Beyond Sashimi - A Culinary Journey to 10 Best Sushi in Calgary

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Jan 31, 2024

Get ready for a foodie escapade as we spill the beans on the absolute best sushi joints in Calgary!

This isn't your typical list – we're talking about the local gems that bring great flavor to Calgary's sushi scene. We've got the lowdown on where to get the good stuff. From traditional sushi favorites to modern twists, we're covering it all.

Calgary's culinary scene is bursting with flavor, and we've handpicked the spots that define the city's sushi charm. So, gear up for an unforgettable sushi experience – we're about to take your taste buds on a ride through the best of Calgary's Japanese cuisine. Let's go! 🍣🌟

1. Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi

Ke_Charcoal_Grill__Sushi_ _1
Ke_Charcoal_Grill__Sushi_ _2

When exploring the top sushi places in Calgary, Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi stands out not just for its sushi but for its unique ambiance.

Situated in a former arthouse, this sushi restaurant guides you through an extraordinary experience where contemporary design meets traditional Japanese cuisine.

Ke_Charcoal_Grill__Sushi_ _3
Ke_Charcoal_Grill__Sushi_ _4

As you step into Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi, the modern yet inviting decor sets the stage for a memorable meal.

The restaurant offers a special floor dedicated to private events, making it an ideal spot for celebrating special occasions or hosting business dinners. This feature adds a personalized touch to your dining experience, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

Ke_Charcoal_Grill__Sushi_ _5
Ke_Charcoal_Grill__Sushi_ _6

The menu is a delightful fusion of classic sushi and innovative creations. It caters to all preferences, from sushi novices to Calgary Japanese cuisine connoisseurs.

The chefs at Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi skillfully prepare each dish, ensuring a balance of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're in the mood for a classic California roll or something more adventurous, this spot has got it all.

Location: Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi - Google Maps

2. OMO Teppan and Kitchen

OMO_Teppan_and_Kitchen_ _1
OMO_Teppan_and_Kitchen_ _2

OMO Teppan and Kitchen redefines the sushi dining experience in Calgary, blending the art of Teppanyaki with a sushi extravaganza. This top-rated sushi Calgary destination isn't just about the food; it's about the spectacle.

The chefs here are not only masters of flavor but also entertainers, grilling up delights in an open dining room that invites you to be part of the culinary action.

OMO_Teppan_and_Kitchen_ _3
OMO_Teppan_and_Kitchen_ _4

As you enter OMO, the vibrant atmosphere greets you. Flags adorn the space, adding an international flair that complements the authentic Japanese experience.

The full bar, boasting an extensive selection of drinks, sets the stage for a relaxed yet lively meal. Whether it's a casual dinner or a special occasion, OMO's ambiance caters to all.

OMO_Teppan_and_Kitchen_ _5
OMO_Teppan_and_Kitchen_ _6

The menu is a testament to the versatility of Japanese cuisine. From meticulously crafted sushi rolls to sizzling Teppanyaki dishes, each item is a celebration of flavor and technique.

The chefs at OMO use high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each bite is a fresh and delightful experience. Their skill in combining traditional sushi with Teppanyaki flair makes OMO a standout among Calgary's Japanese cuisine offerings.

Location: OMO Teppan and Kitchen - Google Maps

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3. Koto Sushi & Izakaya

Koto_Sushi__Izakaya_ _2

Koto Sushi & Izakaya is a gem among the sushi restaurants in Calgary, offering a bright and contemporary space that immediately uplifts your spirits.

This eatery is known for its harmonious blend of typical sushi options and classic Japanese mains, like teriyaki, appealing to a wide range of palates.


Upon entering Koto, you're greeted by an ambiance that radiates warmth and modernity. The interior, with its sleek design and comfortable seating, invites diners to relax and enjoy their meal in a serene setting.

This welcoming environment makes Koto a perfect choice for both a casual lunch and a sophisticated dinner.

Koto_Sushi__Izakaya_ 8

The sushi selection at Koto is a journey through the flavors of Japan. From the fresh and delicate nigiri to the creative and flavorful maki rolls, each sushi dish is prepared with meticulous care.

But it's not just about sushi; their Japanese mains, particularly the teriyaki, are a must-try. The chefs at Koto balance traditional cooking methods with modern twists, ensuring every dish is a culinary delight.

Location: Koto Sushi & Izakaya - Google Maps

4. Ryuko - Japanese Kitchen + Bar

Ryuko_ _Japanese_Kitchen__Bar_ _1
Ryuko_ _Japanese_Kitchen__Bar_ _4

Ryuko - Japanese Kitchen + Bar presents itself as a standout destination in Calgary's sushi scene, renowned for its exceptional atmosphere, service, and culinary offerings.

