Traveling With Your Pup: 13 Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in Calgary

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Mar 3, 2024

Planning a getaway to Calgary and can't bear the thought of leaving your furry friend behind? We've got you covered!

Our guide unveils the finest dog-friendly hotels across Calgary, ensuring that your four-legged companion is not just welcome but pampered throughout your stay. From upscale establishments to cozy retreats, these hotels embrace the joy of travel with your canine pal. Imagine a vacation where your dog is treated as an esteemed guest, enjoying pet-friendly amenities and warm hospitality.

If you're a local looking for a staycation or a traveler exploring Calgary with your loyal sidekick, our comprehensive guide ensures you'll find the perfect dog-friendly accommodation in Calgary. Get ready for a stay filled with comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of tail-wagging excitement. Calgary's best dog-friendly hotels are ready to make your stay unforgettable – let the adventure begin! 🐾

1. Fairmont Palliser

Fairmont_ 1
Fairmont_ 2

Picture this: you're stepping into the Fairmont Palliser, Calgary's crown jewel of hospitality, where history and luxury blend seamlessly.

It's an experience steeped in over a century of Canadian history. Now, imagine sharing this royal treatment with your beloved dog. That's right, Fairmont Palliser rolls out the red carpet for both you and your furry companion!

Fairmont_ 4
Fairmont_ 5

Located smack dab in downtown Calgary, this hotel offers more than just a convenient location. It's a gateway to the city's most thrilling shopping spots, cultural hubs, and must-see attractions like the Calgary Tower and Calgary Zoo – all just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

After a day of urban exploration with your pup, retreat to the plush comforts of Fairmont Palliser.

Fairmont_ 3
Fairmont_ 6

What sets Fairmont Palliser apart as one of the best pet-friendly accommodations in Calgary? It's their unwavering commitment to top-notch service, not just for you but for your four-legged pal as well.

Envision your doggo reveling in the same luxurious treatment that has drawn guests for over 100 years – now that's what we call a pawsitively unique stay!

Location: Fairmont Palliser - Google Maps

2. Delta Hotels by Marriott

Delta_Hotels_by_Marriott_ _1
Delta_Hotels_by_Marriott_ _2

Welcome to Delta Hotels by Marriott Calgary Downtown, where contemporary charm meets pet-friendly hospitality. It's a modern escape in the heart of Alberta, Canada, designed for both you and your four-legged companion.

Imagine strolling into a sleek, stylish lobby, your furry friend wagging its tail in excitement, ready to experience all that this vibrant city and hotel have to offer.

Delta_Hotels_by_Marriott_ _3

Delta Hotels stands out as one of Calgary's top places to stay with your dog for numerous reasons. One of the most appreciated features? The hassle-free, pet-friendly rooms.

Here, your dog can lounge in comfort just like they do at home. No cramped quarters or off-limits areas; this hotel understands that pets are family too.

Delta_Hotels_by_Marriott_ _0
Delta_Hotels_by_Marriott_ _5

But it's not just about the rooms. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, making it a breeze to share those adorable pet selfies or find nearby dog parks.

And for the fitness enthusiast, on-demand fitness classes add a unique touch to your stay. You can keep up with your workout routine while your furry friend relaxes in the room.

Location: Delta Hotels by Marriott - Google Maps

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3. Le Germain Hotel Calgary


Le Germain Hotel Calgary isn't just a place to stay; it's a luxurious haven where elegance and canine companionship go hand in paw.

Situated at the epicenter of Calgary's cultural vibrancy and just an hour away from the majestic Rocky Mountains, this hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and pet-friendly warmth.

Hotel_Le_Germain _5_dzcmxsx

As you step into Le Germain, the first thing you'll notice is the chic, sophisticated ambiance. It's a place that whispers elegance at every corner, offering a stylish retreat for travelers seeking both comfort and culture.

But what truly sets Le Germain apart as one of Calgary's best pet-friendly hotels is its warm embrace of your furry friend.

Hotel_Le_Germain _1_ha3Y2ta
Le_Germain_ _3

The hotel prides itself on ensuring every aspect of your stay, from the plush bedding to the top-tier amenities, is infused with luxury. And this extends to your four-legged companion too.

