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Welcome to Intuitive Artbeat, where creativity knows no bounds! Nestled in the heart of the community, Intuitive Artbeat offers a diverse range of Art Workshops for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Workshop Offerings

Explore the exciting array of workshops offered at Intuitive Artbeat, each designed to ignite your creativity and nurture your artistic talents:

  • Private Intuitive Art Coaching Sessions: For those seeking personalized guidance and instruction, Intuitive Artbeat offers private coaching sessions tailored to your unique artistic journey. Led by experienced instructor Zohar, these one-on-one sessions provide a nurturing environment for artists to explore their creativity and develop their skills at their own pace.
  • Summer Camp: Join them for an unforgettable summer filled with art, fun, and creativity at our Summer Camp! Children will have the opportunity to unleash their imagination and explore a variety of artistic mediums in a supportive and engaging environment.
  • Drop-in Kids Art Class: Looking for a creative outlet for your child? Their Drop-in Kids Art Class is the perfect opportunity for children to express themselves through art while making new friends and having fun.
  • Tarot Reading and Intuitive Painting: Combine the mystical art of tarot reading with the expressive medium of painting in our Tarot Reading and Intuitive Painting workshop. An evening of self-discovery and creative exploration.
  • Pro D Day: Keep your child engaged and inspired on Pro D Days with their exciting Pro D Day workshops. Join them on  for a morning of artistic exploration and fun.

Corporate Team Building Intuitive Workshop

Looking for a unique team-building experience for your company? The Corporate Team Building Intuitive Workshop offers a creative and collaborative environment for teams to bond and unleash their creativity together.

Parent and Kid Workshop

Create lasting memories with your child in the  Parent and Kid Workshop. One of the top rated workshop where you will creative a bonding experience as you and your child explore the world of art together.

Birthday Parties for Kids

Make your child's birthday unforgettable with a fun and creative birthday party at Intuitive Artbeat.  The birthday party workshops are filled with laughter, creativity, and artistic expression.

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Intuitive Artbeat
Intuitive Artbeat
208-888 Kingsway
Vancouver, V5V 3C3
Intuitive Artbeat
Intuitive Artbeat
208-888 Kingsway
Vancouver, V5V 3C3
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