From Restaurant to Your Door: 12 Best Takeout Spots in Vancouver

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Sep 28, 2023

Hey there, hungry explorers! Get ready for a mouthwatering tour of Vancouver's culinary wonders, all from the comfort of your own couch or hotel room. Yep, we're talking about the joy of takeout and delivery, the unsung heroes of modern dining.

Vancouver has always been a food lover's paradise, boasting an incredible array of flavors from around the globe. But now, the dining game has a new player: the convenience of dining in. From bustling downtown streets to charming neighborhoods, the city's takeout and delivery scene has exploded, offering a treasure trove of delicious dishes you can savor wherever you please.

We uncover the absolute best takeout and delivery spots Vancouver has to offer. Whether you're in the mood for some classic comfort food, craving the exotic spices of international cuisines, or ready to dive into the inventive creations of local culinary wizards, we've got you covered.

So, grab your appetite and join us as we explore the culinary mosaic of Vancouver, one takeout container at a time. Hungry yet? You will be!

1. Sula Indian Restaurant

Sula_Indian_Restaurant_ _1

Oh boy, if you're craving a trip to the heart of India without ever leaving Vancouver, then Sula Indian Restaurant is your ticket!

Situated in the vibrant city, Sula takes you on a mouthwatering journey with its delectable offerings.

Sula_Indian_Restaurant_ _2
Sula_Indian_Restaurant_ _3

Chicken Korma? Check. It's rich, creamy, and oh-so-flavorful, with tender chunks of chicken that melt in your mouth. But it doesn’t stop there.

Among their extensive menu, they've also got some amazing dishes for our vegan pals. If you haven't tried Gobi Aloo, you're in for a treat. Not just a vegan delight, this dish also checks the boxes for those avoiding dairy and gluten. Talk about a triple threat!

Sula_Indian_Restaurant_ _4
Sula_Indian_Restaurant_ _5

What's more, if you're too snug at home and don't fancy heading out – no worries! Sula’s got you covered with their seamless takeout service.

So, whether you're lounging in your PJs or hosting a dinner party, you can enjoy a taste of India right from the comfort of your home.

Location: Sula Indian Restaurant - Google Maps

2. Juke Fried Chicken

Hold onto your hats, folks, because if there's one thing Vancouver knows how to do, it's serve up some drool-worthy fried chicken.

And guess who's spearheading that movement? Yep, you guessed it – Juke Fried Chicken!

Juke_Fried_Chicken_ _1

Juke is not your average, run-of-the-mill chicken joint. They've taken the art of frying chicken to the next level.

When you sink your teeth into their crispy offerings, it's an explosion of flavors that makes you wonder, "Where has this been all my life?" And believe me when I say, every bite is a melody of taste and texture.

Juke_Fried_Chicken_ _2
Juke_Fried_Chicken_ _3

But wait, there’s more! If wings are your jam, then Juke is the place to be. Perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, they’re a definite crowd-pleaser.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, let's chat about those ribs. Tender, juicy, and slathered in a sauce that's finger-licking good – they're the kind of ribs that make you wish you wore a bib!

Juke_Fried_Chicken_ _4

What makes Juke even more irresistible is its takeout option. Whether you're watching the game, having a picnic, or just in the mood to indulge, Juke ensures you can savor their heavenly dishes wherever you fancy.

Location: Juke Fried Chicken - Google Maps

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3. Heritage Asian Eatery

Heritage_Asian_Eatery_ _1
Heritage_Asian_Eatery_ _2

Enter the Heritage Asian Eatery - where traditional meets trendy, and flavors are nothing short of a revelation.

Heritage_Asian_Eatery_ _3
Heritage_Asian_Eatery_ _4

From the get-go, Heritage grabs your attention with its modern yet understated design. No flashy neon signs here; it's all about letting the food do the talking.

And boy, does it talk! Serving up inventive spins on beloved Asian comfort foods, this eatery promises a gastronomic adventure with every plate.

