Top 13 Must-Try Korean Restaurants in Calgary

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Welcome to a flavorful journey through Calgary's Korean culinary scene! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds as we dive into the vibrant world of Korean cuisine right here in our city.

From sizzling barbecue to savory stews and spicy kimchi, Calgary boasts an array of Korean restaurants that are sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic flavors and warm hospitality. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Korean food or curious to explore this rich culinary tradition for the first time, you're in for a treat. Join us as we embark on a delicious adventure, discovering the best Korean restaurants that

Calgary has to offer. From cozy family-owned eateries to trendy downtown spots, each restaurant has its own unique charm and specialties waiting to be savored. So grab your chopsticks and appetite, and let's indulge in the mouthwatering delights of Calgary's best Korean dining establishments.

1. Korean Village Restaurant

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korean village restaurant lnGKWHSM

Korean Village Restaurant is a staple in Calgary for those looking to immerse themselves in the warm, comforting embrace of Korean comfort food. This family-style restaurant is known for its cozy ambiance and built-in BBQ table grills that promise an engaging dining experience.

Patrons can cook their own meats right at their table, adding a fun and interactive element to mealtime that's perfect for families and groups of friends alike.

korean village restaurant F0yqkVDz
korean village restaurant j9ESKn2C

The menu at Korean Village is extensive, featuring a range of Korean classics that are sure to please any palate. From the spicy, deeply flavorful kimchi stews to the succulent bulgogi, every dish is prepared with traditional techniques and authentic ingredients.

The built-in grills at each table allow diners to become their own chefs, grilling various cuts of marinated meats to their liking, accompanied by an array of side dishes known as banchan.

korean village restaurant fk6kcF6H
korean village restaurant D30QFrxq

The vibe here is relaxed and welcoming, ideal for those long dinners where conversation flows as freely as the soju.

Location: Korean Village Restaurant - Google Maps

2. Namsan Authentic Korean Cuisine

namsan authentic 2fYTruC9

Namsan Authentic Korean Cuisine brings a slice of Seoul to Calgary with its genuine approach to Korean culinary traditions. Known for its meticulous attention to detail and authenticity, Namsan offers a dining experience that resonates with the flavors and ambiance of a traditional Korean eatery.

The decor is simple yet elegant, creating a soothing environment that complements the culinary experience.

namsan authentic IAg3mau2
namsan authentic ZwFMikuW

The restaurant takes pride in its diverse menu, which includes everything from the beloved Korean BBQ to less common, traditional dishes that are hard to find elsewhere in the city.

A standout dish is their Japchae, a stir-fried noodle dish with vegetables and a choice of meats, all seasoned with a unique blend of Korean spices that provide a burst of flavor with each bite. Their commitment to authentic, high-quality ingredients ensures that every dish served is a reflection of true Korean gastronomy.

namsan authentic VMr2IvfO
namsan authentic 6XMA10aK

Additionally, Namsan is praised for its exceptional service.

The staff are knowledgeable and eager to guide newcomers through the menu, making recommendations and explaining the origins and ingredients of each dish, ensuring that every visit is both enlightening and enjoyable.

Location: Namsan Authentic Korean Cuisine - Google Maps

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3. Gogi Korean Kitchen

gogi korean kitchen sSUL1FEd
gogi korean kitchen D4OD9ESr

If you're on the hunt for a laid-back spot that delivers a robust Korean dining experience, Gogi Korean Kitchen should be on your radar.

This casual counter-serve eatery offers a delightful array of Korean favorites, making it a perfect spot for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner. The atmosphere is inviting, with a no-frills setup that focuses squarely on the food.

gogi korean kitchen kAd8eNKN
gogi korean kitchen jzDYPXLW

One of the highlights at Gogi Korean Kitchen is their bibimbap, a sizzling hot bowl of rice topped with vibrant veggies, a sunny-side-up egg, and your choice of protein, all mixed together with a spicy gochujang sauce for that authentic taste.

The dish is a colorful feast for the eyes and a comprehensive introduction to Korean cuisine for those yet to try it.

gogi korean kitchen lcEkBYXW
gogi korean kitchen obfn1Z4z

Not to be missed, their takoyaki — a popular street food item consisting of doughy balls filled with tender octopus pieces, cooked to a perfect crisp on the outside while remaining deliciously gooey on the inside.

It's a treat that transports you straight to the streets of Seoul.

