Make a Splash: Your Guide to 7 Best Swimming Pools in Calgary

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Feb 13, 2024

Hey there, water lovers! Get ready to dive into the guide to the best Calgary's swimming pools. In a city known for its vibe, finding the perfect pool is a summer must!

This article is all about uncovering the best swimming spots, from family-friendly havens to places with top-notch slides and chill vibes. We're here to guide you through the waters, whether you're after a splash to beat the heat or a year-round swimming spot.

Join us on this journey to discover indoor gems that make a day by the pool an experience to remember. So, whether you're looking for your go-to chill swimming spot or eager to explore all Calgary's aquatic pools, we've got the lowdown. Get ready to make a splash and let's embark on a journey through the best swimming pools in Calgary – where every dip promises a refreshing escape and good times ahead! 🌊☀️

1. Southland Leisure Centre

Southland_Leisure_Centre_ _1

Ready for a splash-tastic adventure? Southland Leisure Centre, a gem among Calgary's top-rated swimming pools, invites you and your family to dive into its world of aquatic excitement.

Southland_Leisure_Centre_ _2
Southland_Leisure_Centre_ _5_3LCH1ep

Thrill-seekers, get ready: Southland boasts some seriously cool water slides. Zip down these slides and feel your adrenaline surge!

It’s the perfect blend of excitement and safety, ensuring that everyone from daring teens to cautious tots has a blast.

Southland_Leisure_Centre_ _3_gzOMVnZ

Beyond the thrills, Southland Leisure Centre is a beacon for aquatic fitness. Their facilities are top-notch, featuring a world-class, award-winning twin pool setup.

Whether you're looking to perfect your butterfly stroke or indulge in some leisurely laps, these pools cater to every skill level.

Location: Southland Leisure Centre - Google Maps

2. Inglewood Aquatic Centre

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Inglewood, the Inglewood Aquatic Centre shines as a haven for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

This indoor swimming facility in Calgary combines the serenity of lap swimming with the joy of family-friendly features, making it a standout in the city's aquatic scene.

Inglewood_Aquatic_Centre_ _1

The centre's main attraction is its inviting pool, complete with lap lanes that beckon swimmers looking for a peaceful and uninterrupted swim.

The clarity of the water and the calm environment make it an ideal spot for those seeking to improve their swimming skills or simply enjoy a leisurely dip.

Inglewood_Aquatic_Centre_ _2
Inglewood_Aquatic_Centre_ _3

Families will find their happy place here too. The centre's small slide adds a splash of excitement for kids, creating a delightful balance between fun and safety. It's the perfect size for little adventurers who aren't quite ready for the bigger slides but still crave a bit of thrill.

For those looking to up their swimming game, the Inglewood Aquatic Centre offers a range of swimming lessons. Guided by experienced and friendly lifeguards, these lessons cater to various skill levels, ensuring everyone from beginners to more seasoned swimmers can learn and improve in a supportive environment.

Location: Inglewood Aquatic Centre - Google Maps

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3. Village Square Leisure Centre

Village_Square_Leisure_Centre_ _1_dqfBCsL
Village_Square_Leisure_Centre_ _2

Step into the Village Square Leisure Centre, and you're entering a world where aquatic fun meets diverse recreational activities.

This multi-purpose facility isn't just one of the best swimming pools in Calgary; it's a complete package of enjoyment for people of all ages and interests.

Village_Square_Leisure_Centre_ _5_fnMc3YD

The star of the show is the indoor water park. It's an aquatic playground that invites you to forget the world outside and just have fun.

The wave pool here is a delight, creating a beach-like experience that's a hit with everyone. 

Village_Square_Leisure_Centre_ _3

For those seeking some thrilling action, the waterslides at Village Square are a must-try. They twist and turn, ensuring squeals of delight and rushes of excitement with every slide down.

It's the kind of fun that makes you feel like a kid again, no matter your age.

Location: Village Square Leisure Centre - Google Maps

4. Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre


The Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre stands out in Calgary's aquatic scene for its blend of simplicity and comfort.

This indoor pool complex is a testament to the idea that sometimes, less is more. It's a place where families and fitness enthusiasts alike can enjoy water-based activities in a more intimate setting.

Sir_Winston_Churchill_Aquatic__Recreation_Centre_ _1
Sir_Winston_Churchill_Aquatic__Recreation_Centre_ _2

At the heart of the centre is the basic indoor pool, designed with both leisure and fitness in mind. It's a welcoming space where you can glide through the water, perfect your strokes, or simply enjoy a relaxed swim.

The pool's unassuming charm makes it a favorite among locals who prefer a quieter swimming environment.

Sir_Winston_Churchill_Aquatic__Recreation_Centre_ _3

Adding to the appeal is the jacuzzi – a perfect retreat for those looking to unwind. Imagine soaking in the warm, bubbling water after a few laps in the pool, letting the jets massage away the stress of the day.

It's a cozy corner for relaxation, making this centre a go-to spot during Calgary's colder months.

