Savoring Spice: Navigating 9 Best Indian Restaurants in Vancouver

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Jan 17, 2024
Step into the vibrant mosaic of Vancouver's food scene with us as we uncover the absolute best in Indian dining. 
Vancouver has amazing places to eat Indian food! Each restaurant has special dishes that cater to everyone's taste. Picture the delicious smell of tandoori dishes and the tasty richness of curries. In this city, every restaurant has its own unique story that adds to Vancouver's diverse food culture. We're not just showing you around; we're on a mission to find the absolute best Indian restaurants in Vancouver – places known for being excellent.
Come join us in uncovering Vancouver's Indian food scene. We're not just looking at menus; we're exploring the stories, traditions, and experiences that make each restaurant a must-visit. Get ready for a mix of spices and a journey through Indian cuisine against the backdrop of Vancouver's diverse food culture. Your food adventure is about to begin – let's start exploring the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver!

1. Cilantro Indian Cuisine

Cilantro_Indian_Cuisine_ _1

Stepping into Cilantro Indian Cuisine in Vancouver is like embarking on a culinary journey to the heart of India. This casual eatery, nestled in the vibrant streets of Vancouver, brings a slice of India's rich food culture to your table.

Known for its diverse menu, Cilantro offers an array of choices that cater to every palate. From the smoky flavors of tandoori dishes, perfectly charred and infused with traditional spices, to a variety of seafood and meat preparations that showcase the depth of Indian cooking, there's something for everyone.

Cilantro_Indian_Cuisine_ _3_6vJVsOD
Cilantro_Indian_Cuisine_ _4

What sets Cilantro apart is its commitment to authenticity. Each dish, be it a hearty curry or a delicately spiced thali meal, tells a story of regional Indian cuisine. The thali, a crowd favorite, is a microcosm of Indian food, offering a balanced mix of flavors and textures.

Vegetarians are in for a treat, too, with a selection of vegetable dishes that are anything but an afterthought. These vibrant, flavorful dishes are a testament to the versatility of Indian cuisine.

Location: Cilantro Indian Cuisine - Google Maps

2. Indian Delicacy

Indian_Delicacy_ _1

Indian Delicacy, nestled in the heart of Vancouver, offers a warm and inviting ambiance that perfectly complements its menu of classic Indian cuisine. This low-key eatery is a haven for those seeking the comforting flavors of traditional Indian cooking.

Here, tandoori dishes are the star attraction, each marinated in a blend of spices and slow-cooked in a clay oven, resulting in succulent, flavorful meats that are a feast for the senses.

Indian_Delicacy_ _2
Indian_Delicacy_ 3

But the culinary experience at Indian Delicacy goes beyond just tandoori. The curries, each with its unique blend of spices and herbs, are a revelation.

These curries range from mild and creamy to rich and fiery, ensuring that there's a dish to suit every preference. Paired with fluffy naan bread or perfectly cooked basmati rice, these curries are a warm hug on a plate.

Indian_Delicacy_ _4_yE2SZi9

What makes Indian Delicacy a standout in Vancouver's Indian dining scene is its commitment to maintaining the integrity of classic Indian recipes while serving them in a setting that feels both modern and cozy.

Location: Indian Delicacy - Google Maps

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3. Modern Handi Indian Cuisine

Modern_Handi_Indian_Cuisine_ _1
Modern_Handi_Indian_Cuisine_ _2

Modern Handi Indian Cuisine presents a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary Indian culinary styles, set in an elegantly decorated environment in Vancouver.

As the name suggests, Modern Handi offers a fresh take on Indian cooking, blending classic techniques with innovative twists that appeal to both traditionalists and modern food enthusiasts.

Modern_Handi_Indian_Cuisine_ _3
Modern_Handi_Indian_Cuisine_ _4

The menu at Modern Handi is a testament to the diversity of Indian cuisine. The tandoori selections are particularly noteworthy, featuring an assortment of meats and vegetables marinated in rich spices and cooked to perfection in a traditional clay oven.

These tandoori items are not just meals; they are a visual and sensory delight, showcasing the artistry of Indian cooking.

Modern_Handi_Indian_Cuisine_ _5
Modern_Handi_Indian_Cuisine_ _6

Seafood lovers will appreciate the range of options available, each dish exuding the authentic flavors of the coast.

