Calgary Comforts - Unraveling 11 Best Hotels for Every Traveler

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Feb 18, 2024

Welcome to Calgary, a city bursting with energy and warmth! In this guide, we're thrilled to share the inside scoop on the absolute best places to stay.

Whether you're dreaming of a luxurious escape with breathtaking views, hunting for budget-friendly gems, or craving that cozy, boutique feel, our handpicked list has got you covered. Calgary's skyline is a patchwork of unique stays, each one offering a tailor-made experience just for you. From historic spots to the latest in chic, we're taking you on a tour of this city's incredible range of accommodations. Let's dive into the lesser-known treasures, the Insta-worthy havens, and the places that just feel like home.

Get ready to discover the perfect mix of comfort, style, and convenience, and let us be your guide to the hotels that will turn your Calgary visit into something truly special. So, join us as we explore, uncover, and share the kind of spots that make staying in Calgary an experience you won't forget. Get ready for a journey through accommodations that will make your time here truly exceptional!

1. Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _2_HvGmYuR
Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _5_48tnMlT

Welcome to the Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire, a gem among Calgary accommodations that combines elegance with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for travelers seeking a mix of luxury and homely comfort, this hotel stands out for its commitment to providing an exceptional experience.

As a pet-friendly destination, it's a delightful choice for those who can't imagine a trip without their furry friends.

Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _1_urphTtp
Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _4_rmnrhrc

The hotel's prime location in downtown Calgary places guests at the heart of the city's vibrant life. It's an ideal starting point for exploring local attractions or for business travelers needing easy access to corporate destinations.

The on-site dining options cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring your culinary experiences are as memorable as your stay.

Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _3_l34Tt1E

The suites are thoughtfully designed, offering a tranquil retreat after a busy day. Spacious and well-appointed, they provide a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

Location: Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire - Google Maps

2. Hotel Arts

Hotel_Arts_ _00
Hotel_Arts_ _5

Step into the world of Hotel Arts, a standout in Calgary's hospitality scene, where artistic flair meets contemporary luxury.

Perfectly positioned in the city center, this hotel is a hub for travelers who appreciate a blend of style and comfort. Its unique charm makes it a top choice among boutique hotels in Calgary.

Hotel_Arts_ _3
Hotel_Arts_ _6

The most striking feature of Hotel Arts is its outdoor pool area. Imagine swimming under the open sky or lounging poolside with a drink in hand, thanks to the bar's retractable roof. This setup offers a refreshing oasis in the midst of the city, a rare find in urban accommodations.

Additionally, the fitness center caters to those who wish to keep up with their workout routine, making it a convenient spot for both leisure and business travelers.

Hotel_Arts_ _4

The rooms at Hotel Arts are designed with an eye for detail, ensuring a comfortable and visually pleasing environment.

Free WiFi access throughout the hotel ensures that guests stay connected, whether it's for sharing moments on social media or for business purposes.

Location: Hotel Arts - Google Maps

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3. Hotel Le Germain

Hotel_Le_Germain _1
Hotel_Le_Germain _2

Hotel Le Germain stands as a beacon of luxury and comfort in Calgary, masterfully intertwining elegance with a welcoming atmosphere.

Situated in the pulsating center of Calgary's cultural life, it's a haven for those seeking an upscale, refined stay

Hotel_Le_Germain _3
Hotel_Le_Germain _4

One of the most enticing aspects of Hotel Le Germain is its proximity to the majestic Rocky Mountains, just an hour away.

This unique location offers guests the dual delight of urban sophistication and natural beauty—a rare combination that enhances the appeal of this luxury hotel in Calgary.

Hotel_Le_Germain _5

Guests at Hotel Le Germain are treated to a world of comfort. The hotel's rooms and suites exude a sense of understated luxury, making them a perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the plush bedding to the tasteful decor, all designed to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Location: Hotel Le Germain - Google Maps

4. Sandman Signature Calgary Downtown Hotel

Sandman_Signature_Calgary_ 1
Sandman_Signature_Calgary_ 2

Discover a blend of convenience and comfort at the Sandman Signature Calgary Downtown Hotel, a standout choice for travelers seeking a central location with excellent amenities.

This hotel has carved a niche for itself by offering facilities that cater to both leisure and business travelers, making it a versatile choice for various types of visits to Calgary.

Sandman_Signature_Calgary_ 3
Sandman_Signature_Calgary_ 4

The highlight of the Sandman Signature is its indoor pool and hot tub. These amenities provide a perfect escape for guests looking to unwind after a day of exploring the city or attending meetings.

