Play for Free: Vancouver's 10 Best Tennis Courts Revealed

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If you love tennis and are in Vancouver, you're in luck! The city has plenty of free tennis courts where you can practice your serves and volleys without spending a dime.

No matter if you're a pro or just starting out, these courts are a great way to exercise, enjoy the fresh air, and sharpen your tennis skills. Vancouver offers a range of courts, from bustling downtown parks to quieter residential areas.

In this guide, we'll highlight some of the best free tennis courts in Vancouver, detailing their locations, amenities, and unique features. So, grab your racket, put on your tennis shoes, and let's explore the best places to play tennis for free in the city!

1. Heather Park Public Tennis Courts

heather park public tennis courts S3WlAJEt

Heather Park Public Tennis Courts are a gem in Vancouver’s collection of free sports facilities. Tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood, these courts offer a serene setting perfect for your next tennis match.

The well-maintained surfaces ensure a smooth game, and their popularity is a testament to the quality you can expect.

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What sets Heather Park apart is its family-friendly environment. You’ll often see players of all ages enjoying the courts, from young kids to seasoned adults.

If you're bringing the whole family, there are large grassy areas perfect for a picnic or a casual game of frisbee. The adjacent playground is a hit with children, making it easy to keep everyone entertained.

heather park public tennis courts iYYKJiEb

Besides tennis, Heather Park's amenities add to its appeal. The open spaces are great for a variety of outdoor activities, and the calm, welcoming atmosphere makes it a favorite spot for locals.

Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, you'll find Heather Park Public Tennis Courts to be a fantastic place to practice your serve.

Location: Heather Park Public Tennis Courts - Google Maps

2. Queen Elizabeth Park Public Tennis & Pickleball Courts

queen elizabeth park EOJnDA0E
queen elizabeth park 768XcVcH

Queen Elizabeth Park is home to a plethora of tennis and pickleball courts, making it a top spot for racket sports enthusiasts in Vancouver.

The clean and beautiful courts provide a great experience for players of all skill levels. With plenty of courts available, you're less likely to wait for a spot, allowing more time to enjoy your game.

queen elizabeth park oNvSAVOG
queen elizabeth park bLmNMJ1S

Set against a stunning backdrop, these courts offer more than just a place to play. The north end of the park features breathtaking views, adding a picturesque element to your tennis outing.

After your match, take a stroll to the nearby lagoon or relax at one of the picnic sites. This park truly offers a full day of activities, blending sports and leisure seamlessly.

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queen elizabeth park sXEzJ336

While the park does have paid parking, the convenience and beauty of the location make it worthwhile.

Location: Queen Elizabeth Public Tennis Courts - Google Maps

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3. Slocan Park Public Tennis Courts

slocan park public tennis courts AsB4zYXJ

Slocan Park Public Tennis Courts offer a fantastic setting for a casual game or serious practice session in Vancouver.

These courts are relatively new and very clean, providing an excellent surface for both tennis and pickleball. The park’s well-maintained facilities make it a top choice for locals looking to play without any cost.

slocan park public tennis courts EM3fBMDA
slocan park public tennis courts u0MX9L9K

One thing to note is the proximity to the SkyTrain, which can make the area a bit noisy. However, this doesn't detract from the quality of play you'll experience on these nice courts.

The convenience of having public transport nearby makes it easy to access, especially for those who prefer not to drive.

slocan park public tennis courts Gj6TUaA9

The park itself is a delightful place to spend time. Beyond the courts, Slocan Park features open green spaces perfect for relaxing before or after your game. It’s a wonderful spot for families and individuals alike, offering a clean and welcoming environment.

For anyone trying out pickleball for the first time, Slocan Park is a great starting point. The courts are versatile and cater to various skill levels, ensuring a fun experience whether you're a novice or a seasoned player.

Location: Slocan Park Public Tennis Courts - Google Maps

4. Kitsilano Beach Public Tennis Courts

kitsilano00 gkpOf0VT

Kitsilano Beach Public Tennis Courts provide a unique playing experience, just a few steps away from the beautiful waterfront. With four courts available, you can enjoy a game while soaking in the stunning views of the beach and the nearby park.

