Family Fun in Red Deer: 8 Spots for Kids and Their Parents

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In today's guide, you will discover the best family activities in Red Deer. If you’re a local or just visiting, Red Deer offers plenty of fantastic activities for kids and their parents this season.

We’re covering some of the best family spots in Red Deer where you and your little ones can have a blast, no matter which kind of activities you enjoy!

The goal of this guide is simple: to help you discover and enjoy the coolest family-friendly spots in the city. We'll give you the inside scoop on the must-visit destinations like The Gutter for some bowling fun or Sun Sport Recreation for an active day out & much more. 

1. Hit the Slopes at Canyon Ski Resort

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If you're looking for some pulse-pounding fun with your family, then you have to check out the Canyon Ski Resort. This place is the home of Alberta’s first and only Canyon Coaster, and it’s sure to deliver a ride full of thrills and excitement!

The coaster stretches over 1,300 meters long with a whopping 440-foot vertical drop. Get ready to zoom through ski slopes and forest trails on this extraordinary Luge track.

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The best part is, you get to control your own speed! Each ride has a personalized brake system, so you can either take it slow or speed up to 40 km per hour—it's totally up to you. This neat feature makes the ride fun and safe for everyone in the family.

Even the littlest adventurers aged 3 and up can join in the excitement, as long as they are accompanied by someone who is 16 or older. 

Want to keep the memory of your ride? There's a camera along the track taking pictures of everyone speeding by. Pick up a photo at the kiosk after your ride for a unique souvenir! 

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They've got stupendous packages designed for schools, private parties, and more. Be it your kid’s birthday party or an educational school trip, the resort has everything you need, from lessons to rental equipment. 

There's a bunch more to explore at Canyon Ski Resort! Besides the Canyon Coaster, they’ve got a lot of different winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and even snow tubing. By providing all these fun outdoor activities, the resort encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. It's simply the go-to spot for family fun and adventure any season.

2. Enjoy the Day at Heritage Ranch

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You can't miss out on a day at Heritage Ranch! This place is filled with delightful activities for both kids and their parents, making it a top pick for family outings.

One of the star attractions at Heritage Ranch is their delightful Pony Rides and Adventures for Kids. Starting from mid-May, your children can enjoy these magical rides all summer long.

The pony rides are designed specifically for young adventurers under the age of 7, giving them a chance to experience the ranch atmosphere while feeling the gentle sway of a pony beneath them. 

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Heritage Ranch offers plenty more adventures throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the world of cowboys with the Cowboy Summer Day Camp. This unique camp teaches kids the basic skills of the "Cowboy Way", surrounding them with cowboy traditions right here in Red Deer.

Springtime brings even more excitement with Seasonal Easter Egg Hunts. Kids can join in the thrill as they search for hidden eggs and partake in various other activities, making it the perfect springtime celebration for the whole family.

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Fall at Heritage Ranch brings their exciting Pumpkin Hunts. Your family can explore the ranch, searching for the perfect pumpkin against the beautiful autumn backdrop. It's a fun activity that creates lasting seasonal memories.

And for those who yearn to learn more about horses, Heritage Ranch offers diverse summer riding camps. From the 3-Day Horse Fun Camp to week-long day camps running from July through August, these immersive experiences teach kids everything from brushing and saddling their horse to enjoying trail rides and even barrel racing. 

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3. Visit Trailhead Climbing & Fitness

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Looking for an adventurous activity that’s fun for the whole family? Visit the Fun Zone at Trailhead Climbing & Fitness! This place is designed to offer a unique climbing experience that promises endless fun for everyone. 

The Fun Zone hosts a total of 11 thrilling climbing challenges and includes 15 auto-belays, ensuring climbers stay safe and engaged. 

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In this adventurous arena, kids and adults tackle different kinds of climbing obstacles. Ever tried climbing swaying volumes? That's the Volumes challenge! Or how about building a tower as you climb in the Stacking Challenge?

You can weave your way up the Cube Wall, race against time on the Speed Wall, or test your bravery on the massive Cargo Net

The Chimney challenge will have you scaling tight spaces using specialized techniques, whereas avoiding spinning discs adds an extra twist with the Discs challenge

For puzzle lovers, the Maze Wall will test your problem-solving skills, and the beginner-friendly Trailhead Wall is great if you’re just getting started.

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The Fun Zone can accommodate up to 15 climbers per session, making it a fantastic place for a group gathering. Birthday parties, school trips, and even corporate team-building events will find this a perfect venue for bonding and excitement.

4. Sun Sport Recreation Fun

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Sun Sport Recreation is a standout spot in Red Deer for families craving some outdoor fun. They offer a wide range of rentals, making it super easy for families and groups of all ages to have a blast on Sylvan Lake.

One of the coolest options they have is their Paddle Boat Rentals, which can accommodate two people. This makes paddle boating perfect for couples or friends wanting to chill and have a good time on the water.

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Here's a fun tip: bring a small cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks. It's like having a picnic while paddling! The paddle boats let you escape the daily grind and relish the breathtaking views of Sylvan Lake. The gentle movements and tranquil vibe are perfect for slowing down and connecting with nature.

When it comes to getting your paddle boat, there's no need for advance booking for these non-motorized rentals. Just head to Sun Sport Recreation's site at Sylvan Lake, and you're all set. 

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Safety and weather conditions are taken seriously. Rentals depend on the weather and the state of the water, and safety is a top priority.