The pool area serves as a tranquil oasis, inviting you to relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful setting.

Sandman_Signature_Calgary_ 5
Sandman_Signature_Calgary_ 6

In addition to these leisure facilities, the hotel boasts an on-site restaurant and lounge. This dining option adds to the convenience, allowing guests to enjoy delicious meals without the need to venture far.

Location: Sandman Signature Calgary Downtown Hotel - Google Maps

5. Alt Hotel Calgary East Village

Alt_Hotel_Calgary_East_Village_ _1

Nestled in the dynamic East Village, the Alt Hotel Calgary East Village is a shining example of modern hospitality. This hotel, with its sleek design and attention to detail, caters to those who seek a contemporary and comfortable stay in the center of Calgary.

Its location is a major draw, placing guests amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, yet providing a serene escape within its walls.

Alt_Hotel_Calgary_East_Village_ _5
Alt_Hotel_Calgary_East_Village_ _2

The rooms at the Alt Hotel are air-conditioned, a nod to the thoughtful amenities designed for guest comfort.

Each room is a haven of tranquility, blending modern aesthetics with practicality, ensuring a restful stay whether you're in town for business or leisure.

Alt_Hotel_Calgary_East_Village_ _4
Alt_Hotel_Calgary_East_Village_ _3

For fitness enthusiasts, the hotel's fitness center is a major perk. It's equipped with everything needed for a full workout, allowing guests to maintain their fitness routine even while away from home. This feature is especially appreciated by those who like to stay active regardless of their travel schedule.

Adding to the allure is the hotel's bar, a stylish space perfect for unwinding with a drink after a day of meetings or sightseeing. Free WiFi throughout the hotel ensures that guests stay connected, an essential aspect of modern travel.

Location: Alt Hotel Calgary East Village - Google Maps

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6. Fairmont Palliser

Fairmont_Palliser _2

Fairmont Palliser, an iconic landmark in Calgary, offers a luxurious retreat steeped in history and elegance. As a cornerstone of the city's hotel scene, it stands as a testament to timeless luxury and impeccable service.

For those who relish a blend of historical charm and modern amenities, Fairmont Palliser is an unrivaled choice in the heart of Calgary.

Fairmont_Palliser _1
Fairmont_Palliser _4

The hotel's grandeur is evident from the moment you step into its opulent lobby, a prelude to the exquisite experience that awaits.

The rooms and suites at Fairmont Palliser exude a classic elegance, combining old-world charm with contemporary comforts, ensuring every stay is a memorable one.

Fairmont_Palliser _3

Fairmont Palliser provides a luxurious sanctuary. Its central location also makes it a convenient base for exploring Calgary's attractions.

For those seeking top-rated hotels in Calgary that offer a perfect mix of historical elegance and modern luxury, Fairmont Palliser is a destination that truly stands out.

Location: Fairmont Palliser - Google Maps

7. The Westin Hotel

Westin_ _1
Westin_ _2

The Westin Hotel in Calgary is a beacon of contemporary style and comfort, offering an experience that's both refreshing and invigorating.

This hotel, celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere, perfectly caters to those who seek a balance between relaxation and social interaction in the heart of the city.

Westin_ _3
Westin_ _5

A standout feature of The Westin is its patio and bar, a dynamic space that encapsulates the essence of Calgary's lively spirit. Whether you're in the mood for a tranquil afternoon sipping cocktails or an evening enjoying the buzz of a social hotspot, this area provides the perfect setting.

The patio is a rare find in urban hotels, offering an open-air retreat where you can soak up the sun or enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Westin_ 5
Westin_ _6

Inside, the hotel continues to impress with its thoughtful amenities and stylish decor. The rooms are designed with guest comfort in mind, featuring the signature Westin Heavenly Bed®, ensuring a restful sleep.

This commitment to comfort makes The Westin a favorite among luxury hotels in Calgary, especially for those who value a good night's rest.

Location: The Westin Hotel - Google Maps

8. Hyatt Regency Calgary

Hyatt_ _1
Hyatt_ _2

At the Hyatt Regency Calgary, guests are welcomed into a world where spacious elegance meets the bustling energy of downtown life. This hotel is a popular choice for those seeking a blend of convenience and luxury in their Calgary stay.

With its prime location and stunning city views, the Hyatt Regency offers an experience that’s both delightful and practical.

Hyatt_ _3
Hyatt_ _4

The rooms and suites at the Hyatt Regency stand out for their generous space and scenic views. Wake up to the sprawling cityscape of Calgary, a sight that adds an extra layer of charm to your stay.

