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Korean BBQ has become one of the most popular dining experiences in Toronto, with its mouth-watering meats, traditional side dishes, and lively atmosphere. Toronto is known for its diverse food scene, and Korean BBQ is a must-try for anyone who loves to explore new cuisines.

In this article, we'll take you on a culinary journey to discover the top Korean BBQ restaurants in the city. From perfectly grilled meats to flavorful side dishes, we've scoured Toronto to bring you the very best.

Join us as we delve into the sizzling and spicy world of Korean food and explore our top recommendations for the best Korean BBQ restaurants in the city.

1. Mapo Korean BBQ

Mapo Korean BBQ 1
Mapo Korean BBQ 2

Located in the heart of Toronto, Mapo Korean BBQ provides the perfect setting for late-night dining, as the restaurant stays open until the wee hours every day.

The dining area is characterized by its nostalgic decor, reminiscent of Korea in the 1980s, which creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere for patrons. The vintage vibe is enhanced by an eclectic playlist featuring K-pop hits, transporting diners to a different era as they savor the delicious cuisine.

Mapo Korean BBQ 3
Mapo Korean BBQ 4

Their emphasis on exceptional customer service and a memorable dining experience sets them apart from other Korean BBQ establishments.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to guide newcomers through the menu and provide recommendations to suit individual tastes. In addition, the restaurant offers both tableside grilling and pre-grilled options, allowing customers to customize their experience based on preference.

Location: Mapo Korean BBQ - Google Maps

2. BIWON Korean Restaurant

The interior design, characterized by cream walls, clear dividers, and spacious areas adorned with food posters, exudes a welcoming warmth that complements the classic and uncomplicated vibe of the BIWON Korean Restaurant.

What truly sets BIWON apart is their generous portion sizes and mouthwatering dishes that leave diners craving for more.


The Ramen GamJaTang Jungol, a tender and flavorful pork bone soup with ramen, is an excellent choice for those seeking a hearty meal. The Pork SoonDuBu Jjigae, a spicy soft tofu stew brimming with eggs and vegetables, promises an unforgettable taste sensation that will linger on your palate.


The Grilled Mackerel Combo, a popular favorite among regulars, is served with steamed rice and your choice of soybean stew. The perfectly moist mackerel, crispy skin, and a squeeze of lemon create a harmonious symphony of flavors.

For a quick, satisfying meal, try the DonKatsu Dolsot Bibimbap, featuring deep-fried pork and mixed vegetables that meld together in a delicious, balanced medley.

Location: BIWON Korean Restaurant - Google Maps

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3. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Gyu Kaku 1

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ invites you to embark on a unique culinary adventure in the heart of Toronto, where laughter, conversation, and amazing times are guaranteed.

With a personal grill installed at every table, this innovative restaurant turns every diner into an expert cook and fosters a lively and engaging atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for first dates, family gatherings, or catching up with friends.

Gyu Kaku 3
Gyu Kaku 4

They provide an authentic yakiniku (grilled barbecue) dining experience, where visitors can share delectable cuts of premium meat over a smokeless, flaming grill.

The restaurant's comprehensive menu features a wide selection of meats, including the best-selling Harami Skirt Steak in Miso Marinade and Prime Kalbi Short Rib in Tare Sweet Soy Marinade, bound to tantalize the taste buds of even the most discerning diners.

Gyu Kaku 5
Gyu Kaku 6

To complement the savory grilled meats, Gyu-Kaku offers a diverse selection of Japanese beverages, such as sake, shochu, and ice-cold beers.

The attentive and friendly staff are always on hand to guide guests through the dining experience, providing helpful suggestions and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit.

Location: Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ - Google Maps

4. Korean Village Restaurant

Korean Village 1_VoGKuLB

This longstanding establishment has built a loyal following among Toronto's food enthusiasts, thanks to its dedication to quality and authentic Korean flavors.

What truly sets Korean Village Restaurant apart is its commitment to marinating meats for more than 35 hours, ensuring an explosion of flavor in every bite. The result is an unparalleled culinary experience that showcases the rich and complex taste profiles inherent in traditional Korean cuisine.

Korean Village 3
Korean Village 4

From tender beef short ribs to mouthwatering pork belly, each dish is a testament to the restaurant's devotion to excellence and authenticity.

The warm and inviting atmosphere further enhances the dining experience, making it an ideal destination for gatherings with family and friends. The tabletop BBQ allows diners to take an active role in the preparation of their meal, fostering a sense of camaraderie and engagement that is central to the Korean dining experience.

