Local Gems: Exploring the 8 Best Attractions in Coquitlam

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Welcome to Coquitlam, a city buzzing with vibrant experiences and tucked-away treasures waiting to be discovered. Nestled in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, Coquitlam extends a warm invitation to explorers of all kinds.

Our guide is your key to unveiling the best things to do and must-visit places in Coquitlam, revealing the city's unique charm and guiding you towards unforgettable adventures. From the iconic landmarks that shape the skyline to the hidden gems cherished by locals, we've handpicked a collection of experiences that capture the essence of Coquitlam.

Join us as we navigate cultural hotspots, explore outdoor wonders, and savor the gastronomic delights that make Coquitlam an extraordinary destination. Get ready to dive into the dynamic spirit of this city, where every moment presents a chance for new and exciting exploration. Let this guide be your passport to uncovering the best of Coquitlam, ensuring your visit is not just a trip but an unforgettable adventure.

1. Hike or Bike the Coquitlam Crunch Trail

Coquitlam_Crunch_Trail_ _1

If you're up for a bit of an adventure and don't mind breaking a sweat, the Coquitlam Crunch Trail is your go-to spot.

Picture this: a trail that winds its way up a 794-foot plateau, with over 890 steps to conquer. It's a bit like a giant outdoor stairmaster, but way more fun and with way better views!

Coquitlam_Crunch_Trail_ _2
Coquitlam_Crunch_Trail_ _3

This trail is tucked away beneath these huge power lines, giving it a kind of cool, urban-meets-nature vibe.

It's not your typical wilderness hike, but that's part of its charm. It's perfect for when you want to get outside, but don't have time to trek out to the middle of nowhere.

Coquitlam_Crunch_Trail_ _5

Whether you're lacing up your hiking boots or hopping on your bike, the Coquitlam Crunch has something for everyone. It's a popular spot, so you might bump into fellow fitness enthusiasts or families out for a stroll.

And hey, if you're feeling extra energetic, there's even some exercise equipment along the way. It's like a free outdoor gym with a view!

Location: Coquitlam Crunch Trail - Google Maps

2. Stroll Around Lafarge Lake

Lafarge_Lake_ _1

Lafarge Lake, nestled in the heart of Coquitlam, is a serene oasis that beckons visitors to unwind and reconnect with nature.

This picturesque lake, surrounded by lush greenery, offers a tranquil escape that's accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Lafarge_Lake__ _2
Lafarge_Lake_ _3

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll around the lake, where the gentle lapping of water and the soft chirping of birds provide a soothing backdrop.

The path is well-maintained and flat, making it ideal for a relaxing walk, a casual jog, or a family outing with strollers in tow.

Lafarge_Lake_ _4
Lafarge_Lake_ _5

What truly sets Lafarge Lake apart is its transformation into a wonderland during the winter months. As part of the 'Lights at Lafarge' event, presented by Coquitlam Centre, the lake becomes the canvas for Metro Vancouver's largest free outdoor winter lights display.

The experience is nothing short of magical. Trees, paths, and the lakeside are adorned with twinkling lights, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivates both young and old.

Location: Lafarge Lake - Google Maps

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3. Trapped in Coquitlam

2020 10 17

For a dash of adventure and a test of wit, Trapped in Coquitlam offers a thrilling escape room experience that's rapidly gaining popularity across Canada. This isn't just any ordinary puzzle-solving activity; it's a real-life adventure that immerses you in a world of mystery and intrigue.

escape rooms trapped coquitlam trapped coquitlam 0g1LWCQA

As you enter Trapped in Coquitlam, you're welcomed into intricately designed rooms, each with a unique theme and story. The challenge? To solve puzzles, decipher clues, and unlock secrets, all while the clock ticks away. It's a perfect activity for groups looking for a fun and engaging way to bond, or for anyone hungry for a mental workout.


What sets Trapped in Coquitlam apart is the quality of the experience. The puzzles are cleverly crafted, balancing challenge with fun, ensuring an exciting experience for both seasoned escape room enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The adrenaline of racing against time, combined with the satisfaction of solving each puzzle, creates an exhilarating experience that you'll be talking about long after you've escaped.

Location: Trapped In Coquitlam - Google Maps

4. Hike Minnekhada Regional Park

Minnekhada_Regional_Park_ _1

Minnekhada Regional Park, a hidden gem in Coquitlam, offers a refreshing retreat into nature that's just a stone's throw from the city's hustle and bustle.

This park is a paradise for bird watchers and hiking enthusiasts alike, especially those drawn to the serene beauty of the Pitt River area.

Minnekhada_Regional_Park_ _2_jRAXjSj
Minnekhada_Regional_Park_ _3_UJaCgdE

What makes Minnekhada stand out is its accessibility and appeal to hikers of all skill levels. The High Knoll Trail, in particular, is the star attraction here.

It's a hike that rewards your efforts with stunning panoramic views, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors seeking a memorable outdoor experience.

Minnekhada_Regional_Park_ _4

As you traverse the varied landscapes of Minnekhada, from its lush forests to its tranquil marshes, the park reveals its diverse flora and fauna.

Birdwatchers will be in their element, with the park serving as a haven for various bird species, providing ample opportunities for some spectacular sightings.