This sushi restaurant has garnered acclaim not just for its food, but also for the entire dining experience it provides.

Ryuko_ _Japanese_Kitchen__Bar_
Ryuko_ _Japanese_Kitchen__Bar_ _2_0frA3FU

The moment you step into Ryuko, you're enveloped in a welcoming environment that promises a memorable meal.

Guests frequently praise the fantastic atmosphere, which is both stylish and comfortable, making it an ideal spot for gatherings with friends or intimate dinners. The staff's knowledge and friendliness add a personal touch, elevating your dining experience.

Ryuko_ _Japanese_Kitchen__Bar_ _5
Ryuko_ _Japanese_Kitchen__Bar_ _6

One of the unique aspects of Ryuko is the interactive experience at the bar, where you can watch the skilled chefs craft sushi rolls with precision and artistry.

Sitting at the bar isn't just about getting a meal; it's about being part of a culinary show, engaging with the chefs, and learning about the intricacies of sushi-making.

Location: Ryuko - Japanese Kitchen + Bar - Google Maps

5. Sushi Bar Zipang

From the moment you enter, Sushi Bar Zipang envelops you in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The cozy setting, with its intimate seating, is perfect for both casual dining and special occasions. The ambiance here is all about making you feel at home while offering a taste of traditional Japanese hospitality.

Zipang_ _1
Zipang_ _2

Sushi Bar Zipang distinguishes itself in the Calgary sushi landscape with its cozy charm and an extensive array of classic sushi rolls and Japanese dishes.

This bustling sushi house has earned its reputation as a go-to spot for those seeking an authentic and comfortable dining experience.

Zipang_ _3
Zipang_ _4

The menu at Sushi Bar Zipang is a delightful exploration of Japan's culinary traditions. It features a wide range of sushi options, from time-honored rolls to innovative creations, each prepared with precision and flair.

The chefs here are committed to using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that each roll, nigiri, or sashimi piece is a burst of flavor in your mouth.

Location: Sushi Bar Zipang - Google Maps

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6. Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen

Sho_Sushi_Bar__Kitchen _1
Sho_Sushi_Bar__Kitchen _2

Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen in Calgary is a culinary beacon for those who adore sushi and cooked Japanese dishes. This contemporary, multi-level restaurant combines an extensive menu with a vibrant atmosphere, making it a standout in the city's Japanese dining offerings.

Sho_Sushi_Bar__Kitchen _3
Sho_Sushi_Bar__Kitchen _4

As you enter Sho, the modern and sophisticated decor immediately catches your eye. Spread over multiple levels, the restaurant offers varied dining experiences, whether you're looking for an intimate corner or a lively bar setting.

The full bar, well-stocked with sake and other beverages, is a focal point, offering the perfect pairing for your meal.

Sho_Sushi_Bar__Kitchen _5
Sho_Sushi_Bar__Kitchen _6

What truly sets Sho apart is its diverse menu. Sushi lovers will be delighted by the range of options, from classic nigiri and sashimi to innovative rolls that showcase the chefs' creativity.

But the appeal of Sho doesn't stop at sushi; their cooked Japanese dishes are equally impressive. These dishes, prepared with finesse and care, are a testament to the versatility and depth of Japanese cuisine.

Location: Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen - Google Maps

7. IKUSA Izakaya & Tokyo Market

IKUSA_Izakaya__Tokyo_Market_ _1
IKUSA_Izakaya__Tokyo_Market_ _2

IKUSA Izakaya & Tokyo Market in Calgary offers a unique dining experience that extends beyond the conventional sushi restaurant.

Known for its understated elegance, this eatery features an open kitchen, allowing diners to witness the magic of meal preparation, from sushi rolls to noodle bowls and grilled meats.

IKUSA_Izakaya__Tokyo_Market_ _3
IKUSA_Izakaya__Tokyo_Market_ _4

As you step into IKUSA, you're greeted by a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. The open kitchen concept is not just a visual treat but also an assurance of the freshness and quality of your meal.

Watching chefs at work, skillfully preparing each dish, adds an exciting and educational element to your dining experience.

IKUSA_Izakaya__Tokyo_Market_ _5
IKUSA_Izakaya__Tokyo_Market_ _6

The menu at IKUSA is a delightful showcase of Japanese culinary diversity. Sushi enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of rolls, each bursting with flavor and artfully presented.

