7 Must-See Movie Theatres in Edmonton for Epic Viewing

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Mar 29, 2024

Hey movie lovers! Are you on the lookout for the ultimate film-watching experience in Edmonton?

Well, you're in luck because we've rounded up the best movie theatres that promise not just a movie but a memorable journey into the world of cinema.

From plush seating that hugs you like a warm embrace to sound systems that make you feel like you're part of the action, each theater on our list offers something special.

1. Landmark Cinemas | Tamarack

landmark 4_jlfWSS2

Landmark Cinemas in Edmonton is a haven for movie-goers who crave a mix of mainstream hits and alternative content. With its dedication to bringing a diverse range of films to the big screen, Landmark stands out as more than just a cinema; it's a cultural experience.

This venue is where the magic of movies is celebrated in all its forms – from the grandeur of the MET Opera to the charm of indie films.


The moment you step into Landmark Cinemas, you're transported into a world of cinematic delight. The theaters boast top-notch screening technology, ensuring that whether it's an opera, a blockbuster, or a critically acclaimed indie flick, you're in for an exceptional viewing experience.

The sound systems and screens are engineered to make every scene come alive, enveloping you in the story.

landmark 1_W54AqKL
2021 08 02

The cinemas take your movie night comfort to the next level with their plush, power-recliner seats, ensuring every moment of your film experience is in ultimate relaxation mode.

But why stop at comfort when you can also dive into a delicious range of food options? Their cafeteria-style concessions mean you're spoilt for choice, from classic popcorn and candy to a more refined selection of beers and even coolers if you'd like! 

Location: Landmark Cinemas - Google Maps

2. Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton

2023 12 03

Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton stands as a beacon for movie enthusiasts who love both Hollywood blockbusters and independent releases.

This modern multiplex is an experience that caters to the desires of every cinema lover. From the moment you step inside, you're part of a world where film is celebrated in all its forms.

2023 12 03_1

Scotiabank Theatre elevates your movie-going adventure with not just any screen, but an IMAX theatre that promises to make every scene breathtakingly life-like.

Imagine watching your favorite blockbusters with visuals so crisp and sound so powerful, that you feel like you're living the movie. But the experience doesn't end with the final credits.


What sets Scotiabank Theatre apart is its seamless blend of mainstream appeal with a taste for the unique. You can immerse yourself in the latest big-budget action movie, get lost in a romantic comedy, or discover a thought-provoking indie gem.

The variety is splendid, ensuring there's always something for everyone.

4dx auditorium

Adding to the already thrilling IMAX and gaming lounge, Scotiabank Theatre in West Edmonton Mall is about to revolutionize your movie experience with the introduction of the 4DX auditorium.

Imagine you're watching the upcoming Star Wars movie, you're feeling the desert wind against your skin, the vibration of a humming lightsaber in your hands, and the slight vertigo as you virtually leap over a screaming TIE fighter.

This brand-new auditorium brings films to life with moving and vibrating seats, wind, snow, lightning, and even scents to complement the on-screen visuals.

2023 01 26

This theatre also houses a gaming lounge, offering a perfect blend of entertainment for those who love both films and video games.

It's a unique spot where you can engage in some gaming action before or after your movie, making for a fully rounded entertainment outing.

Location: Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton - Google Maps

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3. Cineplex Odeon | South Edmonton Common

2023 08 21

South Edmonton Common Theatre isn't your average cinema; it's a modern multiplex marvel that brings the magic of movies to life.

As you step into this spacious venue, you're greeted by a world where Hollywood blockbusters and captivating indie films coexist in harmony.

This place has a knack for screening a diverse array of movies, ensuring that every film buff finds their slice of paradise.

2019 10 08

The theatre's charm lies in its blend of cutting-edge technology and cozy ambience.

Each auditorium is a gateway to another world, equipped with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems that make every scene leap off the screen.

The seats? Oh, they're more than just seats – they're plush, comfortable havens that invite you to sink in and forget the world outside.

cinplex 1

After you've picked your movie, step into the gaming lounge where you can enjoy some pre-show excitement or unwind after the film with an array of video games that cater to all ages and tastes.

It's a great spot to challenge friends or family to a friendly game, adding an extra layer of fun to your movie outing.


When it comes to food, forget the traditional popcorn and soda combo (though they have that, too, and it's delicious).

Here, you'll find a diverse selection of snacks and meals that go way beyond the cinema standard. From gourmet burgers and pizzas to healthy wraps and salads, there's something to satisfy every craving.

