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Children's Ballet Studio at Tutu School is founded on the principle that every child should experience the joy of dance. They believe that motor skill development is greatly enhanced by the music of Tchaikovsky and Bach, that young imaginations are enriched by exploring enchanted worlds of swans and sugar plums, and that twirling should be an essential part of childhood.

Class Divisions

Tutu Toddlers

  • Level A: 18-24 months old
  • Level B: 24 months - 3 years old

In the Tutu Toddlers division, Tutu School engages little ones and gives them an unforgettable introduction to ballet. They believe that exposing children to creativity, movement, and music at the earliest possible age leads to positive outcomes, and that dancing out stories not only exercises little bodies but also nurtures big imaginations. A parent or guardian must be present during class, and caregiver participation is requested.

Exploring Ballet

  • Level A: 3 years old
  • Level B: 4 years old
  • Level C: 5 years old

The Exploring Ballet division strikes a perfect balance between structure and creativity. In this division, Tutu School begins carefully laying the earliest foundation of ballet technique, always complementing class work with fun, imaginative activities that keep young dancers captivated, engaged, and utterly in love with ballet.

Primary Ballet Prep

  • Level A: 5-6 years old
  • Level B: 6-8 years old

In the Primary Ballet Prep division, Tutu School develops pure, fundamental ballet technique that will eventually allow students to graduate to a more disciplined study of the craft when their little bodies are ready. Meanwhile, the joy of twirling and fairytales continues with a healthy helping of magical fun.

Ballet is for Everybody

Children of all genders are welcome at Tutu School. Whatever dreams they end up dreaming, the skills young dancers develop there – confidence, coordination, and creativity – will help them chase those dreams. Whether a child's favorite part of class is blasting off like a rocket ship, galloping like a unicorn, or getting lost in Mozart, movement and music are gifts that should be shared with all children.

Ballet Birthday Memories

Tutu School's Ballet Birthday Parties are the perfect way to help a little swan or Sugar Plum Fairy celebrate their special day. Each party includes a brief ballet class, a special birthday story featuring the guest of honor, a delicious cupcake picnic, and delightful party favors.

The Odette Party offers 1.5 hours of fun with dress-up, crown craft, a ballet class, a birthday story performance, a cupcake picnic, and party favors. The Cinderella Party includes all elements of the Odette Party plus personalized invitations and a birthday story keepsake. The Sugar Plum Party extends to 2 hours, adding a fairy wand craft project and a Pin-the-Tiara-on-the-Ballerina game.

Tutu School makes party planning stress-free, allowing families to simply show up and enjoy the magic.

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Tutu School
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