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Established in 1970, Gibson Fine Art is a Contemporary Art Gallery dedicated to providing a platform for emerging and well-established artists who work in a range of media. Over 50% of their collection comes from regional artists in Alberta, fostering energy and vitality within the local arts community. Inspired by a dedication to and a passion for art, the gallery consistently showcases a spectacular array of talented artists at public exhibitions and private events.

Creating Engagement with Art

Gibson Fine Art serves as a trusted resource for corporate and business clients, architects, and interior designers. They offer art placement recommendations, supervise art commissions tailored for unique locations, and handle all artwork arrangements, including shipping, delivery, and installation. Whether it's a public exhibition or a private event, they ensure a seamless and engaging experience with art.

Meet the Artists

Explore Gibson Fine Art's diverse collection featuring a range of talented artists:

  • Neepin Auger - Known for her vibrant and culturally significant artwork, Neepin Auger's "Pretty Medicine Flower" celebrates Indigenous culture and storytelling through striking visuals.
  • Nicki Ault - With a focus on capturing the tranquility of nature, Nicki Ault's "Dusk Settles In" transports viewers to serene landscapes, evoking a sense of peace and contemplation.
  • Jessamyn Box - Jessamyn Box's "A Precocious Game of Raspberry Roulette" showcases her whimsical and playful approach to still-life painting, inviting viewers into a world of colorful imagination.

Viewing Rooms

Gibson Fine Art has composed a rich digital presence through its viewing room, expanding access to their gallery artists. This online platform enhances the virtual viewing of artworks while maintaining the integrity of the in-person gallery experience.

Host Your Next Event

Located in the heart of the Barley Belt in Calgary, Gibson Fine Art's newly renovated space offers over 2400 sq. ft. of contemporary art gallery. The gallery boasts an industrial-chic design with modern sophistication, featuring light wood floors, clean white walls, 18-foot ceilings with exposed beams, and ample natural light. The space includes a baby grand Yamaha piano, air conditioning, a Sonos sound system, a bar area, two restrooms, and a small kitchen equipped with essential appliances.

Their central location is easily accessible from all quadrants of the city and includes ample free parking. Gibson Fine Art is open for bookings seven days a week, offering flexible hours to accommodate various events. 

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Gibson Fine Art
Gibson Fine Art
523 Cleveland Crescent SE
Calgary, T2G 4R8
Gibson Fine Art
Gibson Fine Art
523 Cleveland Crescent SE
Calgary, T2G 4R8
Open Hours
11:00 AM -05:00 PM
11:00 AM -05:00 PM
11:00 AM -05:00 PM
11:00 AM -05:00 PM
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