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Sea To Sky Air was created so that you don’t have to be a seasoned hiker or extreme adventurer to experience the super, natural Squamish attractions that lay in our protected parks, ecological reserves and conservancies.

In their small aircraft everyone has the chance to experience the enjoyment of being amongst ancient mountains, fjords, rivers, waterfalls, grasslands, plateaus, lakes, and glaciers without the need for expert training or expensive backcountry equipment.

Flying in small planes is an intimate experience. You can feel the air and clouds floating by, hear the gasps of surprise and excitement from your friends or the splashing of water on the floats. It’s the creation of, and presence in, these small moments that deepens connections between each other and nature.

Their pilots go through rigorous in-house training specifically tailored for flying in the coast mountains of Squamish and Whistler, so that you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience and the endless jaw-dropping views.

What better way to see British Columbia's beautiful coastlines than with a Scenic Flight or Seaplane Tour? Sea To Sky Air provides different tours to choose from, so you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

Sea To Skypilot

From $125 CAD | 25 min | Season - 365 days a year  | 80+

  • Fly along the border of two great worlds. Discover the range of coast mountains that frame the Pacific Ocean
  • Get an eagle’s-eye-view of Skypilot Mountain, Goat Ridge, the Howe Sound Fjord and, on a really clear day, Vancouver Island and Mt Baker, Washington
  • Great for first-time flyers. Amazing value for travelers on a budget looking for a captivating British Columbia adventure

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Coast Mountain Epic

$475 CAD | 75 min | Season - 365 days a year  | 1500+

  • Set out on the ultimate aerial adventure. Perfect for both photographers and seasoned adventures
  • Includes a pre-flight planning session with your pilot before take-off to design your custom route
  • The essential Whistler and Squamish experience for people who want a custom flight to see it all

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Squamish Explorer

From $223 CAD | 35 min | Season - 365 days a year  | 180+

  • Fly among the iconic Tantalus Range to the peaks of Alpha, Ossa and Omega mountains
  • Get shoulder-to-shoulder with the mammoth Rumbling, Serratus and Zenith glaciers
  • Breathtaking views of Lake Lovely Water, the Howe Sound fjord and Squamish wilderness

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Howe Sound Fjord & Coast by Seaplane

$286 CAD | 45 min | Season - 365 days a year  | 200+

  • Explore this unique pocket of rugged west coast beauty on Canada’s famous wild Pacific coastline
  • See the best of the Sea To Sky Corridor with views from the Pacific ocean to winding waterfalls and glaciated coast mountains
  • Eagles, seals, sea lions, orca, salmon, and humpback whales all call the Howe Sound fjord their home

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Prehistoric Glaciers & Peaks

From $289 CAD | 50 min | Season - 365 days a year  | 530+

  • Explore giants of the Whistler and Squamish landscape including Mt Cayley, Hanging Glacier, the Ashlu Divide, and the Pemberton Icefields
  • Witness the stark, destructive yet elegant and vibrant beauty of Mother Nature as she carves the land creating moraines, boulder fields, cirques, valleys and rounding peaks
  • Emerge from the very heart of the coast mountains connected to the roots and history of the landscape we know today

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Whistler Backcountry Air Safari

From $298 CAD | 50 min | Season - 365 days a year  | 550+

  • Witness what happened when fire meets ice in periods of dramatic volcanic activity and geological formation that shaped Whistler as we know it today
  • Visit iconic Whistler landmarks such as Garibaldi Provincial Park, Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake, The Barrier, and The Table
  • Our most popular tour for people visiting Whistler, BC who want to leave no peak, lake, or glacier unexplored

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Phantom Lake by Seaplane

$384 CAD | 90 min | Season - 90 days a year  | 150+

  • Experience flying in the mountains combined with the thrill of takeoff and landing in a seaplane
  • Join us in your own slice of paradise at Phantom Lake under the glaciers of Mt Jimmy Jimmy
  • Take a dip in calm waters and relax at the beach, soak up the sun, or take a short walk for incredible photographs

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Fly Fishing by Seaplane

$2166 CAD | 8 hours | Season - 120 days a year  | 150+

  • Hop in your private seaplane charter to Phantom Lake, your own secret slice of fishing paradise at the foot of Mt Jimmy Jimmy glacier
  • Along the way you’ll be taken on a guided scenic route to explore coast mountain peaks, secret waterfalls and rumbling glaciers
  • Beginners and seasons anglers all welcome. Guiding is tailored to your ability. Anglers are outfitted with waders, fins and their own personal belly boat or pontoon boat

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Sea To Sky Air
Sea To Sky Air
46041 Government Rd
Squamish, V0N 1T0
Sea To Sky Air
Sea To Sky Air
46041 Government Rd
Squamish, V0N 1T0
Open Hours
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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