Heritage_Asian_Eatery_ _5

Now, if you're someone who keeps an eye on the clock and the wallet during lunch breaks, Heritage is bound to be your new BFF. Strategically located in the heart of the city, it's the ideal escape from office chaos.

You might be thinking, "Inventive dishes in downtown Vancouver? Sounds pricey." But here's the kicker: Heritage manages to serve quality, good-sized portions without burning a hole in your pocket. You'll likely spend around $17 per dish, which, given the portion size and the explosion of flavors, is a steal!

Location: Heritage Asian Eatery - Google Maps

4. AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint

There's a slice of New York right in the heart of Vancouver, and its name is AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint. If you've been on the hunt for that authentic Big Apple pizza taste, well, your search ends here.

AJs_Brooklyn_Pizza_Joint_ _1

The story behind AJ's is one of passion and nostalgia. Anthony "AJ" Caridi, hailing from the vibrant streets of New York, spent two decades in Vancouver with a pizza-shaped void in his heart.

Everywhere he went, the pizzas just didn't remind him of home. So, what's a homesick New Yorker to do? Well, if you're AJ, you roll up your sleeves and bring Brooklyn to Vancouver!

AJs_Brooklyn_Pizza_Joint_ _2
AJs_Brooklyn_Pizza_Joint_ _3

AJ embarked on a culinary journey, birthing AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint. And folks, it's not just any pizza place.

It's where dough is hand-tossed with care, sauce is spread with love, and toppings are sprinkled with a touch of Brooklyn magic. Each pie is a testament to AJ's commitment to authenticity and quality.

AJs_Brooklyn_Pizza_Joint_ _4
AJs_Brooklyn_Pizza_Joint_ _5

Considering a night in with some fantastic takeout? AJ's has got you covered. Grab a slice (or five), kick back, and let your senses transport you straight to the bustling streets of Brooklyn. 

Location: AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza - Google Maps

5. Sura Korean Royal Cuisine

Sura_ _1
Sura_ _2

Get ready to embark on a royal culinary journey, Vancouverites, because Sura Korean Royal Cuisine Restaurant is here to serve up a feast fit for kings and queens.

Nestled amidst the city's bustling streets, this stylish restaurant brings a dash of Korean royalty right to your doorstep.

Sura_ _3

What truly sets Sura apart is its Royal Cuisine-inspired set menu. Imagine dishes crafted with precision, balancing flavors, textures, and colors to create a symphony on a plate.

Sounds divine, right? Well, that's the Sura experience for you!

Sura_ _4

If you're feeling a tad adventurous, their soju list offers the perfect accompaniment. From classics to unique blends, there’s a drink for every palate. And for those wondering about their regular menu, let's just say it's hard to pick a favorite.

Whether you’re a fan of spicy, savory, or sweet, there’s a dish that’s bound to tantalize your taste buds. The best part? You're in good hands. With impeccable service that matches the high culinary standards, dining at Sura feels like a warm embrace.

Location: Sura Korean Cuisine - Google Maps

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6. Pokerrito

Pokerrito_ _1

For those craving a flavor-packed meal that doesn't compromise on health or our precious planet, Vancouver has a delightful spot just for you: Pokérrito!

Located in the heart of the city, this takeout restaurant serves up dishes that are as good for your taste buds as they are for Mother Earth.

Pokerrito_ _2
Pokerrito_ _3

The name Pokérrito itself is a delightful blend of 'Poké' (a traditional Hawaiian dish) and 'Burrito', giving patrons an inkling of the culinary creativity that awaits them.

But beyond its delightful menu, what truly sets Pokérrito apart is its fierce commitment to fostering healthier communities.

Pokerrito_ _4
Pokerrito_ _5

At Pokérrito, the menu is a vibrant mosaic of flavors, colors, and textures, each dish promising a unique gastronomic adventure. It beautifully marries the boldness of Hawaiian Poké with the convenience of a burrito, creating a delectable fusion that's both hearty and healthful.