Your dog will be pampered just like you, turning what could be a standard hotel stay into an unforgettable experience.

Location: Le Germain Hotel Calgary - Google Maps

4. Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire_ _2

Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire proudly stands as a beacon of pet-friendly hospitality in the heart of downtown Calgary.

It's a hub where both you and your furry friend can feel empowered and pampered.

Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _1_urphTtp_ms47oXH
Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire_ _1

From the moment you step into the elegant lobby, you'll sense the welcoming atmosphere that sets Sheraton Suites apart as one of Calgary's finest dog-friendly vacation stays.

The staff's attention to detail ensures that your pet is not just allowed but truly welcomed. It's the little things - a warm smile, a pet treat at the reception - that make all the difference.

Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire _3_l34Tt1E_PSlXlKv
Sheraton_Suites_Calgary_Eau_Claire_ _3

Your stay at Sheraton Suites is enhanced by their on-site dining options, perfect for those moments when you and your pet need a quick bite without straying far from the comfort of your room.

And let's talk about the rooms! Spacious and beautifully appointed, they provide a relaxing retreat after a day of exploring Calgary's urban charms with your dog by your side.

Location: Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire - Google Maps

5. Royal Hotel Calgary, Trademark Collection by Wyndham

Royal_Hotel_Calgary_Trademark_Collection_by_Wyndham_ __1
Royal_Hotel_Calgary_Trademark_Collection_by_Wyndham_ _4

Embark on a regal adventure with your furry friend at the Royal Hotel Calgary, Trademark Collection by Wyndham.


Upon entering, you'll be greeted by modern furnishings that radiate contemporary elegance. Each suite is a realm of comfort, offering luxurious bedding that promises a restful night for both you and your pet.

The phrase “the suite that suits you best” comes to life here, with a variety of room configurations to choose from, ensuring a perfect fit for every guest and their four-legged pals.

Royal_Hotel_Calgary_Trademark_Collection_by_Wyndham_ _3
Royal_Hotel_Calgary_Trademark_Collection_by_Wyndham_ _5

But the Royal Hotel Calgary offers more than just a comfortable place to lay your head. Wake up to a complimentary breakfast – the ideal start to a day filled with exploration and fun in Calgary.

The hotel also boasts a licensed restaurant and lounge, perfect for unwinding after a day's adventure, with your loyal buddy by your side.

Location: Royal Hotel Calgary - Google Maps

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6. Residence Inn by Marriott

Residence_Inn_by_Marriott_ _1

At the Residence Inn by Marriott in the lively Beltline District of Calgary, you and your furry friend are in for a treat.

It's a home away from home where every detail is tailored for a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both humans and pets.

Residence_Inn_by_Marriott_ _2
Residence_Inn_by_Marriott_ _3

From the moment you step into your air-conditioned room, the stress of travel melts away. These rooms aren't just a place to sleep; they are cozy retreats, designed to provide you and your dog the utmost comfort.

The convenience of free WiFi keeps you connected with the world while you enjoy the company of your pet in a relaxed setting.

Residence_Inn_by_Marriott_ _5
Residence_Inn_by_Marriott_ _4

But what truly sets the Residence Inn apart as one of the best dog-welcoming hotels in Calgary is their array of amenities. Fancy a bit of exploration? Take advantage of the free bikes and discover the vibrant Beltline District with your dog. It's a unique way to experience the city's charm, with your loyal companion right by your side.

Health and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the fitness club, a perfect spot to maintain your workout routine during your stay. And when it’s time to unwind, your pet can relax by your side, making every moment at Residence Inn by Marriott a delightful experience.

Location: Residence Inn by Marriott  - Google Maps

7. Hyatt Regency

Hyatt_ _5_INnfUkm
Hyatt_ __ASXkqE5

The Hyatt Regency Calgary is more than just a hotel; it's a scenic sanctuary in the heart of downtown, where both you and your dog are not just welcomed, but celebrated.

This is where the bustle of city life meets the tranquility of pet-friendly luxury.

Hyatt_ _2_fM0Pyps

As you enter the Hyatt Regency, you're greeted by an atmosphere of sophistication. The hotel boasts spacious rooms and suites, each offering a stunning view of the city's skyline.

