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Nestled just 30 minutes away from the bustling city of Vancouver, Mt Seymour offers an enchanting escape into a winter wonderland with a variety of Snowshoe Tours.

With a variety of trails exclusively dedicated to snowshoeing, they provide a picturesque backdrop of scenic lakes, old-growth forests, and undulating terrain, making it a perfect playground for those seeking both beauty and solitude.

Whether venturing solo or with the guidance of experienced tour leaders, visitors can embark on a journey through the snowy landscapes of Mt Seymour. From daytime adventures to twilight escapades, they cater to all preferences and skill levels.

Guided Tours for All

For those craving an immersive experience, Mt Seymour offers a range of guided tours suitable for individuals, groups, and even school outings. Among the highlights is the captivating Chocolate Fondue Tour, an evening excursion where participants traverse rolling forested trails before indulging in a delectable chocolate fondue feast amidst a hand-carved snow lounge.

For beginners, the "Intro to Snowshoeing" tour provides a comprehensive introduction to the basics of snowshoeing while unveiling some of the mountain's hidden gems. Meanwhile, parents with infants can join the "Baby & Me" series, designed to foster a supportive and social environment for bonding amidst the snow-covered landscape.

Educational Excursions

In partnership with Metro Vancouver's Watershed Education Program, Mt Seymour offers the Watershed Tour, a unique opportunity to explore the connection between snow and drinking water. Led by knowledgeable guides, participants delve into the peaks towering above the Seymour Valley, gaining insights into the region's water supply and conservation efforts.

For larger groups, private guides are available with a minimum of 20 participants. This option offers tailored experiences, ensuring that every member of the group enjoys a memorable snowshoe adventure.

Preparation Tips

Before embarking on their snowshoeing expedition, visitors are advised to dress appropriately in non-cotton, lightweight layers with waterproof jackets and pants. Additionally, sturdy, water-resistant winter or hiking boots are recommended for comfort and safety on the trails.

Essential Gear

While Mt Seymour provides snowshoe rentals, visitors may also rent Neo overboots to enhance their footwear's water-repellent capabilities. Carrying essential items such as extra food and water, navigation devices, and a first aid kit is highly recommended for a safe and enjoyable journey.

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Mt Seymour
Mt Seymour
1700 Mt Seymour Rd
North Vancouver, V7G 1L3
Mt Seymour
Mt Seymour
1700 Mt Seymour Rd
North Vancouver, V7G 1L3
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9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
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