Seymour Mountain Bliss: A Guide to 7 Thrilling Winter Adventures

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Hey there! Step into the magical winter wonderland of Seymour Mountain, right in the heart of Vancouver's stunning landscape. As the temperature takes a nosedive, the mountain transforms into a snowy paradise, perfect for anyone craving a winter getaway.

This guide spills the beans on all the cool things you can do at Seymour Mountain during the chilly season, giving you the lowdown on the exciting activities that make a Canadian winter truly special. From the adrenaline rush of skiing down pristine slopes to the tranquility of snowshoeing through ancient forests, there's an adventure for every snow seeker.

Seymour Mountain promises an enchanting winter journey. Discover the magic, the thrill, and the beauty that awaits as we embark on a snowy odyssey through the captivating landscapes of Seymour Mountain in Vancouver.

1. Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Downhill_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _1

Nestled in the heart of Vancouver's winter wonderland, Seymour Mountain offers an exhilarating experience for downhill skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Over the years, Seymour has emerged as a hub for winter sports, particularly known for its exceptional terrain park program.

This program has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last fifteen years, culminating in its recognition as the number two terrain park in Western Canada by the SBC Resort Guide in 2013.

Downhill_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _2
Downhill_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _3

What sets Seymour Mountain apart is its meticulous design of four distinct terrain parks. Each park is tailored to different skill levels and styles, ensuring that every winter sport enthusiast, from beginners to experts, finds their perfect playground.

These parks are not just about challenging slopes; they are a creative expression of the mountain’s natural beauty, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding landscape.

Downhill_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _4
Downhill_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _5

For those passionate about downhill skiing and snowboarding, Seymour Mountain presents an array of slopes that cater to all levels of proficiency. The terrain varies from gentle slopes for novices to more challenging runs for seasoned skiers and boarders.

It's not just the variety but the quality of the experience that makes Seymour a go-to destination for winter activities near Vancouver.

Location: Mount Seymour - Google Maps

2. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing_ _1_O6AzhZK
Snowshoeing_ _2_3SoqGtC

Snowshoeing in Vancouver, particularly at Seymour Mountain, offers a unique blend of adventure and tranquility, making it an ideal activity for those looking to immerse themselves in the serenity of winter.

The mountain's snowshoeing experience is not just a journey across snow-covered landscapes; it's an enchanting exploration under the starlit sky, adding a magical dimension to the traditional winter walk.

Snowshoeing_ _3_Gyfa3vX

Imagine embarking on an evening snowshoe tour, guided by the soft glow of the night sky. This experience takes you through gently rolling, forested trails, each step crunching softly in the pristine snow.

The journey leads to a one-of-a-kind destination – a meticulously hand-carved snow lounge. Here, in this winter wonderland, you're treated to a delightful chocolate fondue, complete with fresh-cut fruits and an assortment of special dipping treats.

Snowshoeing_ _4_U404nZU

As you indulge in this cocoa bliss, your knowledgeable guide shares intriguing facts and stories about chocolate and the fondue tradition, adding an educational twist to the experience. It's not just about the physical activity of snowshoeing; it's a sensory journey that combines taste, learning, and the beauty of the natural world.

This snowshoeing adventure on Seymour Mountain stands out among the snowy getaways near Vancouver. It's perfect for families, couples, or solo travelers seeking a unique outdoor activity in winter.

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3. Tubing Park

The Tubing Park at Seymour Mountain is a beacon of joy and exhilaration, offering a delightful winter activity for all ages. Imagine the thrill of sliding down a snowy hill, the cold air whooshing past your face, as you sit comfortably in a specially designed tube.

This experience, combining the simplicity of childhood sledding with a touch of modern convenience, is what makes the Tubing Park a favorite among winter activities in Vancouver.

Tubing_Park_ _1_59d52su

Unlike traditional sledding, where the climb back up the hill can be tiring, Seymour Mountain's Tubing Park features a custom tube tow. This innovative addition allows you to enjoy the fun of sliding down without the exertion of walking back up.

It's an effortless ride to the top, where another exciting descent awaits. This feature not only maximizes your time spent enjoying the thrill of the slide but also makes the activity accessible and enjoyable for a wider range of people, including young children and those who prefer a less strenuous winter activity.

Tubing_Park_ _3_sNV2WQG
Tubing_Park_ _4_iWIGMVj

The Tubing Park isn't just about the adrenaline rush; it's also a place of laughter and bonding. Whether you're there with family, friends, or even as a solo adventurer, the joy of tubing creates an atmosphere of shared happiness and camaraderie.

It's a perfect setting for creating winter memories and offers a lighthearted contrast to more intense winter sports.

4. Cross-Country Skiing

Nordic_Skiing_ _Cross Country_Skiing_ _1

Nordic Skiing, particularly Cross-Country Skiing, at Seymour Mountain is an experience that seamlessly blends athletic challenge with natural splendor.

The Mount Seymour Trail, a crown jewel for Nordic skiers, offers more than just a ski route; it's a journey through picturesque landscapes with breathtaking panoramic views.

