Dine Without Limits: Calgary's 10 Must-Try All-You-Can-Eat Spots

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Feb 4, 2024

Hey foodies! Ready to dive into Calgary's tastiest adventure? We've rounded up the absolute best all-you-can-eat spots in the city, and trust me, these places are more than just buffets – they're flavor-packed havens.

Whether you're a local on the hunt for a fresh foodie love or a visitor craving the good stuff, we've got the lowdown. We picked these spots with the real deal in mind: great food, awesome vibes, and an all-around good time.

Get ready for a culinary ride full of variety, top-notch eats, and just plain fun. This isn't just a list; it's your go-to for a journey through Calgary's food wonderland. So, let's cheers to the tastes, the vibes, and the simple joy of having more than enough deliciousness. Your taste buds are about to go on a wild ride in the heart of Calgary – get hungry for a feast like no other! πŸ”πŸ•πŸ°

1. Oppa BBQ

Are you craving a genuine Korean BBQ experience? Look no further than Oppa BBQ in Calgary!

This all-you-can-eat gem stands out with its commitment to high-quality, Canadian meats, marinated to perfection in traditional Korean styles. And here's the kicker - they achieve this mouthwatering goodness without a hint of MSG!

Oppa_ 0

As you step into Oppa BBQ, the aroma of grilling meats instantly greets you, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining journey.

Each table is equipped with its own grill, allowing you and your friends to become chefs of your feast. The variety is impressive, offering everything from tender beef to succulent chicken, all waiting to be cooked to your liking.

Oppa_ _1
Oppa_ _2

What really sets Oppa BBQ apart is their dedication to authenticity. The marinades are a blend of time-honored recipes, giving you a true taste of Korea.

As you savor each bite, the flavors of soy, garlic, and sesame harmoniously dance on your palate, offering a culinary experience that's hard to replicate.

Location: Oppa BBQ - Google Maps

2. Imperial Dynasty Restaurant


Imperial Dynasty Restaurant in Calgary brings a feast for the senses with its all-you-can-eat dining experience that combines speed, warmth, and deliciousness in every dish.

As you walk into this cozy eatery, you're immediately welcomed by the friendly staff, often including the owner, who makes sure your dining experience is nothing short of delightful.

Imperial_Dynasty_Restaurant_ _1

What sets Imperial Dynasty apart is the quality and variety of their offerings. Whether you opt for dinner or another meal, the food is consistently scrumptious.

The won ton soup and wor won ton soup are perfect starters, brimming with flavor. Each spoonful promises a taste of comfort and tradition, setting a high bar for what follows.

Imperial_Dynasty_Restaurant_ _5_OWI49I0
Imperial_Dynasty_Restaurant_ _2

The main courses are equally impressive. The beef fried rice is a crowd-pleaser, cooked to perfection and portioned generously. The sweet and sour chicken balls and lemon chicken burst with flavors that are both familiar and exciting, ensuring a memorable meal.

Don't miss the salt and pepper pork loin, a dish that combines succulence and a kick of spice, leaving your taste buds dancing with joy.

Location: Imperial Dynasty Restaurant - Google Maps

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3. Sushi Ichiban

Sushi_Ichiban_ _1
Sushi_Ichiban_ _2

Sushi Ichiban, nestled in Calgary, offers an all-you-can-eat sushi experience that's both extensive and authentic.

This low-key spot is a haven for sushi lovers, featuring a wide array of Japanese noodle dishes, delectable hot pots, and an expansive sushi menu that caters to all palates.

Sushi_Ichiban_ _3
Sushi_Ichiban_ _4

Upon entering Sushi Ichiban, you're greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for a relaxed dining experience. The place may be unassuming, but don't let that fool you.

The quality of food here can rival any upscale sushi joint. Whether you're in the mood for the comforting warmth of a hot pot or craving the delicate flavors of sushi, this spot has got it all.

Sushi_Ichiban_ _5
Sushi_Ichiban_ _6

The sushi selection is particularly noteworthy, offering everything from the classic California roll to more adventurous options.

Each piece is expertly crafted, showcasing the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The noodle dishes, a staple of Japanese cuisine, are a must-try as well, with each bowl offering a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

Location: Sushi Ichiban - Google Maps

4. Kiro Sushi


Calgary's Kiro Sushi stands as a beacon for those seeking an authentic and expansive Japanese fusion cuisine experience.

Situated at 4600 130Ave. SE, this restaurant is a treasure trove of traditional and innovative Japanese dishes, including an array of sushi and sashimi that promises to awaken your taste buds.

