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2024 Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre
Event Information
Friday, May 17, 2024
10:00 PM
West Village Theatre
2007 10 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB.


Prepare for an extraordinary showcase of talent at the 2024 Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre, presented by the Calgary Young People's Theatre. This annual festival features a dynamic lineup of one-act plays, each written, directed, designed, stage-managed, produced, and performed by young artists. This festival runs from May 17 to June 1 and showcases a diverse range of one-act plays, staged readings, and special performances. 

Featured Shows

  1. The Loco-Motive: A gripping murder mystery set aboard a train, where passengers must uncover a killer among them.
  2. Solitary: Explore themes of loneliness and connection as two individuals in solitary confinement find solace in each other.
  3. Jack in the Box: Join Danny Stoklasa in a hilarious and unexpected inheritance battle at his father's funeral.
  4. The Ghost of Who Knows What: Follow the journey of a lost soul as they navigate the afterlife and search for purpose.
  5. Mojo: Embark on a high-stakes spy mission with Mojo and Agent Slick, where alliances are tested and danger lurks at every turn.
  6. beached.: Witness the poignant story of an orca held captive at an aquarium and the lives she touches.
  7. Paroxysm: Take a surreal journey through the human brain, where logic and reality are put to the test.

Staged Readings

  • Enchanted Secrets: Immerse yourself in a magical tale of love and resilience in a captivating staged reading.
  • The Stands: Brace yourself for lemonade stand wars in this entertaining and lively reading.

This festival is a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the vibrant voices of youth in theatre. Don't miss the chance to witness these captivating performances and support the next generation of theatre talent!



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