Alongside, the vegetarian dishes are far from mere sides; they are central to the menu, offering a variety of textures and flavors that are hearty and satisfying.

Location: Modern Handi Indian Cuisine - Google Maps

4. Ustaad G76 Indian Cuisine

Ustaad_G76_ _1
Ustaad_G76_ _2

Ustaad G76 Indian Cuisine in Vancouver offers a delightful dining experience that perfectly combines a relaxed ambiance with a menu brimming with Indian favorites.

As you step into Ustaad G76, the playful wall art and comfortable booth seating immediately set a laid-back and friendly tone, making it an ideal spot for a casual meal with friends or family.

Ustaad_G76_ _3
Ustaad_G76_ _4

The menu at Ustaad G76 is a celebration of India's rich culinary heritage. It features a variety of dishes that have been loved for generations, each prepared with a focus on authenticity and flavor.

The chefs here have mastered the art of balancing spices, ensuring that each dish, from the aromatic biryanis to the robust curries, is a testament to traditional Indian cooking.

Ustaad_G76_ _5
Ustaad_G76_ _6

What makes Ustaad G76 stand out in Vancouver's Indian restaurant scene is its ability to create a sense of familiarity and comfort through its food and setting.

The dishes are reminiscent of classic home-cooked meals, yet they are presented with a flair that elevates the dining experience.

Location: Ustaad G76 Indian Cuisine - Google Maps

5. Bombay Kitchen + Bar

Bombay_Kitchen__Bar_ _1
Bombay_Kitchen__Bar_ 2

Bombay Kitchen + Bar stands out as a culinary jewel in Vancouver's Indian dining scene, renowned for its exquisite blend of flavors and inviting atmosphere. It's a place where the vibrant essence of Bombay's street food meets the sophistication of fine dining.

The restaurant has garnered acclaim for offering some of the tastiest and most authentically spicy dishes in the city, capturing the true spirit of Indian cuisine.

Bombay_Kitchen__Bar_ _3
Bombay_Kitchen__Bar_ _4

The mixed grill is a highlight of their menu, offering a delightful surf and turf experience. This dish is a perfect symphony of flavors, featuring a selection of perfectly grilled meats and seafood.

Each bite is a testament to the chef's expertise in balancing spices and cooking techniques, resulting in a dish that's both rich in flavor and pleasing to the palate.

Bombay_Kitchen__Bar_ 6
Bombay_Kitchen__Bar_ _6

Bombay Kitchen + Bar's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of its dining experience. The spices used are carefully selected to ensure authenticity and depth of flavor, which is evident in each dish they serve.

The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for both casual diners and food connoisseurs alike.

Location: Bombay Kitchen + Bar - Google Maps

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6. Sula Indian Restaurant

sula_ _1
sula_ _2

Sula Indian Restaurant, with its multiple locations including Commercial Drive, Main Street, and Downtown Vancouver on Davie Street, stands as a beacon of traditional Indian cuisine in the city.

This restaurant is celebrated for its unwavering dedication to authentic Indian flavors, offering a culinary experience that transports diners straight to the heart of India.

sula_ _3
sula_ _4

At Sula, the menu is a carefully curated collection of classic Indian dishes, each prepared with traditional methods and ingredients. From the rich and creamy butter chicken to the spicy and tangy vindaloos, each dish is a reflection of India's diverse regional cuisines.

The chefs at Sula take pride in their craft, ensuring that every meal is not just nourishing but also a true representation of the culinary richness of India.

sula_ _5
sula_ _6

The ambiance of Sula Indian Restaurant complements its food philosophy. The décor is a thoughtful blend of traditional Indian elements and modern design, creating a space that is both inviting and culturally rich.

This setting, combined with the warm hospitality that Sula is known for, makes dining here a genuinely immersive experience.

Location: Sula Indian Restaurant - Google Maps

7. Ashiana Tandoori

Ashiana Tandoori in Vancouver distinguishes itself as a standout destination for those craving the authentic flavors of Indian tandoori cuisine. While it may have roots in Colchester, Essex, Ashiana has brought its culinary expertise to Vancouver, offering a menu that's both traditional and tantalizing.