Customers are welcomed by an array of fresh ingredients, allowing them to craft a meal tailored to their very cravings. From the freshness of the tuna and salmon to the crunch of zesty veggies, and the creamy drizzle of various sauces, every element sings its own tune.

Location: Pokerrito - Google Maps

7. Sala Thai

Sala_Thai_ _1

If you've been on the prowl for an authentic Thai dining experience that's got oodles of flair and a splash of fun, then you're in for a treat! Say hello to Sala Thai.

Situated in the heart of the city, Sala Thai is where classic Thai dishes dance seamlessly with a sprinkle of modernity. It's not just another eatery; it's where the soul of Thailand gets a contemporary twist. The ambiance? Think casual with a dose of elegance, where the relaxed vibe encourages stories, laughter, and of course, a lot of feasting.

Sala_Thai_ _2
Sala_Thai_ _3

Now, let's talk about their menu. Beyond the staple Thai delights, Sala Thai takes pride in its unique house specials. Whether you're a Thai food veteran or someone just dipping their toes into this flavorful cuisine, there's something for everyone.

The drinks menu is equally tantalizing, featuring a mix of wines, beers, and cocktails. Imagine sipping on a refreshing Thai-inspired cocktail as you dig into a plate of vibrant Thai delicacies.

Sala_Thai_ _4

For those taking the takeout route, let's just say Sala Thai doesn't disappoint. Take, for instance, the Pad Ped Grao Prao.

A recent Ritual order of this dish had a delightful blend of flavor, texture, and the perfect balance of spices. Words like "dope" and "yummy" aren't just thrown around; they're earned, and this dish surely did.

Sala_Thai_ _5

Location: Sala Thai - Google Maps

8. Osaka Sushi

Osaka_Sushi_ _1

There's a gem that shines particularly bright for sushi lovers: Osaka Sushi. This casual eatery is where the art of Japanese cuisine meets the warmth of Canadian hospitality.

Osaka_Sushi_ _2

Osaka Sushi isn't about grandeur or ostentation; it's about genuine, heartfelt food.

The modest setting of the restaurant is a gentle reminder that sometimes, simplicity is key. It's the kind of place where the decor lets the food do all the talking. And trust me, the food has a lot to say!

Osaka_Sushi_ _3

From the delicate artistry of the sushi rolls to the hearty warmth of the teriyaki, each dish is a story, crafted meticulously with the freshest of ingredients. And when we say fresh, we mean it. Every bite sends a burst of flavors, transporting you straight to the streets of Japan.

And it's not just about taste; the portions are generously sized, ensuring that every diner leaves with both their heart and tummy full. But what truly sets Osaka Sushi apart is the heartwarming service. The staff isn't just courteous; they're genuinely lovely, weaving an atmosphere of home-like comfort.

Location: Osaka Sushi - Google Maps

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9. Kinara Indian Cuisine

Kinara_Indian_Cuisine_ _1

Welcome to the aromatic world of Kinara Indian Cuisine in Vancouver, where age-old recipes meet the charm of the contemporary dining scene.

Kinara_Indian_Cuisine_ _2

The menu at Kinara is an ode to the classics. Here, the curries aren’t just dishes but tales of time, narrating stories from different parts of India.

Be it the creamy consistency of biryanis that transport you to the royal Mughal courts or the savory delights of pakoras that remind you of Indian monsoons, every dish is an adventure.

Kinara_Indian_Cuisine_ _1_ _3
Kinara_Indian_Cuisine_ _4

Speaking of adventures, if you're looking for a sumptuous journey without going hard on your wallet, their lunch special is an absolute steal! Priced at a mere $13.95, it's an ensemble of flavors. The chickpea and dhal curries are soul-warming with their layers of spices, while the pakoras add that much-needed crunch and zest.

Vegetarians rejoice, as the diverse range of veggie options promises an explosion of flavors. And what’s Indian food without the right bread? The soft naan is the perfect sidekick, eager to soak up the delicious gravies.

