Poutine Perfection: Calgary's Top 9 Highly Rated Poutine Spots

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Apr 30, 2024

Welcome to Calgary, where the food scene is a melting pot of flavors just waiting to be explored. In this article, we're diving into a delicious quest to find the city's ultimate comfort food: poutine.

Picture crispy fries smothered in rich gravy and topped with squeaky cheese curds—mouthwatering, right? Well, Calgary is home to some of the best poutine spots you'll find anywhere. From cozy diners to trendy eateries, each with its own twist on this Canadian classic, there's something for every palate.

So, join us as we hit the streets, uncovering hidden gems and local favorites along the way. Whether you're a seasoned poutine aficionado or just curious to see what all the fuss is about, our handpicked list promises to satisfy your cravings and introduce you to the finest poutines Calgary has to offer. So, let's dig in and discover the heart and soul of Calgary's poutine scene—one delicious bite at a time!

1. The Big Cheese Poutinerie

The_Big_Cheese_Poutinerie_ _1
The_Big_Cheese_Poutinerie_ _6

If you're hunting for a poutine experience that packs a punch, The Big Cheese Poutinerie in Calgary is a destination that shouldn't be missed.

Known for their generous portions and quick service, this spot delivers comfort food that hits the spot every time. A visit here offers a parade of choices, tailored to satisfy all your poutine cravings.

The_Big_Cheese_Poutinerie_ _0
The_Big_Cheese_Poutinerie_ _3_JLd9nGT

A standout is the Buffalo Chicken Poutine. This dish takes a classic favorite to new heights with its perfectly moist pulled chicken, drenched in Frank's hot sauce, and crowned with rich, melty cheese curds and peas for a unique twist.

The flavors are bold and satisfying, making it a must-try for spice lovers and poutine aficionados alike.

The_Big_Cheese_Poutinerie_ _4

Visitors rave about the consistency in quality and taste, noting that whether it's your first visit or your fifth, the experience remains impressive.

Location: The Big Cheese Poutinerie - Google Maps

2. Peters' Drive-In

Peters_Drive In_ _3
Peters_Drive In_ _1

Peters' Drive-In in Calgary offers a nostalgic trip back in time with its classic American diner-style menu and drive-in ambiance.

This iconic spot is a local favorite, known for serving up hearty portions that promise not to leave you hungry. A regular order of fries here is famously abundant, easily enough to satisfy two people.

Peters_Drive In_ _4
Peters_Drive In_ _5

While the menu features a variety of diner staples, regulars often opt for the juicy burgers, crispy onion rings, and the rich, thick milkshakes that have become a signature of Peters' Drive-In.

Despite the struggle with the notoriously narrow straws, sipping on one of their creamy milkshakes remains a beloved part of the experience, adding to the overall charm and fun of the visit.

Peters_Drive In_ _6
Peters_Drive In_

Peters' Drive-In is more than just a place to eat; it's a destination that offers a delightful blend of good food and engaging atmosphere.

It's the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy a bit of history along with their meal, making every visit memorable.

Location: Peters' Drive-In - Google Maps

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3. strEATS

strEATS _1
strEATS _4

StrEATS Calgary is a vibrant spot for those craving a twist on traditional street food. This fusion restaurant specializes in tacos and burritos, blending classic flavors with innovative ingredients.

With each taco priced around $5.50, StrEATS offers an affordable way to explore a variety of tastes without breaking the bank.

strEATS _0
strEATS _3

The menu at StrEATS is particularly notable for its range of taco offerings. The beef tacos come highly recommended, featuring savory, tender meat that's perfectly seasoned to please the palate.

Another crowd-pleaser is the mango shrimp tacos, which combine the sweetness of mango with the freshness of shrimp, creating a delightful balance of flavors that's both refreshing and satisfying.

strEATS _2

For those who like a bit of a kick with their meal, the peri peri chicken and buffalo chicken tacos are must-tries.

Each bite packs a punch, delivering bold spices and succulent chicken wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla. 

Location: strEATS - Google Maps

4. Clive Burger

Clive_Burger_ _2

Clive Burger stands out in Calgary's culinary scene not just for its food, but for its whole ethos. Nestled in a counter-serve nook that oozes a retro vibe, this eatery offers a menu that's as eco-friendly as it is delicious.

With outdoor seating available, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a sunny day while indulging in some of the city's top-rated burgers.

Clive_Burger_ _6
Clive_Burger_ _4

As soon as you step into Clive Burger, the welcoming atmosphere and the tantalizing smell of freshly cooked burgers set the stage for a memorable dining experience. The burgers here are renowned for their quality; each one is meticulously crafted from high-quality ingredients.

The patties are notably juicy and flavorful, striking the perfect balance with the crisp, fresh produce that tops them, adding a refreshing crunch to every bite.

Clive_Burger_ _5

But the delights don't end with the burgers. Clive Burger’s poutine is something of a local legend—perfectly crispy, golden, and seasoned just right, it makes an ideal dish.

Location: Clive Burger - Google Maps

5. Blowers & Grafton

Blowers__Grafton _1
Blowers__Grafton _2

Blowers & Grafton brings a slice of East Coast flair to Calgary's dining scene, making it a standout destination for those in search of exceptional eats.

Renowned for its delicious offerings, this spot impresses with dishes that span from savory pizzas to delightful fish tacos, each packed with flavor and crafted with care.