This restaurant is particularly celebrated for its mastery in tandoori cooking, where meats are marinated in a melange of spices and cooked in a hot clay oven, resulting in dishes that are smoky, succulent, and bursting with flavor.

Ashiana_Tandoori_ _1
Ashiana_Tandoori_ _2

The menu at Ashiana Tandoori is a testament to the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. It features a wide range of curries, each with its unique blend of spices, alongside perfectly fluffy biryanis and soft, warm naans - staples of Indian dining.

The set meals are a highlight, offering a well-rounded taste of the menu and are perfect for those looking to explore a variety of flavors in one sitting.

Ashiana_Tandoori_ _3
Ashiana_Tandoori_ _4

The takeaway aspect of Ashiana Tandoori adds to its charm, allowing diners to enjoy the flavors of India from the comfort of their homes.

The quality of the food remains uncompromised, with each dish prepared with the same attention to detail and flavor as you would find in a dine-in experience.

Location: Ashiana Tandoori - Google Maps

8. Mount Everest Kitchen & Grill

Mount Everest Kitchen & Grill in Vancouver is a culinary destination that sets itself apart by offering an innovative fusion of global flavors with traditional Indian cuisine. This restaurant embodies the spirit of culinary exploration, much like the majestic mountain it's named after.

The expert chefs at Mount Everest Kitchen & Grill are committed to elevating each dish by skillfully blending diverse culinary elements from around the world, creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

Mount_Everest_Kitchen__Grill_ _1
Mount_Everest_Kitchen__Grill_ _2

The menu at Mount Everest Kitchen & Grill is a mosaic of global influences, each dish reflecting a harmonious blend of international and Indian flavors. This approach results in a range of creative and exciting dishes that are both familiar and novel.

Diners can expect to find classic Indian favorites infused with unexpected, global twists, offering a fresh perspective on traditional Indian cooking.

Mount_Everest_Kitchen__Grill_ _3
Mount_Everest_Kitchen__Grill_ _4

The restaurant's atmosphere complements its innovative culinary philosophy. The environment is designed to be welcoming and comfortable, encouraging diners to relax and enjoy their journey through the diverse flavors on offer.

Location: Mount Everest Kitchen & Grill - Google Maps

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9. Clove - The Art of Dining

Clove_ _The_Art_of_Dining_ _1
Clove_ _The_Art_of_Dining_ _2

Clove - The Art of Dining in Vancouver is not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of the finesse and elegance that Indian cuisine can offer. Renowned as one of the best Indian restaurants in Canada, Clove stands out for its commitment to providing an extraordinary dining experience that goes beyond just great food.

The restaurant's ethos is centered around indulging its guests in the exquisite flavors of India, coupled with impeccable service that makes each visit memorable.

Clove_ _The_Art_of_Dining3
Clove_ _The_Art_of_Dining_ _4

From the moment you step into Clove, you're transported into a world where each detail is carefully curated to enhance your dining experience. The ambiance is sophisticated yet welcoming, setting the perfect stage for an unforgettable meal.

The menu is a showcase of the rich diversity of Indian cuisine, featuring both classic dishes and innovative creations that are as pleasing to the palate as they are to the eye.

Clove_ _The_Art_of_Dining_ _5
Clove_ _The_Art_of_Dining_ _6

The chefs at Clove are masters of their craft, each dish a work of art, blending traditional Indian cooking techniques with modern culinary concepts.

The flavors are deep and complex, reflecting the layers of spices and ingredients that are the hallmark of Indian cuisine.

Location: Clove - The Art of Dining - Google Maps

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it – a culinary tour of some of the finest Indian restaurants Vancouver has to offer.

From the traditional flavors of Sula Indian Restaurant to the innovative fusion of Mount Everest Kitchen & Grill, we've explored a diverse range of dining experiences that showcase the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. Each restaurant brings its unique flair and expertise, whether it's the authentic tandoori dishes of Ashiana Tandoori or the sophisticated dining experience at Clove - The Art of Dining.

What ties all these eateries together is their commitment to delivering not just great food, but a memorable dining experience. Whether you're a die-hard fan of Indian cuisine or just dipping your toes into the vibrant world of spices and flavors, these restaurants are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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