The Top 9 Mexican Restaurants in Calgary | Must-Try Spots

Aya Huang
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Step into a mouthwatering journey through the heart of Calgary as we unveil the best Mexican restaurants that make this city a food lover's paradise.

Looking for the tastiest Mexican food in Calgary? We've got you covered with our list of the top 9 must-try spots. From flavorful tacos to mouthwatering burritos, these restaurants offer an authentic taste of Mexico right here in Calgary

If you're craving sizzling fajitas, cheesy enchiladas, or fresh guacamole, the city boasts a range of eateries serving delicious Mexican fare. These dining spots have gained a reputation for their tasty dishes, friendly ambiance, and commitment to providing an unforgettable dining experience

Ready to discover the best Mexican Food in Calgary? Let's dive in!

1. Native Tongues Taqueria

Native_Tongues_ _1
Native_Tongues_ _6

When the craving for authentic Mexican cuisine hits you in Calgary, Native Tongues Taqueria stands out as a beacon of traditional flavors and high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Since swinging open its doors in 2015, this gem has quickly climbed the ranks, not only securing a spot in Calgary’s 10 Best Overall Restaurants but also repeatedly being crowned as Calgary’s Best Mexican Restaurant. The opening of a second locale in Britannia Plaza in 2023 only cements its reputation further, offering more Calgarians the chance to indulge in its culinary delights.

Native_Tongues_ _5
Native_Tongues_ _7

Stepping into either of Native Tongues’ locations, guests are immediately enveloped in a rustic cantina ambiance that perfectly complements the dining experience. The vibe is relaxed yet buzzing, with an open kitchen and bar area inviting diners into the heart of the action.

It's a place where every visit feels like being part of a special event or gathering, thanks to its fun and informal setting.

Native_Tongues_ _2
Native_Tongues_ _4

But what truly sets Native Tongues apart is its dedication to Mezcal.

The bar program takes center stage, showcasing this distinct and diverse spirit that's integral to Mexican culture. 

Location: Native Tongues Taqueria - Google Maps

2. Bodega Mexican Restaurant

Bodega_ _1
Bodega_ _2

Stepping into Bodega Mexican Restaurant in Calgary is like being transported to a cozy, laid-back spot where the essence of Mexican street food comes to life. Known for its unpretentious atmosphere, Bodega offers a compact yet rich menu that captures the soul of Mexican cuisine.

From savory tacos that pack a punch of flavor in every bite to burritos brimming with fresh, zesty ingredients, this restaurant is a treasure trove for those seeking an authentic Mexican food experience in Calgary.

Bodega_ _3
bodega_ _8

What sets Bodega apart is its dedication to simplicity and quality. Each dish, though seemingly straightforward, is a masterpiece of taste, showcasing the depth of traditional Mexican fare.

Bodega_ _4
bodega_ _7

The restaurant's charm lies not just in its food but in its casual vibe, inviting diners to relax and enjoy their meal without any fuss.

It's the perfect spot for Calgary locals and visitors craving Mexican eats in a place that feels like a quick getaway to a friend's backyard fiesta.

Location: Bodega Mexican Restaurant - Google Maps

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3. La Casa Latina Restaurant Calgary

La_Casa_Latina_ _1
La_Casa_Latina_ 2

La Casa Latina stands out in Calgary's bustling culinary scene as a haven for those in pursuit of traditional Mexican plates, exquisite seafood, and mouthwatering paella.

This gem offers an escape into the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine, all within the comfort of its simply adorned yet inviting space. The widely spaced tables ensure an intimate dining experience, allowing guests to savor their meals amidst a relaxed atmosphere that feels both welcoming and exclusive.

La_Casa_Latina_ _3_mdHQf8F

The menu at La Casa Latina is a celebration of authenticity, with each dish crafted to transport diners straight to the heart of Mexico.

The flavors are bold and genuine, reflecting the restaurant's commitment to traditional cooking methods and ingredients.

