14 Ideas on What to Bring from Canada as a Souvenir Gift

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Jul 3, 2022

If you’re planning on visiting Canada soon, you might be wondering what sort of souvenirs you can bring back to your friends and family to show them how much fun you had!

Canada is of the most beautiful countries, and there are plenty of souvenirs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something Canadian in particular or just something that captures the spirit of your travels, there’s no shortage of options.

 This list of 14 ideas on what to bring from Canada as a souvenir gift will help you find something to commemorate your trip and make it more memorable for years to come.

1. Icewine

icewine canada 1
icewine canada 2

Ice wine is produced when grapes are frozen during or immediately after harvest, causing them to concentrate and intensify their sugar content. When you’re gifting it - as opposed to drinking it — ice wine makes an elegant treat

The high concentration of sugar and low levels of acidity in ice wine make it very sweet, with flavors of jam and honey. It’s beautiful poured over vanilla ice cream or drizzled onto fresh peaches or strawberries. If you’re looking for a truly authentic Canadian souvenir, bring home some delicious icy sweetness!

2. Empress 1908 Gin

empress gin canada 1
empress gin canada 2

Empress 1908 is a modern gin with a pronounced citrus flavor profile that comes from the addition of grapefruit peel. It also features subtle floral notes from rose petal and a hint of warmth and spice from ginger and cinnamon. This gin is created by Victoria Distillers and inspired by the Fairmont Empress Hotel, it has an amazing indigo color and should be mixed with a heavy emphasis on presentation.

The result is a soft and refreshing spirit that would make an ideal Canada souvenir. It’s worth picking up a bottle for yourself — or for your friends back home — since it can only be purchased in Canada.

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3. Maple Syrup

canada maple syrup 1
canada maple syrup 2

One of Canada’s most popular souvenirs is maple syrup. Though it can be messy and sticky, maple syrup makes for an excellent Canadian souvenir. 

Many people enjoy buying and bringing bottles of maple syrup back home to show off to friends and family. If you’re looking for something light, small, and sweet, consider buying some delicious Canadian syrup as a gift.

4. Canadian Craft Beers and Ciders

beer cider 2
beer cider 1

Canadians take their beer seriously, so it makes sense that we’re home to over 200 breweries. From British Columbia to Quebec, you can enjoy any number of craft beers and ciders.

In some regions, like Victoria and Vancouver Island in British Columbia, local brews make up 90% of alcohol sales. Whether you like your drink sweet or strong, dark or fizzy, you’ll find something delicious when visiting Canada. Impress all of your friends back home with these locally crafted alcohol beverages.

5. Caesar Mix

caesar canada 1
caesar canada 2

Don’t Forget This Canada Souvenir: Canadians are particularly fond of Caesar drink, so bring one home for your thirsty friends and family.

This drink is a classic Canadian Caesar Recipe. It has vodka, clamato juice, and plenty of spices - it's very similar to a Bloody Mary, but better!

Whenever you plan on traveling abroad it is essential to always bring back souvenirs, these delicious mixes make great souvenirs and they will definitely remind you of that wonderful day spent in one of Canada’s many restaurants.

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6. Dream Catcher

dream catcher 1
dream catcher 2

There are many places in Canada that feature Native American history, particularly when it comes to trading routes. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to bring back an affordable souvenir, stop by one of these locations and pick up some dream catchers.

A dream catcher catches your bad dreams but lets good dreams pass through into your bedroom. It is said that when you sleep with a dream catcher over your bed, it brings peace and harmony into your life. This is one of those items that make a great cheap and affordable gift, but it serves as such a great reminder of your trip north.

7. Aboriginal Art

canada souvenir

The indigenous peoples of Canada have produced some truly outstanding art and crafts over their long history, ranging from traditional Inuit masks made for use in shamanic rituals to beadwork masterpieces by Northwest Coast Aboriginal artists.

For lovers of ethnographic art, Canadian souvenirs based on designs inspired by such traditional pieces can offer an authentic piece of aboriginal culture with real cultural and artistic value. For instance, browse online stores selling aboriginal-style jewelry or carvings if you’re looking for distinctive but memorable Canada souvenirs.

8. Collector Coins

coins canada

If you are a numismatist or know one who collects coins - make sure to visit the coin collection at Canada Post. You can buy an anniversary or birthday set, which starts at $20 CAD!

There are also pure silver and gold sets available for those special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

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9. Smoked Salmon & Salmon Jerky

salmon canada 1
salmon canada 2

Canadians know their salmon! Smoked salmon is popular in all of Canada, but Nova Scotia and British Columbia both have their specialties.

You can find smoked salmon anywhere in Canada - at supermarkets, delicatessens, and even corner stores will stock it. Take home some for yourself, or give it as a gift to someone! They'll love you for thinking of them when they're missing out on Canadian life at home!

10. Beaver Tail & Nanaimo Bar

beaver tale nanaimo bar 1
beaver tale nanaimo bar 2

Nanaimo bars originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. They are essentially Canadian cookies made of an outer layer of graham cracker crumbs and an inner layer of custard filling covered with chocolate icing. This scrumptious treat is very popular in Vancouver, but can be brought home for your friends and family!

Why not bring Beaver Tail from Canada as a souvenir gift? The treat is deep-fried pastry dough rolled up like a cinnamon roll. Traditionally eaten at Sunday brunch, it makes an unusual gift to share with family and friends.

11. Purdys Chocolate

purdys chocolate canada 1
purdys chocolate canada 2

For lovers of chocolate, Purdys is an excellent choice as a souvenir gift. This quality chocolate can be found in many Canadian cities and is loved by all ages!

Start off with a single bar and build your way up to multiple boxes. Chocolate treats range from $3-$120. You can find these in several Canadian airports as well.

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12. Tea with Canadian Flavors

canadian tea 1
canadian tea 2

If you're looking for a cool souvenir to bring back from Canada, you should definitely consider getting some tea with Canadian flavors. Canada has a ton of amazing flavors and ingredients, so you can bet that their tea blends are super unique and tasty.

Maple tea is one of the most popular Canadian tea flavors out there. It's made from the sap of maple trees, so it's got this sweet, delicious flavor that's just amazing. You can drink it hot or cold, so it's perfect for any tea lover.

Oh, and don't forget about Canadian Breakfast Tea! This blend has a mix of black teas from different Canadian provinces, so it's got a strong, full-bodied flavor that's perfect if you like your tea with a kick.

13. Blankets | Hudson Bay

hudson bay blankets_zi0GTZ3

These blankets are said to have originated in Canadian trading posts during the 17th century and despite being used for bedding, they were also accepted as currency. They often came in many shapes and sizes - some made into robes to keep out the cold weather.

Hudson Bay blankets are a popular Canadian souvenir, particularly with people from colder climates. They’re very warm and last a long time, meaning they can be handed down to younger generations. This gift makes an excellent substitute if you’re looking for something special but don’t want to splurge on an expensive piece of art or furniture that might not suit your home decor. Plus, these blankets have been around for centuries!

14. Hockey Jersey

hockey jersey canada

The sport of hockey has grown popular not only in its country of origin but all over the world. If you are in search of a Canadian souvenir gift, try bringing an authentic hockey jersey like that worn by Sidney Crosby or Shea Weber. There is no better way to celebrate your visit to Canada than by presenting it with something they love.

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To Sum It All Up

The list above gives you some great ideas for bringing home souvenirs that celebrate Canadian history, culture, and identity. No matter where you live in Canada or what your budget is, these are items that are sure to be treasured by loved ones back home.

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