Kiro_Sushi_ _3
Kiro_Sushi_ _4

The moment you enter Kiro Sushi, you're transported into a world where Japanese culinary artistry meets limitless dining.

The restaurant's decor strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary, creating an ambiance that's both inviting and exciting. It's a place where every meal feels like a special occasion, yet the atmosphere remains comfortably casual.

Kiro_Sushi_ _1

The all-you-can-eat menu at Kiro Sushi is a testament to variety and quality. From the classic rolls that everyone loves to the more exotic sashimi that tantalizes the adventurous palate, there's something for everyone.

Each dish is crafted with care, ensuring the flavors of Japan are presented in their most authentic form.

Location: Kiro Sushi - Google Maps

5. Gaucho Brazilian BBQ

Gaucho_Brazilian_BBQ_ _1
Gaucho_Brazilian_BBQ_ _2

Go on a culinary adventure at Gaucho Brazilian BBQ in Calgary, where the essence of Brazil comes alive in an upscale churrascaria setting.

This all-you-can-eat destination is a meat lover's paradise, offering a wide array of Brazilian grilled meats that tantalize the senses and leave you craving more.

Gaucho_Brazilian_BBQ_ _3
Gaucho_Brazilian_BBQ_ _6

As soon as you step into Gaucho Brazilian BBQ, you're enveloped in a stylish and inviting atmosphere, setting the perfect mood for a festive dining experience.

The vibrant energy of the place is contagious, echoing the lively spirit of a Brazilian carnival. It's an ideal spot for both intimate dinners and lively gatherings, where every meal turns into a celebration.

Gaucho_Brazilian_BBQ_ _4
Gaucho_Brazilian_BBQ_ _7

At the heart of Gaucho's allure is the churrasco experience – skilled gauchos roam the dining room with sizzling skewers of freshly grilled meats, carved tableside to your liking. From succulent steaks to tender lamb, each cut is grilled to perfection and seasoned in traditional Brazilian style, ensuring a burst of flavor with every bite.

But it's not just about the meats. Gaucho also boasts an impressive salad bar, featuring a variety of fresh and flavorful options to complement your meal. And let's not forget the cocktails – a perfect addition to elevate your dining experience. Whether it's a classic Caipirinha or a creative house mix, the drinks at Gaucho perfectly capture the essence of Brazilian dining.

Location: Gaucho Brazilian BBQ - Google Maps

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6. Green's Restaurant

Tucked away inside Hotel Blackfoot, Green's Restaurant emerges as a delightful discovery for those exploring Calgary's all-you-can-eat dining scene.

This spot is not just about the convenience of its location but also about a dining experience that revolves around a wide array of satisfying food and beverage options.

Green_ _1
Green_ _2

Upon entering Green's Restaurant, guests are greeted with an ambiance that strikes a perfect balance between elegance and comfort.

It's a space where hotel guests mingle with Calgary locals, all drawn in by the promise of a fulfilling meal in a welcoming setting. The restaurant's interior, with its tasteful decor, sets a relaxed tone, ideal for both casual dining and special occasions.

Green_ _3
Green_ _4

The all-you-can-eat menu at Green's is a celebration of variety and quality. Whether you're in the mood for hearty breakfast items to kickstart your day, or a sumptuous dinner to wind down, Green's offers it all.

The dishes are crafted with care, ensuring every guest finds something to satisfy their palate.

Location: Green’s Restaurant - Google Maps

7. Seoul Korean BBQ

Seoul_Korean_BBQ_ _1

Seoul Korean BBQ in Calgary offers a modern take on the classic all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ experience.

This contemporary spot is where traditional Korean dishes meet an interactive dining adventure, with guests grilling a variety of BBQ meats right at their tables.

Seoul_Korean_BBQ_ _2
Seoul_Korean_BBQ_ _4

As you enter Seoul Korean BBQ, the modern and sleek design sets a chic yet comfortable tone. The restaurant's atmosphere is vibrant and engaging, perfect for both family dinners and outings with friends.

The tableside grills are not just a cooking method but a centerpiece for socializing and enjoying the art of Korean cooking.

Seoul_Korean_BBQ_ _3
Seoul_Korean_BBQ_ _5

The all-you-can-eat menu is a showcase of quality and variety. A selection of marinated meats, ranging from beef to chicken and pork, is available for you to grill to your preferred level of doneness.

Each meat is seasoned with authentic Korean flavors, offering a delicious journey through Korea's culinary landscape. The experience is hands-on and fun, allowing you to become an active participant in your dining experience.