2016 08 24

Location: South Edmonton Common - Google Maps

4. Cineplex Cinemas | Manning Town Centre

2019 08 03

Cineplex Cinemas stands out in Edmonton as a go-to spot for both blockbuster enthusiasts and indie film buffs alike.

This modern multiplex chain doesn't just play the latest Hollywood hits, it also shines a spotlight on fresh, independent releases, making it a vibrant hub for diverse movie tastes. 

2022 12 31

With state-of-the-art screening technology, each film is presented in unmatched clarity and sound, ensuring every visit is immersive.

The theaters are designed for comfort, allowing moviegoers to relax and get lost in the cinematic experience.

cinplex 3

Plus, with a variety of snacks and drinks available, your movie night is complete it takes your movie-watching experience to the next level with its cutting edge crisp and vibrant screens.

Here, every film is showcased in spectacular clarity and immersive sound that pulls you right into the heart of the story. 

The seats are beyond comfortable putting the cherry on top for the movie night. 

Location: Cineplex Cinemas  - Google Maps

5. IMAX Theatre

imax 1

The IMAX Theatre in Edmonton takes the movie-going experience to epic proportions, literally. Known for its giant screen that makes every scene larger than life, IMAX envelops you in the movie.

imax 2

The chain is particularly celebrated for its 3D screenings, turning blockbuster viewing into a thrilling adventure where you're not just watching a film—you're a part of it.

imax 3

This theatre excels in making each visit extraordinary, from the rumble of the sound system that you can feel in your bones to the crystal-clear images that capture every detail.

It's the perfect venue for those who crave the excitement of seeing big hits in a way that standard cinemas can't match.

Location: Imax Theatre - Google Maps

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6. Cineplex Odeon | Windermere Cinemas and VIP

2016 11 06

Cineplex Odeon Windermere Cinemas and VIP in Edmonton offers a dual-layered movie experience that caters to all types of moviegoers.

For those seeking an extra layer of luxury with their popcorn, the VIP section is a standout feature, offering not just exceptional films but also a refined experience.

Imagine sipping on a slush infused with three shots of vodka, elevating your movie-watching to a whole new level of enjoyment.

The VIP experience doesn’t skimp on comfort either, with clean, well-maintained facilities adding to the premium feel.


On the other side, the regular sections of Windermere Cinemas provide a no less impressive viewing experience.

With top-notch screen and sound technology, every film comes to life, capturing audiences in a web of visual and auditory delight.

Both sections boast an impressive array of food and drink options, though the VIP area takes it up a notch with its unique offerings.

2017 09 16

Here, patrons can unwind in the bar and lounge zone, a sophisticated space where conversations flow as smoothly as the drinks.

The availability of alcohol adds a refined touch, allowing guests to enjoy a glass of wine, a cold beer, or even a vodka-spiked slush, blending relaxation with entertainment.

2017 05 04

The VIP experience mirrors the comfort and convenience of a high-end restaurant, with servers on hand to take your order directly from your seat.

The menu goes beyond traditional cinema snacks, offering a selection of gourmet dishes that can be savored while you watch.

Location: Cineplex Odeon | Windermere Cinemas & VIP - Google Maps

7. Metro Cinema

metro 1_UzkERDh

Nestled within Edmonton's bustling cultural landscape, Metro Cinema stands out as a beacon for independent film lovers.

More than just a cinema, it operates as a not-for-profit society, deeply rooted in community spirit. This unique venue is where art, passion, and community converge, offering a vibrant alternative to mainstream multiplexes.

metro 2_vsKGMAP
metro 3_xLGbLty

At Metro Cinema, the experience is as diverse as the films they showcase. From thought-provoking documentaries to avant-garde indie flicks, this place is a treasure trove for those yearning to explore beyond the usual cinematic fare.

The programming here is a testament to their commitment to diversity, often featuring films that challenge, inspire, and entertain in equal measure.

metro 4_E2Ngc0b

The charm of Metro Cinema extends beyond its film selection. The theatre itself, with its warm and inviting ambiance, fosters a sense of community and connection among movie-goers.

It's a space where dialogues are sparked, perspectives are shared, and the love for cinema is palpable in the air.

Location: Metro Cinema - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, folks – a spotlight on some of the best movie theaters Edmonton has to offer.

From the immersive giant screens of the IMAX Theatre to the diverse cinematic offerings around the city, there's a little something for every movie enjoyer out there. 

Remember, it's also about where you watch it. Each of these spots brings its own unique flavor to your film-watching journey, making every visit memorable.

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