Location: Kinara Indian Cuisine - Google Maps

10. Patron Tacos & Cantina

Patron_Tacos__Cantina_ _1

Are you craving a slice of Mexico in the heart of Vancouver? Say 'Hola' to Patron Tacos & Cantina, the place that brings the vibrancy of Mexican streets right to your table.

Patron_Tacos__Cantina_ _2
Patron_Tacos__Cantina_ _3

When it comes to authentic Mexican flavors, Vancouver's got a hidden treasure. Some folks from Edmonton even go as far as saying they're green with envy over Vancouver's Mexican food scene, and Patron Tacos & Cantina stands tall among the reasons why.

Their lunch specials? Not only are they reasonably priced, but they also offer a generous spread that promises to satiate both your appetite and soul.

Patron_Tacos__Cantina_ _4
Patron_Tacos__Cantina_ _5

Let’s dive a bit deeper into their menu, shall we? The tortilla soup is a revelation. It's a rich, hearty broth peppered with crunchy tortilla chips. And just when you think you've got the flavors all figured out, there’s a surprise: feta cheese!

At first glance, it might seem like an unlikely ingredient. But its slight saltiness beautifully balances the soup without overpowering it. An amazing spot for you to order takeout food with no doubts that it'll make its way to your heart.

Location: Patron Tacos & Cantina - Google Maps

11. Pizzeria Barbarella

Pizzeria_Barbarella_ _1

At a first glance, Pizzeria Barbarella stands out with its contemporary touch. This isn't just another pizza joint; it’s a modern haven for pizza enthusiasts. The spotlight, undoubtedly, is on their housemade toppings.

Crafted with passion and precision, these toppings are a testament to the pizzeria’s commitment to authenticity and quality. And for those who appreciate a good brew with their slice, the local craft beers on tap are a delightful bonus.

Pizzeria_Barbarella_ _2
Pizzeria_Barbarella_ _3

Now, let’s get to the heart of it - the firewood baked pizza. There's something magical about firewood ovens, right?

They lend the pizza that smoky, rustic charm that's hard to replicate. The result? A pizza with a perfectly crisp crust and a topping that’s both flavorful and fresh.

Pizzeria_Barbarella_ _4

But pizzas aside, a must-try is their watermelon salad. It’s a refreshing palate cleanser, with the creamy dressing giving it an edge.

There is no wonder its one of the favorable takeout spots, it's like ordering a piece of happiness to carry on with your day.

Location: Pizzeria Barberella - Google Maps

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12. Ginger Sushi

Ginger Sushi, nestled comfortably on the bustling drive, is a testament to the city's vibrant culinary scene.

Ginger_Sushi_ _1

Dive into the Sashimi don, and you'll be greeted with slices of fresh fish, gleaming and succulent. The sushi set is equally commendable, boasting a freshness that promises every bite is as delightful as the one before.

And the portion sizes? Just right. Enough to satisfy your sushi cravings without leaving you feeling overstuffed.

Ginger_Sushi_ _2
Ginger_Sushi_ _3

But wait, there's more! While sushi and sashimi are the stars of the show, let's not forget about the supporting cast.

The chicken teriyaki, for instance, deserves its own standing ovation. It’s a tantalizing blend of sweet, savory, and oh-so-yummy that you'll find yourself reminiscing about long after the meal.

Ginger_Sushi_ _4
Ginger_Sushi_ _5

Even though you're not dining in their beautifully adorned location, the essence of the restaurant's quality is captured in every takeout box.

The Sashimi don, when unpacked, reveals glistening slices of fresh fish that seem to melt in your mouth. Their sushi set is no different, with each piece ensuring a freshness that feels like it’s been caught only moments ago.

Location: Ginger Sushi - Google Maps

13. To Sum It All Up

From the heartwarming spices of Indian dishes to the oceanic freshness of sushi, Vancouver's takeout scene is nothing short of a food lover's dream. Each of these eateries brings its unique flavor and personality, all boxed up and ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your space.

There's a taste for every palate in this vibrant city. So the next time you're wondering, "What are the best food deliveries around me in Vancouver?"- remember this guide and let your taste buds lead the way. 

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