Location: Seoul Korean BBQ - Google Maps

8. Fusion Sushi 17ave

Fusion Sushi 17ave in Calgary presents an innovative all-you-can-eat experience, where the worlds of Japanese and Thai cuisines collide.

This laid-back, contemporary restaurant offers a unique twist on unlimited dining with an order-by-tablet system, adding a touch of modern convenience to the traditional all-you-can-eat setup.

Fusion_Sushi_17ave_ _2

Upon entering, you're welcomed into a space that's both stylish and relaxed, making it an ideal spot for casual lunches, friendly dinners, or special occasions.

The modern decor, combined with a warm ambiance, sets the tone for a dining experience that's both enjoyable and unhurried.

Fusion_Sushi_17ave_ _3

The highlight of Fusion Sushi 17ave is its diverse menu, blending the delicate flavors of Japanese sushi with the bold and aromatic tastes of Thai cuisine.

Whether you're a sushi enthusiast or a lover of Thai flavors, the variety here is sure to satisfy. The order-by-tablet feature is a fun and efficient way to select your dishes, ensuring your meal is tailored to your preferences and pace.

Location: Fusion Sushi 17ave - Google Maps

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9. Happy Lamb Hot Pot Calgary

Happy_Lamb_Hot_Pot_Calgary_ _1

At Happy Lamb Hot Pot in Calgary, you'll discover an all-you-can-eat hot pot experience that perfectly marries a vast selection of fresh ingredients with exceptional service.

Known for its reasonable pricing and a diverse range of offerings, this hotspot is a paradise for hot pot lovers.

Happy_Lamb_Hot_Pot_Calgary_ _2
Happy_Lamb_Hot_Pot_Calgary_ _7

The moment you step into Happy Lamb Hot Pot, you’re greeted with warmth and politeness by servers who are genuinely happy to guide you through your meal.

This level of hospitality is a refreshing touch, contributing significantly to the overall delightful dining experience. The environment is conducive to both intimate and group dining, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Happy_Lamb_Hot_Pot_Calgary_ 0
Happy_Lamb_Hot_Pot_Calgary_ _3

The star of the show is, undoubtedly, the hot pot itself. The variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables is impressive, ensuring that every palate and preference is catered to. Whether you're a fan of tender meatballs, fresh veggies, or the comfort of cooked foods like fried rice and spring rolls, the selection here won't disappoint.

Each ingredient is fresh and of high quality, making every dip into the hot pot a discovery of new flavors and textures. The cooking process is not just about eating; it's an engaging, social affair that enhances the enjoyment of the meal.

Location: Happy Lamb Hot Pot Calgary - Google Maps

10. Cinnamon Indian Cuisine & Bar

Cinnamon_Indian_Cuisine__Bar _2_MHSaH5P
Cinnamon_Indian_Cuisine__Bar _4

Cinnamon Indian Cuisine & Bar in Calgary is a delightful destination for anyone craving authentic Indian flavors in an all-you-can-eat setting.

This easygoing establishment serves up a splendid array of traditional Indian dishes, from aromatic biryanis to rich, flavorful curries, accompanied by perfectly baked naan.

Cinnamon_Indian_Cuisine__Bar _
Cinnamon_Indian_Cuisine__Bar _3

The ambiance at Cinnamon Indian Cuisine & Bar is welcoming and relaxed, making it a great spot for both casual dinners and special gatherings.

As you walk in, the subtle yet inviting decor, infused with hints of Indian culture, sets the mood for a culinary journey to the heart of India.

Cinnamon_Indian_Cuisine__Bar _1_t8x3HL9
Cinnamon_Indian_Cuisine__Bar _6

The all-you-can-eat menu is a true highlight, offering a variety of dishes that showcase the diversity of Indian cuisine. Each dish is prepared with a deep understanding of traditional Indian cooking methods and spices, resulting in flavors that are both authentic and tantalizing.

The biryani, a classic Indian rice dish, is cooked to perfection, each grain infused with exotic spices and herbs. The curry dishes are a melody of spices and ingredients, simmering together to create a rich and satisfying experience.

Location: Cinnamon Indian Cuisine & Bar - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, folks – a whirlwind tour of Calgary's diverse and delightful all-you-can-eat dining scene.

From the sizzling grills of Korean BBQs to the warm, bubbling pots of hotpot, and from the intricate flavors of Indian cuisine to the fresh bites of sushi, we've covered some truly fantastic spots that promise both variety and quality.

Remember, each of these restaurants brings something unique to the table (pun intended!). Whether you're looking for a cozy spot for a family dinner, a stylish setting for a night out with friends, or a new culinary adventure to tickle your taste buds, Calgary's all-you-can-eat options have got you covered.

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