Nordic_Skiing_ _Cross Country_Skiing_ _2
Nordic_Skiing_ _Cross Country_Skiing_ _3

Located a mere 45 minutes outside of Vancouver, Mount Seymour stands as a cherished winter ski spot, especially noted for its less crowded, more tranquil environment compared to other local areas like Cypress Mountain.

This relative solitude allows skiers to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and peace of the winter terrain, making it an ideal location for those seeking a serene skiing experience.

Nordic_Skiing_ _Cross Country_Skiing_ _4

The top-rated Mount Seymour Trail, spanning over eight kilometers, presents a moderately challenging adventure. It's a journey that takes you across two peaks, culminating at the Mount Seymour Summit.

This route isn't just about the physical activity of skiing; it's a visual feast. As you traverse the trail, you are treated to stunning views of the Lower Mainland and the surrounding mountains. The round-trip journey, taking just over half a day to complete, offers a rewarding experience for those who undertake it.

5. Winter Hiking

Winter_Hiking_ _1_dBSh6PW

Winter hiking at Seymour Mountain offers a unique and invigorating way to experience Vancouver's natural beauty during the colder months.

One of the most captivating trails is the winter route up to Brockton Point. This trail is renowned for its accessibility and the stunning panoramic views it offers, making it a favorite among local and visiting hikers alike.

Winter_Hiking_ _2_uWfMDtk
Winter_Hiking_ _3_u4h8fjw

The magic of this trail lies in its versatility. By day, hikers are treated to breathtaking vistas of the snow-covered landscape, where the crisp winter air enhances the clarity and beauty of the surroundings.

The trail's well-marked path ensures a safe and enjoyable hike, even for those who may not be experienced winter hikers.

Winter_Hiking_ _4_CWY2fns

As the sun sets, the trail transforms into an enchanting night hike destination. The shorter distance of this route makes it an ideal choice for those looking to experience the serene beauty of a winter sunset or the tranquil stillness of a night hike.

The clear markings along the trail provide a sense of security, allowing hikers to fully immerse themselves in the peaceful nocturnal ambiance of the mountain.

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6. Night Skiing and Snowboarding

Night_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _1_nsTIH62

Night skiing and snowboarding at Seymour Mountain offer a thrilling twist to traditional winter sports, combining the exhilaration of downhill runs with the enchanting ambiance of nighttime.

Located just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, this family-owned and operated ski area transforms into a nocturnal playground for winter sports enthusiasts on weekends and holidays.

Night_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _2
Night_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _3

The experience of skiing or snowboarding under the starry sky is a unique one. The crisp night air and the quiet of the evening add a new dimension to the slopes.

The trails, illuminated for night-time adventure, provide a different perspective of the mountain, where every turn and jump feels a little more exciting in the dimmed light.

Night_Skiing_and_Snowboarding_ _4

One of the most appealing aspects of night skiing and snowboarding at Seymour Mountain is the flexibility it offers. On weekends and holidays, guests who have been enjoying the slopes during the day can extend their visit for another four hours at no additional cost, if capacity allows.

This generous offer means more time on the slopes, more fresh air, and more sweet turns under the night sky. On weekdays, the flexibility is even greater, allowing guests to stay and enjoy the slopes for as long as they want.

7. Photography and Wildlife Watching

It's a paradise for photography enthusiasts and wildlife watchers. As winter envelops the landscape, the mountain reveals a serene beauty, creating a perfect backdrop for capturing stunning photographs and observing wildlife in their natural habitat.


Photographers, both amateur and professional, will find endless inspiration in the breathtaking vistas of Seymour Mountain. The winter months transform the scenery into a picturesque wonderland, with snow-laden trees, pristine white landscapes, and the soft glow of the winter sun.

These elements combine to create a magical setting ideal for landscape photography, offering a chance to capture the unique beauty of Vancouver’s winter.


For wildlife enthusiasts, Seymour Mountain becomes a haven to witness the natural world in its winter guise. The quieter and more peaceful setting allows for the observation of local wildlife as they navigate the snowy terrain.

The contrast of the animals against the white snow provides a unique opportunity for wildlife photography, capturing moments of natural grace and survival.

To Sum It All Up

As we wrap up our exploration of Seymour Mountain's winter wonders, it's clear that this stunning locale near Vancouver is more than just a destination; it's a winter playground that caters to every kind of adventurer.

From the adrenaline-pumping thrills of downhill skiing and snowboarding to the serene beauty of snowshoeing under starlit skies, there's something truly special for everyone. Whether you're carving down the slopes, gliding through the Nordic trails, or enjoying the laughter-filled rides in the tubing park, each experience at Seymour Mountain is a testament to the mountain's versatility and charm. For those who prefer a slower pace, the winter hikes and the unique opportunities for photography and wildlife watching offer a peaceful escape, showcasing the mountain's quieter, yet equally mesmerizing, side.

What makes Seymour Mountain stand out is its accessibility and family-friendly atmosphere. Just a stone's throw from downtown Vancouver, it's a convenient winter getaway that doesn't skimp on quality or variety. The extended night skiing options and the chance to indulge in activities like fondue under the stars add that extra sparkle to your winter adventures.

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