Each room is designed with guest comfort in mind, creating a serene space where relaxation comes naturally. The interiors reflect a blend of modern chic and cozy warmth, making every stay pleasant and memorable.

Hyatt_ _5
Hyatt_ _

Its downtown location puts you in close proximity to Calgary’s key attractions and business hubs, making it an ideal choice for both sightseeing and corporate trips.

Location: Hyatt Regency Calgary - Google Maps

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9. Hotel Arts Kensington

Hotel_Arts_Kensington_ _1
Hotel_Arts_Kensington_ _2

Hotel Arts Kensington in Calgary is a haven for those who appreciate the fusion of contemporary design and intimate comfort.

This stylish boutique hotel stands out for its unique charm and personalized service, making it a favorite among travelers who prefer a more tailored accommodation experience.

Hotel_Arts_Kensington_ _3
Hotel_Arts_Kensington_ _4

As you step into Hotel Arts Kensington, the contemporary yet cozy ambiance is immediately apparent. The decor strikes a balance between modern elegance and welcoming warmth, creating a space that feels both chic and homely.

This attention to aesthetic detail sets the hotel apart, offering a stay that's visually stimulating and comfortable.

Hotel_Arts_Kensington_ _5
Hotel_Arts_Kensington_ _6

The personalized service at Hotel Arts Kensington is another highlight, ensuring that each guest's experience is as unique as their preferences.

The staff goes above and beyond to cater to individual needs, adding a personal touch that can often be missed in larger hotels. This level of care makes guests feel special and well taken care of throughout their stay.

Location: Hotel Arts Kensington - Google Maps

10. Aloft Calgary

Aloft_Calgary _1

Aloft Calgary University brings a fresh and modern vibe to the Calgary hotel scene. Ideal for travelers who appreciate a contemporary, lively atmosphere, this property stands out with its unique style and an array of amenities tailored to the modern guest.

Located conveniently in Calgary, Alberta, it serves as an excellent base for exploring the city's most visited destinations.

Aloft_Calgary _2
Aloft_Calgary _3

One of the most appealing aspects of staying at Aloft Calgary University is the complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast buffet. Start your day with a variety of delicious options that cater to all tastes, ensuring you’re energized for a day of adventure or business.

The free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel keeps you connected, whether you're catching up on work or sharing your travel experiences online.

Aloft_Calgary _4
Aloft_Calgary _5

The hotel's design is a delightful blend of trendy and comfortable, creating an environment that's both visually appealing and relaxing. The rooms are designed with a modern traveler in mind, combining sleek decor with practical amenities.

This fresh approach to hospitality makes Aloft Calgary University a standout choice for younger travelers or those young at heart.

Location: Aloft Calgary - Google Maps

11. The Dorian, Autograph Collection

The_Dorian_ _1
The_Dorian_ 2

The Dorian, part of the Autograph Collection, redefines the hotel experience in Calgary with its unique blend of contemporary chic and British whimsy. This extraordinary hotel stands as a tribute to both the fashionable sensibilities of Oscar Wilde and Calgary's own cultural and economic progression.

It's an ideal choice for travelers who seek a stay that's out of the ordinary, where style and smart modernity converge.

The_Dorian_ _2
The_Dorian_ _4

Upon entering The Dorian, guests are immediately immersed in a warmly contemporary atmosphere, enriched with vibrant textures and elegant European design.

The interior is a delightful play of color and form, reflecting Oscar Wilde's wit and penchant for the unexpected. This playful and sophisticated environment sets the stage for a memorable stay.

The_Dorian_ _6
The_Dorian_ _5

The guest rooms at The Dorian are a testament to refined elegance. Each room features luxurious bedding, a large screen TV, free WiFi, a mini-fridge, and premium amenities.

The design is a harmonious blend of modern functionality and aesthetic charm, ensuring every aspect of your stay is comfortable and stylish.

Location: The Dorian, Autograph Collection - Google Maps

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To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, explorers of Calgary! We've journeyed through a diverse range of hotels, each offering its own unique slice of comfort, style, and convenience.

Whether you were swayed by the modern charm of Aloft Calgary University, drawn to the historic elegance of the Fairmont Palliser, or intrigued by the whimsical allure of The Dorian, there's a perfect spot for everyone in this vibrant city.

Remember, Calgary isn't just a gateway to the majestic Rockies; it's a city teeming with its own urban adventures, cultural gems, and culinary delights. Each of these hotels places you perfectly to dive into all that Calgary has to offer, whether you're here for business, pleasure, or a bit of both.

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