Game On: Unveiling Vancouver's 7 Best Arcade Bars!

Elise Fournier
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In the vibrant heart of Vancouver's nightlife, a unique fusion of retro charm and modern excitement awaits gaming enthusiasts and night owls alike. Picture this: dim neon lights casting a colorful glow on vintage arcade cabinets, the rhythmic sounds of button mashing and victory cheers filling the air.

Welcome to the thriving world of Vancouver’s best arcade bars, where nostalgia meets innovation and every visit promises a thrilling adventure. In this curated exploration, we're delving deep into the city's gaming subculture, unveiling the hidden gems that define Vancouver's arcade scene

Seasoned gamer seeking the challenge of classic titles or a casual player looking for a fun night out, these arcade bars offer more than just games. They offer a community, an ambiance, and an experience that transcends the ordinary night out. Join us on this pixelated odyssey, where we uncover the joystick wonders and cocktail-fueled escapades that define Vancouver’s arcade bar landscape. Get ready to press start on an unforgettable night of gaming, socializing, and embracing the playful spirit that makes these venues a must-visit in the city.

1. The American

The_American_ _1

Venture off the well-trodden path in Vancouver, and you might stumble upon an intriguing blend of nostalgia and modern funThe American.

As soon as you step inside, you're met with an atmosphere that effortlessly combines the rugged charm of exposed-brick walls with the vibrant energy of pinball machines lighting up in a rhythmic dance. It's almost as if time takes a playful twist here, offering patrons a unique experience.

The_American_ _2
The_American_ _3

Arcade games? Check. But while the sound of pinballs might beckon you, there's another star attraction at "The American" – their food and drinks! Their menu boasts a range of craft brews and inventive cocktails, but let’s not sidestep their pièce de résistance: the burgers.

Picture this: a burger so delectable, it could easily be the envy of any Hollywood blockbuster. That’s the Americano burger for you. One reviewer aptly described it as a ‘cinematic delight’ that wholly satisfied their burger yearnings.

The_American_ _4
The_American_ _5

Location: The American - Google Maps

2. Par-Tee Putt - Mini Golf Bar

Par Tee_Putt_ _Mini_Golf_Bar_ _1
Par Tee_Putt_ _Mini_Golf_Bar_ _2

Dive into the bustling heart of Vancouver, and amongst its renowned "Arcade Bars", you’ll find a spot where golf clubs meet clinking glasses.

Welcome to Par-Tee Putt - Mini Golf Bar, an establishment that adds a playful twist to your average night out.

Par Tee_Putt_ _Mini_Golf_Bar_ _3

At first glance, you might wonder: Mini golf in a bar? But trust us when we say - it's an exhilarating combo! Imagine swinging your club, aiming for that hole-in-one, all while your buddies cheer you on with a drink in hand.

The lively banter, the friendly competition, and the joy of landing that perfect putt make for an evening brimming with laughter and memories.

Par Tee_Putt_ _Mini_Golf_Bar_ _4
Par Tee_Putt_ _Mini_Golf_Bar_ _5

While the golfing is undeniably fun, let's talk nibbles. If you find yourself feeling peckish after all that putting, their nachos might just hit the right spot.

While some might consider them just 'okay', the generous portion size teamed up with not one, not two, but four different sauces brings a delightful variety to each bite. It's a plate best shared with friends, elevating your golfing adventure with some tangy, spicy, and savory notes.

Location: Par-Tee Putt - Google Maps

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3. The Den - Arcade + Drinkery

In the heart of Vancouver's bustling West End lies a haven for game enthusiasts and casual players alike - The Den - Arcade + Drinkery.

This isn't just another name on the long list of "Gaming bars in Vancouver". No, this place is special.

The_Den_ _Arcade__Drinkery_ _1

When you walk into The Den, the inviting warmth is palpable. Maybe it's the way the soft light reflects off the arcade cabinets, or perhaps it's the distant echoes of laughter accompanied by the familiar chimes of games like Golden Tee and pinball. Whatever the reason, you instantly feel at home.

The_Den_ _Arcade__Drinkery_ _2
The_Den_ _Arcade__Drinkery_ _3

Now, if the allure of skee ball isn't enough to captivate you, just let your eyes wander to the walls. Adorning them are breathtaking murals that tell stories of their own.

These stunning artworks not only add a touch of elegance but also ignite conversations, making them perfect icebreakers for those moments between game rounds.

The_Den_ _Arcade__Drinkery_ _4
The_Den_ _Arcade__Drinkery_ _5

And what's a game without some tunes to set the mood? With great music always in the air, thanks to the jukebox, there’s never a dull moment.

Whether you're there to challenge a friend to a game, enjoy a drink, or simply soak in the vibes, "The Den" ensures you have a splendid time.

Location: The Den - Google Maps

4. Glitch Retro Arcade Bar

Glitch_Retro_Arcade_Bar_ _1
Glitch_Retro_Arcade_Bar_ _2

Nestled in the heart of Kits lies a portal to the past that's bursting with vibrant colors, pixelated adventures, and nostalgic tunes – welcome to the Glitch Retro Arcade Bar.

As the name suggests, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill watering hole; it's a delightful jaunt down memory lane.

Glitch_Retro_Arcade_Bar_ _3
Glitch_Retro_Arcade_Bar_ _4

Step inside and you'll feel as if you've been transported straight into the lively world of the '80s and '90s. Every corner of Glitch is meticulously curated to rekindle memories of simpler times.