La_Casa_Latina_ _4
La_Casa_Latina_ _5

Its unique blend of traditional flavors, coupled with a cozy yet sophisticated setting, makes it a standout choice for anyone looking for top-rated Mexican food in Calgary.

It's a local eatery where the essence of Mexican hospitality is alive and well, promising an unforgettable Mexican food experience in Calgary.

Location: La Casa Latina Restaurant Calgary - Google Maps

4. Tacos Mexico Memorial

Tacos_Mexico_Memorial_ _4
Tacos_Mexico_Memorial_ _3

Tacos Mexico Memorial offers a laid-back, quick-serve haven in Calgary for those with a craving for authentic Mexican grub. This spot is all about bringing the vibrant flavors of Mexico to life, serving up an array of dishes from nachos loaded with all the fixings to tacos that are a true taste sensation.

And what's a Mexican feast without beer and tequila drinks? Tacos Mexico Memorial ensures you get the full experience, with a selection of beverages that perfectly complement the spicy, savory flavors of the food.

Tacos_Mexico_Memorial_ _5
Tacos_Mexico_Memorial_ _1

The ambiance here is as straightforward and welcoming as the menu. It's the ideal place for a casual meet-up with friends or a quick, satisfying meal that doesn't compromise on quality or authenticity.

The focus is on delivering great food fast, making it a go-to spot in Calgary for Mexican dining without the wait.

Tacos_ _6
tacos_ _7

Tacos Mexico Memorial distinguishes itself with its no-frills approach to genuine Mexican cuisine.

For locals and visitors seeking a spot where the Mexican food experience in Calgary is both delicious and straightforward, this restaurant is a must-try.

Location: Tacos Mexico Memorial - Google Maps

5. Tu Tierra Restaurant

Tu_Tierra_ _1
Tu_Tierra_ _2

Tu Tierra Restaurant illuminates Calgary's dining scene with its warmly lit, casual ambiance, inviting patrons to indulge in an authentic Mexican culinary adventure.

This charming eatery prides itself on traditional Mexican cooking, where each dish is a celebration of rich flavors and heartfelt hospitality. The menu is a vibrant mosaic of Mexico's culinary heritage, from succulent meats marinated to perfection to tantalizing salsas that dance on your palate.

Tu_Tierra_ _5

What sets Tu Tierra apart is not just its food but the entire dining experience. Imagine sipping on a meticulously crafted margarita or exploring the nuanced flavors of tequila and beer selections that complement your meal.

This spot is a gathering place for friends and family, where the warmth of Mexican culture is felt through every interaction and bite.

Tu_Tierra_ _6
Tu_Tierra_ 7

For those seeking Calgary's favorite Mexican restaurants, Tu Tierra is a standout destination.

It's a place where the joy of sharing a meal is amplified by the authenticity of the cuisine and the coziness of the setting.

Location: Tu Tierra Restaurant  - Google Maps

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6. Añejo Restaurant

Anejo_ _0
Anejo_ _5

Añejo Restaurant in Calgary elevates the dining scene with its unique blend of creative Mexican eats and an atmosphere that's both hip and infused with folk art. This two-floor haunt has become a beloved spot for those looking to enjoy not just a meal, but an experience.

The vibe here is unmistakably vibrant, with décor that draws you into a world where Mexican culture and contemporary flair meet.

Anejo_ 9

What really sets Añejo apart is its expansive tequila list, inviting guests to explore the rich diversity of Mexico's most famous spirit. Whether you're a tequila aficionado or new to the world of agave, the selection here promises something for every palate.

Pairing a meticulously crafted margarita with one of their innovative dishes elevates the dining experience to new heights.

Location: Añejo Restaurant - Google Maps

7. Spicy Amigos

Spicy_Amigos_ _3
Spicy_Amigos_ _1

Spicy Amigos lights up Calgary's dining scene with its from-scratch Mexican kitchen, serving up a storm of classic eats in a setting that's as warm as it is trendy. Wrapped in hip, wood-lined digs, this restaurant provides a cozy yet vibrant backdrop for a culinary journey through Mexico.