The location offers a refreshing seaside atmosphere, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your tennis session.

kitsilano cWlKEacz
kitsilano3 smwYJXSC

The park itself is spacious, perfect for a post-game picnic or a leisurely stroll. The open green areas are ideal for unwinding after an intense match.

The courts are well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable play for all skill levels. 

kitsilano4 m2NBVteR

One thing to keep in mind is the paid parking, which is closely monitored. Make sure to handle your parking fees to avoid any issues.

Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall experience at Kitsilano Beach is well worth it.

Location: Kitsilano Beach Public Tennis Courts - Google Maps

5. Memorial Park West Public & Tennis Courts

Memorial Park West Public Tennis Courts are a favorite spot among Vancouver’s tennis and pickleball players.

Known for their great surface and well-maintained nets, these courts offer a reliable place to practice your game. While the courts are popular and can get busy, the quality of the playing surface makes it worth the wait.

memorial park west public tennis courts BH5sFWpg

One unique feature at Memorial Park West is the dedicated court set up for four pickleball games.

This versatility attracts a mix of tennis and pickleball enthusiasts, adding to the park’s lively atmosphere

memorial park west public tennis courts tpJOwo7j
memorial park west public tennis courts enuqgvc4

The park itself is a pleasant place to spend time. After your game, take advantage of the surrounding green spaces to relax or socialize with friends.

The popularity of the courts means you might even meet new people who share your passion for these sports.

Location: Memorial Park West Public & Tennis Courts - Google Maps

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6. Stanley Park Tennis Courts

stanley park 6jug3wPa

Stanley Park Tennis Courts offer an impressive setup with 17 public courts, making it one of Vancouver’s premier locations for free tennis. Six of these courts can be reserved, ensuring you can plan your game without any hassle.

These well-maintained courts provide a top-notch playing experience, perfect for both casual players and serious competitors.

stanley park tennis courts OanMlKjU

Located conveniently within Stanley Park, these courts are easily accessible whether you’re driving or using public transit. The park’s parking facilities add to the convenience, making it straightforward for those bringing their own gear.

Once you’re done playing, the extensive park offers countless other activities, from scenic walks to picnics, enhancing your visit.

stanley park tennis courts hmCWZmQV
stanley park tennis courts MrbHEmsL

The courts themselves are in excellent condition, reflecting the park’s commitment to providing high-quality recreational spaces.

You’ll find a mix of locals and tourists, creating a dynamic atmosphere. The availability of so many courts means there’s often space to play, even during peak times.

Location: Stanley Park Tennis Courts - Google Maps

7. Lost Lagoon Tennis Courts

lost lagoon tennis courts gRWr3L3l

Lost Lagoon Tennis Courts, located within the stunning Stanley Park, offer an exceptional tennis experience with 4 courts available for public use.

These courts are meticulously maintained, ensuring a clean and professional playing environment. Situated near the water, the courts provide a refreshing setting, making your tennis game even more enjoyable.

lost lagoon tennis courts00 R2pPDWYp
lost lagoon tennis courts4 GWn5RqJF

The courts are popular among players of all skill levels, creating a diverse and lively atmosphere. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you’ll find a welcoming community here.

 Each court is separated by a tall chain-link fence, offering a sense of privacy while you play. The best part? These courts are free to use. Simply walk up to an empty court and start your game.

lost lagoon tennis courts2 QJERIyiI
lost lagoon tennis courts3 sVCZgnsv

Being in Stanley Park, the Lost Lagoon Tennis Courts are easily accessible, whether you’re driving or taking public transit. The scenic surroundings, combined with the high-quality courts, make it a prime spot for tennis enthusiasts.

After your match, you can explore the park's beautiful trails, relax by the lagoon, or have a picnic nearby.