Location: Gogi Korean Kitchen - Google Maps

4. Korilla Korean BBQ

korilla korean bbq qQzdg4x1
korilla korean bbq 2QUUurYL

Korilla Korean BBQ in Calgary stands out not only for its authentic Korean flavors but also for the thoughtful design that mirrors the true Korean BBQ experience. The restaurant features overhead fans at each BBQ station, ensuring a smoke-free environment while patrons grill their meals, just like in Korea.

This attention to detail in the ambiance enhances the dining experience, making it as close as possible to dining in Seoul.

korilla korean bbq 1QJpRoFm

The menu at Korilla is a celebration of Korean culinary excellence, featuring a variety of meats and vegetables that guests can cook to their preference directly at their tables. The lunch specials here are particularly noteworthy—offering a cost-effective way to enjoy premium dishes without compromising on quality or quantity.

Whether it's the marinated beef bulgogi or the spicy pork, every option is packed with flavor and served with a side of warm, hospitable service.

korilla korean bbq 13L1wI1b
korilla korean bbq Uk5wEj45

Customers frequently applaud Korilla for its fantastic service.

The staff is attentive and always ready to assist, whether it's by recommending dishes to newcomers or ensuring that every aspect of the meal meets guests' expectations.

Location: Korilla Korean BBQ - Google Maps

5. Cheongdam Korean BBQ

cheongdam korean bbq vuoMGchH
cheongdam korean bbq E0ocMXPA

Cheongdam Korean BBQ is a gem in Calgary for those craving hearty portions and flavorful Korean cuisine. The restaurant is renowned for its generous servings that ensure no one leaves hungry.

The marinated meats, a highlight of their menu, arrive at the table thick and juicy, ready to be cooked to perfection on the built-in grills. The quality of the food, coupled with the authentic flavors, makes Cheongdam a standout destination for Korean BBQ lovers.

cheongdam korean bbq OPCW096x
cheongdam korean bbq 71OULGC5

The fried chicken at Cheongdam is another must-try. Known for its crispy exterior and tender, juicy interior, it exemplifies the restaurant's commitment to delicious, well-prepared dishes.

The seasoning brings a delightful kick, enhancing the natural flavors of the chicken, and making it a popular choice among diners.

cheongdam korean bbq O02zaQVC
cheongdam korean bbq 6CaThm93

Visitors to Cheongdam also rave about the quick and attentive service. Staff members are not only prompt but also friendly, adding to the overall enjoyable experience.

The efficient service, combined with the excellent food, ensures a satisfying dining experience from start to finish.

Location: Cheongdam Korean BBQ - Google Maps

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6. KOR Korean Street Food

kor korean street food R1vL78cX
kor korean street food SSDpcluS

KOR Korean Street Food in Calgary offers a vibrant dining experience that captivates both the eye and the palate. The interior of the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing, creating a fantastic ambiance that makes it an ideal spot for family gatherings or a romantic date night.

The welcoming atmosphere, combined with stylish decor, sets the perfect stage for a memorable meal.

kor korean street food VmzxbSG7
kor korean street food HZwGRY85

The menu at KOR is a testament to the diversity and richness of Korean street food. Every dish, from the crispy calamari to the tender bulgogi beef, is prepared with meticulous care and bursts with authentic flavors. The vegetable dumplings are a favorite among vegetarians, packed with fresh, flavorful fillings.

However, the standout dish according to many patrons is the shrimp pasta. Described as the best some have ever had, it blends Korean spices with Western preparation to create a creamy, savory dish that's both unique and indulgent.

kor korean street food 40L1HmHz
kor korean street food KwTQ6j3y

KOR Korean Street Food not only delivers on high-quality, flavorful meals but also ensures every visit is a delightful experience.

The combination of amazing food, a beautiful setting, and a cheerful vibe makes this restaurant a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy Korean cuisine in a fresh and exciting way in Calgary.

Location: KOR Korean Street Food - Google Maps

7. Baekjeong Korean BBQ House

baekjeong korean bbq O5s0cNGi
baekjeong korean bbq gseT8ZSp

Baekjeong Korean BBQ House is a celebrated destination in Calgary for those who appreciate high-quality Korean cuisine served with exceptional care. The restaurant is renowned for its meticulous attention to every detail, from the perfectly seasoned sides to the rich, flavorful soups, ensuring each dish not only meets but exceeds diners' expectations.

