, sharing laughs with friends, and enjoying the small moments that make life sweet. So next time you're in Edmonton, or if you're lucky enough to call this place home, make sure to visit these spots and taste the magic for yourself.

Who knows? You might just find your new favorite flavor or a new hangout spot to chill at (pun intended).

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