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Exit Calgary, where you and your team can embark on thrilling Escape Room adventures. With a variety of themed rooms to choose from, each offering its own set of challenges and mysteries, Exit provides the perfect setting for bonding, problem-solving, and fun.

Variety of Themed Rooms

  1. Prehistoric Park: Escape the Dinosaur Nightmare In "Prehistoric Park," you find yourself trapped on an island overrun by escaped dinosaurs. Your mission? Navigate through the jungle, uncover the secrets of a hidden lab, and find a way to escape the prehistoric predators. Can you survive the dinosaur nightmare and make it back to safety?
  2. Tokyo Rush: A Night of Karaoke Turns Mysterious "Tokyo Rush" takes you to the vibrant streets of Tokyo for a night of karaoke fun. But when a friend disappears suddenly, you realize there's more to this bar than meets the eye. Dive into the mystery, solve puzzles, and unravel the secrets hidden within the karaoke bar. Will you uncover the truth before it's too late?
  3. The Wizard’s Curse: Unravel the Mysteries of Magic At the only school of magic in Calgary, strange forces threaten the safety of the students. As the headmaster disappears under mysterious circumstances, it's up to you and your fellow students to find the cursed item responsible and break the spell before it's too late. Can you harness your magical abilities and save the day?
  4. Pharaoh’s Labyrinth: Navigate the Treacherous Tomb In "Pharaoh’s Labyrinth," you're transported to Cairo, Egypt, where a cursed artifact threatens to unleash chaos. As you explore the depths of a labyrinthine tomb, you must work together to reunite fragmented pieces of the artifact and thwart the ancient curse. Can you overcome the obstacles and escape the Pharaoh’s wrath?

Critical Thinking and Collaboration

At Exit Calgary, critical thinking and collaboration are essential for escaping their rooms. By working together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, teams develop these crucial skills while enjoying a fun and engaging experience.

Team Building 

Exit's escape rooms offer more than just entertainment—they provide a unique opportunity for team building. Here are four reasons why hosting your team-building event at Exit  is the perfect choice:

  1. Develop Leadership Skills: In their escape rooms, teams must delegate tasks and collaborate effectively to solve puzzles. This dynamic encourages the emergence of natural leaders within the group.
  2. Discover Hidden Strengths: Their diverse range of puzzles allows each team member to showcase their unique skills and talents, fostering a deeper appreciation for individual contributions.
  3. Promote Acceptance and Collaboration: Success in their escape rooms requires teams to embrace diverse perspectives and support one another through challenges, promoting a culture of acceptance and collaboration.
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60-880 16 Ave SW
Calgary, T2R 1J9
60-880 16 Ave SW
Calgary, T2R 1J9
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