Traveling With Your Pup: 16 Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver

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Jun 27, 2022

The number of dog-friendly businesses in Vancouver has increased over the past few years. More and more restaurants are opening their doors to pooches, and there are over 50 parks that allow dogs throughout the city.

The city is making it easier for dogs and their owners to explore the city together. So if you are thinking of staying in this city, here are some of the Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver.

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1. Sheraton Wall Centre

sheraton vancouver interior dogfriendly

Sheraton Wall Centre is a hotel who are fond of letting your fur babies stay as long they weigh under 40 lbs.

sheraton vancouver dogfriendly 1
sheraton vancouver dogfriendly 2

In fact, both dogs and cats can be left unattended in your room, or let them stay in the grassy courtyard available for pet use! The hotel has an indoor pool and fitness center for guests and the price can vary between $350 to $400 a night.

2. Coast Hotel - Coal Harbor

coast hotel vancouver interior

According to, Coast Hotel – Coal Harbor is a super pet-friendly hotel with a refreshingly local and unique ambiance. The hotel is near a waterfront park where your fur babies can run and walk.

coast hotel vancouver dogfriendly 1
coast hotel vancouver dogfriendly 2

Dogs of all sizes are welcome at a pet fee of $25 per day, per room. Upon check-in, registered pets may receive a special amenity package upon request, including pet beds , sofa sheets, and food bowls making your stay with your furry companion comfortable and convenient.

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3. Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront

pinnacle hotell vancouver interior

Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront is in the downtown of the city – just right where you want to be. This dog-friendly hotel allows 2 pets per room with a $35 accommodation fee.

pinnacle hotell vancouver dogfriendly 1
pinnacle hotell vancouver dogfriendly 2

As you already know Vancouver is a great city for dog lovers. There are plenty of places to take your furry friend for a walk, and many restaurants and patio cafés that welcome dogs. Here are some of the best dog-friendly patios in Vancouver you can check out!

4. Holiday Inn Express Vancouver

holidayinn vancouver interior

If you are looking for a free breakfast meal, gym, outdoor pool, and a pets-allowed hotel, Holiday Inn Express Vancouver is one of the Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver!

holidayinn vancouver dogfriendly 1
holidayinn vancouver dogfriendly 2

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver welcomes pets up to 20 pounds for an additional fee of CAD 25. Dogs and cats are allowed, but must be crated if left unattended in the guest rooms or lobby area while guests stay at this hotel during their visit; there's also a park right next door!

5. Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

hilton vancouver interior

For $55 per stay, 2 of your pets are welcome here at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown!

hilton vancouver dogfriendly 1
hilton vancouver dogfriendly 2

There are grassy parks that serve as a pet relief and there are even dog treats as some hotels welcome dogs extravagances! The staff is also very convivial when it comes to leaving your dogs unattended.

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6. Best Western Premier Chateau Granville Hotel

best western premier vancouver interior

Best Western Premier Chateau Granville Hotel knows how hard it is to leave our fur babies during vacation.

best western premier vancouver dogfriendly 1
best western premier vancouver dogfriendly 2

That’s why this hotel offers a dog-friendly stay with plenty of wide-open, off-leash parks, trails, attractions, and even beaches to share with your pooch! No wonder why this hotel has been recognized as one of the top dog-friendly hotels in all of North America.

7. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

wedgewood vancouver interior

Finding a luxury hotel with a pet-friendly policy can be difficult, but not with Wedgewood Hotel & Spa. This hotel is located in downtown Vancouver and it features beautifully-furnished rooms and a private balcony – all meant to be shared with your fur baby!

wedgewood vancouver dogfriendly 1
wedgewood vancouver dogfriendly 2

The price per pet is $40 a night and you can’t leave your pets unattended.

8. The Westin Bayshore

westin vancouver interior

Enjoy your vacation with your pets in The Westin Bayshore. This hotel features a lot of resort-style amenities. You can enjoy the views of the coastline here as well as the extensive green spaces of Stanley Park for your dogs.

westin vancouver dogfriendly 1
westin vancouver dogfriendly 2

The Westin hotel is a highly dog-friendly establishment, welcoming your four-legged companions to stay with you at no additional cost. An amazing dog bed will be provided for their comfort throughout your visit. One thing to note is that they have a limit of a maximum of two dogs per room.