Imagine unwinding in a room where every window frames a picturesque scene of Calgary, your loyal companion cozily nestled by your side. It's an experience that elevates your stay from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hyatt_ _1_xOMlTyj

Booking your holiday or business retreat at the Hyatt Regency means you're choosing a place that understands the needs of travelers with pets.

The hotel goes the extra mile to ensure your furry friend feels as comfortable and pampered as you do.

Location: Hyatt Regency - Google Maps

8. Carriage House Hotel & Conference Centre

Carriage_House_Hotel__Conference_Centre_ _1

Nestled in the bustling Macleod Trail South, the Carriage House Hotel & Conference Centre in Calgary stands out as a beacon of comfort and convenience for travelers with their canine companions.

Carriage_House_Hotel__Conference_Centre_ _2
Carriage_House_Hotel__Conference_Centre_ _3

As you step into the Carriage House Hotel, you're immediately struck by the welcoming ambiance, a perfect match for both leisure and business travelers.

The hotel prides itself on offering accommodations that are both comfortable and affordable, ensuring a pleasant stay for you and your furry friend.

Carriage_House_Hotel__Conference_Centre_ _4
Carriage_House_Hotel__Conference_Centre_ _5

What sets the Carriage House apart as one of Calgary's top dog-friendly accommodations is its prime location. You're just a stone's throw away from vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment areas. Plus, with the nearby light rail transit system, exploring Calgary with your dog becomes a walk in the park.

For those who love shopping, the proximity to both Chinook and Southcentre shopping centres is a real treat. And if you're keen on exploring local attractions, you're in luck. The Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, Spruce Meadows, and the Calgary Stampede Grounds are all within easy reach.

Location: Carriage House Hotel & Conference Centre - Google Maps

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9. Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

Grey_Eagle_Resort__Casino _3

For those seeking a blend of entertainment and pet-friendly accommodation, Grey Eagle Resort & Casino in Calgary is a jackpot.

Grey_Eagle_Resort__Casino _0
Grey_Eagle_Resort__Casino _5

As one of Calgary's premier entertainment hotspots, Grey Eagle Resort boasts more than just comfortable rooms. It's a place where excitement and fun are always in the cards.

Whether you're looking to indulge in some casino fun or enjoy a live show, this resort offers a unique experience that sets it apart from other dog-friendly hotels in Calgary.

Grey_Eagle_Resort__Casino _1
Grey_Eagle_Resort__Casino _2

But what about your four-legged companion? Grey Eagle understands that pets are part of the family. They go the extra mile to ensure your dog is as comfortable and welcome as you are. This means you can enjoy the thrills of the casino or an evening show, knowing your pet is safe and cozy in your room.

Beyond the casino's bright lights, Grey Eagle Resort offers a serene retreat from the city's hustle. It's a perfect balance, allowing you to dive into exciting entertainment and then return to the peace of your room, with your faithful companion by your side.

Location: Grey Eagle Resort & Casino - Google Maps

10. Applause Hotel by CLIQUE

Applause_Hotel_by_CLIQUE_ _0

Applause Hotel by CLIQUE, located a mere stone's throw from the Calgary International Airport, is a haven of modern elegance and convenience, making it an ideal choice for travelers accompanied by their canine friends.

Applause_Hotel_by_CLIQUE_ _1
Applause_Hotel_by_CLIQUE_ _2

As you step into the Applause Hotel, the modern and elegant design is immediately apparent. The guestrooms and suites are not only beautifully appointed but also thoughtfully designed with both you and your pet's comfort in mind.

It's the kind of place where after a long journey, you can truly relax and unwind, with your furry companion cozily settled beside you.

Applause_Hotel_by_CLIQUE_ _6

The convenience factor at Applause Hotel is unparalleled, especially if you're juggling a busy itinerary. The complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle service makes travel stress-free, allowing you to transition from air travel to a relaxing hotel environment in mere minutes.

Plus, being only fifteen minutes from downtown Calgary, you're perfectly positioned to explore the city's attractions with your dog.