But the journey doesn't end with sushi. The restaurant also offers an array of noodle bowls, perfect for those craving something warm and comforting. The grilled meats, a highlight of the menu, are cooked to perfection, offering a robust flavor that complements the more delicate sushi options.

Location: IKUSA Izakaya & Tokyo Market - Google Maps

8. Monsoon Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

japanese_Restaurant_ 1
japanese_Restaurant_ 2

Monsoon Izakaya Japanese Restaurant, a notable name among Calgary's sushi spots, is celebrated for its dedication to simple, quality ingredients, creating an array of dishes that resonate with authentic Japanese flavors.

The restaurant's large and diverse menu caters to a wide range of tastes, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

japanese_Restaurant_ 3
japanese_Restaurant_ 4

Guests at Monsoon Izakaya consistently praise the excellent service, with staff members known for their quick and friendly approach.

This welcoming atmosphere, combined with the culinary delights on offer, makes for an outstanding dining experience.

japanese_Restaurant_ 5
japanese_Restaurant_ 6

The menu's highlight includes the wagyu rolls and the salmon roll, each meticulously crafted to showcase the natural flavors and textures of the ingredients. But it's the lobster bisque udon that often steals the show.

For many, this is a first-time experience with real udon – thick, fresh noodles served in a flavorful broth, accompanied by exquisite lobster. It's a dish that perfectly exemplifies Monsoon Izakaya's commitment to quality and simplicity.

Location: Monsoon Izakaya Japanese Restaurant - Google Maps

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9. Big Catch Sushi Bar

Big_Catch_Sushi_Bar _1
Big_Catch_Sushi_Bar _2

Big Catch Sushi Bar in Calgary stands out for its unique approach to sushi, specializing in handcrafted sushi rolls and oshizushi, a traditional style made by pressing ingredients in a wooden box.

This method, deeply rooted in Japanese culinary tradition, offers a distinctive experience for sushi lovers in the city.

Big_Catch_Sushi_Bar _3
Big_Catch_Sushi_Bar _4

Upon visiting Big Catch Sushi Bar, you're greeted by a menu that celebrates the art of sushi making. The handcrafted rolls are a testament to the skill and precision of the sushi chefs, each roll a perfect harmony of flavor and texture.

The oshizushi is particularly noteworthy, offering a unique taste and presentation that sets it apart from more common sushi styles.

Big_Catch_Sushi_Bar _6
Big_Catch_Sushi_Bar_ _5

The attention to detail in preparing each piece of sushi at Big Catch is evident. The chefs use fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite delivers an authentic and satisfying experience.

This focus on craftsmanship and quality makes Big Catch a top-rated sushi Calgary destination, where traditional techniques meet modern culinary creativity.

Location: Big Catch Sushi Bar - Google Maps

10. Shokunin

Shokunin_ _1
Shokunin_ _2

Shokunin in Calgary distinguishes itself as a Japanese gastropub, where a stylish setting meets a fusion of traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine.

This locale is not just about sushi; it's a comprehensive cultural experience, offering everything from sashimi and yakitori to innovative cocktails and sake.

Shokunin_ _3
Shokunin_ _4

As you enter Shokunin, the ambiance sets a sophisticated yet relaxed tone, perfect for an evening out with friends or a special dinner.

The interior design combines modern aesthetics with traditional Japanese elements, creating an environment that is both inviting and chic.

Shokunin_ _5
Shokunin_ _6

The menu at Shokunin is a celebration of Japanese culinary art. The sushi and sashimi selections are prepared with precision, showcasing the natural flavors of the sea. But the culinary journey doesn't stop there. The yakitori – grilled skewers of various meats and vegetables – are a highlight, cooked over binchotan charcoal to achieve a perfect smoky flavor.

What truly elevates the dining experience at Shokunin is the selection of cocktails and sake. Each drink is crafted to complement the menu, enhancing the flavors of the dishes. Whether you're a sake connoisseur or new to Japanese spirits, the drinks menu offers something to enhance your meal.

Location: Shokunin - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, fellow foodies – a whirlwind tour of Calgary's sensational sushi scene! From the traditional to the trendy, each of these sushi spots offers something unique.

Whether you're craving the cozy charm of Sushi Bar Zipang, the interactive dining at OMO Teppan, or the stylish vibes at Shokunin, Calgary's got you covered. Remember, this city is more than just cowboy hats and rodeos; it's a haven for sushi lovers too!

So next time you're wondering where to dine in Calgary, think of this list. Maybe try the handcrafted delights at Big Catch Sushi Bar or dive into the diverse menu at Monsoon Izakaya. Each restaurant we've talked about is more than just a meal; it's an experience waiting to be savored.

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