The walls are adorned with cheeky art and memorabilia that echo the charm of yesteryears. And the seating? Oh, it beckons you to sink in, get comfortable, and embark on a gaming marathon!

Glitch_Retro_Arcade_Bar_ _3 1

Now, if you're worried about burning a hole in your pocket, fear not! Glitch offers a variety of free console games. Fancy a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario? The Nintendo 64 is there for you. Or perhaps a friendly face-off in Connect Four or a towering challenge in Jenga? They've got you covered.

Of course, for those looking to elevate their gaming experience, there's a rich array of choices like Skee-Ball, Arcade Hoops Basketball, and good ol' pinball. While these do come with a price, the thrill and memories they promise are well worth every penny.

Location: Glitch Retro - Google Maps



If Gastown's cobbled streets and vintage charm weren't captivating enough, along comes GRETA Bar YVR to inject a fresh dose of energy into the scene.

Taking over the spot that once housed The Bourbon, this Alberta-origin gem has quickly carved a niche for itself among Vancouver's gaming enthusiasts.


Stepping into GRETA Bar is like being welcomed into a world where vintage arcade charm melds seamlessly with modern entertainment. With over 50 arcade games lined up, you could be weaving through a maze in Pac-Man one moment, and chasing high scores on a pinball machine the next.

And the fun doesn't just stop at arcade games. Fancy a friendly duel at the ping pong table? Or perhaps a whirlwind match of air hockey? GRETA’s got it all.


But GRETA is more than just games. It's an experience. As the evening wears on, the atmosphere gets even livelier with live DJs setting the mood.

And while you’re engrossed in gameplay, don't forget to indulge in their eclectic menu of drinks and street eats. From tangy cocktails to finger-licking nibbles, every offering is crafted to amplify your GRETA adventure.

Location: Greta Bar - Google Maps

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6. Good Co. Granville

Good_Co._Granville_ _1

When thinking of the perfect evening hangout in Vancouver, Good Co. Granville effortlessly tops the list.

Not just an average arcade bar, it’s an experience that combines the thrill of gaming, the vibe of a cool sports bar, and the culinary delights of a gourmet eatery.

Good_Co._Granville_ _2
Good_Co._Granville_ _3 1

Upon entering, what immediately strikes you is the ambiance. Unlike many other venues, Good Co. has managed to create an atmosphere that's both "magnificent and original," as described by a delighted visitor.

You can't help but feel a sense of warmth and belonging, making it a top choice for both casual visits and special occasions.

Good_Co._Granville_ _3
Good_Co._Granville_ _4

The gaming options, though not extensive, are unique and intriguing. While classic arcade games keep the nostalgia alive, the bocce ball court adds an element of surprise and fun. And for sports enthusiasts? That big screen TV ensures you don't miss out on any of the action, turning an ordinary game night into a memorable one.

But perhaps the real hero of the Good Co. experience is its gastronomic offerings. Whether you're sipping on one of their masterfully crafted cocktails, relishing a cold beer, or diving into their scrumptious food menu, every bite and sip is an ode to quality and taste.

Location: Good Co. Granville - Google Maps

7. The Rec Room Burnaby

The_Rec_Room_Burnaby_ _1
The_Rec_Room_Burnaby_ _2

If you've ever wondered where gaming meets gourmet in Vancouver, The Rec Room Burnaby stands tall as the answer.

Located in The Amazing Brentwood, this mammoth space sprawls over an astonishing 43,000 sq ft, ensuring every visitor is spoilt for choice.

The_Rec_Room_Burnaby_ _3
The_Rec_Room_Burnaby_ _4

But let's start with the games, shall we? Boasting a roster of over 90 distinct games, The Rec Room offers a curated mix of classics and modern hits.

Whether you're a fan of old-school "Street Fighter" duels or want to immerse yourself in the next-gen thrill of the "VRX Car Simulator," there's something for every gamer's palate.

The_Rec_Room_Burnaby_ _5

However, the fun isn’t limited to joystick adventures. The Rec Room Burnaby is renowned for its themed nights, from brain-tickling trivia contests to side-splitting comedy events. It's a space where gaming, laughter, and camaraderie converge.

And when hunger strikes after those intense gaming bouts? The in-house dine-in restaurant promises a delightful culinary journey. Each dish, meticulously crafted, complements the exhilarating ambiance.

One unique feature that stands out is the RFID wristband system. Every win at redemption games translates to credits, stored conveniently on these wristbands. Over time, as you accumulate wins, you can head to 'The Trophy Case' to exchange your hard-earned credits for some dazzling prizes.

Location: The Rec Room - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

Well, there you have it, folks! Our whirlwind tour of the most electric arcade bars Vancouver has to offer. From retro classics to modern marvels, from sumptuous bites to tantalizing drinks – this city truly knows how to blend nostalgia with the present, making each outing a memory to cherish.

And hey, whether you're a die-hard gamer, a casual player, or someone just looking for a vibrant spot to hang with friends, Vancouver's arcade scene has something for everyone. It's not just about the games; it's about the stories you'll share, the laughter that'll echo, and the new friends you'll make along the way.

So next time you're in the mood to spice up your evening, you know where to head. Grab your pals, wear your game face, and dive into these wondrous arcade havens. Here's to countless more nights of joysticks, jests, and jubilation in Vancouver's finest!

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