Blowers__Grafton _4_c8TwIDR
Blowers__Grafton _5_77fSrZT

The pizza at Blowers & Grafton is a highlight, drawing in crowds with its perfectly baked crust, robust sauce, and a generous topping of quality ingredients.

Each slice offers a mouth-watering taste of authenticity that pizza lovers will appreciate.

Blowers__Grafton _3_LXq9KYI

Not to be overshadowed, the fish tacos deserve their own mention. Described by patrons as "very delicious," these tacos are a fusion of fresh, flaky fish with a blend of spices that elevate the natural flavors.

Wrapped in a soft tortilla and complemented by a squeeze of lime, they provide a refreshing and flavorful dining option.

Location: Blowers & Grafton - Google Maps

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6. Boogie's Burgers Renfrew

Boogies_Burgers_Renfrew _1
Boogies_Burgers_Renfrew _2

Boogie's Burgers Renfrew offers a unique blend of nostalgia and delicious eats in Calgary, making it a standout choice for burger aficionados and arcade enthusiasts alike.

This cheery counter-serve joint not only serves up some of the city's best burgers but adds a playful twist with vintage arcade games, setting the stage for a fun and memorable dining experience.

Boogies_Burgers_Renfrew _3
Boogies_Burgers_Renfrew _4

Each burger at Boogie's is a signature creation, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients that burst with flavors.

The menu features an array of options that cater to various tastes, from classic beef burgers to inventive concoctions that include unique toppings and sauces.

Boogies_Burgers_Renfrew _5
Boogies_Burgers_Renfrew _6

Alongside their burgers, Boogie’s also offers delectable poutine and crispy onion rings, both of which have garnered their own fan following.

The poutine is rich and savory, featuring golden fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, while the onion rings are noted for their perfect crunch.

Location: Boogie's Burgers Renfrew - Google Maps

7. The Hose and Hound Neighbourhood Pub

The Hose and Hound Neighbourhood Pub in Calgary is steeped in history and local charm, housed in a beautifully restored 1907 firehouse.

This unique venue combines the classic feel of a traditional pub with the excitement of a modern sports bar, making it a favorite hangout.

The_Hose_and_Hound_Neighbourhood_Pub_ _1
The_Hose_and_Hound_Neighbourhood_Pub_ _2_ReuwPYg

At The Hose and Hound, patrons can enjoy a wide selection of beers on tap, featuring everything from local craft brews to well-known international brands.

The atmosphere is enhanced by big-screen TVs strategically placed throughout the pub, ensuring you have a great view from every angle to catch live sports events or your favorite shows.

The_Hose_and_Hound_Neighbourhood_Pub_ _3_pLMxfeC
The_Hose_and_Hound_Neighbourhood_Pub_ _4

The menu at The Hose and Hound focuses on comfort food, with hearty dishes that pair perfectly with their beer selection. From succulent burgers and delicious poutines to moreish appetizers and entrees, each item is prepared with care and served in generous portions.

The pub’s friendly staff and the warm, inviting interior of the converted firehouse create a welcoming environment where you can unwind and enjoy a leisurely meal.

Location: The Hose and Hound Neighbourhood Pub - Google Maps

8. Rocky's Burgers

Rockys_Burgers_ _1
Rockys_Burgers_ _2

Rocky's Burgers in Calgary is a true paradise for burger enthusiasts, renowned for its massive, mouthwatering creations that promise to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.

Known for their straightforward approach and commitment to quality, Rocky's makes a memorable impression from the very first visit.

Rockys_Burgers_ _3
Rockys_Burgers_ _4

The highlight at Rocky's is undoubtedly the double cheeseburger with bacon. When they warn you about the size of the double burger, they mean it—each burger packs a full pound of juicy hamburger meat.

Patrons describe the experience as "biting into heaven," with the burger's flavors and textures perfectly balancing each other out. The bacon adds a crispy, smoky touch that complements the beef beautifully.

Rockys_Burgers_ _7
Rockys_Burgers_ _6

Not to be overlooked, the poutine at Rocky's is equally impressive. Described as "amazing," the dish features golden fries smothered in a rich, savory gravy and generously topped with cheese curds.

It's the kind of comfort food that warms you from the inside out, making it a perfect side dish or a standalone treat.

Location:  Rocky's Burgers- Google Maps

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9. OEB

OEB _3_c5Syykh
OEB_ _2

OEB in Calgary stands out as a breakfast haven, offering a delightful twist on morning classics in a bright, vibrant setting.

Known for its creative takes on traditional breakfast dishes, OEB delivers a culinary experience that goes beyond the typical.

OEB_ _1_6zm9Xrl

The menu features a variety of eggs Benedict, each with a unique spin that elevates this breakfast staple.

Additionally, their French toast and waffles are anything but ordinary

OEB _4
OEB_ _8

This dish is a feast for the senses, combining the soft, buttery richness of brioche with just the right touch of sweetness and texture that makes each bite unforgettable.

Visitors also rave about OEB's burgers and mimosas, which add a delightful twist for those looking for something different at brunch.

Location: OEB - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

That wraps up our tour of Calgary's top spots for indulging in some truly delightful eats.

From the massive, heavenly burgers at Rocky's to the innovative breakfast delights at OEB, each location brings its own unique flair to the table. 

Remember, each spot we've explored offers something more than just good food—they provide a memorable experience. From the historical charm of The Hose and Hound Neighbourhood Pub to the vibrant, playful atmosphere of Boogie's Burgers Renfrew, there’s a perfect spot for every occasion and every palate.

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