The quality of the ingredients shines through, offering a taste experience that is both authentic and deeply satisfying.

baekjeong korean bbq 5HSWsxcD
baekjeong korean bbq nfd7caYR

Their marinated combo for two is a highlight, generously portioned and proving to be a challenge even for the heartiest of appetites. This popular choice allows diners to sample a variety of their best offerings, including expertly marinated meats that grill to perfection right at your table.

The value for money is evident, as the quality and quantity of the food are well balanced, making it a worthwhile indulgence.

baekjeong korean bbq YcVGNMRj
baekjeong korean bbq IbqmyFmY

Service at Baekjeong Korean BBQ House matches the high standard set by its cuisine.

The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate guests, contributing to a warm and welcoming dining environment.

Location: Baekjeong Korean BBQ House - Google Maps


han corea eBm9OnJe
han corea OPw25lE4

HAN COREA stands out as a prime destination for those venturing into the flavors of Korean cuisine in Calgary. Known for its generous portions, the restaurant ensures that every guest leaves satisfied both in terms of quantity and quality.

Each dish served here is a testament to traditional Korean cooking, infused with both classic and innovative flavors that cater to a wide range of palates.

han corea Elmt4Wrx
han corea FkgM9e93

The dining experience at HAN COREA is consistently described as delightful. Guests often note the friendly service as a key element of their visits, with staff who are eager to make recommendations and share insights about the menu.

This approachable atmosphere makes HAN COREA particularly appealing for first-timers to Korean food as well as seasoned diners looking for authentic tastes.

han corea 4CWfe4wZ

For anyone looking to dive deep into Korean culinary traditions, HAN COREA is a highly recommended starting point.

The combination of delicious dishes, such as their signature BBQ and hearty stews, along with the warm hospitality, creates an inviting environment where every meal is a chance to explore and enjoy.

Location: HAN COREA - Google Maps

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9. Joodam Drink & Talk

joodam drink talk QLnIOHQi
joodam drink talk 4Nogw2j4

Joodam Drink & Talk is a standout Korean restaurant in Calgary, known for its unique blend of traditional and innovative cuisine.

The moment you step into Joodam, you're greeted with a warm welcome that sets the tone for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant prides itself on its ability to deliver exceptional flavors in each dish, crafted with both precision and creativity.

joodam drink talk 5Bhr2rem
joodam drink talk zSzEa5M3

A must-try on the menu is the bulgogi cream pasta, a dish that exemplifies Joodam's flair for fusion. This dish combines the savory, sweet flavor of bulgogi with creamy pasta, creating a delightful blend of textures and tastes that is both unexpected and satisfying.

Another highlight is the seafood pajeon, noted for its incredible crispiness. This Korean-style pancake is loaded with fresh seafood and served golden brown, making it a perfect dish to share—or to enjoy solo.

joodam drink talk 1hXMq1t8
joodam drink talk KuBxNxS6

The dedication of the staff at Joodam Drink & Talk to providing outstanding service is evident in every interaction, ensuring that each guest feels valued and well cared for.

And don't forget to explore their cocktail menu, which features unique drinks that pair wonderfully with the robust flavors of the food.

Location: Joodam Drink & Talk - Google Maps

10. Meshi-K

meshi k I7SE2LCB
meshi k crNF7SQK

Meshi-K in Calgary is quickly making a name for itself as a premier destination for Korean street food, offering authentic flavors made with a genuine passion for culinary excellence.

This eatery captures the essence of Korean cuisine through its expertly crafted dishes, each prepared with high-quality ingredients and a palpable love for food that translates into every bite.

meshi k ovPUoEBj
meshi k sQYtZzol

The menu at Meshi-K is a vibrant showcase of Korea's best street food offerings. From spicy, tangy tteokbokki to savory, filling kimbap, each dish is a reflection of traditional Korean flavors adapted to suit the local palate while maintaining authenticity.

The care put into the preparation is evident, ensuring that diners receive not just food, but an immersive cultural experience.

meshi k yRXmVGJP
meshi k vdWP7F5Z

Meshi-K's atmosphere is as inviting as its food, with a friendly, enthusiastic team ready to welcome and guide diners through the menu.

This spot is ideal for anyone looking to explore the rich tapestry of Korean street food in a casual, yet distinctly authentic setting.