Location: Applause Hotel by CLIQUE - Google Maps

11. Hotel Arts

Hotel_Arts_ _00_3cP7ulE
Hotel_Arts_ _2

Hotel Arts in Calgary redefines the concept of a staycation, especially for those traveling with their furry companions. It's a destination that blends adventure, romance, and relaxation into an artful experience.

With their Staycation Package, Hotel Arts invites you and your dog to escape the everyday and indulge in a getaway that's both exciting and rejuvenating.

Hotel_Arts_ _3_RhN2Ieu
Hotel_Arts_ _1

The moment you enter Hotel Arts, you'll be enveloped in a world of artistic elegance. The hotel's commitment to style and creativity is evident in every corner, offering a visually stunning backdrop for your stay.

This artistic flair extends to their pet-friendly approach, ensuring your four-legged friend enjoys the getaway just as much as you do.

Hotel_Arts_ _3_xJPefaH
Hotel_Arts_ _5_oBkKWaP

One of the most enticing aspects of choosing Hotel Arts for your stay is the complimentary self-parking offered for direct bookings through their website.

This thoughtful perk adds ease to your journey, allowing you to save on parking while focusing on the more enjoyable aspects of your stay.

Location: Hotel Arts - Google Maps

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12. The Westley Calgary Downtown, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

The_Westley_Calgary_Downtown_Tapestry_Collection_by_Hilton_ _1
The_Westley_Calgary_Downtown_Tapestry_Collection_by_Hilton_ _2

The Westley Calgary Downtown, part of the Tapestry Collection by Hilton, presents a unique accommodation experience in Calgary, especially for those traveling with pets.

Located strategically between the serene Bow River and the lively Core Shopping Centre, this hotel offers the perfect mix of urban energy and tranquil moments.

The_Westley_Calgary_Downtown_Tapestry_Collection_by_Hilton_ _3
The_Westley_Calgary_Downtown_Tapestry_Collection_by_Hilton_ _5

Imagine stepping out with your dog for a picnic at Prince's Island Park or enjoying a scenic bike ride along the nearby pathways.

The Westley's location makes these activities effortlessly accessible, providing a delightful way to explore Calgary's natural beauty alongside your furry friend.

The_Westley_Calgary_Downtown_Tapestry_Collection_by_Hilton_ _4
The_Westley_Calgary_Downtown_Tapestry_Collection_by_Hilton_ _6

For those seeking urban adventures, Stephen Avenue is just a stone's throw away, offering an array of shopping and dining options.

And if you're in the mood for more exploration, the nearby LRT can whisk you and your pet off to the Calgary Zoo for a day of fun and discovery.

Location: The Westley Calgary Downtown - Google Maps

13. Executive Residency by Best Western

Executive_Residency_by_Best_Western_ _0

Discover a home away from home at the Executive Residency by Best Western Calgary City View North, where modern comforts meet pet-friendly hospitality.

This newly built hotel, with its 117 rooms including ten luxurious suites, is designed to cater to the needs of both you and your four-legged companion.

Executive_Residency_by_Best_Western_ 6

Each room in the Executive Residency is a testament to modern living, equipped with a full kitchen that includes a two-burner cooktop – perfect for those extended stays or when you just want a home-cooked meal.

The walk-in showers and beautiful modern furnishings add a touch of elegance to your stay. For guests with physical challenges, the hotel offers two specially designed suites, ensuring comfort and accessibility for all.

Executive_Residency_by_Best_Western_ _1

What makes this hotel a top choice for dog lovers is its pet-friendly approach. Five garden rooms are dedicated to guests with pets, ensuring a comfortable stay for your furry friend.

These rooms open up to lovely walking trails, making it easy for you and your pet to enjoy the beauty of Calgary's outdoors.

Location: Executive Residency by Best Western - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it – a tail-wagging tour of some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Calgary! Each of these fantastic spots offers something unique for you and your four-legged travel companion.

Whether you're seeking the luxury of the Fairmont Palliser, the modern vibes of the Delta Hotels by Marriott, or the home-like comfort of the Executive Residency by Best Western, Calgary has got you and your furry friend covered.

Remember, traveling with your pet doesn't mean compromising on style or comfort. These hotels are proof that you can have the best of both worlds – enjoying a memorable pet-friendly stay in Calgary while ensuring your pet is just as welcome and comfortable as you are.

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