They provide life jackets and all the essential gear to keep you safe while you enjoy your time on the lake. You can count on their staff to offer guidance and ensure everything goes smoothly.

5. Relax at Bower Ponds

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If you're looking for a great spot for family relaxation and excitement, then has everything with its amazing array of activities!

One of its star attractions is the exciting 18-hole Mini-Golf Course that promises a delightful challenge for all ages.

 Navigate through intricately designed holes, each with its own unique theme and set of obstacles.

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The mini-golf course is not only visually stunning but also offers an engaging gameplay experience that makes it perfect for everyone. Families of all ages will find it delightful, making it an excellent way to bond and create lasting memories. 

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But wait, the fun at Lakeside doesn’t end with mini-golf! There’s a range of other activities lined up to ensure everyone has a blast. For those on the lookout for a thrilling experience, the Go-Karts offer an adrenaline-pumping ride around the track.

Fret not for the younger speed-enthusiasts; they can enjoy their own safe yet exhilarating ride on the Kiddie-Karts. And who could resist bumper cars? This timeless classic guarantees endless laughter and excitement as you bump and crash your way to fun.

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6. Strike Fun at The Gutter Bowling Alley

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Move into The Gutter, a charming retro-style bowling alley located in the lively heart of downtown Red Deer, and get ready for an unforgettable family fun experience!

This beloved spot has transformed its storied past into a lively, contemporary hotspot. Visitors are welcomed by a perfect blend of nostalgic decor and modern amenities, creating an ambiance that pays tribute to the golden age of bowling.

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With vintage charm, yummy selections, and exciting bowling, The Gutter & Rare Pizza is hard to beat for anyone looking for a good time out in Red Deer. The welcoming atmosphere is perfect for both seasoned bowlers and newcomers, offering an inviting space for everyone.

And that's not all – The Gutter specializes in hosting birthday parties that are filled with fun and joy. Their packages make planning easy-peasy:

Birthday Packages for Under 12 & General Birthdays:

  • 90 minutes of bowling
  • Shoe rentals for all participants
  • Unlimited fountain drinks
  • An assortment of delicious pizzas
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The Gutter is also an excellent choice for corporate events, fundraisers, or large group gatherings. Their spacious lanes and versatile event space can accommodate almost any party size and need. 

7. Hit the Slopes at Canyon Ski Resort

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Feel the thrill of racing downhill without the need for snow at the Summer Tubing Slide at Canyon Ski Resort! This is Red Deer's spot for endless family fun where everyone - from kids to grandparents - can enjoy a day filled with outdoor adventure and belly laughs.

Neveplast is this super cool, synthetic material that mimics slippery snow, letting you have that wintry sliding experience even under the summer sun! And guess what? These runs are a thrilling 453 feet long, which makes them the longest of their kind in Western Canada. Now, that's something special!

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Getting to the top of these epic runs is a breeze thanks to the "Magic Carpet," an uphill conveyor lift. This lift does all the hard stuff, carrying you and your tube up to the starting point. No need for any uphill trudging, which means everyone can get in on the sliding action without a sweat.

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The real magic of the Summer Tubing Slide lies in its universal appeal - it's an easy yet thrilling activity that families can do together. If you're a thrill-seeker looking for new adventures or parents in search of a fun family activity, the Summer Tubing Slide fits the bill perfectly.

8. Explore Sunnybrook Farm Museum

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Sunnybrook Farm Museum is truly a remarkable place in Red Deer that celebrates the early days of Alberta farming. As the city's oldest farm, it allows visitors to step back in time and get a taste of the rural life lived by pioneer farm families.

 Working in the fields or milking cows in a rustic dairy barn—the museum brings history to life like no other place!

One of the coolest parts about Sunnybrook Farm Museum is how interactive it is. You can chat with workers in the restoration shop to learn about how they bring old farming equipment back to life. Maybe you'll even get a chance to feed some chickens or take a relaxing wagon ride around the farm

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The museum packs a punch with a variety of fun events all year long that celebrate Alberta’s rich agricultural heritage.

 Enjoy a Family Snow Day sliding down the hill, taking sleigh rides, and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Or take part in an exciting Children’s Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt where kids can find hidden eggs left by the Easter Bunny.

Spring on the Farm brings family activities, face painting, a chance to meet baby animals, and antique tractor pulls. And then there's the Old Fashioned Ham Dinner and Lunch at the Farm, where you can savor home-cooked meals and even get a guided wagon ride.

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Educational programs are also a big part of the museum’s efforts to promote lifelong learning. Guided tours and school programs are designed to let visitors experience pioneer life and the science behind old-timey gear and levers.

You can even have your birthday party or family gathering right there on the beautiful and historical museum grounds with various party packages available.

Sunnybrook Farm Museum is a perfect spot for families looking to have fun, learn something new, and take part in traditions that have shaped Alberta's agricultural history. 

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To Sum It All Up

After exploring these fantastic spots in Red Deer, families will find plenty of opportunities for joy and adventure. From the thrilling slopes at Canyon Ski Resort to the immersive countryside at Heritage Ranch, there are exciting activities for every family.

Families can challenge themselves at Trailhead Climbing & Fitness or enjoy a fun day out at Sun Sport Recreation. Don't forget the relaxing moments by the lakeside or the exciting strikes at The Gutter. Repeat visits to places like Sunnybrook Farm Museum will create strong memories too.

For even more ideas and details, be sure to check out ActiviFinder. We have an amazing collection of activities perfect for experiencing Red Deer. Here's to plenty of fun and adventure!

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