Korean Village 5
Korean Village 6

In addition to its renowned BBQ offerings, they have an extensive menu featuring a wide array of classic Korean dishes, catering to diverse palates and preferences.

Whether you're a fan of savory stews, piquant kimchi, or satisfying bibimbap, this popular eatery is sure to have something that will delight your taste buds.

Location: Korean Village Restaurant - Google Maps

5. Daldongnae Korean BBQ

Daldongnae 1
Daldongnae 2

This charming eatery transports patrons to the heart of Korea, with its cozy interior adorned with warm lighting and wooden accents, creating an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a scene from a K-drama.

Begin your culinary journey at Daldongnae Korean BBQ with their delectable Seafood Pancake, featuring a perfect blend of crispy and fluffy textures.

Daldongnae 3
Daldongnae 7

The dish is enhanced by an assortment of succulent mini shrimps, squid, chives, and other vegetables, making for a satisfying and flavorsome appetizer.

Three must-try dishes include Beef Rib Eye, Pork Shoulder Butt, and Kimchi Cold Noodle Soup. The Beef Rib Eye promises a tender, melt-in-your-mouth experience, with each bite releasing a burst of rich, beefy flavor. The Pork Shoulder Butt is equally impressive, boasting a well-marinated and juicy profile that will leave you craving more.

Daldongnae 5
Daldongnae 6

The Pork Skirt Meat, with its thin cut and delightful flavor, cooks quickly on the grill, adding a fun and interactive element to your dining experience.

To further elevate your meal, sample the Sweet Potato and Seaweed sides, dipping them in Gochujang sauce for an unparalleled flavor combination.

Location: Daldongnae Korean BBQ - Google Maps

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6. Gyubee Japanese Grill

Gyubee 1
Gyubee 2

The restaurant's artful interior, featuring long table lamps and painted wall art in every booth, creates an aesthetically pleasing environment that elevates the dining experience, making it the perfect place to unwind and indulge.

At Gyubee, the Korean BBQ offerings surpass expectations, thanks to meticulously marinated meats that require no additional sauces.

Gyubee 3
Gyubee 4

The Pork Belly, seasoned with the finest ingredients, delivers an exceptional combination of flavors that will leave you wanting more. The Beef, tender and equally delicious, is another crowd favorite that showcases Gyubee's dedication to culinary excellence.

Gyubee 5
Gyubee 6

For a taste of something different, try the Beef Brisket and Boneless Short Rib. The Beef Brisket boasts a delightful chewy and meaty texture, with rich and smoky flavors that meld together harmoniously.

The Boneless Short Ribs, tender and packed with beefy goodness, further demonstrate the restaurant's commitment to providing top-notch fare.

Location: Gyubee Japanese Grill - Google Maps

7. Ka Chi Korean Restaurant

Ka Chi 1
Ka Chi 2

Ka Chi Korean Restaurant offers a welcoming environment where patrons can indulge in a wide array of authentic Korean dishes.

The caring staff at Ka Chi are committed to providing excellent service, ensuring that each guest feels right at home and creating a favorite spot for friends and family to gather and enjoy memorable moments together.

Ka Chi 3
Ka Chi 4

The extensive menu at Ka Chi features a diverse selection of Korean favorites, including Pancakes, Tempura, Deep Fried and Steamed Dumplings, and a variety of Rice Cake and Noodle Dishes.

Soup enthusiasts will appreciate the assortment of Soup and Noodle in Soup options, while Stir Fried Noodles, Meat and Seafood Dishes, and Meat and Seafood Dishes on Hot Plate offer something for everyone.

Ka Chi 5
Ka Chi 6

Delve into the rich and flavorful world of Korean stews, or enjoy the satisfying Mackerel and Stew Combo. For a taste of traditional Korean cuisine, try the Hot Stone Bibimbap, Bibimbap in a Bowl, or one of the Stir Fried Rice Dishes.

Ka Chi's menu also features a selection of new items, special dishes, extras, combo options, and refreshing beverages to complement your meal.

Location: Ka Chi Korean Restaurant - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

In conclusion, Toronto's rich tapestry of Korean BBQ and Grill restaurants provides a diverse range of gastronomic delights.

The food at these eateries is more than just a meal; it's a journey into Korean culinary traditions. Whether you're a first-time diner or a seasoned Korean BBQ enthusiast, these restaurants will surely ignite your palate with an explosion of flavors!

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