Location: Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre - Google Maps

5. Remington YMCA in Quarry Park

Remington_YMCA_in_Quarry_Park_ _1

The Remington YMCA in Quarry Park is a standout example of excellence in public swimming facilities.

With its beautiful building and top-notch amenities, it garners praise from locals and visitors alike, especially those with a penchant for aquatic activities.

Remington_YMCA_in_Quarry_Park_ _4
Remington_YMCA_in_Quarry_Park_ _5

What sets this pool apart is the exceptional experience it offers. Swimmers often rave about the cleanliness and hygiene standards, which are evidently a cut above the norm.

The sparkling waters invite you in for a swim, reassuring you of a safe and healthy environment. This attention to detail in maintaining the pool makes every visit a refreshing and worry-free experience.

Remington_YMCA_in_Quarry_Park_ _1_j6FQ1Fo
Remington_YMCA_in_Quarry_Park_ _2

But it's not just the physical aspects that make Remington YMCA special; it's the people behind it. The staff and management team receive glowing reviews for their friendly and professional approach.

From lifeguards to facility managers, every team member contributes to a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. It’s this level of hospitality that leaves a lasting impression on visitors, elevating the overall swimming experience.

Location: Remington YMCA in Quarry Park - Google Maps

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6. Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Killarney_Aquatic__Recreation_Centre_ _1

The Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre in Calgary stands as a beacon for community engagement and aquatic enjoyment.

This recreation center, with its inviting indoor pool, is much more than a swimming facility; it's a hub for health and social interaction, open to everyone through a public membership option.

Killarney_Aquatic__Recreation_Centre_ _2
Killarney_Aquatic__Recreation_Centre_ _4_Rw0Uj6j

The center's pool area is designed to cater to a diverse range of aquatic enthusiasts. Whether you're in for some serious lap swimming or a leisurely water-based workout, the pool's welcoming waters are suitable for all ages and skill levels.

It's a space where community members come together, sharing the joy of swimming in a friendly, inclusive environment.


Beyond the pool, Killarney offers a variety of fitness classes, adding an extra layer of appeal to its profile. These classes range from high-energy aerobics to more relaxed, wellness-focused options, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

It’s a fantastic way to complement your swimming routine, with the convenience of having everything under one roof.

Location: Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre - Google Maps

7. MNP Community & Sport Centre

MNP_Community__Sport_Centre_ _1

The MNP Community & Sport Centre in Calgary is a dynamic sports hub that captures the essence of both professional athleticism and community spirit.

Renowned for hosting a variety of regional events, this center brings together professional and amateur sports enthusiasts in an environment that's both inspiring and welcoming.

MNP_Community__Sport_Centre_ _2

One of the crown jewels of this centre is its swimming pool. Open to the public, it offers an exceptional aquatic experience whether you're training for a competition or looking for a leisurely swim.

The pool's design caters to high-performance athletes as well as community members, making it a versatile space for all types of swimmers.

MNP_Community__Sport_Centre_ _3
MNP_Community__Sport_Centre_ _4

What makes the MNP Community & Sport Centre truly special is its vibrant atmosphere during events. The facility comes alive, showcasing the excitement of competitive sports while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

It’s a place where you can witness aspiring athletes in action or cheer for your favorite local teams, creating a lively and engaging experience.

Location: MNP Community & Sport Centre - Google Maps

8. Vivo for Healthier Generations

Vivo_for_Healthier_Generations_ _1

Vivo for Healthier Generations in Calgary is more than just a swimming destination; it's a comprehensive wellness facility where aquatic joy meets a myriad of recreational activities.

This center, known for its friendly and attentive staff, extends a warm welcome to everyone, whether you're there for a swim, a workout, or just to enjoy the diverse amenities.

Vivo_for_Healthier_Generations_ _2
Vivo_for_Healthier_Generations_ _3

The aquatic facilities at Vivo are a highlight, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and pools that cater to both serious swimmers and those seeking a fun splash.

The crystal-clear waters of the pool invite you to dive in for an energizing swim or a relaxing float. With a focus on cleanliness and safety, the pool area is a delightful retreat for individuals and families alike.

Vivo_for_Healthier_Generations_ _4

Beyond the pool, Vivo offers an array of options to complement your swimming routine.

The center boasts a climbing wall, basketball and badminton courts, and even a library, making it a versatile spot for a well-rounded day of activities. 

Location: Vivo for Healthier Generations - Google Maps

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To Sum It All Up

And there you have it – a splashy tour of some of the best swimming pools Calgary has to offer!

From the thrilling slides at Southland Leisure Centre to the serene laps at the Inglewood Aquatic Centre, and the vibrant community spirit at Vivo for Healthier Generations, each spot has its unique charm and offerings.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking to mix up your workout routine, a family seeking some fun weekend activities, or someone who just loves the feel of water, Calgary's pools are ready to welcome you with open arms (and maybe a splash or two!).

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