Location: Minnekhada Regional Park - Google Maps

5. Visit Evergreen Cultural Centre

Evergreen_Cultural_Centre_ _1_8WvgY4G

The Evergreen Cultural Centre, a vibrant hub nestled in Coquitlam's Town Centre Park, stands as a testament to the city's thriving arts scene.

This venue is the heartbeat of the Tri-Cities area for live arts, events, and exhibitions, offering a diverse array of cultural experiences.

Evergreen_Cultural_Centre_ _3

From the moment you step into the Evergreen Cultural Centre, you're greeted with an atmosphere brimming with creativity and inspiration.

It's a place where the arts come alive, whether through captivating theatre performances, mesmerizing music concerts, or thought-provoking art exhibitions. Each visit promises something new and exciting, making it a must-see destination for culture enthusiasts.

Evergreen_Cultural_Centre_ _4
Evergreen_Cultural_Centre_ _5

The centre is not just about watching and observing; it's an interactive experience. Engage in workshops, talks, and educational programs that cater to all ages and interests.

Whether you're an aspiring artist, a seasoned connoisseur, or simply looking for an enriching way to spend your day, the Evergreen Cultural Centre has something to offer.

Location: Evergreen Cultural Centre - Google Maps

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6. Shop at Coquitlam Centre

Coquitlam Centre, a shopper's paradise in the heart of the city, offers a delightful and spacious shopping experience.

This mall isn't just about shopping; it's about enjoying a day out in a welcoming and comfortable environment. With its wide, airy walkways and ample seating areas, it's the perfect place to shop, relax, and catch up with friends or family.

Coquitlam_Centre__ _1
Coquitlam_Centre__ _2

Parking woes? Forget about them. Coquitlam Centre has plenty of parking, making your visit hassle-free right from the start.

Once inside, you're greeted by an array of stores that cater to every need and desire. From high-end fashion boutiques to essential grocery stores, and from state-of-the-art appliance shops to cozy book nooks, this mall has it all.

Coquitlam_Centre__ _4
Coquitlam_Centre__ _3

What sets Coquitlam Centre apart is its variety of anchor stores. Whether you're in the mood for a wardrobe refresh, need to pick up some household essentials, or are looking for the latest tech gadgets, you'll find everything under one roof.

It's a place where you can spend hours browsing, shopping, and simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Location: Coquitlam Centre - Google Maps

7. Relax in Town Centre Park

Town_Centre_Park_ _1
Town_Centre_Park_ _2

Town Centre Park in Coquitlam is a delightful blend of natural beauty and recreational facilities, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment in the heart of the city.

This extraordinary park, renowned for its Community Plaza, stands out as one of the premier outdoor performance and event venues in the region.

Town_Centre_Park_ 3

Imagine a park where every turn offers a new activity or a peaceful spot to unwind. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or someone seeking a tranquil spot to read a book, Town Centre Park has something for everyone.

The park boasts a variety of sports facilities including soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and even a water park for those hot summer days. For tennis and baseball fans, there are well-maintained courts and fields. Moreover, the park features a professional running track for athletes or anyone looking for a good jog.

Town_Centre_Park_ _4
Town_Centre_Park__ _5

But it's not all about sports and activities; Town Centre Park is also a place where you can simply relax and soak in the beauty of Coquitlam.

The park's design encourages leisurely strolls, picnics by the lake, or just sitting back and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere during one of the many events held at the Community Plaza.

Location: Town Centre Park - Google Maps

8. Lunch & Dine at Local Eateries

lunch__dine_ _1

Coquitlam's culinary scene is as diverse and vibrant as its landscape, making dining out an essential part of any visit.

The city is home to a plethora of eateries, where you can indulge in everything from casual homestyle meals to exotic international cuisine. One such local favorite is The Coquitlam Grill, a spot that perfectly encapsulates the city's welcoming and unpretentious dining atmosphere.

lunch__dine_ _2
Lunch__Dine_ _5

The Coquitlam Grill is renowned for its comforting, homestyle eats that have a way of making you feel right at home. Their all-day breakfast menu is a crowd-pleaser, offering everything from classic pancakes to savory omelets.

The charm of this eatery lies in its simplicity and the quality of its food, ensuring that every meal is both satisfying and delicious.

Lunch__Dine_ _3
Lunch__Dine_ _4

But Coquitlam's dining scene doesn't stop there. The city boasts a variety of restaurants catering to all tastes and preferences.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, there's a spot for you. Plus, many of these local eateries feature a full bar, providing the perfect setting for a relaxing evening out.

Location: The Coquitlam Grill - Google Maps

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To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, a whirlwind tour of some of Coquitlam's finest attractions! From the natural splendor of the Coquitlam Crunch and Minnekhada Regional Park to the cultural heartbeat of the Evergreen Cultural Centre and the shopping extravaganza at Coquitlam Centre, this city truly has something for everyone.

But let's not forget the smaller pleasures - a leisurely stroll around Lafarge Lake, the sports and relaxation at Town Centre Park, and the delightful culinary experiences at local eateries like The Coquitlam Grill. These are the moments that make Coquitlam not just a place to visit, but a place to remember.

Coquitlam is a city where every corner holds a new adventure, every path leads to a discovery, and every meal is a celebration of local flavors. It's a city that welcomes you with open arms and a warm heart, inviting you to explore its hidden gems and popular spots alike.

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