Location: Meshi-K - Google Maps

11. Chicken Family

chicken family DtbDMqwx

Chicken Family in Calgary offers a unique take on Korean fried chicken, setting itself apart with boneless chicken strips instead of the traditional bone-in fare. This innovative approach provides a different texture and ease of eating that's perfect for those who prefer their chicken without the hassle of bones.

Their Combo 1 is a popular choice, allowing diners to sample a mix of flavors with half Original and half Jalapeno Mayo chicken strips, accompanied by a large serving of fries and a couple of refreshing canned drinks.

chicken family Rk1WiEx8
chicken family mtAoquks

The batter used at Chicken Family deserves special mention. Light and crispy, it envelopes each strip perfectly, ensuring every bite is satisfyingly crunchy. The Jalapeno Mayo chicken, generously drenched in sauce, offers a bold, tangy kick with the surprise of pickled jalapeños adding an extra zing that delights the taste buds.

This combination of textures and flavors makes Chicken Family's offerings stand out in Calgary's crowded Korean fried chicken scene.

chicken family J0lX7pul
chicken family QdWabhT1

Guests at Chicken Family are consistently impressed with the quality and creativity of the menu.

The restaurant's focus on crafting a pleasant dining experience with innovative chicken dishes and friendly service makes it a must-visit for anyone craving a twist on classic Korean fried chicken.

Location: Chicken Family - Google Maps

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12. Roy’s Korean Kitchen

roys korean kitchen GcRGnchk
roys korean kitchen Tyd811jW

Roy's Korean Kitchen in Calgary offers an exciting fusion of traditional Korean flavors with unexpected global influences, creating a unique culinary experience.

This modest eatery stands out for its creative approach to Korean cuisine, serving up classics with a twist that keeps diners coming back for more.

roys korean kitchen eheVTT4Y
roys korean kitchen wSipSImx

One of the standout dishes is the bulgogi, which is masterfully prepared with tender, marinated beef that melts in your mouth.

But Roy's doesn't stop there, they push the culinary envelope with dishes like oxtail tortellini, blending rich, savory Italian elements with the robust flavors of Korea. The result is a dish that is both comforting and exotic, offering a surprising depth of flavor.

roys korean kitchen iM8rWclr
roys korean kitchen k01R3e5D

Additionally, Roy’s Korean Kitchen serves up an assortment of wings and tacos, each dish bearing the signature Korean zest. The wings are especially popular, glazed with a Korean-style sauce that balances sweet and spicy notes perfectly.

Similarly, their tacos are a crowd-pleaser, filled with Korean-inspired ingredients that offer a delightful twist on a Mexican classic.

Location: Roy’s Korean Kitchen - Google Maps

13. Asadal Korean Cuisine

asadal korean jzYP4VG9
asadal korean yEpf0VVh

Asadal Korean Cuisine is a cherished spot in Calgary for those looking to enjoy the comforting and robust flavors of Korean food. Having captivated locals with its delightful array of traditional dishes, Asadal offers a cozy and clean setting that enhances the dining experience.

Frequent visitors often comment on the consistently delicious meals and the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant.

asadal korean 0ORvucKC
asadal korean emW0mr26

The kimchi stew at Asadal is a standout, celebrated for its spicy depth and the generous assortment of pickled sides that accompany it.

This dish is a warming, flavorful bowl that perfectly showcases the piquancy and zest of Korean cuisine. Paired with rice, it's a satisfying meal that leaves a memorable impression on the palate.

asadal korean h7qyhq4h
asadal korean LxMKm3xN

Alongside the stew, Asadal serves up other Korean favorites like tteokbokki and seafood pancake.

The tteokbokki, with its chewy rice cakes and sweet-spicy sauce, is a must-try for those craving a classic street food experience, while the seafood pancake is noted for its crisp edges and savory filling, making it a perfect starter or shareable plate.

Location: Asadal Korean Cuisine - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it—your culinary guide to some of the best Korean restaurants Calgary has to offer!

Whether you're craving the heat of a kimchi stew, the crunch of fried chicken, or the innovation of bulgogi cream pasta, these spots are sure to satisfy your cravings and maybe even surprise you with something new. Each restaurant brings its own unique flair to the table, making Calgary's Korean food scene as diverse as it is delicious.

So, next time you're looking to spice up your dining routine, consider giving one of these Korean gems a try. With generous portions, friendly service, and authentic flavors, you're in for a treat no matter which spot you choose.

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