The menu is a testament to the authenticity and passion behind every dish, offering flavors that are both familiar and wonderfully surprising.

Spicy_Amigos_ _2
Spicy_Amigos _4

Where Spicy Amigos truly shines is in its dedication to homemade excellence. From tangy margaritas that dance on the tongue to the smoky depth of mezcal, each sip complements the culinary creations perfectly.

The atmosphere buzzes with energy, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a lively dining experience alongside their quest for authentic Mexican cuisine in Calgary.

Spicy_Amigos _5
Spicy_Amigos _6

As a beacon for Calgary's Mexican dining guide, Spicy Amigos invites locals and visitors to dive into a menu brimming with must-try Mexican dishes.

Location: Spicy Amigos - Google Maps

8. Fonda Fora

Fonda_Fora_ _1
Fonda_Fora_ _2

Fonda Fora takes a polished approach to Mexican cuisine in Calgary, offering a refined dining experience that showcases the rich flavors of Mexico with a sophisticated twist.

Specializing in an array of dishes from succulent steak to fresh seafood and tender carnitas, this restaurant has quickly become a beacon for those seeking upscale Mexican dining. The ambiance is modern and elegant, providing the perfect backdrop for a meal that is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Fonda_Fora _3
Fonda_Fora _2

The menu at Fonda Fora is a testament to the versatility and depth of Mexican cuisine, carefully crafted to appeal to both traditionalists and adventurers alike.

Each dish is prepared with a focus on quality and authenticity, incorporating premium ingredients to elevate the dining experience. The restaurant's commitment to excellence is evident in every bite, from the perfectly seasoned steak to the delectably prepared seafood and mouth-watering carnitas.

Fonda_Fora _5
Fonda_Fora _4

For Calgary diners in search of a Mexican restaurant that combines traditional flavors with contemporary culinary techniques, Fonda Fora stands out as a must-visit destination

Location: Fonda Fora - Google Maps

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9. Los Chilitos Taberna

Los_Chilitos_Taberna_ _5

Los Chilitos Taberna offers a laid-back cantina vibe that's a breath of fresh air in Calgary's dining landscape. With its inviting patio and full bar, it's the perfect spot for those sunny days when all you crave is good company and great Mexican food.

This restaurant takes pride in serving up a variety of typical Mexican eats, with fish tacos and burritos being standout favorites among locals and visitors alike.

Los_Chilitos_Taberna_ _1
Los_Chilitos_Taberna_ _6

The atmosphere at Los Chilitos is effortlessly casual, making it ideal for a leisurely lunch or a relaxed dinner.

The patio setting adds a special touch, providing a serene backdrop for enjoying their flavorful dishes. Inside, the full bar awaits, stocked with a selection of drinks that perfectly complement the menu.

Los_Chilitos_Taberna_ _3

What sets Los Chilitos Taberna apart is its commitment to the essence of Mexican cuisine, offering dishes that are both familiar and delightfully executed.

It's a go-to destination for anyone looking for an authentic Mexican dining guide in Calgary, promising a culinary adventure that's as enjoyable as it is delicious.

Location: Los Chilitos Taberna - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, folks – our journey through the top 9 Mexican restaurants in Calgary has come to a flavorful close.

Each spot we've visited offers something unique, from the laid-back vibes of Los Chilitos Taberna to the innovative dishes at Añejo Restaurant. Whether you're in the mood for a quick taco fix or a leisurely dinner with a side of tequila, Calgary's Mexican dining scene has got something for everyone.

Remember, the best part about exploring these culinary gems is discovering your own personal favorite. Maybe it's the authentic flavors of La Casa Latina that win you over, or perhaps the cozy atmosphere at Bodega Mexican Restaurant feels just right. Whatever your preference, Calgary's Mexican restaurants are ready to welcome you with open arms and full plates.

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