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9. The Burrard

the burrard vancouver interior

Dog beds and dishes are available in The Burrard. You can even leave your dogs unattended as long as they’re in a crate. This pet-friendly hotel in Vancouver doesn’t have a designated area but you can let them run off in Emery Barnes Park which is near the property.

the burrard vancouver dogfriendly 1
the burrard vancouver dogfriendly 2

The pet fee is CAD $25 per pet, per night. The number of pets allowed is 2 and no pet weight limit. 

10. Granville Island Boutique Hotel

granville island vancouver interior

If you don’t want to hire a pet sitter for your vacation, you can bring them to Granville Island Boutique Hotel! This hotel is fond of four-legged guests as they receive treats courtesy of the Pet Treatery of the hotel. For only $30 per night for your pet’s accommodation, stay at this hotel!

granville island vancouver dogfriendly 1
granville island vancouver dogfriendly 2

This location is the perfect destination for you and your furry best friend, offering a comfortable setting surrounded by boardwalks, parks, and Vancouver's scenic sea wall.

11. Loden Hotel

loden vancouver interior

Wondering where to stay with your dog? Loden Hotel is one of the Best DogFriendly Hotels in Vancouver! 

loden vancouver dogfriendly 1
loden vancouver dogfriendly 2

There are grassy areas available, as well as pet relief places for just a $50 additional fee. You may also enjoy roaming around the city because well-behaved fur babies in Loden Hotel can be left unattended.

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12. Hotel BLU Vancouver

blu hotel vancouver interior

Hotel BLU Vancouver knows that every fur baby is a family. That’s why they aim to be a hotel where you can travel with dog in Vancouver!

blu hotel vancouver dogfriendly 1
blu hotel vancouver dogfriendly 2

Their cozy pet-friendly accommodations are located near parks, the seawall, and a designated off-leash dog park just two blocks away, providing guests and their beloved pets with convenient access to these attractions. Your furry companion will feel at home with special welcome treats, a comfortable bed, and a bowl set provided for their use.

13. Fairmont Hotel

fairmont vancouver interior

For only $35 per pet, you can bring your pooch to Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, service dogs are always welcome and exempt of charges!

fairmont vancouver dogfriendly 1
fairmont vancouver dogfriendly 2

This hotel offers a dog bed, water and food bowls, and a full informational sheet of pet activities for your dog! They even have hotel dogs named Ella and Elly to guide you all around.

14. Atrium Inn Vancouver

atrium inn interior

Are you looking for a hotel stay with complimentary breakfast, gym, shuttle service, pub, meeting space, and pet-friendly? Well, lucky for you, Atrium Inn Vancouver offers the aforementioned! 

atrium inn dogfriendly 1_2XSr6z1
atrium inn dogfriendly 2_jAp3Koj

This hotel is also known for its deals and accommodations so make sure to check its website for discounts.

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15. Shangri-La Vancouver

shangri la interior

Shangri-La hotels are top of the line, and we all know that. But be aware that they have dog-friendly stays? Hardly think so. Shangri-La Vancouver allows pets up to 50 lbs. with an additional fee of $50.

shangri la dogfriendly 1
shangri la dogfriendly 2

There may be no grassy area for pet relief but they’ll surely treat your pooch with complimentary water bowls and treats!

16. Rosewood Hotel Georgia

rosewoodhotel vancouver interior

Well-behaved cats and dogs are allowed in Rosewood Hotel Georgia! Dogs' beds and bowls are available, as well as a grassy area where they can run and put to relief.

rosewoodhotel vancouver dogfriendly 1
rosewoodhotel vancouver dogfriendly 2

So if you want a hotel that features stunning vistas of the city – while getting to stay with your dog, you can never go wrong with Rosewood Hotel Georgia!

When you're traveling, it can be stressful for you and your pet. You may feel that it is only fair to give your pet the same treatment you would give yourself. The hotel you choose should be dog-friendly for your pet's safety and comfort. For a hotel to qualify as dogfriendly, it should allow pets in the rooms, provide a designated outdoor area for your pet, and offer a pet-friendly checkout procedure – so it’s fair to say that the hotels above are qualified!

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