Location: Lost Lagoon Tennis Courts - Google Maps

8. False Creek Public Tennis Club

False Creek Public Tennis Club offers a quiet and somewhat hidden gem for tennis lovers in Vancouver. Tucked away just off Moberly Road, this spot provides a serene setting for those looking to enjoy a game without the usual crowd.

The club features four courts that are reasonably maintained, providing a solid playing surface for enthusiasts of all levels.

false creek tennis club2 b3E5hWCB
false creek tennis club 5GO8TFrE

Accessing these courts adds to the charm of the location. From the parking lot, you’ll need to take a couple of flights of stairs, leading you to this peaceful haven.

The slight seclusion of False Creek Public Tennis Club means it’s not as well-known, offering a more relaxed and unhurried atmosphere compared to other busier locations.

false creek tennis club3 ad40H2wZ
false creek tennis club4 GyHZVkRB

Despite being a bit off the beaten path, the courts are well-kept, ensuring a good game every time. The surrounding area adds to the appeal, with False Creek's beautiful waterfront just a short walk away.

 After your match, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the water or explore the nearby parks.

Location: False Creek Public Tennis Club - Google Maps

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9. Trout Lake Tennis Courts

trout lake tennis courts c3IwzSoJ
trout lake tennis courts MSKmDD82

Trout Lake Tennis Courts offer a fantastic spot for tennis enthusiasts in Vancouver, boasting three well-maintained courts that cater to players of all ages and skill levels.

Nestled within the scenic Trout Lake Park, these courts provide an ideal setting for a game with family or friends.

trout lake tennis courts 9jH7nBhy
trout lake tennis courts Z63anzYD

Playing here is always a joy, thanks to the quality of the courts and the beautiful park surroundings. The courts are kept in great condition, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.

The friendly atmosphere makes it a popular choice for families looking to enjoy some outdoor activity together.

trout lake tennis courts XdLOeK2D
trout lake tennis courts 4q91SmfW

After your tennis match, Trout Lake Park offers plenty of opportunities to continue enjoying the outdoors. The park is perfect for a relaxing walk, with its picturesque paths and serene lake providing a peaceful escape.

Whether you're cooling down after a game or looking to spend a full day in nature, the park’s amenities complement the tennis courts perfectly.

Location: Trout Lake Tennis Courts - Google Maps

10. Granville Island Tennis Courts

granville island tennis courts1 svbchhrh
granville island tennis courts3 E5hBp5Jx

Granville Island Tennis Courts provide a convenient and pleasant location for a game of tennis in Vancouver. Located in a vibrant area known for its arts and culture, these courts offer a unique blend of recreation and urban charm.

Originally three courts, the area now features two tennis courts and one basketball court, catering to a variety of sports enthusiasts.

granville island tennis courts2 qSYxabZa
granville island tennis courts public6 fVlTm0rf

The courts operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with a 30-minute limit if someone is waiting to play. This system ensures fair usage and keeps the games moving.

Additionally, the courts are well-lit until 10:00pm, making them a great option for evening matches.

granville island tennis courts5 XhboIM9k
granville island tennis courts4 vSopkRPs

One of the standout features of the Granville Island Tennis Courts is their integration into the bustling surroundings. After a game, you can explore Granville Island's many attractions, from boutique shops and galleries to diverse dining options.

This makes it easy to extend your visit beyond just tennis, adding a cultural and social aspect to your outing.

Location: Granville Island Tennis Courts - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

Wrapping up our tour of Vancouver's best free tennis courts, it's clear that the city offers a diverse range of fantastic options for tennis enthusiasts of all levels.

From the serene setting of Heather Park to the vibrant atmosphere of Stanley Park, each location has its unique charm and appeal. Whether you're looking for a hidden gem like False Creek Public Tennis Club or the bustling courts at Granville Island, there's something for everyone.

These courts not only provide excellent playing surfaces but also offer the opportunity to enjoy Vancouver's beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. Whether you're practicing your serve at Slocan Park or playing a family match at Trout Lake, you'll appreciate the well-maintained facilities and welcoming communities at each site.

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